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  1. Thank you for your input. You missed the point or we didn't make it clear enough from the outset; we are aware our images polarize people that is why I appreciate critique. Ironically that image that "does not exemplify great photographic skills. Iimmediately left your site thinking your skills are not worthy of proceeding" won national marketing recognition and awards for the Client. Our previous site had our full galley as a home page. That in essence created a short stop and quick hop for analytics since prospects directly contacted us from that point; or like yourself immediately left our site because they had already viewed our images and had no further need to proceed. However I will take into account your opinion, after all that is how we improve and develop. I am happy the lettering stands out as a second observance, that shows we are clear at delivering our message and is exactly what we were reaching for.
  2. Is that what was causing the Burger to be too far to the right also? I have been trying to figure that one out Thank you I am very open to critique to get this right
  3. Hi @rwp could you take a look at this page please. I can not find a code anywhere to fit the gallery to size on mobile https://ray-cone-ap64.squarespace.com/gallery passcode: 12345
  4. i find I am having the same issue with a full section automatic playing gallery here https://ray-cone-ap64.squarespace.com/gallery tried code above but the gallery isnt on the home page.
  5. Site URL: https://www.studiolucephoto.com Can you please provide feedback on the site. https://www.studiolucephoto.com There are a couple of small issues we realize we are facing and are looking for help to redesign/change out. Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated since this is our first attempt at designing a website let alone on Squarespace. Thank you
  6. Site URL: https://ray-cone-ap64.squarespace.com/home/headshots https://ray-cone-ap64.squarespace.com/home/headshots I have created a pricing table and got some great help from @tuanphan but I just cant get the table to settle down and behave itself. Is there anyway I can keep the table(s) the same size when viewed dynamically on different sized screens? I have tried everything I know and searched for but nothing seems to work. Then there is the tablet/phone view OMG! please help with this I can not for the life of me get the table to fit. Anyone have an idea on the code for both of these problems I have come across? password: 12345
  7. Site URL: https://ray-cone-ap64.squarespace.com/home/commercial I am needing to put navigation links at the bottom of a page section (not footer) within my portfolio collection. on this page https://ray-cone-ap64.squarespace.com/home/commercial there are links at the bottom of the portfolio section linking to previous and next sections. However what i am wanting if possible is for the fist portfolio page to link to the last and the last to link back to the first...ie: automotive to have a link at the bottom of the section to ArtforYour Space and visa versa. Is that at all possible? and the second part of this question is when you browse on tablet/phone mode the links are so large they overlap.... I can not find a css code to alter the text size or layout. I unfortunately can not take a screenshot since I have no idea where images are stored on Windows OS. Password: 12345
  8. i already ha jquery do i need to install a second one? <script src="https://code.jquery.com/jquery-3.5.1.js"></script> is what i currentlt have in header injection
  9. wow. Yes Please Leopold. the first TWO LOOK OUTSTANDING and the accordion style FAQ also has my interest
  10. Hi Leopold I am keen for WhatsApp if available for 7.1 ? I have been looking at the other chat options but I really dont want to have to deal with Facebook since I have been off that problem for a year now
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