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  1. The newsletter is going to arrive at an inbox. I would suggest you simply put a piece of text nice and clearly in the newsletter suggesting that the person sends it on. Only if the newsletter opened in a web-browser on a Squarespace managed hosting space would such a piece of functionality be available, or a third-party tool that provides that as a service, but as a technical person I think the hoops people would have to jump through in order to make it work, would cause more friction than just telling people to forward it. Best way to get people to share your newsletter is to make it so amazingly special that a reader will want to share it with their friends because a) they care about someone else or b) it makes them look good by sharing. Invest in your newsletter with unique content and value, and this will be the fuel for the encouragement of sharing! G.
  2. I would post that in the Google Forums and hope that Simo Ahava takes a bite! I know only that GA4 event configuration is a different tag, but that possibly has nothing to do with what you are asking.
  3. Likely causes are to do with mail settings in your Client. Possible you will need to make sure you are sending your mail using the SMTP server for your domain. Ask whoever gives you the email address functionality. Then you can add domain name records to you domain to fix this problem with these links. https://support.google.com/a/answer/174124?hl=en https://rejoiner.com/resources/email-authentication/
  4. i don't understand, this is not an error, the implementation is perfect. When URL loads with parameter "?category=Biodegradable" the canonical is set to "/food-packaging-all". This is perfect. You might want to canonical sub-category links which are not rendered in the browser URL because of AJAX but that is a completely different question. G.
  5. The page is indexed in Google, just drop this into the search box: info:https://www.gileschristopher.co.uk/food-photographer-london What you are saying is that it can't be found for the keywords that you expect, and that is what @edharris was mentioning in his first paragraph. There are a default 10 slots in an organic search result and lots of websites competing for those spots. If you query "Award Winning Food Photographer London" you will find your page but it's down around 50th position. Nice photos by the way. G.
  6. There's a history of carrot and donkey with Google generally sold under the auspices of getting more free traffic if you jump through x hoop. SEO implementations is littered with these carcasses, speed is one they got to stick more. Not saying fast sites are not important, but let's be clear that there are plenty of slow websites running paid-ads.
  7. Think there are improvements that can be made, but I also think allot of this drive to speed at all costs is just Google's way of saving their indexing costs. Consider that on my website the things that slow down the page most of all are Google Assets, which I have little opportunity to optimise!
  8. My advice would be to write to the registrar and ask them. It looks like you have two SPF records that you need to combine. I can't show you mine exactly but I had three, maybe you can hack yours together based on this example: "v=spf1 include:spf.xxxx.xxxxx.com include:_spf.xxxxxxx.com include:squarespace-mail.com -all" I use this tool which works great, there is a 5 time usage limit per day (or 3) to test out email. There is also a similar service on MXtools. https://www.mail-tester.com/ G
  9. You will see a website drop down lots of rankings when changes a <title> on a page to something different. Google et al will analyze the page and take time to reconsider that the page is still relevant for the search query. This can be anywhere between 1-3 months. If you find weird pages appearing in place of pages on your website that you would expect to appear. You would first look at on-page content of the two pages, then go out from there based on further analysis. More than that and it starts to get pretty technical.
  10. Hey Adrian, it does make sense! The problem I see is that the Newsletter confirmation process does not give you any options for editing, and the page loads without any third-party code-injection possible, IE it's completely off the books for measurement. I am not sure why this was not considered but I can't see any way you might be able to trigger a conversion event for any of the ad-campaigns you might be running and want to use this as a performance measurement. Easiest thing I think would be to have the ability to set a page up for the newsletter confirmations, so that if people have to go through, https://www.domain.com/api/newsletters/confirm-subscribe?randomtoken, to authenticate their account they would end up on a specific thank-you page and you could then trigger a conversion event based on this final destination page. You can do something like this with JQUERY for the contact forms, but sadly at the moment the post-account tracking for SS newsletter sign-ups does seem to be missing a key piece of measurement. I hope that the SS Developers can work out a decent solution for this issue. G
  11. Looking in the sidebar of that graphic you have NOT VERIFIED for two of your listings, and I can also see that you have it further up on yoru menu both www and https:// I would add, https://robstrucking.net, and go through the verification process. If you have the same email for both Search Console and the attached Google Analytics account in the page then you can approve with that. G.
  12. Can you rephrase as it is not clear what you are asking to me
  13. Some registrars use the domain. Try and create the record using yourdomain.com as your @
  14. Okay this takes it of SS, which is not ideal, but it will accomplish your goals I think, but wil require that you are using Google Analytics and that you have a confirmation page when there is a subscription completed. Assuming yes then here is what you would do: 1. Set a Goal in Google Analytics, such the destination page that matches the URL of your confirmation page. 2. Setup an email alert using this page to tell you how https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/1033021?hl=en, That way you get your automation the way you want it. G.
  15. Here you go, just 301 the old pages somewhere new on your website https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/205815308-URL-redirects
  16. I am 99% sure that just as with other CMS provides, Facebook CAPI implementation can only be done by SquareSpace themselves. Not sure if the Developer route open more doors, but I have already written to SS and asked them about when they will roll-out CAPI, so I suggest you do that too! Considering that a data payload using an Access Token attached to conversion points on the website needs to be fired with certain events such as purchases on buttons etc. I am hoping they are working on it and that we will just see either being asked to add the Access Token from Google Business Manager, or that it will be even easier as they do a straight partner implementation like Facebook and you can just connect from Facebook Business Manager without doing anything. In terms of timeline IOS has not rolled out it's update and Facebook still has to release an events priority manager for Business Manager so perhaps SS is waiting on this before making systematic changes. G.
  17. Hi there. Best way to do this I think would be to use Google Analytics for tracking and then use a UTM builder, https://ga-dev-tools.appspot.com/campaign-url-builder/, which will let you create the individual links. Here's an example: domain.com?utm_source=instagram&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=january%20sale&utm_term=myinstagraminfluencer I can see that SS will send conversion information, https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/205815608-Using-Google-Analytics-with-Squarespace#toc-conversion-tracking, with Google analytics and so you will still be able to see the sales being generated so long as you give an easy identifier. Knowing Google Analytics, I would suggest that you use the influencer name as the "campaign=" identifier as it will make it easier to get detailed information. To test, simply create a link and then go into REAL TIME VIEW in Google Analytics and click your tracking link to see how it collected the data. Google Analytics never shows today's data by default but if you change that date to today you can go to Acquisition / Campaigns and see the real-time information in that section of the report, to check it is how you want it to be seen. Good luck.
  18. These errors can be caused by servers or the tools timing out. So if your page loads slowly then you are more likely to hit one of these with an online checker. I suggest you download screaming frog, set a high timeout on the crawler and then see what a software based approach pulls back.
  19. Hi Deezy, I just looked at your blog and it is fine to me and I can only see 1 H1 tag in the blog title. Hope that helps.
  20. This is a very frustrating situation not least because Google is very hands-off when it comes to telling you what the problem is and that even when you speak to Google Ads a support technician might be able to tell you everything is all fine and then the robot comes back and finds the error. We have had a situation like this before and it was actually due to a third-party code that was running on a website that Google had deemed to contain code that could be used for unhealthy purposes. IE It was nothing to do with the ads at all. Therefore in this situation the first thing I would advise you to do is stop all third-party codes from running on your website. Google code will not be a problem. After you have done this, request a review of your ads and see if that fixes it. If it does, then you can find ways of re-adding the codes one by one back into your pages. You might also check to see whether you are running any out of date libraries, for example JQUERY updated quite recently and I know that this caused a number of wordpress websites to go offline. Frustrating, I know, but you should be able to fix it.
  21. This could just be the online tool timing-out, so my advice is to download a tool like Screaming Frog, and run a crawl, this will tell you exactly which page has the URL error. You can set the timeout settings to 10 seconds just to make sure to give server the time to capture resources. Then if you don't have it in Google Search Console, consider adding it there and Google will flag pages with errors and will send you emails to tell you too so you can stay on top of them.
  22. If "Become a Freelance Bookkeeper" is a good term, you can keep the same name for the page, as gone are the days of ranking for such generic terms, you can pretty much use what you want, keeping focus on some keyword that you have determined important.
  23. Hi there. Assuming that all the SS settings have been followed you should read this article which will help you force www in Google Search Console, or without www.
  24. Hi, it looks like this got fixed looking at Google Search results.
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