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  1. Thank you, bangank36! I will look for the javascript solution in that thread. πŸ™‚ I may ask for clarification if I run into any difficulty!
  2. Hello All, I've been reading earlier threads on how to make captions appear when viewing gallery pics in lightbox view. I'm wondering if injecting special code into my gallery page header is the only way to achieve this. If so, I'll need to upgrade to a business plan. (I'm currently on a personal plan in 7.1.) I just want to be sure this is the only way to do this, before I go ahead and change plans. Thanks for any help you can provide! Sincerely, 7TK
  3. Thank you so much, Tuan!! That worked perfectly! I now have the video appearing on the desktop and a still pic appearing on my phone. I'm very, very grateful for your assistance! πŸ™
  4. Yes, that’s the section. πŸ™‚
  5. Thanks so much for responding! The site url is https://www.frjohnharvey.com/ and the password is sagart22naofa I'd be grateful for the code for both options, so I could try each out and see what works best!
  6. Hello, Is it possible to use a background video on the landing page of a website, while using a photo as the background of that same section on mobile devices? Or, is it possible to adjust the background video such that it automatically appears well on mobile devices too? (It already looks good on a desktop, but doesn't appear properly on mobile devices.) New to all this - would be grateful for any assistance! Thanks. πŸ™‚
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