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  1. It happens because the visitor doesn't navigate away from the page, the external link opens in a new tab. If I choose your site tab, then double click another dropdown the first one closes. If you choose to open the link on the same page and folks use the browser back arrow instead of clicking the tab, the menu should be closed not open.
  2. Right now I can only see your landing page, no nav bar, and password is required. If you post that we can help you I think.
  3. This is a standard thing, sidebar, with some templates like Wexley, Avenue, and other in 7.0 . Here is an example. https://christinegregoryphotography.com/blog? What template are you using? It may have the sidebar option.
  4. I think the drop down menu font is too dark, and I can no longer read it when I hover over it. I suggest you make the text white and the hover gray, as opposed to gray and black. The background image is a good touch. Nice to see another good looking site built on Avenue. I use that template also. my random views
  5. This plug in may help: https://blog.elink.io/press-page-for-squarespace-website/
  6. Edit the summary block, under content tab make sure that the both primary and secondary meta data does not have the date enabled.
  7. Try this Integration between Squarespace and google photos provided by Appypie From their website: Integration of Squarespace and Google Photos Although there are many free websites for creating a website or blog, most of them are rather cluttered and difficult to navigate. Google Photos is a great way for people to store all of their pictures in one place, although it lacks a blogging feature. Squarespace is a great website with easy navigation and customizable templates. By merging these two products together, their features can be combined in one place. Instead of having to go through two separate sites, users will be able to access both products on one site. This will allow users to have one place where they can edit, store, and post photos all at once. Benefits of Integration of Squarespace and Google Photos By combining these two services together, users will be able to do everything on one site. With the use of Squarespace, users will be able to create a beautiful website with ease, while still being able to upload and edit their photos from Google Photos. This will help simplify the process of blog creation because it only requires one website. The integration of these two products will also be beneficial by saving time on going back and forth between multiple websites or devices. Remembering passwords becomes easier when all of the information is stored on one site and accessed through one account. If users ever forget their password, they can easily reset it through their Google account. This will prevent users from having to reset their password with each website separately. Users will also be able to backup all of their photos on one site with ease, which may reduce the number of hard drives needed. By combining these two products together, users will be able to save time and money while still having access to the features they want. The process to integrate Squarespace and Google Photos may seem complicated and intimidating. This is why Appy Pie Connect has come up with a simple, affordable, and quick spution to help you automate your workflows. Click on the button below to begin. https://connect.appypie.com/apps/squarespace/integrations/google-photos
  8. I understand, FYI there is a simple sort in the image library, newest, oldest and name, if you gave it one, which you can do at anytime by editing the block or gallery where it was added. If you list the images, it will tell you the date it was uploaded as well. There is not a delete option. There is information about the image, file name, which can be very simple if you want it to be, image size, and dimensions along with the date added. So it seems it should be possible to find an image at least.
  9. I looked at it and you header menu on mobile is a hamburger. Your header menu is stacked on my laptop at normal res. You can go into site styles and reduce the padding between items and see if you move them all to one line.
  10. Menu on the nav yes, user login not exacly. You can password specific pages that have their own url.
  11. Yes, I have ideas, it will take a bit of work on your part but not a lot. Use blog post summary blocks, These blocks can be on a standard page or as part of a blog post. That is the way I do it. I have two blog pages, one with my complete posts and one where the posts are grouped by category using summary blocks that pull content from my main blog. The main blog, I moved it to my unlinked section so it would not appear on my Nav bar and the blog page with the summary cats took its place in the linked section. Try it out here if you wish to see how it works. I have a drop down archive menu that sorts a great portion of this as well as drop down menus on the Nav bar. Sorted story page by category on archive dropdown and drop down menus on nav bar
  12. If 7.0 just add something to the tag line in the logo and tag line field. If 7.1 add this to custom css: put your text in between the " " a#site-title:after { content: "tuan phan"; display: block; }
  13. Wolfsilon makes a good point about te UI of the OS browser on mobile devices. This can change from from to phone even if they all have android or iOS. I have an issue with my moto z3 running Android 9 (can't update it any longer), it pushes the header, including the title, of any vertical screen view down to the bottom when scrolling the page, and it sits in the background of the text. Switch to horizontal view and it looks fine, and then you can turn back to vertical. This does not happen on my wife's new Moto Edge 5g UW phone running Android 11. If there is some kind of setting either in SS on the phone to fix this, I can't find it.
  14. If google drive was not set up, there is no way to go back and see it unless you recieved an email when the form was submitted, and the fields were filled out. I use the required toggle in order to get the sender's email address. You might want to consider adding a message field to your form as well.
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