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  1. I'm trying to remove non-customer, in active profiles from site. Can someone provide a a solution? I will not make use of the squarespace email marketing integration until I can resolve this. Thank you! Jennifer
  2. Dear Squarespace Developement Team, For the love of all things web design - PLEASE rectify the image/media file management for BOTH designers who help SELL your service and for those who manage their own sites. We have other options and while I have helped sell to and set up small business websites via Squarespace - this past week I was in a situation where I could have really leveraged Squarespace to a room of emerging artist learning how to build their own websites, and because image/media file management is SO crucial and can be a HUGE time suck to contend with - preventing artist fro
  3. Hello, On the topic of basic email list management - I'm trying to clean out/delete/remove bad email addresses from the master list and not finding a way to do that. At least not in an obvious manner. If I'm missing something simple, would love some input. Thank you!
  4. Hello, I am trying to remove non-active/bounced/etc. emails (Profiles). Hoping this is possible, as it is an easy action in MailChimp and client is hoping to move all email marketing in-house via their Squarespace account. However, they would like to remove non-active profiles currently listed to ensure all profiles have opted-in with verified email addresses. Thank you! Jennifer
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