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  1. Hi everyone, Hope someone can help. I want to insert a visitor/page view counter in the post page. The intent is to show how many people have seen that post. It's possible to pull out that information from the analytics? Perhaps with code or there is any plugin that does that? Regards, Tiago
  2. Site URL: https://www.startegist.co Hello Everyone, First off thanks to anyone who shares their time with me reading this and trying to help. Your awesome. Now to jump into the reason for this post. I'm getting an error in my Squarspace Analytics tab that states "Analytics is likely inaccurate due to disabled cookies" even though I believe I set up all the proper functionality as mentioned in the help sections. Attached you'll see the prompt that's baffling me, plus the settings that I have checked for the banner. Am I having a brain fart moment here, or is there some underlying reason I'm getting that prompt? Thank you again to anyones who's reading this and attempting to help! Much appreciated. Thanks, Felipe Startegist.co
  3. Hi There, I am looking for some help and advice around analytics and the Members areas. I am wondering if there is a way for me to track the activity/interactions with the content in my member's area. I understand I can find some information such as the names, emails and the date of when users signed up to my member's area, but I am wondering if it would be possible to see when they last logged in and what content they interacted with within my member's area. Thank you in advance for your time, Cheers, Jack
  4. Hi all - Sorry to master the obvious, but can anyone confirm for me that there's no way within Squarespace Analytics to track clickthroughs from text links or images? I know you can track clicks on buttons and forms. I know you can create trackable links to/from ad platforms. But I just want to know how many clicks I get on a plain-old text link (and ideally, how many times a PDF is downloaded, but I know that's too much to ask). I know Google Analytics is far better than Squarespace Analytics, but I'm just starting out and would really like to avoid being overwhelmed by GA if at all possible. Many thanks for your help! Best, Cindy
  5. Site URL: https://secure.acuityscheduling.com/reports.php How can I export Revenue reports and Tips reports from Acuity Scheduling?
  6. Site URL: https://www.bonnevillebackyardultra.com Is there any way to get analytics on the amount of link clicks? My website is for a race so it is a link that takes them to another website to register. Can I see how many people have gone to that website? Also any feedback on my website is appreciated. Thanks
  7. As you we all know Google Analytics allows you to exclude visits based on IP addresses so staff visits and/or visits from the offices of the client, or even mine for testing purposes, will not be part of the analytics. It would be great if Squarespace offers that option as well. Some smaller clients of mine do not need Google Analytics and are very happy with the analytics offered by Squarespace, but because they are smaller companies, their visits to the site, or even my visits to check something, are skewing the data somewhat. If I can exclude those visits, the data will be a better representation of ACTUAL visitors. Shouldn't be that hard I would think? Anyone any thoughts?
  8. Hi, I've just launched my squarespace shop (coming over from big cartel). I ran some tests the other day and had someone checkout on a test product, all worked fine and the sales showed up in analytics. I launched my new products tonight and had an influx of orders, however the sales page is only showing the 2 test orders from a few days ago. The orders are showing in the orders page - but no sales data. In bigcartel the orders/sales/revenue info is really clear and intuitive - is there something I'm missing, how can I see my sales data? Orders are showing up under the orders tab, and I can check revenue via my PayPal but that's a clunky work around. Thanks in advance!
  9. Google analytics and Mailchimp don't seem to recognise Member Areas ecommerce transactions on my site. Does anyone know why this might be and if there's a solution?
  10. Site URL: https://www.norskved.co.uk/ Whilst reviewing analytical data for the website found that Analytics is reporting the following 4 x URLs bringing traffic to the website: / https://www.norskved.co.uk/home?noredirect=true https://www.norskved.co.uk/www.norksved.co.uk /home This is in effect suggesting to Google duplicate content as each URL serves up the home page of the website. The configuration within SquareSpace looks correct when reading through support literature. However, there is a feeling here that somewhere the site is able to ping out this information yet there doesn't seem to be any settings found that would correct this action. Has anyone else experienced this in their SquareSpace site and what have they done to ensure that the site does serve up the primary canonical address and that being the primary only which is https://www.norskved.co.uk and of course report that one and only domain in Analytics as / which would be the desired result, and Google not pick up on the others.
  11. Hi All, Feeling a bit frustrated, and I'm wondering if anybody else is having a similar experience. We contacted Squarespace on August 31 to tell them that our analytics were not working correctly. Suddenly, we only saw traffic from several cities, which we knew was wrong because we also have Google Analytics. I reached out, and they gave us this canned response: This made me feel like they didn't understand the issue. If it was showing bot traffic + regular traffic, that is one thing - but all traffic is showing up as if it's coming through popular bot hubs. However, the page view difference between Google and Squarespace is within what I would consider to be a normal range. So are the pages being counted correctly, but just the location is wrong? I have no idea. Because I have Google, I dropped it, hoping it would resolve itself. On Monday, I reached out about a different issue and followed up about the Analytics issue. We traded a few messages, and I sent the additional information they requested, screenshots from Google Analytics showing that we have traffic from every state and from multiple cities; Squarespace only shows the 48,000 page views from the last 30 days coming from 2 cities. Today, Thursday, I received the exact same response: Any thoughts on what is going on here? They said they were elevating my other issue, but I got the impression that they considered our Analytics problem to be solved for now. The only thing I can think of is that we started with our ad network, Ezoic, in August. However, I don't know if that would explain why Google is showing completely different analytics than Squarespace. Any feedback or thoughts you may have are welcome! I'm also curious if anybody else has noticed a decline in the response time for Squarespace help/their helpfulness - or if I'm just feeling exceptionally grumpy today because of our combined issues? (I made another post about our forms being broken) I've managed Squarespace sites for various accounts for over 3+ years, and I don't think I've ever run into anything like this before.
  12. Is there a way to view analytics for a commerce site that shows gross sales before discounts? We have an online shop for employees to buy branded gear. We give them a discount code to use for Payroll Deduction. When applied, it brings the sale down to $0 (coupon is set up as 100% OFF Discount). But when I access Analytics, I cannot track these sales dollars.
  13. Hi there, Does anyone know of a way to capture clicks/listens to an audio block? Is there a capability within Squarespace for this? I know there isn't for podcast tracking but I'm wondering if a capture for just a regular audio block is possible. Thank you!
  14. Site URL: http://www.ottawakiwanis.org Is there way to find the number of pages in a blog without having to page through? The main blog on this site had 2,500 pages when we migrated from v5 quite a few years ago. Thx Jamie
  15. Hello! My company is doing co-marketing partnerships with numerous Chambers of Commerce in the US. Each Chamber is getting their own sub-site on our website called www.OurWebsite.com/ChamberName. Each Chamber will tell their members to go to their specific sub-site to order the product. Obviously, all of those sub-sites route to the same shopping cart. How can I see which orders originated from OurSite.com/Chamber1 vs. OurSite.com/Chamber2 vs. OutsSite.com/Chamber3, so on and so on? We need to keep track of this because we have to give a report to each Chamber of how many of their specific members ordered product and which product they ordered. Thank you so much Squarespace Community!
  16. Site URL: https://www.sanddunesunsets.com/ Hi guys, I'm trying to set up goals into Google Analytics to track various funnels of my store's checkout flow. However I can' seem to find Squarespace's general funnel URLs to track the general checkout flow. Shopify provides the following URL's to input into Google Analytics: Step Name Screen/Page 1. Viewed product /products/shoes 2. Added product to cart /cart 3. Added address /checkout/contact_information 4. Added shipping info /checkout/shipping 5. Added payment info /checkout/payment Does anyone know what Squarespace's general checkout funnel URL's are? Thank you! Fiona
  17. How do I hide my IP address and others at my company in Squarespace 7.1? This looks to be possible in older versions but after searching throughout help articles and forums I simply cannot find a way to hide my IP address. I also hope that this hides things like add-to-cart, recovery emails, etc. since I prefer to do live testing. But, if even we could simply hide our IPs from site traffic that would help make our data much more meaningful.
  18. Hi folks! I'd love to have a chat with Squarespace ecommerce store owners that have lot of mobile traffic and sales. EDIT: Added a short video to explain this better 🙂 What's this about? The thing I've been considering for a long time, is that as a UX Designer with 10+ years of experience, I find it very likely that the Squarespace built-in navigation menu is a very bad user experience for mobile users, will hurt sales, BUT could be massively improved with a few quick CSS edits. Hidden navigation annoys users, creates bad user experience and will hurt your business There is a massive amount of studies done on web site navigation patterns. Others create a better user experience (and make more sales) and others create a confusing experience and lead to less sales. For example, the leading UX Consulting company in the world Nielsen Norman Group has concluded that so-called Hamburger Menus and Hidden Navigation Hurt UX Metrics – in a nutshell using hidden (hamburger) navigation will hurt any company that uses them. Ouch! The Next web found that Side drawer navigation could be costing you half your user engagement. This test was done in an app, but the design is similar. Basically, users used the app a lot less with the hamburger navigation. If you noticed Spotify moving to bottom tabs after using the hamburger navigation, they also did a test competing between both designs and noticed a massive improvement when removing the hamburger navigation. John Constine asked us to "Kill The Hamburger Button" with convincing arguments. I kinda agree with John. The problems of hidden navigation - Out of sight, out of mind. Users simply might not click your menu, and won't go to your important sub-pages, like "Shop" -page. So they're more likely to just leave your site. - User cannot use menu to see on which page they are. Usually the active page is underlined or different color. - Needs more clicks, which is annoying. Better hamburger icon = more sales Another thing. I believe the two lined icon used by Squarespace might also hurt your sales even if we'd keep the menu behind a button. There's been several tests that try out different icons, colors and combination. A better icon has been noticed to actually increase sales. Those studies could indicate that the light 2-lined hamburger Squarespace uses is likely to cost you sales. What are you after....? I would like to run a (free of charge) A/B test on few Squarespace commerce sites. A/B -testing means designin better navigation, showing that to 50% of your visitors, comparing results with the original and checking which one creates more interactions and sales. My own ecommerce site has only desktop users so I cannot really test on my own site as they all get the good normal menu. This would be a 100% free of charge consulting, and is very likely to increase your sales. And we'd all learn something very important. Why are you doing free work..? I'm obsessed with user experience design, and instead of debating with people I love to have actual objective data so no one can argue with me 😄 I'm now writing an in-depth blog post study on the subject. If the test proves to be a success (which I think is so likely that I'm willing to do some free work to investigate) I'll turn this into a product that will increase sales of any Squarespace ecommerce site using it. I'm In. Curious and interested in making more sales with almighty UX Design? Hit me up at beta[ät]codeandtonic.com (I hope this is allowed. I'm not selling anything and will share all results here for free, so I'd assume it is.)
  19. Site URL: https://www.coachfident.net/faq Hi, I'd like to find out the analytics of my FAQ questions. E.g., which question was opened how often? How long was the reading time? After which question did the visitor leave? Does anyone have an idea how I can do that? Thanks so much for any help! Thomas from Coachfident https://www.coachfident.net/faq
  20. Congratulations, the first big step has been taken - you launched your website! Now, it’s time to check how it is doing. Monitoring Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your site will help you determine its performance, uncover optimization opportunities and ultimately assist you with converting your visitors into actual customers. Squarespace Analytics is our website reporting tool, designed to empower users with a wide range of insights including pageviews, conversion, sales, referrers, and bounce rate, that can offer a clear picture of how your site is performing. Set yourself up for success thinking through what exactly you want to measure, why you are measuring it, and what actionable steps you’ll be able to take. And through the Squarespace App you can have this info accessible on the go! The most relevant and useful metrics to track are certainly dependent on your website and business goals. Nevertheless, there are some claimed key website KPIs that should require attention like conversion rates, mobile vs desktop traffic, or traffic sources. Which are your top ones and why? Tell us about them in the comments below.
  21. Site URL: https://www.excelquestions.com Hi all, I’m having a little difficulty with getting analytics on image block clicks. I run a site which provides Excel Questions for people to answer. I have downloadable workbooks on each category page of my site, these files are attached to images and I don't really want to use the standard black buttons. I previously used external links to Drop Box via tinyurl to track downloads but for SEO and making things cheaper, I moved it all into Squarespace. However, Squarespace doesn't provide analytics for image block clicks and I really need this data to monitor performance. Has anyone got third party suggestions to allow me to track the clicks on my content? Thanks, Tom
  22. Hi, I would think a majority of people running an ecommerce business supports multiple sales channel (i.e. squarespace, etsy, amazon, etc.). With that each channel has it's own dashboard and metrics and it is not efficient to have to login to each to view metrics. Add in the fact that they are not aggregated across all channels so you don't get a complete picture of what's going on across your business. I don't see any solutions out there that would allow a consolidated view across channels but we don't even have the ability to create one ourselves due to squarespace not enabling us to download/export site analytics. Does anyone else share this pain/frustration? Thanks, John
  23. I am trying to download a scheduling report and each time I download the CSV it is blank. Does anyone know how to help resolve this?
  24. Site URL: https://kodyjames.me Hello Squarespace friends! It has been a long time since I have done creative work and I am trying to get back into the swing of things. I built a website to market to my local marketing agencies here in Sacramento as a type of resume. I would love your thoughts and opinions on how I can make myself stand out to the industry and if you have any questions for me on anything I would love that too. I would also like to know if anything seems broken or does not operate correctly as that is my major concern. Thank you all for your time and keep creating amazing things!! Kody James
  25. Site URL: https://skylabnyc.com/reshades/#closeencounters Hello. I have a page that hosts free downloads. I'd like to add a front facing "download counter" to my download page. I've mocked up an example of what I'm looking for in the image attached. You'll see the example in the red box in the top left of the image. The font used for the words "300 Total Downloads" example is in Arial-Regular. Here are the things I was looking for: a counter that can start from a pre-defined number (i'm pulling a number from a site that is hosting my file currently), so I'd like to start with that number on MY site a counter that updates in real-time optional a counter that can possibly pull a "total downloads" number from a third-party site Any help would be appreciated. I've looked all over you-tube for a tutorial, I've also looked on these forums but haven't seen anything like this answered. Thanks again!
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