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  1. Thanks @edharris for your kind offer. We were able to fix attribution by using utm parameters - both conversions and traffic are now being assigned to the proper channel.
  2. Thanks @edharris We are trying to record demo form submissions as conversions. I do have that set up as a goal in GA. The conversion is getting recorded but not as a paid search conversion - it is coming through as organic as are sessions. Both our adwords and GA account are linked. I'm wondering if adding utm parameters would fix the attribution issue?
  3. Site URL: https://www.rootworks.com We are having tracking issues related to paid search. At first I tried adding the adwords conversion and event tags but that didn't fix the issue. (in GA, I am seeing very little traffic attributed to paid search and no conversions - it looks like it is attributed to organic instead). Next. I installed Google tag manager but I'm still seeing very low sessions compared to clicks when I look in GA. We recently launched adwords for this site but we can't seem to get correct traffic and conversion attribution.
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