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Found 22 results

  1. Hi! I'm building my portfolio and I'm looking to add a categories filter into them. I've built the page and added each project as a single image block so it works with my layout, but I'd like for them to filter with set categories by type of project. Any suggestions/css that can help with this? Thanks!
  2. Keywords are essential for generating traffic from search engines. But which keywords should you use? And how do you brainstorm your ideas? Let’s go through some ways to generate ideas and different types of keywords you can use. To get started, there are tons of organizational note apps that lend themself to a personal brainstorm, so play around and see what works for you! I personally use Google’s JamBoard as my virtual sticky note go-to. This way I can visualize the contents of my site and see what keywords make sense for which pages. For my example photography business, I decided to break it up into the different types of photography I’m involved in and some potential keywords that would relate: Some questions to ask yourself when brainstorming: Who is your target audience? What sets you apart from your competitors? What synonyms can you utilize? For example: New York photographer and NYC photography are two different keywords. And what other words does Google autofill? Type the words you've come up with in Google and see what else pops up! When determining types of keywords, there’s “Head” and “Long-tail”, and there are benefits to using both types. Head keywords are short, usually one-word keywords that catch a wide audience like ceramics, tapestry, and shoes. Long-tail keywords are Multi-word phrases that are more specific, such as engagement photography, NYC shoe designer, and LA dog cafe. Head keywords can catch a more general audience who might not be specifically looking for you, whereas long-tail keywords cater to those who search with the intent of finding a specific product or service. How did you brainstorm your keywords? Any tools or tricks that aided you in the process? Share your thoughts and tips in the comments below!
  3. SEO is all about doing what you can to ensure your content is a top result in searches for relevant keywords. Solid SEO copy helps your intended audience find your site in the first place, pulling in those most likely to engage with your content and convert from visitors into customers. Working on your SEO copywriting is a great way to ensure your site ends up in front of the people who need or want it the most. Ultimately, you want to create content that is useful to your customers. An easy way to get started is by researching what customers are asking you specifically (via your customer service or socials) or what people are asking Google about your keywords. You can do this by searching a related keyword and looking at the ‘People also ask’ box. Once you know what information would be most useful, take the time to outline your content. This will help you keep your writing focused and avoid losing your readers through superfluous tangents. Consider using questions as headers where you can, to enforce the idea that you are providing answers. What have you found most impactful when tackling SEO copywriting? Share your favorite tips in the comments below!
  4. Hey, How many words do you typically recommend on a home page to SEO optimization? I typically like to have less than most recommend because I think people have short attention spans and wordy sites tend to make people X out. Quality over quantity. But a copywriter recently asked me how many I want for a site we're collabing on. IYO, what is best for SEO and ranking but also won't make people's eyes gloss over.
  5. Site URL: https://www.tailorinc.co.nz/our-projects Hi there, I would like to investigate ways in adding category tabs on 2 pages of my website. - https://www.tailorinc.co.nz/our-projects - https://www.tailorinc.co.nz/news Is there a way that I can categorise each content with specific keywords and set a tab so that my viewers can see the specific contents that they are after? I would love to add something like the below (in yellow) where I can add category links for my "Our Projects" and "News" pages. If this is possible, please advise the steps for me to implement for my future updates. Thank you so much!
  6. Site URL: https://www.richardsaltermusic.com/ Hi everyone. Sorry for the long rambling post. I've got a question about SEO if anyone has a moment to answer please. I'm not very web savvy but have built my site. I tagged all the images on there, but with the benefit of hindsight I unknowingly used keyword stuffing. That was a few days ago & yesterday I noticed that my ranking, which was page four of Google has disappeared. Well, it's still on Google but is not even in the first ten pages. The site is my portfolio, and there's probably close to a hundred images, in three galleries, on there. which I've tagged in descriptions. I have revised all the image tags to just three keywords: "Richard Salter Music." Is this still going to be considered keyword stuffing? I really wanted to know if these revisions are sufficient to restore my previous ranking, or is there anything else I need to do? There's no manual action notices on Google search console. Some say that my ranking will just restore, others say it's not that simple. Any suggestions or guidance gratefully received! Thanks in advance. x
  7. Highlight content on Squarespace's page via keyword search, useful for directory website and other use cases. Help visitors/customers find a keyword on single page, allow them search the page with the arrow up/down for the highlighted keyword. Visit website for check the plugin in live site NOTE: plugin will create a search box to highlight all the content on the page, so user should prepare page content on their own Plugin comes with options: - After install the dependencies, place the search form markup on a markdown or code block - Assign the content that valid for the search (limit the search place in body instead of including footer and header...) - Exclude elements from the search (such as headings h1,h2,h3...) - Search bar with jump to matches: navigate through matched keyword, remove the keyword (like browser default page search feature) - Easy to change matches color via css Keyword Highlighter for Squarespace Created with ❤️ Ngan Le BeyondspaceStudio Squarespace Circle Member
  8. Has anyone had experience with non-linked pages ranking for keywords? I'm working on a client's website, and while a prior company had created multiple of these pages to target keywords, Ahrefs designates the pages as an error. (since there are no incoming internal links) Is it beneficial to keep these pages, or to redesign and incorporate them into the main site in order to try for a higher ranking?
  9. Hello, I am building a site that would like to have numerous images in an archive searchable by meta keywords. When I attempted to test build it, I found my only option for a search function the was the "news" page, rather than the archive page I had created. That archive page had a gallery (only one image uploaded with allowing keywords activated) for testing, but none of that showed up in my options either. In another question, I don't see the gallery listed under the "not linked" section either. Don't know if only having one image in it is the cause. Appreciate any help with this, thanks.
  10. Anshika

    SEO strategy

    There are some algo like Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird and other Google Algorithms that can really make impact on Rankings of the site. Link Building Strategy should be :1) All the links should be submitted Manually.2) All the back-links should be Unique and from Page Rank 2, 3,4, 5, 6+ top domains.3) All the links should be One way, Permanent, Approved,Do-follow and of high quality .4) All the links should be build Naturally & by implementing White Hat Link building only. Also one important Factor is site should be Fully mobile optimized. On-Site Activities should include :1.Optimization of Title Tags2.Optimization of Meta Description Tags3.Optimization of Meta Keywords Tags4.Header Tags Optimization5.URL Optimization6.Optimization of italics and bold tags7.Optimizing HTML Code etc Off-Page SEO (Back-linking) should include1- Blog creation /setup2- Blog optimization3. Search Engine Submission4. Directory Submission5. Article Submission etc.
  11. Site URL: https://www.vecteurdecroissance.com/blog/les-4-profils-clients-methode-disc Hey community, I've been trying to hide tags at the end of my blog articles. Unfortunately what i ve found as css code did not work like : .meta-below-title { display: none; } I was in DESIGN > CSS where i have a previous code for something else. When I select a tag and want to inspect I m not able to understand which CSS to generate. More information : || Version 7.0- famille Bedford (template Bedford) || example site URL : https://www.vecteurdecroissance.com/blog/les-4-profils-clients-methode-disc Anyone out there have any experience in this? because it's urgent as some lawyers contest some tags on my website. THX Romain ___
  12. Hi! We are an online film locations library. Seeking an advanced photo gallery that includes features such as keyword search, ID # search, geographical area search and location name search options. Needs to house thousands of photos and allow for many users at once. Thanks in advance! R
  13. Is there any way the default website search bar can search for results throughout the website and not only from titles but from body copy from all pages as well?
  14. Site URL: https://bootblackbrand.com I'm doing some SEO work for a client on this site. When I end the relationship I want to be able to give him the tools to track things without me. How can we gauge attribution with the existing Squarespace tools? Or is it possible? Attributing sales to 'Search' isn't going to cut it because most of the searches are branded. We can see increased traffic from certain keywords, and increased traffic overall, but can we attribute sales to organic search strings? Obviously we can use other tools ,what I'm hoping for is a Squarespace solution
  15. Hi, Is there any way to bring in (product) details from the JSON via custom code blocks or code injections? For instance bringing in size dimensions on a product details page of a theme where it is currently not used? I tried to use {keywords}, but they get printed as-is. I know developer mode is an option, and would probably give me the flexibility. However I am weary of turning on developer mode on a site where I want my client to be semi-independent and not get to me with requests for changing margins and colours. Does anyone have/had similar concerns and experiences? Thanks heaps, Merel
  16. Site URL: https://www.exaltedmktg.co.uk/ Hi there Forgive me as I’m very new to Squarespace and the world of start up business. I couldn’t afford a website build so decided to take on the design myself, however, if I thought web build was complex, then SEO is a whole new level of unknown to me. I think I’ve completed the SEO sections in the templates as best I can but just reaching out to see if there are any experts on the forum that I can PM to see if they can cast an expert eye over and give any support with input / rewording recommendations. Appreciate its a big ask as I know there are specialist firms out there that charge for this service but wondered if a Good Samaritan maybe able to help before I go down that route. Thanks in advance.
  17. Site URL: https://www.tricentraluk.com/ Hi im fairly new to Sqaurespace and this is only my 2nd site build, for the same client (well its free work) i have migrated his old site to a new template everything is live and works. But when using a key word 'Triathlon Coaching', the site does not appear at all!!!! Only when I use the name in the URL does the site appear. Can anyone help please. Many thanks Rob Scott
  18. Site URL: https://danisturgisagency.com Hello, I am hoping I can get some help with my newly created website with Squarespace. When I search Bing or Google, for it nothing comes up. When I look at the SEO for the home page I can see the site title defined, but when I search for dani sturgis agency, nothing comes up. Both Bing and Google have verified the site. Can someone help me please?
  19. Guest

    Long tail keywords

    Hi everybody ! I have to create a website about a shipping and logistics company. I searched some long tail keywords but I don't feel satisfied about what I have found on Google Ads. What do you suggest me to find good long tail keywords ?
  20. Guest

    SEO keywords: how change them?

    Hi, I'm not experienced with SEO, but have somehow made some basics on our page for a small design studio. I am using a Cover Page: "Trade" as front page. I cannot see where I can change the "keywords" - the blue ones I assume is picked up in search on Google etc. We have changed the focus area a little and want to take out some of the services that we are not focusing atm. This is url; https://www.hoth.is I have attached some screens to show you: Clicking the clog gives me this: It's the keywords in blue that I will like to change, not only for this page but also for the pages that I have not published atm. Then it's this after clicking the "Edit Website SEO Settings" link Can anyone help out and direct me to what I need to do or if this is something that I cannot do etc. Thank you in advance -
  21. In my analytics pane under keywords, the last is 'Others'. I would have assumed these are words with small counts, but I have more clicks and impressions in this category than any other - and (importantly) some of the specific keywords listed have only 1 impression. Why is the analytics pulling out some 1 impression keywords and grouping others into the 'Others' category? I really want to see what's in that category as that's where all the action is happening 😕
  22. Site URL: http://atopedancefitness.com Hello I’m new here, I’m creating my website on my own, and I would like to introduce a meta tag with description and keywords into the website, but I can’t find anywhere in the website building about meta tag, or keywords section so the SEO Pick it up a bit better. could anyone let me know where do we introduce this meta tag code ? I’m not sure if it needs to be introduce in the code injection part or somewhere else Thanks
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