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  1. I need to make it so my customers are NOT able to cancel their subscriptions on their own. They must call me to cancel or change their subscriptions. Right now, I am seeing this verbiage (below) right before a customer checks out with a subscription in their cart. I need to take this off. I also need to make it so their accounts are charged on the 1st of every month, not on the day of the month in which they signed up for the subcription. "By clicking subscribe, you agree that: your subscription will be set to continuous auto-renewal payments of $100.00 every month with your next payment due on June 17, 2022. You authorize us to take this amount from your card every month. You can cancel your subscription at any time on your account." Any help would be great!
  2. Site URL: https://www.alexandrelawniczak.fr Hi folks I have a question about customer management in my online shop (www.alexandrelawniczak.fr) Yesterday a customer bought an article in my shop but did not fill in his email address correctly when ordering. He did not receive a confirmation of his order (I sent it back to him afterwards) Is it possible to modify the customer's account & update his email address directly in the customer manager? Thank you for your help and have a nice day 👍
  3. Site URL: https://www.chrisjfreeman.com/books Hi and thanks everyone for taking the time to read this. I have two customers that I am trying to fix the same issue for. (One URL included). What they are both trying to do is be able to pull the customer data (at Point of Sale) and use elsewhere. Let me give an example: Someone jumps onto the website and buys the Book. We'd like to take that customers data, put it into our CRM, tag them and because they bought the book start them off in an automation which is setup for book sales. However if someone purchased an eBook then we want to do the same but for the eBook automation. And while I don't have one setup at the moment, if they purchased a ticket to an online event (say a webinar), then the same applies: they end up in the CRM, tagged correctly and start an automation dedicated to that webinar. The SQSP commerce is setup. The CRM and automations are setup. Where I am getting stuck is getting the customer data and line item(s) out of SQSP, at the point of sale (or in a very close time to sale), so that I can do something with it automatically. SQSP doesn't seem to, and have advised me they don't currently have a Zapier link to pull this data without adding a form to the sale and I think it would look weird to add a form someone has to fill in with all the same data that is already in the sales process. Integromat (who are now Make) have commented on a few SQSP commerce posts does seem to be able to pull the data from SQSP at POS but there is a huge setup that is required if there are multiple lines or different products offered (book, eBook, Webinar) etc. And then with Make, if you want to check 'regularly' (say every 15mins) then you will chew through their free plans 'operations' in a week just by 'checking' if a sale is make, even if there are no sales. In my ideal world, something like this would be possible: 1 - Customer makes a purchase 2 - Customers details and line item history are passed through to our CRM (I can't see how this is possible) OR Customers details and line items are passed through to a google doc (I still can't see how this is possible at the moment) 3 - Zapier (or something) runs on new google doc line items and inserts into CRM 4 - CRM automation triggers and customer is treated nicely based on purchase If anyone has any advice, suggestions, further questions to clarify my thinking or things I have already tried, please let me know as I would really like a solution that doesn't involve needing to move items away from SQSP an into another platform, like Shopify. Thanks again
  4. Is it possible to add custom fields to customers or members which I can edit manually in the Profiles area? Follow-up question, is it possible then to display that information on a page when a customer or member is signed in? Thanks
  5. Site URL: http://www.skinnypiginteriors.co.uk I would like to add a live chat facility to my website which i can preferably use on my phone so i can answer queries immediately. Does anyone know how i do this please? Thank you in advance.
  6. I'm allowing costumers to return the items bought in case they don't work. How can I give them a credit to use later in the website without refunding them the money?
  7. Hello all, I've just learnt about the recently released option to enable product reviews. This is something that I've been wanting for my store for a while now and I'm definitely excited to enable this for new customers. I'm wondering, is it in future plans for squarespace to allow existing customers to leave reviews, past the 120 day window? I've been selling for a few years now and would love the opportunity to invite existing customers to review the products. Also, if I just enabled the review option today, does that mean customers who've purchased within the last 120 days will automatically receive an email inviting them to leave a review? Or it's only for customers from today moving forward? Thanks
  8. I exclusively sell digital products on Squarespace. I've invested a lot of time and money into my website but would love to further customize my customer accounts. Currently, customer accounts for digital products/orders only allow the customers to save payment/billing information. Are there plug-ins or coding I can do to allow customers to log into their accounts and also re-download their digital products (albeit with limits that I can impose)? Additionally, are there plug-ins where I can have customers "favorite" or "heart" digital products, essentially "saving" those products for later? All major retail websites I know offer both of those features but I know these are not offered natively with Squarespace.
  9. Hey! I run a "made to order" clothing brand where customers essentially pre-order items from my e-comm store. I'd love to find a way to update them on the progress of their orders. I've thought about email notifications and this is my back-up solution. But I'm wondering if it's possible to create an online portal where they could see a "tracker" for their order progress? I would likely update a data source that would link to this tracker? E.g. (o) FABRIC ORDERED (o) FABRIC IS BEING CUT (o) GARMENT IS BEING SEWN etc etc. Alternatively, does anyone know of a way to display custom order statuses in the customer account area, and how I would manage this? Thanks so much in advance!
  10. Why can't squarespace add another field to the check out screen that includes a company name? I do more B2B business and having to request that people who order from my site indicate their company name is a little backwards. It also makes it difficult to know who of my customers is which what company. Is it that difficult to add?
  11. Site URL: https://www.koryrussellart.com/ I want to send a customer a personal email when they order; for instance letting them know the order is being printed and should be shipped within a few days. All I can find are order notification emails without any way to actually write an email. Am I missing something?
  12. Site URL: https://www.infinix.com/all-products Hello, I have a client site that will start selling products online. Before the customer submits an order they want to either have the customer login to an existing customer account or force them to create a customer account. The client does not want the general public to view their pricing without a customer account. Basically the customer adds items to the shopping cart and when they click the Check Out button it takes them to a page like this where they have to login or register for a new customer account. https://www.ultradent.com/register#/ How can we go about doing this? Our products page is this: https://www.infinix.com/all-products Thank you, Stephanie
  13. I am trying to create mailing lists for different product groups on my site. I therefore want import clients via .csv files I can create from my offsite data base. However I want these clients to come in tagged with different interests so I can then send email campaign to specific tagged groups. No idea where that is covered. Also segments - I seem somehow to have created one - but no idea how to create another or how to add new 'clients' to existing or new segment. So need comprehensive Tag and Segment Client/customer advice.
  14. Site URL: http://laurynichols.com/wintertime-christmas I sure wish Sqarespace would have a way for all customer reviews/testimonials to be posted under one page that could be put in navigation. As it is now, they stack up under products (for mysterious reasons under random products) and repeat, word for word, under yet more products. How annoying for someone trying to look at things! My customers want to leave reviews, but the only format available is really a mess. I'm a woodcarver with endless individual items, one customer for instance bought three separate things, wrote review for each, and all three reviews show up here there and everywhere, so anyone scrolling through products can't escape seeing her reviews over and over. Anyone have work around solution? thanks!
  15. Is there a way to only sell digital products to customers from the USA? I want to avoid the tax issues with selling to other countries for the time being. I saw that there is a way to set up shipping zones, but will that work with digital products?
  16. Hi I have been trying for weeks now to get a direct answer, for a simple question, from support, with frustrating results. Does Squarespace collect any information, personal or otherwise, from me or my website visitors, and share or sell to third parties for any reason but, specifically for targeted advertising? Pretty straightforward question right? But the only thing I get back from support is links to their Terms of Service, Cookie Policy, Data Processing, etc. I’ve read through all of those. If the answer is buried in there somewhere I am unable to suss it out. The legalese hurts my head. Is Squarespace trying to hide the answer? Or are their support people really so unqualified as to not know the answer? Or are legally restricted from giving me a clear answer? Can anyone out there give me a straightforward answer to this straightforward question, please? Thanks, David
  17. Site URL: https://www.yourbirthproject.com/ My customers would like to be able to create a registry of products from my online store they would like to receive at a baby shower - is there a way to have customers create a gift registry linked to their account that they can share with family and friends? Thanks
  18. Hi I have a shop with Shopify which has customers, their purchase history etc. I am considering moving it over to SquareSpace. Is it possible to import the customer database? Thanks Mark
  19. Site URL: https://www.jaxmariephotography.com Hi! I was wondering if there was a way to customize appointments through Acuity Scheduling. For example, I would like to make it so that the customer can pick the number of photos and level of editing for their appointment. Can I do this? Or does another plan work better for this type of custom package? Thanks!
  20. What app do you recommend for tracking contacts and customer calls/conversations. I am just starting an HR Consulting business (just me to start). I'd like to have a tool to use to track the name of the contact, date, a summary of our discussion, follow-up, etc. I was thinking of something a couple steps better than a standard Excel sheet. What have you used and recommend? Scott
  21. Site URL: https://university-mentoring-ece.squarespace.com Hello Squarespace Community, Might I ask for your advice on the best LIVE CHAT for my website? It must be possible to change a design to suit a design of my website (black/white). It has to be possible to connect and answer anytime via a mobile phone. It must collect email addresses before the chat starts. Thank you. I appreciate your help. Kind regards, Monika
  22. Hi, I have created a members room which is currently functioning as my Wholesale Access area. When a wholesale customer creates their customer account and enters their address information there is no where to add their Business Name in a field. Or even at checkout. Is it possible to do this? At the moment I have created a custom checkout form for the information to be added there, but I find this a bit clunky .... Any assistance would be appreciated. Kindest, Jana
  23. Site URL: https://www.heyworshipleader.com I need to be able to see who bought which product so I know who to email appropriately.
  24. We need a way for customers to pay invoiced amounts on a SquareSpace site. Essentially a service with a "filled in" dollar value. We were originally told we could use the Donation Block for this but the "Donation" and "Contribution" labels cannot be modified. Process we need: customer receives invoice goes to website enters form information enters payment amount payment processed customer received email receipt client receives email notice. The donation block actually has the function we need we just can't modify the current labels in SS.
  25. Hi, I'm wondering if there's a way to customize language in the section of the e-mail where I see the Order summary, I need to translate all words that are in english like quantity, price, placed on *** etc. Can I do it in CSS? Is there a way around it? I see it's possible to switch it automatically for the supported languages but my language is not one of them yet. Thank you!
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