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  1. Hey there, We are looking to build a 3rd party extension for Squarespace. But can't seem to find any documentation, is there a place we should be looking? Thanks! Sam
  2. Hi. I'm currently working on a Squarespace site in version 7.1. Natively pages are canonical to itself in the code, and I would like to change this but don't know how to. If I use the code injector option, I can add another canonical, but that leads to an error with multiple canonicals in one page. Anyone knows how to change the native canonical? Kind Regards Simon, SEO Specialist
  3. Hi. I'm currently working on a Squarespace site in version 7.1. Natively pages are canonical to itself in the code, and I would like to change this but don't know how to. If I use the code injector option, I can add another canonical, but that leads to an error with multiple canonicals in one page. Anyone knows how to change the native canonical? Kind Regards Simon, SEO Specialist
  4. I am looking to develop an app that users can subscribe to use. I was hoping to create a subscription product on Squarespace (SS) where the user subscribes, creates a login and then accesses the member area - this could then be a landing page that redirects to the app that sits on its own server. Do you know if there is any way, we could make it so the app only opens to traffic that comes from the members area on SS. Otherwise, a user could simply subscribe for one month, access the app, favourite the url and then come back to it whenever they like without subscribing. Thanks so much Smiles,, Jo
  5. Very new to this sort of thing. What's the best template for a news + articles + feature based website. Have no idea how to bring recent articles as links in the homepage for example. Whatculture and bleacher report are examples of the sort of site I would want.
  6. https://www.skp.com.sg/ My website is using a 3rd party filter system which is universal filter. As a result, different category product pages are not indexed as Google Search Console sees it as a (duplicate) Alternate page with proper canonical tag. Please find attached screenshot for Google Search Console error. So for example, Biodegradable products is seen as an alternate page of the main category page https://www.skp.com.sg/food-packaging-all?category=Biodegradable https://www.skp.com.sg/food-packaging-all Solution by Google: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/139066 Can someone explain how do i make Google Search Console to index these (supposedly duplicate/alternate) pages? (I believe this is hurting my SEO keywords ranking) Is this caused by AJAX loading, if so can how can i solve this while enabling AJAX loading? (Can this be solved by adding a dynamic JSON-LD to each category filter?)
  7. Site URL: https://www.treegoatmedia.com I'm trying to add a feature to a Square Space site (Still WIP) that will take an invitation code, accept it, and then simply send the user through to a page for further data entry such as their email address. Thanks to anyone who can advise on how best to execute this addition.
  8. Dear Community/Forum of Squarespace My question is, if there is a possibility that a owner of a squarespace domain can get the projects that were created in a portfolio. I was about to generate a developer key for that, but in the permissions there wasnt an option for "projects" or "portfolios" available. I also researched for that feature on google but couldnt find anything.
  9. How to add a total count section on top of blog listing page? For eg : Total 172 blogs
  10. Site URL: https://vysorforpc.com/ Hello. When I search for my site on Google, it links to the website of a different company. On my phone it places the name of my company over the other site's url so that when you click through you end up on their site instead of mine. On the computer it links to the other company on the right hand side. although you can find my site if you scroll down. I worked for the other company for a number of years, am using some of the same content with their permission, and am crediting them appropriately on my site. But we are definitely separate businesses. Need Help
  11. I know there is quite a bit of material on using sqaure space's API and the extensions platform is pretty new, but is there any API documentation on building an extension for squarespace? i would love to build one if at all possible.
  12. hello, I'm trying to get the snap scroll css feature working. As seen in this codepen example. (I want to be able to snap scroll section to section vertically.) https://codepen.io/andyadams/pen/omLOqZ As I understand it, you need to add the css to your container div and then to each section. (wasn't exactly sure what the container div is considered to be so I added that css to both collection and page.) I've added the css below but it doesn't work. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Tom #page { scroll-snap-type: y mandatory !important; } #collection-60885ba8dcf40e5d7af67055 { scroll-snap-type: y mandatory !important; } section[data-section-id="60885ba8dcf40e5d7af67057"] { scroll-snap-align: start !important; scroll-snap-stop: normal !important; } section[data-section-id="60885ba8dcf40e5d7af67059"]{ scroll-snap-align: start !important; scroll-snap-stop: normal !important; }
  13. Hey I am just curious if anyone has gotten a progressive web app working with squarespace. I have tried a few ways to get a PWA working but to no avail. I just can't get the service worker to take the scope of my root directory. I have tried, Adding a URL redirect, /sw.js -> /assets/sw.js 301. The issue is that service workers aren't allowed to hide behind redirects, it throws the error "The script resource is behind a redirect, which is disallowed." Adding scope to the options parameter when registering the service worker. navigator.serviceWorker.register("/assets/sw.js", { scope:"../" }) This throws the error, "The path of the provided scope ('/') is not under the max scope allowed ('/assets/'). Adjust the scope, move the Service Worker script, or use the Service-Worker-Allowed HTTP header to allow the scope.". I can't adjust the scope or move the Service Worker script and I can't add HTTP headers to the response. I have scoured the internet for solutions to this issue but I can't find any information about PWAs with squarespace. Any information is helpful, thanks!
  14. Site URL: https://www.robertlowdon.com/contact Anyone have experience getting this to work? I am getting an error from Shareasale saying it is not creating a dynamic id. Any input would be appreciated. Or direction to someone who could get this done.
  15. Squarespace 7.1 does not support the Developer Platform. There is no clear indication if it ever will or if 7.1 will replace 7.0, killing off the Developer Platform. Is there any information besides the About Squarespace version 7.1 support article?
  16. It seemed like in 7.0 developer tools might allow you to see the CSS for your template. In what I could find, it seems that this option is not available for 7.1. Is it possible to access the CSS? Thanks
  17. Is it possible to create a new layout that shows up as a selection when you Create New Page. Like the About, Contact, or Details layouts.
  18. How to put this type of pagination in squarespace blog website?
  19. Is there way to get all of the stores categories? I though it could be done from the store-pages API endpoint but apperantly categories and store-pages are not the same thing. What possible way could I fetch all of the categories and tie them to the products they contain from a certain store that has given me an API key? Thanks
  20. The Template docs (https://developers.squarespace.com/collections) specify the 4 basic options for custom collections. However, I know from example base templates that there are additional options -- at least 9 that I know of. Is there any more complete documentation anywhere of all available options, and the accepted values for each option (e.g. "icon" only has certain values that work)? Or, does someone have that information that could be posted here as a reference?
  21. Site URL: https://llama-shallot-7yz9.squarespace.com I'm getting the standard EACCES: permission denied when I try to run: npm install -g @squarespace/server The squarespace docs direct you to the npm docs here. The npm docs say: However speaking with a friend he said that you actually do need to uninstall npm and Node.js? I'm currently backing up my Mac with time machine, and I'm going to give this a whirl to see if it solves my issue: https://ajaykarwal.com/uninstall-node-and-install-nvm Does anybody have some experience and can shed some light? I'm working on MacOS Big Sur. Thanks in advanced.
  22. Hello, I am new to squarespace & and the world of website building. For the last couple of months I have tried to build my own site with no real luck. It's clearly time to hire a professional. What does that really mean??? Within Web Development you have many different services that are offered and at all different prices. How do you know you are not over paying? Also since I am not up on my Website terms or services. What is the difference between a advanced website design vs classic? If I wanted to sell merchandise would that be advanced? or is that a totally different service after the website is created? When the developer builds the site for you, would they connect it to social media? Or is that also an additional charge? Thank you in advance for any and all help you can give me. I can clearly use guidance
  23. Site URL: https://forum.squarespace.com/leaderboard/ I would like to add a leaderboard similar to the one found here on the Squarespace forum. Even just a leaderbaord list view instead of the photo thumbnails. https://forum.squarespace.com/leaderboard/ How do I do this?!
  24. I'm a freelance designer/developer who's still learning some of the ropes. I'm fairly experienced with Wordpress (but still have lots to learn there too!) but am currently working with a client to redesign their Squarespace site. I've learned that unlike with Wordpress or Drupal, there's no support to create a staging site in Squarespace to make major changes without changing (and potentially breaking) the live site. From browsing this forum, I know I'm not the only one who finds that frustrating. Anyway: my client has an existing Squarespace site, and they want a thoroughly redesigned site, also in Squarespace. They'll need a new template, of course, but also some new content (I'm working with them to create some new landing pages), and a completely reorganized navigation structure. Given that, and given Squarespace's limitations for developers, my question is: does it make more sense / is it more of a best practice to: (a) develop the new template design using a different trial site and/or the local development server (which I've played with a little bit), duplicating or creating new individual pages, and then, when it's time to go live, putting a cover page up and doing everything else on the live site while it's down? (like what's described here: https://answers.squarespace.com/questions/67379/how-can-i-redesign-a-clients-site-without-going-live.html) I'm concerned this would put my client's live site down for a while, so I can test everything * with their content * and get their feedback. And it just... feels scary, and kind of insane, compared to how I'd do it in WP, you know? OR, (b) clone all their content, e.g. using the imperfect-but-doable export to WP > export back from WP to SS workaround, developing the redesign on the clone site, and then, when it's time to go live, switching the client's domain to point to the live site? This mostly seems like the safer option, and this is where I'm leaning, but I'm worried I'll end up spending a lot of time spot-checking content, re-uploading blog posts' thumbnail images manually, etc. (And, reader, they have a lot of blog posts.) And it feels like there should be a better way??? OR is there a more sane © that I haven't learned about yet? tl;dr do I need to use clunky import/export workarounds to create a clone site in order to develop a redesign for a client without breaking their live site, or is there a better way? I tried to convince them to move to WP, but it didn't work, so now I'm here. Any guidance appreciated!
  25. I am admittedly new to Squarespace. But I want to start off with the right perspective. It seems to me there is a disconnect between "software development" and designer sites using a template like Squarespace. I develop web sites where terms like page load time, software maintenance, and scalability seem to be the topics of discussion. Everyone (developers) has an opinion on the best framework (like Angular) or library (like React) is best to build a web application with. So these web applications are easily maintained and very responsive but unless some work is put into the look and feel these sites "look" like they were developed by a developer. They don't have the same UX design put into them that the templates shown when putting together a site with Squarespace. A developer is very used to writing JavaScript handlers for various HTML events, but I am not familiar with a similar functionality for a site developed with Squarespce. Would someone be able to point me in the direction of coming at Squarespace from a developer's perspective? I see in "Getting Started" that one can clone the basic template. But how can I get hold of the "source" for a custom template that was modified with the Squarespace tools? Thank you for taking the time for this very basic beginner question.
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