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  1. I would like to disable the (default setting) LOGO as a link to go HOME on a website — and wondering if there is a setting and/or a script that can be added to do so. I don't want the logo to be clickable or a link on this particular site. The website uses FLATIRON template (for 8 yrs!), in case that matters. Thanks.
  2. Wondering if anyone has used this extension - I want to copy and paste pages from one site to another (duplicating the site wasn't right for what I need). I found this Chrome PRO extension, happy to pay for it but want to see if anyone out there has 1. bought it and 2. been happy with it. Thanks!
  3. Site URL: https://purple-ladybug-se73.squarespace.com Hi there! Every time I try to do any kind of edit, add text, resize text, etc. it’s jumps from what I’m doing back to the top of the page in the editor. It’s really annoying and severely impacting my workflow. I’ll get 2-3 letters typed then it will jump, I then have to scroll back to where I was and type another few letters. Does anyone know what’s causing this or how to fix it?
  4. Hi everyone, I need help with my shop. Squarespace only lets me pick vertical or horizontal layouts for images and it's messing up store, and it's basically cutting off my wider images. I need for the thumbnails and store displays to automatically adjust to the width of each image. I've tried resizing the wider photos and taking vertical photos of them but am still running into the same issue. Does anyone know how to fix this with CSS in 7.1? Thank you! Natalie
  5. Hi all, I am new to squarespace and trying to setup so I can develop locally. I followed the basic beginner guide and finished it but now I want to develop local instead of push to squarespace with git every change. The issue is whenever I run the command squarespace-server http://mywebsite --auth I get this error below that the ampersand character is not allowed. This is from the powershell script in my npm folder. Every other npm script uses node and for some reason squarespace uses echo. Has anyone else had this issue? Does squarespace not support windows 10?
  6. A few days ago I noticed the option to save the sections of the site to a "favorite sections" library. That was absolutely amazing and life-changing! Unfortunately that option disappeared. Will we get it back soon? Is it in the beta stage & launching soon?
  7. Does anybody have experience with the API's? Trying to get any response from the Inventory API and I keep getting 403 Forbidden response. I made the API key and using JS fetch(). See photo for code (ignore green as those are commented out trying different things.). "token" variable is defined above this photo with the API key.
  8. I am running into errors integrating the NIFTYKIT coding into my website. I have followed all of the directions on this page but my mint page is still not functional. The wallet connect and mint looks fine but doesn't actually do anything. Has anyone else in web3 tried to create a mint page on their squarespace website? I would love to know how you did it. Did you use nifty kit or another platform? Looking to make this simple and smooth. Thanks!
  9. Hi there! Is there a way to download all the images, pdfs and documents in the site? FTP access? Thanks
  10. Guest

    Web development

    I am admittedly new to Squarespace. But I want to start off with the right perspective. It seems to me there is a disconnect between "software development" and designer sites using a template like Squarespace. I develop web sites where terms like page load time, software maintenance, and scalability seem to be the topics of discussion. Everyone (developers) has an opinion on the best framework (like Angular) or library (like React) is best to build a web application with. So these web applications are easily maintained and very responsive but unless some work is put into the look and feel these sites "look" like they were developed by a developer. They don't have the same UX design put into them that the templates shown when putting together a site with Squarespace. A developer is very used to writing JavaScript handlers for various HTML events, but I am not familiar with a similar functionality for a site developed with Squarespce. Would someone be able to point me in the direction of coming at Squarespace from a developer's perspective? I see in "Getting Started" that one can clone the basic template. But how can I get hold of the "source" for a custom template that was modified with the Squarespace tools? Thank you for taking the time for this very basic beginner question.
  11. The font color in the CMS editor used to have a default dark/black color. Somehow it turned to white next time I visited, I don't know what change I made to have this effect. When I inspect this page, I get this weird class that was not written in our code base to create this website. When I edit the <p> tag in the site code base and in the CMS 'Custom CSS' to have a different color, it only applies to the front-end and not the editor. Where can I find the code to edit the styling for the editor? Can anybody advise?
  12. Hello All, I'm helping an e-commerce client with a blog post on a Brine 7.0 template. The problem is that it looks good on desktop but I'd like a slightly different stacking order for mobile because I think it will look better. Here's the desktop order: 1. photo 2. photo / pull quote (side-by-side) And here is how it appears on mobile: 1. photo 2. photo 3. pull quote This is what I'd like to happen: 1. photo 2. pull quote 3. photo Is there a way for me to do this with code? Tagging @tuanphan as it looks like you're an expert at this. But if anyone knows of a solution, please chime in! Thanks everyone!
  13. Very new to this sort of thing. What's the best template for a news + articles + feature based website. Have no idea how to bring recent articles as links in the homepage for example. Whatculture and bleacher report are examples of the sort of site I would want.
  14. Site URL: https://sopecreekmtb.squarespace.com/ Helping the MTB team update their website. I would like to duplicate the site, apply a new template, content etc and then take the new site back to the location of the live site. What is the best way to do this? Thanks!
  15. password for site is : supertechhero I am looking to have the nav centered: so that Location or any other additional nav bar items are always centered, even if all the nav bar items don't fit in one row I can play around with the spacing, but need a sturdier solution where it is all centered so that it works in smaller monitor screens too. thank you!
  16. Hi, I have a small digital design and marketing company and work in the music and guitar industry. I have only basic coding knowledge and am looking for someone based in the UK to help me regularly with coding, mostly Squarespace and CSS. Please contact me if you are interested at info@mammothstudios.co.uk Thanks Mark
  17. Sorry guys im new to this platform. I'm afraid about bullet 3 and 6
  18. Hi! I am running a Version 7.0 Template in Developer-Mode on trial. (Newbie alert 😉) Aiming on a dedicated template for a shop offering essential oils, is wish to design a template that takes a string and splits it at a designated character sequence (space+Pipe+space ` | `) . Scenario; { "item" : { "title" : "Mandarin r\u00F6d ekologisk | Citrus reticulata" } } Is it possible to define a regex-based function or a simpler string-split approach so that I can have different ways to represent the title depending on the output channel? For example in the meta tags the pipe character is exactly the desired output and for the product name rendered on the product page the part which comes after the pipe should be rendered with a dedicated css class applied - perhaps also with semantic attributions marking it as the botanical name. Dreaming big: Ideally a helper that invokes gomplate (or just a subset) would allow such freedom of controlling the output. Any ideas how this can be done -- ideally without the need of having JavaScript altering the Output after-the-fact -- would be much appreciated. Thank you
  19. Hi All, I wonder Squarespace provides a free plan for developers to develop extensions or developers need to subscribe to a paid plan after 14 days trial?
  20. Site URL: https://hanahaus.squarespace.com/ Hello, I'm attempting to publish two locally created static pages. I've been able to successfully push, and view one static page on Squarespace. However, when I push the second page I've created. I'm not seeing it populate on Squarespace. Each page has a unqiue [fileName].page & [fileName].page.conf Thank you for your time.
  21. Hi Fellow Developers, I am looking for some resource to understand Squarespace development. I know it uses YUI Framework and JSON-T. is there some paid resource to learn it more?
  22. Site URL: https://daffodil-grapefruit-9eap.squarespace.com/ Hi Everyone, I would like to ask for help regarding custom javascript libraries. I have uploaded the .js and .css files using SFTP on the scripts folder but it doesn't somehow work like on this demo https://www.cssscript.com/demo/dolly-push-in-effect-scroll/. I would like to integrate this one on my website. The password for my site is test1234. Thank you!
  23. I'm a freelance designer/developer who's still learning some of the ropes. I'm fairly experienced with Wordpress (but still have lots to learn there too!) but am currently working with a client to redesign their Squarespace site. I've learned that unlike with Wordpress or Drupal, there's no support to create a staging site in Squarespace to make major changes without changing (and potentially breaking) the live site. From browsing this forum, I know I'm not the only one who finds that frustrating. Anyway: my client has an existing Squarespace site, and they want a thoroughly redesigned site, also in Squarespace. They'll need a new template, of course, but also some new content (I'm working with them to create some new landing pages), and a completely reorganized navigation structure. Given that, and given Squarespace's limitations for developers, my question is: does it make more sense / is it more of a best practice to: (a) develop the new template design using a different trial site and/or the local development server (which I've played with a little bit), duplicating or creating new individual pages, and then, when it's time to go live, putting a cover page up and doing everything else on the live site while it's down? (like what's described here: https://answers.squarespace.com/questions/67379/how-can-i-redesign-a-clients-site-without-going-live.html) I'm concerned this would put my client's live site down for a while, so I can test everything * with their content * and get their feedback. And it just... feels scary, and kind of insane, compared to how I'd do it in WP, you know? OR, (b) clone all their content, e.g. using the imperfect-but-doable export to WP > export back from WP to SS workaround, developing the redesign on the clone site, and then, when it's time to go live, switching the client's domain to point to the live site? This mostly seems like the safer option, and this is where I'm leaning, but I'm worried I'll end up spending a lot of time spot-checking content, re-uploading blog posts' thumbnail images manually, etc. (And, reader, they have a lot of blog posts.) And it feels like there should be a better way??? OR is there a more sane © that I haven't learned about yet? tl;dr do I need to use clunky import/export workarounds to create a clone site in order to develop a redesign for a client without breaking their live site, or is there a better way? I tried to convince them to move to WP, but it didn't work, so now I'm here. Any guidance appreciated!
  24. Site URL: https://www.higherlifegroup.com/ Hi! I'm looking for a squarespace expert in developer mode to review a clients website that is having some issues with the listings section. Thank you
  25. Site URL: https://www.medicurahealth.co.za/ We have built a certificate generator through Airtable, Intengromat/Make and a PDF generator service. We use Squarespace for our website. These certificates are printed out for our patients on our testing sites, with each certificate having it's own QR code. Now what we want to set up is that whenever a QR code is scanned by the relevant authorities, a digital/pdf copy of that same certificate loads up as a URL that is linked to our website so that the authorities know that it's legit. How do I get this set up on Squarespace?
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