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  1. hello, that would be incredibly nice of nice to help on this! I haven't fixed the GIF issue yet, I would like the size of the GIFs to be the same size as the above videos, on mobile. Again, thank you for your time, very much appreciated ! Marianne
  2. hello, it's the 2 images at the bottom of the page, see attached. thank you ! Marianne
  3. Site URL: https://www.machinevisionbar.com Hi everyone, I would like to slightly increase the size of my GIFs on one of my pages, on mobile. I would like the GIFs to be at the same size as the videos: https://www.machinevisionbar.com/products (the Gifs are the last 2 images at the bottom of the page, before the "case studies". Thanks a lot in advance for your help, Marianne
  4. Site URL: https://www.machinevisionbar.com Hello, I'd like to change the colour of the hyperlink on some of my images (inline images with captions below). See image attached for reference; the links are in red and turn black when we hover on them: I would like to keep the links black at all times. It doesn't give me the option to choose on the design settings. Do I need to add a CSS code? (I would only like to change it on this block, not the whole website if possible). thanks a lot in advance, Marianne
  5. Site URL: https://www.machinevisionbar.com Hi, I'm a bit confused regarding the analytics on my site. For example it says that I got 53 visits yesterday (and 50 unique visitors), but the "Activity log" only counts 11 visitors. Is it because the rest of the visitors disabled the cookies, therefore we can't track them? Same on my Google Analytics, numbers are different (22 visitors and 13 new users yesterday). Does anyone has the same issue, or an explanation? If I look at the last month, Google analytics says 335 visitors, but Squarespace says more than a thousands, so the difference is huge... Is it because Google Analytics doesn't track traffic if visitors disabled cookies? Any answer/help would be very much appreciated ! Thanks, Marianne
  6. Hi, yes after a lot of search I've noticed that some links in my website were the https links to other pages of my website, rather than the "page" option (not sure if I'm clear) ... but it works now 🙂
  7. Site URL: https://www.machinevisionbar.com Hi! While analysing my Traffic Source on the Squarespace Analytics I noticed that almost 50% of my referrals were coming from my own website (https://www.machinevisionbar.com) I'm not quite sure what it means? Does it mean that my traffic number might be false, and that 1 unique visitors is actually counted as a few visits? I'm not sure if what I'm saying is clear, but please let me know if you have experience the same thing, happy to discuss. thanks ! Marianne
  8. hello, I want the text to be bigger on this button: the button is on this page: https://www.machinevisionbar.com/casestudies/tutorial-removing-the-hot-spot thanks !
  9. Site URL: https://www.machinevisionbar.com/casestudies/tutorial-removing-the-hot-spot Hello ! I'm looking to customise the button of a Lightbox Form on one of my pages: https://www.machinevisionbar.com/casestudies/tutorial-removing-the-hot-spot name of the form: "get the full technote for free" the button is very small and I would like to make it bigger. Would you please have a CSS code I could use for this? thank you very much in advance:) Marianne
  10. Site URL: https://www.machinevisionbar.com Good morning, I've noticed that when someone fills and submit a form on my website, it doesn't appear on Squarespace Analytics. I receive the email in my inbox, but not on Squarespace Analytics. Has anyone had the same issue? How did you fix it? Thank you very much in advance ! Marianne
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