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  1. Thank you @jauei04, currently finding a workaround for the animation area and Tagline color being changed when decision is made.
  2. @hasher22. Thank you so very much. Your view/opinion and ideas showed things I did not realize. Yes the red is our branding but now you have pointed out some truths that we never actually considered I will begin the process to "soften" the harshness. Thank you for your critique, it really helped a great deal.
  3. Site URL: https://www.studiolucephoto.com I would love some constructive feedback please. I am still to learn how to make my site more easily accessible for mobile devices, but until then can I get receive feedback and ideas to move forward. I realize there are some pages not live but until COVID restrictions lift in our area these are not important. https://www.studiolucephoto.com Thank you in advance
  4. @paul2009 actually that works. Easily. I am trying to find the css for the heading to change the size of the font smaller. I managed to tickle the border a little but would like to make the submit box full width. Is that possible ? Thank You
  5. still need a little help. Is there a way to have a space between the tree icons, so they are not so close together?
  6. for anyone else that stumbles across this tread here is the solution
  7. Thank You @tuanphan that worked an absolute treat. Is there a way I can put spaces between the linked icons to add some space? https://www.studiolucephoto.com/book I was trying to open the google link in a new tab if at all possible
  8. Hi @rwp is this still available? sorry a bit slow to the party .
  9. Thank You @tuanphan I am trying to add in markdown block 4 icons as links to my phone / email / google maps etc so I can follow steps: 1 (business plan), and Step 3? or is the code above site specific? www.studiolucephoto.com/book-1 thank you
  10. someone with far greater experience will guide you through you questions. If no-one responds today I will tag help for you
  11. is this what you art after? Using CSS Copy the entire font-awesome directory into your project. In the <head> of your html, reference the location to your font-awesome.min.css. <link rel="stylesheet" href="path/to/font-awesome/css/font-awesome.min.css"> Check out the examples to start using Font Awesome!
  12. Site URL: https://www.studiolucephoto.com/who-are-studio-luce Hi. I have added code blocks and markdown blocks to a page but I can not find the code that altered only the social media blocks in the footer for this single page only. https://www.studiolucephoto.com/who-are-studio-luce I have removed the photos that will need to be be replaced but still I can not find what has caused this. Any ideas or help? Thank you
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