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  1. I have done an event photoshoot and are required to upload the images to a gallery for the client. Unfortunately there are 665 images and I need a way to upload ALL images with File Names. I would normally upload what ever images are required for each shoot since there are never more than 4-6 final images. is there a way to automatically upload and file name each image...especially if from Lightroom . Thank in advance. Where I want to place the files will be on a private gallery/page specific to this client.
  2. I am switching back from SS7.1 to Photoshelter or PicFair. I like my website as it is on SS7.1 but the selling of prints is a royal pain in the @$$ . I haven't managed to find an ideal shop extension or layout that suits. My previous website was created by RedFrame but that became cost prohibitive for the services offered. My layout was originally Barbosa with a load of changes. Apart from the cost difference between SS and PS what was your reason for looking to change?
  3. Site URL: https://ray-cone-ap64.squarespace.com/config/ Looking for help....when in mobile preview I dont want a horizontal scroll anywhere on my site when it comes to a simple page. Larger Gallery images arent so much of a problem at this stage. Can someone help me with how to move the hamburger?? to within the fame please? Thanks
  4. i am looking at that currently. If for instance I have four gallery's I want to make private for four clients do I need to create four separate private members areas? I dont want one password to be able to open the separate image gallery's
  5. using SS 7.1 I can not see a work around for a private client gallery where clients and sign in and vire images (of their wedding) then ultimately share the sign in details with other family members to purchase images. I am currently looking into private members areas. I am currently starting with pixiset client gallery and will likely link back to my SS site---painful work around
  6. Hi @rwp could you take a look at this page please. I can not find a code anywhere to fit the gallery to size on mobile
  7. i find I am having the same issue with a full section automatic playing gallery here
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