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  1. Might it be the computer language set of the recipient? IE on their computer,
  2. Ha that's a good point!! You would probably need to use a combination of the SS file upload option and some code-injection in the header across all pages. Might be tricky if you are not a tecchie.
  3. Hi there. In the attached screenshot you are looking at the standard join page for a member area. Using the inspect element and modifying the CSS you can see that the link "already have an account? Sign in" is showing in red. However, when I take that CSS and add it to the DESIGN/CSS with !important it makes absolutely not difference. My designer has said that it looks like this could be being set by an inline style and so I cannot over-ride it. Does anyone have any ideas how I might be able to achieve the goal of styling that element?
  4. 1. To the best of my knowledge for organic results Sitelinks are created by Google. You can specify them only when using their paid advertising platform. I have found that a clean and well-structured system architecture seems to be good combination for making your sitelinks pop more quickly in search results. Also you need to give Google time to index your website and understand it's makeup. 2. I would use a favicon generator to create these as it will also ensure you add all the different variants of favicon to your website. Generally once done these should update pretty quickly, and you should see the update on mobile devices. 3. I would hazzard a guess that these are assets SquareSpace has decieded to block from Google for some reason and you will not be able to make any changes to those situations. Good luck.
  5. Has anyone worked out if you can set a logout action via a URL parameter? I want to give people the option to logout from a menu item. Thanks
  6. Hi there. I want to create a link LOGOUT in my member area, but I am unable to find the code to do this. I was able to find that if you append the following to a page it will open the customer panel, ?userAccountPath, but could not find the same code that would do the same for a logout. Does anybody know this? Thanks
  7. This looks like a character set issue are the languages of sender and receiver the same?
  8. Some of mine. - Conditional email address acceptances (block gmail etc) - An effective friend referral product that plugins in and syncs properly - An effective way to serve gated content within a non member area, thus rendering the public end of website a more effective pre-sale mecchanism. - The ability to style as a page that gates member content. - Ability to create a timed blog that will auto-publish according to a schedule set when creating this content, so that a member that joins the member area will have a blog type publish itself after X days, and then publish other items in the blog schedule according to the schedule you set. - Abilty to sell a blog collection via the shop, so that when purchased the blog appear in the member area for that person. - Staggered learning paths with publish schedules that start when a guest signs up. That should keep you busy.
  9. I think it would be time for SquareSpace to incorporate some of the feedback they will have received since launching these member areas to a version 2.00 to bring them up to speed with some of the popular use cases and to keep the members areas portfolio within SquareSpace instead of letting third-parties provide that functionality.
  10. Hi there. It is unlikely to be broken as the sum of these changes affects a single device type - Apple - but I don't even think the update has been pushed out (unless over this wekeend) because the planned update came at a time when a piece of malware was detected in Apple and so the whole OS needed to be patched and so they pushed the update that made this change until the next version. The best thing you can do is install this into Chrome, https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/facebook-pixel-helper/fdgfkebogiimcoedlicjlajpkdmockpc?hl=en, and you can test it. Depending on how much stuff you are doing with the Pixel events, you might find it easier to run the whole installation through Google Tag Manager. In this way you can be really prescriptive about what events you want to fire and send to Facebook, but also be sure that both Facebook and, for events Google Events, are firing at the same time. Even Google will change and become server side in future months ahead and GA4 is going to take off too. Basically we are in a tracking hell-hole at the moment.
  11. I would always stick with a manual updating of the Business Listing by having your own dedicated GMB account. There are simply too many changes that take place that you need to be aware of by logging in regularly to your GMB account.
  12. Ooops, missed that it was for commerce sorry! I'd say the likelyhood of being able to achieve that in commerce is remote at best. But maybe someone else with commerce experience will chime in.
  13. Hi there. When I go onto a shop's product page. I am left with a very empty looking header. Is there any way to style the header of the shop as distinct from the main website. Normally the header colour matches the colour palette applied to the first content block in a page, but you can't set that on a product so I wonder how people style their shop pages? Thanks
  14. If you are on SS 7.1 one way to achieve what you want is to go into BLOG settings and then set the tag and category pages to NOT appear in the search engines. You can then tag or put your blog posts into categories knowing they won't be indexed - I haven't tested this but pretty sure that you should still be able to set categories and tags even if you have them set in settings to hide from the search engines. Now, create a new page and use a LIST content block element and then filter the display for Blog and the category or tag that you want. You will now have the ability to style an opener and closer to the page around the blog content so meta-description title and all the other elements. G
  15. I doubt that this type of filtering is available, although I do know that it is available in mailchimp. I've not look at open rate analytics via the SS system so maybe someone who has can write a reply here.
  16. As long as you have a clear idea about your demographic, please feel free to reach out.
  17. Neither can you do timed delivery per member or connect it with the newsletter functionality and triggered times emails off the back of a signup. I hope this changes, otherwise you will always have to launch member areas to all members at the same time, rather than a system that makes it possible to deliver content on a timed schedule independently of when someone signed up. Only route here would probably be to use the mailchimp newsletter service, and run automations through there, but to be honest it's a shame member areas were not launched with a way to avoid having to do this.
  18. @meganmedaris by all means detail your problem here, my SEO days go back to 1998, and while I don't pretend that makes me an expert, I keep an open mind and I would like to know what problems you are finding that I might not have considered. SS does present some challenges for SEO, but as long as you are not looking to tweak performance on script elements that you have no control over and you are correctly handling categories and tags correctly from an indexing level, then I think it's pretty solid to optimise. Sometimes the problem is compounded when you are applying SEO to previously un-optimised properties. You can force SSL indexing of your website using Google Search Console And to force in users browser Head to Settings > Advanced > SSL Make sure you select Secure and HSTS Secure. Maybe your problem is fixed this way.
  19. At the moment you can only have one. The guys on SS support said they would add the suggestion to the Development board.
  20. Not sure what's possible but can you send person to a dedicated page on your website, thank you page, after subscribing to your product? If not, then it's probably something you won't be able to fix yourself.
  21. This thread seems to be full of spam but in case it isn't GTM can be added with SETTINGS / ADVANCED / CODE INJECTION / And you can add to the header and footer as per GTM instructions. We actually add it to the footer to help with page loading times, and because we don't have any codes that need to fire in the header inside our GTM. You can also add this to the header: <link rel='preconnect' href="//googletagmanager.com" crossorigin>
  22. As you are all getting stuff in Google drive it would seem that the problem is not with the functionality but the email addresses, or more specifically: the DNS records of yourdomain.com as relevant for sending mail. My advice to all here would be to use the following tool, https://www.mail-tester.com/, There is a limit on usages to I think 5 per day but there are others such as https://mxtoolbox.com/emailhealth That can also provide a backfill. Rather than do an explanation of the problems you might be encountering - but at a guess I'm going to say DKIM, SPFT and/or mail relay settings - my suggestion is to run a test and then go and fix those issues. Consider that both Gmail and Outlook have some pretty strict rules for domains sending emails, and your own provider might have some extra measures in place. Therefore, my suggestion would be to fix the problems based on the reports and then if you still have problem ask your domain name registrar. SS also has some specific records to add to your domain DNS which may need combining with existing mail records on the server. Don't worry this stuff is pretty easy if you take your time with it and learn about each step. I am running SS on newsletter and mailing list and have no problems with deliverability. I have a 10/10 report for the mail-tester options. Good luck!
  23. Let's zoom out here! It looks like the issue is that you are worried about a canonical error? Canonical is a clue for search engines in case you have multiple pages - for example in an e-commerce view where you might have computers indexed under a product category but it might also appear under a processor type category, so you would canonical the information architecture you wanted to prioritise on one of the pages. Tools such as the ahrefs one are going to go through your website and crawl against a quite limited and subject to errors response. If you google info: https://www.gravityonestudio.com/home you will not see it in the index, instead you will see this page: info: https://www.gravityonestudio.com/ If you browser this: vies-source:https://www.gravityonestudio.com/home you can find the canonical on this page pointing to https://www.gravityonestudio.com/ That means that while the AHREF is throwing a wobbler on your website, Google is quite happily understanding what you are doing and indexing the website properly. I don't know what @meganmedaris is the problem you have with your site, but I don't see an SEO problem here, just a software tool telling a webmaster to jump through hoops for no apparent reason. From my side it does seem that SS handles this pretty well, straight out the box as it has done for our own website. If you have something more specific and it's something we can help with, drop a message here and when we check in again, we'll see what your problem is 🙂 G.
  24. Mailchimp is an industry leading newsletter platform. SS is for a different audience. You can connect MailChimp to SS and my advice would be to do that. You will never get that feature set on SS. Just helping you out based on what I see and know of both.
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