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Found 5 results

  1. Has anyone been successful configuring their CloudFlare DNS to use a 3rd party domain to point to their Squarespace site? It seems like this should be pretty straight forward, but I'm having trouble finding any support on this. From what I can gather, Squarespace does not recommend using CloudFlare with their service? Thank you,John
  2. Is there a way to make lets say test1.thishotel.com to point to my dns server but leave the main site www.thishotel.com pointing at square space servers?
  3. Hi,I just created a subdomain for my site for a product that isn't like the products on my primary site. However, there doesn't seem to be a guide for configuring it. I tried to access the subdomain from google, but Google says the site can't be found. I tried adding the subdomain's name to my squarespace url after /config/ . but that didn't work. It's Sunday night. Do I simply have to wait 24 hours and it will magically appear in my primary's design panels? Thank you,
  4. Hi I want to create subdomains for every school in the UK... primaryschoolname.learnclub.co.uk When the primary school accesses the page on their subdomain there is personalised content - banner image and name text... a sample can be seen here and here I would imagine a database would be needed? The banners would be specific images already created and in a folder. Can this be done on squarespace? Is that enough information? Thanks! Dan King
  5. How do you add pages to your subdomain? Right now my blog.aislinfall.com just goes to the homepage of aislinfall.com and I'd like for it to direct to another page on the site.
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