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  1. You don't need to worry about this, it won't affect your SEO.
  2. Greetings. Canonical's are helpful but not every search engine will use them so what they promise is not always guaranteed. The risk of URL duplication and other impacts are still present. The best way to fix this and be sure that search engine spiders are being forced down a URL path, is to use the redirection options, https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/205815308-URL-redirects, I can't be sure what will be appropriate in your own situation, and when implementing redirection you need to be sure you are not setting up infinite loops. This might happen based on the situation you describe where the default SS home URL is /home and you set a redirect to /. I'd probably open a virtual chat with support to ask them before doing that, they are always very helpful. In the days before CMS you would be able to set your homepage URL as part of server settings, which would mean that the domains would be displayed without /home /index /default pages showing. You can use an online search engine simulator to get the response headers from these two pages, ie domain.com/ and domain.com/home and unless you are literally getting copies of the pages indexed, you can ignore the AHREFS tool and trust an SEO (which I know might not sound promising!) I hope that helps.
  3. Hey there, See this: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/55711185/can-squarespace-tag-pages-be-noindexed and this: https://www.marksmen.studio/blog/tags-categories-squarespace-seo You are now a guru 🙂
  4. Thanks for this precision Paul. Am I right in saying that while most modern browsers will support WOFF, that the inclusions mentioned in this article will mean that some of the earlier apple devices will still be able to render fonts and so there is no harm in including them? I had a case in the last 6 months where I had this issue come up, which is why I am asking you. To the poster and if they are using Google Analytics, my advice would be to check under OS and Browsers to find out how people are connecting. G.
  5. Remember to put all the webfont versions in your code. Apple is a pain, I have this as a bookmark as it answers all, and works too! https://www.pagecloud.com/blog/how-to-add-custom-fonts-to-any-website
  6. @media only screen and (max-width: 600px) { .view-item .ProductItem-gallery { order: 2; } .view-item .ProductItem-details { padding-top: 20px; order: 1; } } I managed to get this to work with the following code so it will apply to mobile. I share here and thank you for your part. G.
  7. Thanks for this, but is there any way to put a condition in there so it just does this for mobile using viewport? I am not coder!
  8. Hi there. I have a product display page that shows the product image on the left, but that means when viewed on mobile the page begins with the product images rather than the name of the product and details. Has anyone found a nice way to fix this - for example some custom cost that would swap the columns around on mobile so the image block would appear second (as though the product images loaded on the right hand side of the page). Thanks for any help
  9. Yes, it's already a huge problem but the ad-networks are not talking about it. I've also written to SquareSpace because it should not be too hard getting Conversion API working with SS websites. Consider that there are 3rd party plugins for wordpress that enable this functionality. In terms of the actual implementation on SS client side it should literally be just adding the authorization token, but there will be some programming needed. Typically you are going to be losing 20-30% of conversions tracking to IOS but other providers will follow suite, whether browser or tech based, for example Firefox already blocks the trackers. You can send a max of 8 events, custom conversions will basically only fire through browser. Pixel events will only fire when there are no ad-blockers or other things in place. That is when the server side will fall-back. This has been going on for at least 2 years. Expect once implemented your conversions to go up. Or at the moment just remove Apple devices from all campaign targeting. Glyn
  10. Hi there. I think the only ways you can fix these things are to move any code firing via code injection in the head of the page to the footer - this will stop render blocking. Anything else you want to remove in the header can only be done by going down the developer route. Next Gen formats again I think would be based on you being able to add them via the wysiwig, which I don't think it supports. Unused CSS is again tied outside of your control, although you may be able to expedite some load times with a pre-load (you might need to change the last item). <link rel="preload" href="//fonts.gstatic.com"> <link rel="preload" href="//connect.facebook.net"> <link rel="preload" href="//googletagmanager.com"> <link rel="preload" href="//ajax.googleapis.com"> <link rel='preconnect' href='https://fonts.gstatic.com' crossorigin> <link rel='stylesheet' href='https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Poppins:700,300,500&display=swap'> Again on the other points, outside of your control. Bear in mind that GT METRIX users Google Lighthouse for performance scores, and unless you are serving a blank page no-one gets over 65%! 🙂 Always remember that Google simply wants your websites to load fast so they can serve ads over them quickly, it has nothing to do with user experience 🙂 All that slows my website down now is their code.
  11. Hi there, Look at URL redirects in the SquareSpace documentation, this should fix it.
  12. Didn't find an answer to this not sure if there is a way to remove easily the default Schema markup that SS adds.
  13. Hi there and thanks for your reply. Unfortunately SS is wrong on this, there should not be more than one H1 tag on a page If you install this extension in Chrome, https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/h-tag/fjigfcghoooegmndmejpoeoodplfmoca you will see more clearly that every title of your blog post category/collection page is coded using an H1 tag. When you visit one of your blog posts, I picked "PROFESSIONAL FILM DEVELOPING (956) 492-7140" you have 2 H1s the second one being "To order your film processing....". It's a user choice how they code their page on elements they can control, but where things are hard-coded into the template and you can't get at them, it becomes a problem. What would make sense is that a blog heading was created using an H1 tag on single page view, and H2 on collection pages (I think that is what they are called), this would follow the logic of recommendations about using H tags through a page to tell a story of importance of page elements. Hopefully there is an SS developer reading these boards 🙂 Or there is a piece of jquery or other that might rewrite on the fly collection pages blog titles at runtime so they flip to H2s. Cheers.
  14. Does anyone know whether there is a way that you can set a date for publishing AND unpublishing using the blog feature of SquareSpace? This would make it possible to use the blog feature for creating other website functionalities. Thanks
  15. Hi there. I am trying to find to see if there is a way to add timed on and off buttons for products in SquareSpace. I have seen that it is possible to schedule a product to appear at a certain date. but it would also be good for that same product to disappear when a certain date has been reached. Does anyone know if this is possible? Thanks
  16. Hi there. I've noticed that on the blog pages where all the posts are listed all the titles on the blog are created using H1 tags. That means on a page where you have four blog posts you will have: 1. Page title H1 2. Four blog posts each with H1 What should be happening is that the blog posts are being listed with H2 tags. As there is no way to set the H level on the title of a blog post this is a change that needs to be made at the design/template level. But frankly should probably have been included as part of the blog code natively. Has anyone come up against this type of issue Thanks
  17. Friendly greetings. You need to review your SEO, your website is not falling off the search indexes because of the loading time, loading times are a very slim SEO enhancement. Trust me on that. You have multiple H1 tags on the page and very little order telling a search engine how to organize the page, you in-content linking is non-existent. You have no relevant incontent keywords, you have no decent alt-tags and all your images should be properly optimized which means resize and upload again. Do that, and it might improve your positions, but at least it will be properly optimized for apparent success. However, none of this, or anything you have said will give you 1st place in the search engines. If you want that, you will need to pay for placement. As a Mandolorian once said. "This is the way"
  18. I have no idea what this might be but what's the payment processor? I have seen so many times problems like this being caused by the fact that on 3rd party processors once the order has been completed, such as PayPal, the user closes their browser and does not go back to the website. This means that the system never captures the order leading to discrepancies.
  19. The tick boxes in SEO that are provided as a way to optimise your website are recommendations that pretty much everyone is doing. When search engines were in their infancy these recommendations could actually get you on the first page of Google, like Derek says links are still a key mechanism to getting higher rankings. However, bear in mind the following: Any keyword that has commercial intent, IE a keyword where it can be inferred that the visitor might buy something, will only be available for traffic purposes if you purchase that keyword. Taking the example of Wendy, that sells Wedding dresses, go to google and type in wedding dresses and you will see that even if you were positioned in #1 for Google Search your actual placements is way down the page after a lot of paid adverts. That doesn't mean that there are not opportunities, but to rely on free traffic for sales conversions will be probably a very long long road of waiting. What's worse for the little guys is that that in most areas of online business, there are huge companies buying all the traffic and therefore making the cost-economics of paid channels without a foot in reality. Meaning that if it were possible to effectively judge the true click cost of a visitor for a wedding dress it might be £3.00 but the market prices it at £50.00. This is something that can be seen especially clearly in Tourism. If I were looking to promote the wedding business I would make a single page with lots of wedding options and then run PPC to make that page better. That would need a specialist provider to build you those pages and to then convert them. I'm not that person, but you could find one. What you would then do is run PPC to see what the actual cost per conversion is. You might have to spend £150 or £200 to get a person that converts to a lead bu they then go on and buy a dress for £2K. This is how you can build your business online and I hope you do and it is very successful. Greetings 🙂
  20. GA4 tracking implementation is in Beta and will eventually go and replace Universal Analytics (UA) as the measurement code for tracking via Google Analytics. There is going to be a lot of work involved as many big companies have UA wrapped into their analytics. If you are setting up a new website Google will, as usual, attempt to force you to implement GA4 because they do love getting people to test their stuff for free! However, you will find that you can select an option that will give you a standards UA- analytics code. If you have a Google Analytics code running already on your website then in GA you can go and upgrade your tag to GA4, this will not replace your existing tracking but simply create a new property that will be used to capture GA4 data. You will see this second property does not have the prefix of UA, and that is because new GA4 properties don't have this tag. I've not actually been using the External keys for GA in SquareSpace (SS), but I just learnt about them. My preference is to simply use Google Tag Manager and then use the code-injection option to load across all pages (my question: any performance improvements loading Universal Analytics (UA) google tag via the external keys?) I'm no guru but the learned advice for GA4 is to run it in parallel with your existing UA implementation to see how the data comes in. Also, if you have been doing any Event Tracking for UA via GTM then there is a complete rewrite process for mapping those events using the new GTM event for GA4. I will slowly crawl my way through that. This is all driven by the fact that Privacy implementations are severely limiting the capacity of Google to measure effectively their paid campaigns (read: less value and less advertisers investing) and just as Facebook has recently done a deal with Shoppify to send conversion data back to Facebook without a pixel implementation, I expect GA4 addresses to some degree that, or at least paves the road for that outcome. For sure it is much easier to track conversions and also it is supposed to pull together much more efficiently cross device and cross app usage. I'll admit though the first time I went and saw the GA4 dashboard I was not amused!! Hopefully this answers some questions. GlynMusica
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