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  1. Client with new commerce site wants to offer a free item with orders that enter a discount code. Not seeing a way to do this currently within 7.1 Wondering if there's a way/work around for this? Thanks for your ideas!
  2. I need to put a $90.00 cap on a discount code. For example, if someone purchases a product for $24.00, it is free, but if they purchases something for $110.00, they would owe $20.00. I should also note this needs to be PER ORDER not per product. Is there a way to accomplish this?
  3. Hello, Is it possible to remove a discount code from an ongoing subscription? I created a discount code with the subscription setting set to "All Payments". This allows the buyer to use the code for all of the payments made on this particular subscription. However, the buyers is no longer eligible for the discount, and I'd like to remove it. I've deleted the discount code, but the subscription still shows the discount code as active and giving the buyer the discounted rate. I know that I can cancel the buyers subscription and have them sign up for a new one without using the discount code, but this is cumbersome and relies on the buyer doing as instructed. Is there anything else that I can do on my end? Thanks, Kelly
  4. We have a store with digital and physical products. The digital albums are typically $15. We have a few customers we have given a $30 code to pick some digital products. Our customers have picked 2 digital and now on checkout they get an error message: Discount Code cannot exceed the price being paid. The price being paid is exactly equal to the discount code so this shouldn't be happening. Already a tad annoyed we have no access to 'advanced discounts' with a site that pays for member areas, commerce and emails. How can we help this customer get through checkout smoothly! this clunky ness is very annoying. kindly Vibeke
  5. Guest

    Quantity Discount threshold

    Ive looked and came up empty handed. Is there a way to add thresholds pricing to quantities on items? For example, if you buy 1-10 of product A, its $15.99, but if you buy 10-20 of product A, they are 12.99. etc etc. I need a way to set the thresholds, and then hope that it also calculates it. TIA
  6. Hey y'all! Hope you good, Well, we just finish to set up our e-shop for our brand new Plastic & fils company. (www.plasticfils.com) We would like to made one reduction coupon (discount code) for the first 3 peoples who will buy some stuff. But actually there is a bug on the "discount percentage" it's stay at 0% and we can't change it, I try to copy-paste the number and also this way doesn't work. There is no problem for the 2 others options like, free delivery and one amount of discount, so that's strange. Did you have the same problem and did someone find a way to change this 0% to 10% or 20% ? Thanks in advance girls and guys, Have fun :)
  7. Hello, my client does psychic readings and wants to sell gift certificates. I've gotten these certificates up and ready for purchasing, but she wants to sell BOGO situation. Buy 3 gift certificates, get one free. I have found how to add a discount on the scheduling portion of squarespace, but it will not give me an option on a BOGO situation. It just automatically adds the discount on the scheduling page without the client having purchased 3 gift certificates. I have found on the ecommerce portion that I can add a discount with a code that allows you to have to spend a certain amount of money to receive the discount, but it's for products and not scheduling/booking portion. Is there a way around this? I also cannot find out how to add the discount code form box to the scheduling checkout page.
  8. I would love to do a buy one print, get one half price sale on a particular print product in my shop. I only have the basic commerce plan and can't afford to upgrade at the moment. Is there a way around this anyone clever can help me think up? I really need to create a promotion in the run up to Christmas as things are really tight here.
  9. There are a variety of details to consider when setting up your online store, all in service of the ultimate goal: helping your customers find what they’re looking for and complete checkout smoothly. Get a head start by brainstorming tags, categories, and subcategories so customers can quickly find what they are looking for and browse related items. Think early on about which shipping options and potential discount codes might serve you best. These kinds of decisions can have a direct impact on performance. How do you make sure your online store is set up for success? Share in the comments below!
  10. When scheduling discounts do you have to generate a code or can you create your own?
  11. Hi, My shop is designed to reuse all its packaging so customers get a 20p deposit back for each bottle they return. At the moment customers have to put in a discount code which relates to the number of bottles they're returning and it removes that amount but I would like a) a magic button that soehow solves this b) have a variant option with a return bottle option which can have a minus amount? Does anyone have any ideas?
  12. Hello, We are running a Black Friday sale for 24 hours on three different custom leather aprons. We made three separate discounts, all with 'unlimited' uses. A client purchased two same type leather aprons and only received one discount.
  13. Hello, Is there a way to enable discounts to a specific group of users or a user? For instance, the current way of discounting is to provide a coupon code but, it would be more frictionless if we can lock each user with a certain rate each time they are login in their account of Squarespace Scheduling and booking.
  14. Hi, I was asked to join a bundled promotion for next month with a group of vendors from various sites. The people who purchase the promo must have access to my offer for a full year. This means I would need to create a 100% discount code. Since my offer is a PDF, I've got no control over who uses the code. Does anyone have a work around for something like this? Thank you!
  15. I'd like to just take a set deposit payment for every item in my store, but I want to be able to show the full price in each product record. Is there a way of doing this using the discount feature? I want to take a fixed deposit of £15, but the prices of the products all vary, so it wouldn't be a fixed monetary amount that needs discounting. Thank you!
  16. I am trying to give free access to my paid membership area to a few family/friends. I have the discount code set up and it is showing as $0.00 total when signing up, but it's still requiring a credit card to finish the process. I also have the discount code set to never expire, so theoretically, a credit card shouldn't be necessary to sign up. Any ideas on how to make this work without adding a payment method, since there is no total to be paid? Thanks!
  17. My client would like to offer discounted Gift Cards on Black Friday: Either Buy One for $100 and get $50 Free, or Buy $150 Gift Card for $100. Squarespace does not allow discount codes on Gift Cards. Anyone have a good idea on how to get around this?
  18. Kuks


    Are there any discounts for circle members for the pro account?
  19. I have a client that would like the following discount functionality, and I can't seem to work it out, seems pretty straightforward and I'm hoping it is possible on Squarespace. When Product A and Product B are added to the same cart, they are both discounted by $x. However, if only one of those are added, or one is removed, the discount also removes. Context: Client is selling a tracksuit, but also sells the tops and pants separate. When buying the full tracksuit, it's cheaper than buying the two items separately. To ease the inventory numbers they want to simply discount the top and pants when added to the cart together, instead of selling the tracksuit in full as a whole other product on the site. I've played around with product categories and discounts based on product etc. but can't seem to get it to work. My client is on the Commerce Advanced plan.
  20. Site URL: https://fydoland.com I'm looking to be able to add automatic discounts to specific customers. Is there a way I can do that? For example, in store we offer memberships. Those memberships come with a 10%, 15% or 20% discount on all purchases both in-store and online. Is there a way I can tag those customers (3 groups) and have it automatically apply that 10, 15 or 20% discount ONLY for those customers and without them having to insert a coupon code? Thanks!
  21. I am looking to run a, numbers limited, class on multiple (10) sequential saturdays at a set time (completed) I want the user to have the option to enrol and pay for single / multiple / all weeks. The single and multiple with no discount whereas the purchase all option would receive a discount. Eg £25/ session but £200 for all. I can set up sinlge and multi and that gives decent user experience and sepately i can set up the buy all BUT this sets them up as two different classes at the same time so from the interanl class giver perspective its not clear and obviosly therefore clear opportunity for over capacity purchasing. So how can i add a "buy all" option with discounted purchase price. Thanks in anticipation
  22. Site URL: https://www.essentialseco.ca Hi, i am new to Squarespace e-commerce and am trying to set up a PROMO CODE for a gift with purchase instead of a % or $ off. Does anyone know how to do this?
  23. Hi, I have two questions. The first is based on an assumption. I've seen on a couple of video reviews about Squarespace - that if you let your 14 day trial lapse - they offer you 20% [not the usual 10%] off your first year [or first month if you decide top pay monthly]. Anyone recently let their 14 days trial finish and was this the case? If not any ideas of how to get 20% off without having to pay an expert to teach you or design the page for you? Thanks for any help. The second question is I am looking to buy TWO squarespace pages/websites. One is their basic commerce, and the other is their advanced commerce. If I get the 20% offer... would it be good for opening BOTH those accounts. So it will be for the first year of BOTH squarespace websites? Or does it just work with one - and I will have to set the other one up on a different squarespace account to get a discount? Thanks for any help x
  24. Hi all, I have set up a discount code to go live tomorrow, however I am wanting this to only go to customers who spend X amount at the store. Is there any way I can do this? I have tried to set up an automated email campaign that will send to a segment of customers who spent X amount from tomorrow, however as there is nobody who is in that list yet (due to it starting tomorrow) it won't allow me to schedule (for some reason Squarespace sees this as a regular email campaign and not an automated). There must be a simpler way? Thanks!
  25. Site URL: https://vintanthromodern.com We have a physical storefront and an e-commerce site. We'd like to reflect the discounts we offer in-store on the web. I.e. every first Friday of the month we offer 50% off *one* item but there are certain items mixed into our shop that we DON'T want to be included in the sale. Is there a way to exclude certain items from a discount?
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