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  1. here it is: https://www.livewithplum.com/about I need the image to be on front of card.
  2. hi @tuanphan can you help me in bringing the image at the front. https://www.livewithplum.com/about
  3. Hi, i have added this but the image gets at the center and there is some white space above and below it.
  4. Hi, @tuanphan I need help with my card image block 's image size. I want it to be aligned with the text. here's the url: https://www.gi-cognition.com/services I want the image and text to be aligned properly. Thanks in advance for your reply:)
  5. what if we ant to move text behind the image
  6. Hi, can you share the code? how did you solved this? Thanks in advance
  7. hi, @tuanphan I am having issues on iphone 5. I see other iphones are good but iphone 5 is not the right view I am getting. when I use max width as 375px or something similar to target only iphone 5, all other iphones gets disturbed which are set at 640px or 764px. can you help. https://www.charlottedabat.com/about check out the pictures on this page. Thank you
  8. Hi @tuanphan can you help me with my squarespace mobile image size? I want it to appear larger on mobile. please help. here's the link: merchpro.co thanks in advance
  9. Hi, @tuanphan I am having an issue with the mobile view. I have hide the footmarks on mobile but whenever someone move the mobile in landscape mode the footmarks start appearing. I want to hide it in landscape mode as well. will be glad if you can help. Here's the url: https://www.nextlife.ie/home Thanks in advance
  10. Hi, is there anyway we can turn off that feature so when people turn their phone landscape the website doesn't move that way?
  11. Hi @tuanphan I need help with the logo on my site. it's not showing up on the phone and tablet version. www.thesolemgroup.com Thanks in advance
  12. Hello @tuanphan I would like the CSS to hide the header/navigation on my website once someone starts scrolling down. It always stays at the top. here's the url: www.jeffwalkerphotography.com
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