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  1. I assume you mean Google. The next time Google spider visits it will be pointed to the new page, or if you have a sitemap in Google search console faster.
  2. Consider that every piece of content you produce has a cost. There were companies that spend millions on getting likes, and the Facebook removed them. Whether Google of Facebook the goal is the same, affiliation of your business where they take a cut. If you want to see what I mean go and take a look at all the services that may NOT be sold via Facebook Shops. Therefore my advice is to always prioritize your own business, if you are sharing content that has value on a social network as someone has mentioned with their Google blog strategy, make the post link to the nuggets on your own web
  3. You can get a SS website to deliver on all the CoreWebVitals but it needs some really advanced code optimization. We have a 943ms load-time and a cumulative layout shift of 0.05 now, using advanced code injection and pre-connect and preload headers, combined with serving things like Jquery through non-google CDNs has shown that we can tick nearly all the boxes on this latest hoop jumper. Here's a helper: https://web.dev/preconnect-and-dns-prefetch/ I am actually pretty sure that SS has been doing some stuff already because there were a lot of Unusued Javascripts that were loading in my
  4. This might help https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/205815508-Using-Mailchimp-with-Squarespace
  5. It's a very weird policy this one, or is it more of a disclaimer that you might actually look every so often but are not guaranteeing it? My advice would be for SS to find a way to create a features tracker that people can submit, who knows how many feature and enhancements you are missing because you don't have this. For this particular thread you always need to test and check functionality on systems fully before buying into them, otherwise you can find yourself out of luck trying to customize it. Even if the features might seem important or missed the owner company might have differen
  6. Congrats. I would not wait for organic results, better instead to go and tell people with relevant websites - education institutions come to mind - about your great resource. Consider now that in many verticals a first place organic result is going to bring you very little in terms of traffic due to the fact that paid search results are pushing all the free traffic off the page. That doesn't mean there are not opportunities, and it might be that in your own area of the keyword web - I've not checked - you still have the opportunity to get free traffic. I'm not saying you won't get f
  7. SS needs to do some work on this. Carries over to member areas too where if a person misses the approval to marketing email. No way to send again. No way for the person to request again.
  8. Correct, currently by entering the FB pixel ID in the SS field area of the admin section you are only going to fire the browser event. This is what you would see. If you have successfully managed to do the Payload plus the field in SS in place, what you would expect to see is Browser + Server, but because you are not triggering with the same ID you would have duplicate events which were not possible to de-duplicate. Facebook Events Manager would tell you this. The best thing to do for testing is going to be as follows: 1. Remove the FB pixel from SS - wait a day so you have no
  9. Thanks for sharing that message. Unfortunately when Google says jump planet earth now says "how high?"
  10. I'd be interested to see that code when you get it working. To you questions 1. I am not sure on this but I think that each event would be triggered in a different way. As typically you would setup a Standard Event (such as purchase, but for testing I would recommend you simply use a view-content event which you can trigger on all pages and means you will get event data through more quickly) to fire on a given action, such as clicking a button. 2. In the Events manager you will see under Connection Method Browser (pixel) + Server (CAPI) under the sources. When you see that coming thr
  11. Greetings. In a form when in editor mode go to advanced settings tab and set redirect URL, which you can set for goal or event trigger in GA 🙂 Post-Submit Redirect If provided, the user will be redirected upon form submission.
  12. I would write to them in an email support, not virtual chat. And if you are reading this and haven't do so too.
  13. I would not use SEM RUSH for validating markup. Better to use this: https://search.google.com/test/rich-results or https://www.jsonschemavalidator.net/
  14. There is something weird going on with your website. I can see it renders in the browser, so when you to go it there is no problem looking at it, but when accessing it with a specialised tool you can see that there is a CLIENT ERROR. This does not happen normally. In the first instance I would open a support ticket. In the second instance I would create a Google Search Console account, validate the web-domain you own, and then add the sitemap to it. Then wait and see if you get any messages in your Search Console Account about it. If you have added any custom code to the we
  15. Yes. Although chances are Google will still index it and simply not show it and then tell you in Google Search Console that the page has a problem because Google can't index it! If you want to hide a page from Google you can put a password protection on it to be absolutely secure. Or don't put it online at all 🙂
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