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  1. Hi - Is there a way to see raw URL parameters in the logs? For example, if I give a friend a link, www.foo.com/?name=Bob could I view the logs and see this anywhere? Interestingly, so far I've seen that URL as the referrer when Bob visits a second page, www.foo.com/about but I can't see raw log data, nor am I seeing it in the Traffic Sources panel (though maybe there's a delay?). Any help would be greatly appreciated! Second question, for a more "structured" query, can I see standard UTM-based campaign data, like a URL created in the Google campaign builder? https://ga-dev-tools.web.app/ga4/campaign-url-builder/ ? Thank you!
  2. Hi, My site has two "stores" on it (two separate stores under the same site, setup differently from a layout POV and branding) , and I am trying to figure out how to use the analytics capabilities to only report on one of the two stores. It seems that the general commerce analytics takes data (visits, funnel, etc) from both stores, and I need to find a way to report those metrics on only one of the stores. Each store has 50+ products in it, so I can't really use the filter method to select specific products. Any ideas how to figure out this? Thanks! Reid
  3. With Google axing Universal Analytics on July 1st, it's important you set up GA4 (Google Analytics 4) ASAP. Check out the below video, where I walk you through how to set up Google Analytics 4 on Squarespace 👇 If you like this sort of content, feel free to subscribe for more Squarespace SEO tips and help.
  4. Blog post with video here How to install Google Analytics to Squarespace (UPDATED METHOD 2022) I was waiting for this, as it was scheduled to come out in november 2021, but just now I noticed the update live so we can finally add GA4 to SQSP. It was of course possible to do before, but a manual code injection method will NOT track e-commerce transactions so this is a super welcome update. It's easy and will track e-commerce transactions automatically. I hope you'll find it useful 🙂 -Fenix
  5. Site URL: https://s72businessportraits.com I added my G4 tracking ID into "External API Keys". I have it configured for both UA and G4 so they both collect at the same time. G4 is collecting data and it's logging purchases but it's not registering the value of those purchases. It recognizes the product being purchased, etc it's just not registering the revenue. UA is seeing the same purchases but correctly registering the revenue (as it always has). Why is G4 not properly recognizing revenue? I attached a couple reports showing this. I've contacted SS support who then say its a Google issue and Google says it's a SS issue since they have no insight into their implementation. I agree with Google on this since they can't control if SS has implemented things properly.
  6. Looking for the most simple easy way to do some Customer Churn Analysis. Are there any plugins, or tools to help do some Analysis on Customer Churn Rates that work specifically well with squarespace? Or is just a manual export to Excel the best path. Here are a few tools I found: https://churnkey.co/ https://baremetrics.com/comparisons/analysis/customer-churn-analysis-with-stripe https://churnzero.com/ https://chartmogul.com/ https://radixhaven.com/stripe-churn-analysis/ And a few more: https://medium.com/cube-dev/full-list-of-stripe-analytics-software-4a1a1196836e Anyone have any experience with these or others?
  7. Is there anyone in this forum that has major sales tracking issues? When I expost the total last year sales (which is in the hundred of thousands of dollars), I get a different total than what is reported in the backend of the Analytics. And the difference is $2765.59. That a sizeable amount of revenue and transactions that Squarespace wasn't able to track with their own analytics. Has anyone else had this problem?
  8. Anyone have tips for ways to improve load times? I've compressed images and removed extra font files. I'm confused as to why all these SQSP assets are slowing me down.
  9. I would like to show on one of my pages a live number showing how many units of several items have been sold. For example, I want to display the number of each of three items side by side for a promotion. How can I accomplish this, I have been trying to use the Inventory API but am having major difficulty. Thank you so much!
  10. Has anybody seen this warning message when looking at their traffic Analytics? When I click on "Change" — the 2nd photo shows my current Cookie settings. What am I missing?
  11. Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has found a way to generate a list of cancelled memberships in the reporting section. Thank you :)
  12. It seems like there is only one format for video input when you click 'Video', which is unnecessarily large and looks like a YouTube video when on the screen which makes it look sloppy. I'm wondering if there is more subtle option. If anyone has any suggestions or pointers it'd be appreciated!
  13. I create PDFs of my analytics so I can share them and compare them over time. I typically use a browser extension called GoFullPage because simply using the print function doesn't capture everything that shows on the analtyics pages. However, 2 days ago I was printing our December analytics and they weren't printing correctly (see attached image). Instead of scrolling vertically, like normal, the screenshot looked like it was scrolling to the side - as if I was running dual monitors. I'm not. I tried other pages and they all scrolled normally for the screenshot. Only the analytics pages had this malfunction. I contacted the developer of GoFullPage and they said this is something they see caused by the web platform developer (SqSp in this case). I'm not running any plug-ins or modifications to my website, just a template provided by SqSp. I haven't been on these forums for a long time. I used to be able to reach a SqSp support person, but that option doesn't appear to be visible anymore. Any ideas how I can get this resolved, reach a support person, or a better way to print/save my analytics? I typically run Chrome on macOS, currently Ventura (fully up to date). Thanks for any help.
  14. How do I allow access to my Analytics data for use in an external data dashboard?
  15. Hi, I am tracking the events with Google Tag Manager. I have tried to set up the "Add to Cart" event but it seems to be not working. The "add to cart" tag just does not fire! I have tried different triggers such as setting click text, click class, click element, etc. No success so far. Is anyone able to give some advice, please? *UPDATE: it works when I try it in Microsoft Edge. But it doesn't work in Google Chrome! very odd
  16. Hi, In Analytics there you can see "Traffic Sources" and you can see "Form & Button Conversions" I would like to be able to tie these together so you can see which traffic sources led to which form and button conversions. Is there a way to do this? Thanks!
  17. Guest

    Bounce rate

    Hi I'd love any insight as to why my site's bounce rate is a whopping 89%. Perhaps images are too large? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  18. The site I am working on needs to comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act. Is SquareSpace Analytics CCPA compliant? I found a resource on the SS site but it does not mention whether SS Analytics is CCPA compliant. From what I can tell the closest datapoint in the SS Analytics that resembles PII is the IP address. But per the below IP Addresses may not be considered PII? So would this mean SS Analytics is CCPA compliant as long as the site asks for users to consent to the sites cookie?
  19. Site URL: https://www.cidercellar.ie Could you tell me please what is considered like a visit ? In Analytics dashboard, we can look the traffic but I would like to know, what is real considered like a visit ?
  20. Hello, is there a way to have a cookie banner with opt-in option only, to have the SquareSpace Analytic cookies enabled, having the Accept button and an option to remove/close banner
  21. Are there any plans to allow for a migration to 7.1? I'm sitting back here in 7.0 seeing all these new features being developed that would be great to keep my site looking up to date with the internet and I can't use them without throwing out 8 years of sales data and analytics. I am really confused why squarespace would want to put an upgrade to 7.1 on equal footing to transferring to any other platform out there. I don't care if i have to redesign all my pages. It would be great if they did not all have to be done at once of course but even if they all had to be done at once that would be fine, i just don't want to lose all that data. I have saved off backups in case squarespace ever goes away of course but that does not make it searchable and able to look for trends in the data. Deleting your site and starting over is a terrible option. Will this ever be addressed? It's been over two years of the FAQ reading "It's not currently possible to migrate directly to Squarespace 7.1" implying that it will eventually happen. I'm really starting to lose hope here.
  22. Site URL: https://theyvonne.com Hi Everyone, Thank you so much for any assistance you can provide. I believe I have a bot visiting my site. The IP is always from Ashburn Virginia and an IP lookup indicates the IP is an AWS site. One IP did indicate it was from a site in China. It use to be just once a month. Now. it 3 times a month and because I have low traffic these visits indicate my peak volume. I can get up to 40+ at a time. It is not a big deal but I want to start promoting, some of my work, and these visits will mess. up the analytics. Question: How do I block or remove them from my counts. Every instance is a different IP address but typically each instance is the same for 20-40. views. I am seeing that the view/visit number is getting higher each month. The view always starts on my privacy policy page. ps... I accidentally posted before finishing writing and then did an edit that got interrupted by a phone call. If this caused any issue please forgive me. All my best and many thanks Yvonne
  23. Site URL: https://www.foryouth.co Hi, I'm running 4 country-specific shops on one domain (with subdomains), each in their own different currency. I have one Google Analytics account in a single currency (SGD, Singapore Dollar). When there's on order on the Malaysian site in MYR (Malaysian Ringgit), the amount gets shown in Google Analytics in the "native" amount and it doesn't get converted to SGD. As the MYR is 3x the value of SGD, this obviously ruins the e-commerce data in Google Analytics. There's a tool called Hitbuilder with which I can edit the currency (https://ga-dev-tools.web.app/hit-builder/?v=1&tid=UA-XXXXX-Y&cid=555&t=transaction&ti=12345&ta=westernWear&tr=50.00&ts=32.00&tt=12.00&cu=EUR) but it messes up with the other order data, such as the channel the order was generated from. Does anyone have any tips on how to avoid this and convert the local site currency in the currency used in Google Analytics? Thanks!
  24. Site URL: https://ros-management.com/ Hi, I have observed a huge discrepancy between the Squarespace Analytics and the Google Analytics results. Please see the screenshots below. Since the end of August, I am now using GA to compare with Squarespace. However, this is a massive difference with Squarespace reporting 10x more traffic than GA and I can't figure out why. Can anyone explain this? Which results are likely to be more reliable?
  25. Site URL: https://www.transitionzero.org/ Hi all, I've been struggling to set up website tracking, cookies and analytics in a way that is GDPR compliant and meets our organisation's marketing needs. Our website: https://www.transitionzero.org/ The Squarespace cookie banner isn't GDPR compliant, so I installed CookieYes. This seems to do a good job mostly but I've realised it does not block Sqaurepace Analytics before users give consent! CookieYes is only blocking third party cookies before consent. And because SS analytics is built into the website and not a code injection, I can't change the order to make CookieYes fire first, like I did with other scripts... First question: Is there a way to make CookieYes manage consent for Squaurespace analytics cookies? I know you can use the Squarespace cookie banner to only use analytics once users consent. But this isn't enough. Not only does it not allow them to manage their preferences, it doesn't block third-party cookies either. But if the third-party cookie consent solutions only do third-party cookies and don't touch the SS analytics cookies, then what are you supposed to do to cover everything?! 😞 I suppose another option is to disable Squarespace Analytics entirely. I do have another analytics which doesn't use cookies, Plausible Analytics (would recommend, it's great) so I could just disable SS analytics and rely purely on that. But I would much rather keep SS analytics as a backup, and to see historical data all the way back to our website launch, long before we had Plausible. Second question: What happens if you completely disable SS analytics? Do you keep the historical data up to that point? Do your forms stay working correctly? I'm a bit nervous to try it! PS. I really hope Squarespace up their game on privacy and GDPR compliance because this is a massive headache and a big downside to an otherwise great platform. Thanks in advance for your help!
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