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  1. @Baller1245 Looks like it's working fine. It's showing for me... see attached image.
  2. @hayleykimstudios Click the paintbrush to go to Site Styles, then Animation, then check "none". 🙂
  3. @JamesDoyle The reason is because the video with the airplane isn't tall enough. So, it's showing the background of that section, which is white. You can either change the background color to black, or extend the height of the video so that it takes up more space.
  4. Hey @C2designers! The pop up is probably a big factor in the bounce rate. While they can be effective, I personally find them annoying and I will usually leave a site that has a pop up. Instead of a pop up, I would put a section on your page for the lead generator...that way people have the option of signing up if they want. When someone lands on a website, the first thing they want to know is who you are and what you do. If they can't figure that out in .5 seconds, then they will leave. So right now, I'm looking at the page without scrolling...and I have no idea what you do, lol. It just says Gallery... does that mean you sell fonts? or that you designed a Jillian Michaels ad? I think a big reason the bounce rate is high is because people land here and they are confused... they aren't sure if you have something they need, so instead of scrolling to find out the answer, they just leave. I would probably pick a different color palette than the blue/green... the blue is a little harsh compared to the green. Also different fonts that complement each other would go a long way. The site also needs clear call to action buttons... what action do you want people to take? Purchase a font? Book a designer? Where did the name C2 come from? And does "designers" mean that this is a place like Etsy or 99 Designs where a bunch of designers sell their work? If I'm confused, then so are other people! 🙂 The Bio Links link in the footer should open up a new tab since it's an external link. Hope that gets you headed in the right direction! Let me know if you have questions about anything 🙂
  5. Hi @codyarrow! You can remove "home" from the top navigation because your logo will take people back to the home page. You might want to specify the areas of North Dakota in the top section that y'all work with (unless you actually cover the entire state). Make sure the buttons are consistent throughout... the "24/7 call today" is different than the others. The logo is on the home page a LOT! I counted 5 times... while brand recognition is important, I think it might be a bit overkill on this page 🙂 I expected the images in the fire damage, water damage, etc section would take me to a page about that specific thing, but instead it just opened up the image. If it's not going to go to a new page, then I would remove the hyperlink. There's no benefit to clicking the image. Also I would probably put the images in the same order as the icons that are listed above it. I would also rework the blog layout so that it's easier for people to find what they want. Also the image in the top section is cut off. The social media icons in the footer are too dark to see. Hyperlink the email address in the footer. I'm confused... the header image says "north dakota", but the footer says north and south dakota... sooo, why wouldn't you include "south dakota" in the header image as well? Overall, I think you have some good information on the site (like the before/after jobs), but it's just a matter of laying it out so that the pages keep people engaged and convert them into clients. Right now the amount of information and dropdowns in the header navigation feels a little overwhelming.
  6. Hi @ChristinaDean! The pop up is probably a big factor in the bounce rate. While they can be effective, I personally find them annoying and I will usually leave a site that has a pop up. Instead of a pop up, I would put a section on your page for the lead generator...that way people have the option of signing up if they want. When someone lands on a website, the first thing they want to know is who you are and what you do. If they can't figure that out in .5 seconds, then they will leave. So right now, I'm looking at the page without scrolling...the only thing that sort of gives me a clue is the "dive into an epic week of dirt biking". So I would guess you're a tour company in Nicaragua? Maybe? If it's not clear right away, then people will leave your page without scrolling to find out more. Just giving your page a quick scan, I think simplifying it would help...right now it feels a bit busy and cramped with all of the graphics and text. Anything that makes our eyes struggle or forces our brain to process too much information will make people leave. All of these would help make it more visually pleasing: - making the content more narrow instead of taking up the whole page horizontally - a defined color palette (the dark gray and black clash with each other) - more palatable fonts/sizes - better layout within sections - consistent spacing throughout Also, the gap in between the announcement bar and the top navigation is a bit distracting. Testimonials are a BIG thing that will increase your conversions. Asking people to fork over $2k is no small ask... they need to have a trust factor that their investment is going to be worth it. By including testimonials from past customers, they can see that the investment pays off. I would also add some FAQ's - like, 'what happens to my money if I can't go', etc... There's a typo on this page... the last sentence should say 'lodging' - https://www.nomadasdrift.com/merch/p/the-nica-drift-deposit Hope this helps 🙂
  7. @leescop Be sure to change out the default Squarespace favicon with one of your own! Your work looks really nice. Since there are quite a lot of images on the Art page, you might consider adding a filter so people can find what they're looking for instead of scrolling down the whole page. I generally like smaller text, but I wonder if the font on the paragraphs will be too small for some people to read. If you're open to building it out more, you might consider adding some testimonials and a way for people to purchase your art...it's very nice. Making some tweaks with SEO will go a long way too... in particular the naming of url's and images. I have a free SEO checklist on my site that will help. Let me know if you have questions about anything.
  8. UPDATE: I managed to exclude the cart button from the CSS, which is a solution that works fine. I don't have to have the arrow on the cart button, but if anyone knows how to do get it to work, I'm curious. I was able to exclude the cart button by adding the ":not" command to the top of the code so that it looks like this now: #siteWrapper .sqs-button-element--primary:not(div.sqs-add-to-cart-button) { ---------- I'm using CSS to create an animated button on hover. It's working fine except for the "add to cart" button on this page. How can I either: 1) make it work on the "add to cart" button 2) exclude the "add to cart" button from the code site: https://eagle-round-fz74.squarespace.com pw: test Thanks! Here is the code I'm using - // add icon to button on hover // #siteWrapper .sqs-button-element--primary { display: inline-block; text-align: center; line-height: normal; &:after { content: ''; background-image:url(https://static1.squarespace.com/static/65aea6afe369c462cb5c6f5c/t/65b01b88b692bc3ce4db1003/1706040200816/arrow-slanted.png); background-size:contain!important; background-position:center; float: right; background-repeat: no-repeat; color: transparent; object-fit: cover; width: 17px; height: 23px; margin-left: 15px; transition: all 0.4s ease-in-out 0s; -moz-transition: all 0.4s ease-in-out 0s; -ms-transition: all 0.4s ease-in-out 0s; -o-transition: all 0.4s ease-in-out 0s; -webkit-transition: all 0.4s ease-in-out 0s; } &:hover:after { rotate: 45deg; } &:hover { opacity: 1 !important; } }
  9. Hey @jherzanek ! I think your site looks pretty good, actually. Sometimes it's a marketing issue instead of a site issue as to why people don't sign up. If no one knows about your site, then there aren't many people there to sign up! Take a look on the back end of your site at the traffic... if it's low, then it's a traffic issue. If you have good traffic, then there's something about your site that's causing them to not convert. Here's a couple of things to tweak that could make a difference - - On the announcement bar at the top, instead of saying "book sale", I would mention the fact that it's only $5. You could even just add the "$5" to say "$5 Book Sale". That way they know it's a small investment without having to click the banner to discover that it's a small investment. - On the book page, remove the line about "please visit our donation page". The reason is, if people are on that page, the only action you want them to take is to purchase the book. But that link to the donation page is taking them somewhere else...which you don't want. IF you are going to leave it on the page, at least make the link open up an external tab so that it doesn't completely take them away from that page. - Also, on the same page, I would change the green button to orange so that it matches the color palette. I haven't seen green anywhere else on the site (but maybe I missed it). - Also it says "books" (plural) in the navigation, but when you click the link it just shows one book. - I would add a section on the home page about the book. Right now, the only way someone that lands on the home page would know that you have a book is from the announcement bar at the top (which some people will miss). By adding a section, it not only calls out the book, but it also shows the image of the book - which is often what compels people to buy. - Put an end date to the sale and that will also compel people to buy. When the discount is for an open ended amount of time, there's no urgency to buy. - On the Blog page, I would remove the dates from the post since there's only 3 posts from last year and the timing is a bit sporadic. By removing the dates, people won't realize that you don't post regularly. I have a 4-part series on how to leverage your blog section that you can check out on my blog. - Hyperlink your logo in the footer so that it takes you back to the home page. Let me know if you have questions about anything 🙂
  10. Hi @Tom_DapperDog! Sorry I'm just now seeing this... looks like you got everything sorted out though. If you have any other questions let me know 🙂
  11. @mostlyprint You're very welcome! Merry Christmas!
  12. @Thurmod Same to you! Looks good with the transparent background, btw. It really makes the images stand out more.
  13. @Thurmod - I just checked and I can see the announcement bar.... so it looks like you got it to work?
  14. Hey @Thurmod - Do you mean you want to be able to see the image behind the header? If so, you can edit the header, then click Style, and choose Dynamic.
  15. Hey @DelaneyConsultingCo! Love the cute dog pic at the top..and the yellow paw prints look good too. You might consider making it a solid blue background instead of having the blue paw prints..it gets a little busy. Since you already used the word "professional" in the white text, I would choose a different word in the paragraph right under that (where you use 'professional' again). I like that you mentioned "tourists" in there - that's a neat service that I wouldn't have thought of...and probably needed. Ok, I LOVE this black pug. This is a good section because you're identifying the customer's problems and how they feel...they will read this and think "yes - that's me". Good job here. I like the "we totally get it" font too. I would just put a little space between that and the words beneath it. In the 4 columns, 2 of them are missing periods at the end of the sentence. You might want to make these columns more wide..it's a little cramped. Explore our pet services section: Make each one of these services a hyperlink to a section about that service. There's a typo in the "extra extra" section - should be "our" instead of "out" The Happy clients section: They're cute pictures, but since it kind of looks like stock photos instead of actual clients (especially since there's one of each type of animal). Don't get me wrong, they're good pictures, but I'm not sure it's conveying the right message. Get started section: The alignment is a little off here... You could always just align the title and button to the left (in line with the numbers). But right now the button looks like it's in a weird spot. On the second point, it's not clear if you ONLY accept Venmo, or if you accept that in addition to others. I would spread the footer out a little more...it looks really tight right now. Services page - cute pic with the cat and the fish. The "book your pets stay" button should say "pet's" About page - the paragraphs for the employees aren't all the same width. Good design overall...you've included some design elements that took some thought/creativity that I don't see everywhere, so kudos for that. If you have questions about anything, let me know 🙂
  16. Hey @mostlyprint! Nice work...your designs look nice! Instead of the home page starting off with the portfolio, I would put an image/text above it explaining who you are and what you do. Who's your customer? Currently, site visitors only have your name/logo to figure out what you do...which could mean you print photos from instagram, or you print tshirts, or you print handouts. By adding just a few words at the top, it will clarify to your audience a lot more quickly/easily...then display all of your work underneath. I would also add an About page (or section) to add a personal touch that people can connect with. Explain who you are, why you started the business, what problems you solve for your customer, etc. Since your Linkedin link is in the footer, I would add it to the top navigation too. The logos/marks square on the home page moves too quickly to really digest the images. Is it supposed to be that light too? The individual portfolio pages look really nice...you've displayed your work really nice so people can see the scope of your work. On the Contact page, there should be some space between the paragraph and the row under it (email/phone/button). It needs some space to breathe. I would also add a hyperlink to your email address on that page. I just clicked over to your Instagram page and see that there's a different logo there... I would make them consistent for brand recognition. Overall, the design is nice, I would just build it out a bit more, add more call to action buttons, consider adding pricing, and an About section. Let me know if you have questions 🙂
  17. Hi @Tom_DapperDog! I love the logo! Very high end and sophisticated. It really gives the impression that you sell top-notch products. I love dogs too, so you can't go wrong with that 🙂 Update the favicon at the top with one that's unique to you instead of the default Squarespace. I would remove the scrolling bar at the top for two reasons: 1. it's a little busy/distracting 2. it's throwing off the width of your site and causing it to scroll left/right (which you don't want...) Instead, just use the standard Squarespace announcement bar that's static and put the same information on it. I would probably put the instagram icon and the cart on the same side. Right now since they're separate, they're just kind of hanging out there in no man's land by themselves. This is just personal preference, but I would probably move the links to either the left or right of the logo...that way it isn't taking up precious real estate on the page. Instead of a paragraph at the top, I would use a few words to succinctly describe who you are and what you do. Like, "Timeless, quality products that enhance your home and your pet's life." You can use the rest of the text somewhere else on the page, but people need to know in .5 seconds who you are and what you do. I think having a picture of a dog would be nice too (you can get some great free stock photos from unsplash.com). The text in the 3 sections (sustainable, pet welfare, etc) is a little small. I think breaking it up into two paragraphs per section would be easier on the eyes too. Also, make sure the sentences have a period at the end. Remove the "1" on the URL's for Shop and Blog Hyperlink the hemp toys and bag images. I would also align the button with the text (left aligned) The Shop Now button for the hemp toys is broken. I would put a little extra space between the 2 images with the dog toys/bags and the icons beneath it. It feels a little cramped right now. Blog posts section: make sure it spans the length of the page. Right now it's all to the left. Hyperlink this - Follow us @TheDapperDogClub_ Add your logo to the footer. I would probably remove the search bar too...to be honest, Squarespace's search bar isn't all that helpful (unfortunately). I would also remove the words "useful links". "Community" isn't hyperlinked The URL for Privacy Policy should be privacy policy and not terms and conditions. This page is a little confusing - https://www.thedapperdogclub.com/compostable-poo-bags It says coming soon, but at the bottom it says you can purchase. Also look at the name of the page - it says Store 1. Since there are so many questions on the FAQ page (that's not a bad thing), I would consider breaking them up into groups. That will a) make the page a little more visually appealing and b) help people quickly know where to go to find the question they have instead of reading through the entire list. Overall, I would say to add more pictures! Whether they're stock images, or images of your items, that will go a long way. It's nice that you have the dimensions and characteristics on the pictures of the actual items, but I think I would have the first image of each item be an image that doesn't have any markings on it. For ex, the image when you hover "hemp two way whip" is a great image. I realize it's of every product, but if you had something similar to that but for each individual product, that would be a good first image for each item. On the pages of the individual items (like this), I would change the image size to square instead of rectangle since your images are square. Consider having a second font so that you have two fonts that compliment each other instead of using one font for the whole site. Also, you might want to consider an additional color that works well with the green/cream colors. Hope that helps... Feel free to ask questions 🙂
  18. Hi @JeffWeber! Nice artwork and interesting concept. Update the favicon at the top with one that's unique to you instead of the default Squarespace. The About page and the Blog are the same info... I would just remove the Blog and keep About. The site loaded just fine for me, so decreasing the image sizes helped. I would remove the dates from the Stories page. People are sometimes quick to dismiss something that they consider 'old' (could be one week...or one month). By removing the dates, it keeps the content relevant and 'fresh'. Naming your images correctly and giving them alt tags will help to rank higher in Google. To name them, each word should be separated with a dash (this-is-a-picture.png instead of thisisapicture.png). You need a footer! You can include the links in the top nav in the footer and any contact info, social media, logo, etc. I would also consider adding a newsletter form so you can grow your email list. Here's a couple of blog posts that might be helpful. This one is part 1 in a series on blogging that you might find applicable to your Stories page. This other one is 13 Beginner Mistakes to Avoid (like the favicon) that you might find helpful. Feel free to holler back if you have questions. I'm happy to help.
  19. Hi @elevatewebstudios! Nice logo! I might decrease it just a smidge at the top so that the header isn't quite as tall. I would also make the Contact link a button at the top. You can remove "Home" because your logo acts as the home link. The text at the top should just be a bite size sentence that quickly tells people who you are and what you do without them having to scroll. For example, you could just say "Custom websites that blend creativity with functionality." That gets the point across succinctly and can be read quickly. Also, by making "elevate" orange, those are the words that stick out. And while I realize that's your brand, those aren't the words that will resonate with your customer. Words like, "custom website" is what they're going to be looking for 🙂 I would also change the button text to "Get Your Quote" ... it's a subtle change, but it's a bit more commanding and instructs them on what they need to do. Our services: Same comment as above with the orange text... If the only words that a customer catches is "elevate", that isn't going to be helpful to them. Also, the orange texts makes it look like it's a hyperlink, which it isn't. On "Logo Design" - do you mean "We'll create unique..." instead of "will"? Also the last sentence of that paragraph needs a period. For the testimonials, I would put the names of the people so it adds a personal touch. Since you're linking to their site, I don't there's a privacy issue by not including their name. Also - be careful linking to other sites that you've done. Sometimes clients will change the design to the point that you might not want people thinking that you did the site. This has happened to me a time or two, so I don't link to any sites anymore. Any external links - like the buttons for the testimonials - should open up in a new tab. Also, on the second quote, there's an extra space between "studios" and "was". The one thing that I feel is really missing from the home page is who you are. It's lacking that personal touch that people can connect with. I know you have the paragraph in the footer about you, but it doesn't really say WHO you are... are you one person? a team? (I realize this stuff is on the About page, but not everyone will make it to that page). Check out the spacing on the About page and Services page above the Contact button. Also, instead of 'Contact us' for the button, I might say something like, "Schedule an introductory call" or something that prompts them to take action. Also you might consider putting your prices on your site. I have a whole blog post that goes into the reason behind that. You might think about decreasing the width of the page so that the text doesn't span the entire screen...it's harder on our eyes to read really wide paragraphs, so most people will just skip text like that. Another thing that's missing is a portfolio! Include a page to show off the work you've done. That will go a long way with showing people that you've 'been there, done that' and didn't just start doing this last week. The About page url should be /about instead of /new-page Check out the spacing in the links in the footer... the first two are closer together than the rest. Hope that helps. Feel free to ask any questions 🙂
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