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  1. Hi Everyone, I probably installed a piece of code under "code injection" to my website about two years ago (see first screenshot).Right now I'm trying to change my live chat option, but I discovered that an update has wiped out my custom code from the editor, BUT the code is still active on the website. Which means I cannot change it unless I hire a developer, which is what I got Squarespace for in the first place. To add insult to injury, Squarespace's customer service told me they couldn't help me with a problem THEY caused.
  2. I bought my own product for a friend as a gift, using my own name, and I want them to send me a customer review via the email link. Will their review have my name attached, and if so, can that be changed to their name so it doesn't appear that I'm writing myself fake reviews?
  3. Hi guys! Is it possible to send an automated 'thank you for your response' email to customers who fill in forms? For example, the website I have linked has a form in which customers can insert information about themselves to host a house concert. I would like them to receive a confirmation email (not just a 'thank you!' text box on the web page) with custom text. Another example is when a customer fills out an RSVP form for one of my house concerts; I would like them to receive an email with more info. I have spoken to a Squarespace team member, and they mentioned it could be done with custom code, but it is outside their scope of help. Has anyone achieved this, or would you be able to help? I am in no way a proficient coder! Cheers! Phoebe
  4. Looking for the most simple easy way to do some Customer Churn Analysis. Are there any plugins, or tools to help do some Analysis on Customer Churn Rates that work specifically well with squarespace? Or is just a manual export to Excel the best path. Here are a few tools I found: https://churnkey.co/ https://baremetrics.com/comparisons/analysis/customer-churn-analysis-with-stripe https://churnzero.com/ https://chartmogul.com/ https://radixhaven.com/stripe-churn-analysis/ And a few more: https://medium.com/cube-dev/full-list-of-stripe-analytics-software-4a1a1196836e Anyone have any experience with these or others?
  5. I've customized my customer auto emails but how do I enable them now?
  6. Im trying to make a community website for a game and im wondering if i can make customer accounts social pages for people to view. I plan for these social pages to have custom account icons and have thier own posts/threads (like twitter or reddit)
  7. can you edit how personal account of the user looks
  8. Is there a way to seamlessly allow a customer to get access to member area after purchasing a physical product? I would like customers who buy art supplies, but not the general public, to be able to see videos in a member area about using their purchase. Open to ideas.
  9. As a small business owner, you have an exciting opportunity to personalize the customer experience, like answering promptly or following up on solutions provided, in a way that big companies don’t. You could also have a detailed FAQ page to address commonly asked questions, or maybe a generous return/exchange policy. Having an action plan for every avenue of communication, or potential scenario, from the beginning can help you make sure your customers feel happy and supported. Great customer service can lead to repeat business and referrals! How have you set yourself up for success in providing quality support to your customers? What tools do you use on or in conjunction with your website? What scenarios did you think through? Which policies have come in handy? Share your customer service tips in the comments below!
  10. I'm setting up a small shop of items, chairs, tables, etc from our restaurant that we don't use anymore and I want to test if it's gonna work, when we launch it next week. Help me out<3
  11. Hello! I am looking to add an input form field directly to a products page BEFORE the user clicks add to cart. These forms collect input for the product order, and since most of my items are custom, it is very important. The inputs are first and last names, dates, etc so a drop down menu would not be applicable it needs to be a text input field. Does anyone know hot o do this or know of any third party extensions? Thank you!
  12. What app do you recommend for tracking contacts and customer calls/conversations. I am just starting an HR Consulting business (just me to start). I'd like to have a tool to use to track the name of the contact, date, a summary of our discussion, follow-up, etc. I was thinking of something a couple steps better than a standard Excel sheet. What have you used and recommend? Scott
  13. If not mistaken, it is not possible to edit the First / Last name of a lead in 'Profiles.' Anyone know what the timeline to be able to do this, is? Very common in other mass email softwares, mailchimp etc.. surprised functioned are so rigid
  14. I would love to do a buy one print, get one half price sale on a particular print product in my shop. I only have the basic commerce plan and can't afford to upgrade at the moment. Is there a way around this anyone clever can help me think up? I really need to create a promotion in the run up to Christmas as things are really tight here.
  15. Hello, I would like to send a customer an email after their purchase that lists which variant of a product they ordered. Is there a way to do this? I looked and could not find how, so thank you for your help.
  16. Site URL: https://www.koryrussellart.com/ I want to send a customer a personal email when they order; for instance letting them know the order is being printed and should be shipped within a few days. All I can find are order notification emails without any way to actually write an email. Am I missing something?
  17. We need to send customers an update to a digital download product. Can I filter out customers who bought this product so I can create a mailing list specifically for them? Or is there an easier way to go about this? Like a feature to push out product updates to customers... This is so basic I'm just missing something obvious. I've checked around the forum for similar requests and spent time in the commerce/marketing dashboards playing with filters to no avail. Thank you.
  18. Hello, I'm currently organizing my products and have 4 different courses I sell on my website. When a customer purchases a course from me, how do I know on my end which course they purchased? Do I have access to this kind of data? Right now all I see is their order number, and how much they paid. It would be really helpful to know who buys what. Thanks!
  19. I have a shop on my site selling products that I ship out personally but I also want to add Printful print on demand products. Is it possible to sell both from the same shop and if so, how does it work in terms of billing and shipping information that the customer receives? Basically, what would the process look like if a customer bought 2 items - one shipped by me and another from Printful?
  20. I have customers purchase services that I then connect with contractors/vendros. Does Scheduling has a way to organize this and update the contractor/vendor as well as the client? Looking to automate both ways of scheduling and updates.
  21. Hello Everyone, I am a bit clueless and shocked to see that in customers accounts panel, customers can see their past orders, but not any way to click and download their digital files...…Any possible way to provide them link with each order in their customers account panel??? Any Plugin- hack or DIY will also be appreciated.
  22. I exclusively sell digital products on Squarespace. I've invested a lot of time and money into my website but would love to further customize my customer accounts. Currently, customer accounts for digital products/orders only allow the customers to save payment/billing information. Are there plug-ins or coding I can do to allow customers to log into their accounts and also re-download their digital products (albeit with limits that I can impose)? Additionally, are there plug-ins where I can have customers "favorite" or "heart" digital products, essentially "saving" those products for later? All major retail websites I know offer both of those features but I know these are not offered natively with Squarespace.
  23. We offer services via a large number of sites(calendars) and some will have very limited availability and can book out quickly. Can the site be set up to hide a calendar for a particualr service if their are no available slots- so that customers choose other calendars. It would make the customer experience much better? If you think this would help your acuity site please request the same
  24. Site URL: https://hibiscus-orb-zzca.squarespace.com/ Hi there, I've spent a looong time this week trying to find a solution for a client who wants the ability to print out branded packing slips to go with the orders from her online shop. She currently uses a a Woocommerce plugin on wordpress and has an integrated label so that when printing each order, she can peel off both customer address and return address to stick on front & back of her packages. See example attached. I have been back and forth all week trying to find a solution via Squarespace and any of the shipping extensions, but no luck. Ideally I'd like to avoid extensions/plugins and allow the client to print out the standard invoice page but on an integrated label so she can peel off customer address and post. Has anyone else found a solution for this? Can't find anywhere stocking the right label sizes for Squarespace either 😞 I've had a few clients requesting this now and seen some similar posts on here. Would be much appreciated if anyone could help! Thanks!
  25. Site URL: https://www.unit-12.org/shop As part of my newest work, I'm supposed to get my CIC's website to sell tickets for a special quiz night event. My working knowledge of Squarespace is a bit rusty but I imagine this would involve create a sort of template for a PDF ticket, automatically written with the customers information like their name, email address, receipt info, transaction ID, etc. Is that possible here or is there another solution for selling tickets here? Thanks.
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