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  1. Site URL: https://complianceperiscope.com/ As my question's title explains, I have issues with the website title size - when making the text smaller, the title starts overlapping the posts section. This is I understand caused by custom CSS (see below) I've added earlier to center the page content - before that, content was aligned left on big screens. When I remove CSS, the issue goes away. I would really appreciate advice on how to fix CSS to keep the content centered, but get rid of the issue in question/any alternatives (maybe there is a setting in Wells allowing to center cont
  2. Hi, I want to add transparency to header of my website. Currently my logo is not clearly visible, if i add some transparency it will be visible. i have attached a photo of my issue for reference. Please help any way of doing this. thanks.
  3. Site URL: https://www.weacceptcryptocurrency.com/ Squarespace defaults to showing either the site title or the site logo, but I want to show both in my Header. Is there a way to add this functionality with CSS? I have searched the forums and various other online tutorials and I can't seem to find anyone who's successfully done this on a Squarespace site.
  4. Site URL: http://www.mattlaurencemusic.com/premiumguitarbundle By default, clicking the site title send you back to the homepage - I wanted to know if there was a way/code to turn this off? I don't want give viewers any links to get off of the page because I want to use it as a funnel. Thank you! I have the commerce plan http://www.mattlaurencemusic.com/premiumguitarbundle My site title below
  5. I am new to Squarespace and I'm building my site using the Adirondack template. My site title is J.M.GREEN. I would like to have the "J.M." in #005175 and the "GREEN" in #019875. Can I do that? Any instructions would be much appreciated.
  6. Site URL: https://lavender-dog-ed8n.squarespace.com/ I want to make a site title logo just for mobile, but I'm not sure what size I should make the file or the text in AI so it shows up big enough in the header. When I did it the text was really small.
  7. Link to my website I noticed when updating my site today that using <.br.> (minus the periods) has totally stopped working in my site title as a line break and simply displays as normal text. I've replaced it with a | for now. It was never a good solution because it showed up in previews as text as well but at least it worked on the site.So, how do I create a line break now if this code is no longer accepted?
  8. Site URL: http://ryanmariehelfant.com/selected-films When I click my Site Title (my name at the top) it directs to my homepage (http://ryanmariehelfant.com) but I want it instead to re-direct to http://ryanmariehelfant.com/selected-films Can someone provide me with the CSS to do this? (My template is Julia). Thank you!
  9. Site URL: https://www.debbiepashkoff.com/unbranded Greetings, On a real estate site I am creating, we sometimes need an unbranded page (no logo or identifying business data) when marketing a property. I successfully removed our footer and navigation from this page, but the Site Title (Business Name) is still appearing on the browser tab of this unbranded page. Is there a custom code that would allow me to not display the site title in the browser tab for this particular page? Thanks in advance for any assistance!
  10. Hi, How do I change the word spacing between the navigation bar? And also the spacing between Navigation and site title. I want the spaces to be even I want it to look like this. @tuanphan
  11. Site URL: http://www.intheaterpodcast.com I'm trying to figure out why it's called "Untitled Website."
  12. Site URL: https://finalvibe.com This isn't the first time this has happened, and I think it fixed itself last time. Is this a known issue from SquareSpace? It happened the night I launched a new product, which is extremely frustrating. Not sure where/how to make changes - when I did, %s is still showing up as Untitled.
  13. Hello, Could someone help me on how do I move my site title (meaning just the text) without moving the entire header? I tried the code, .header{ margin-left: 50px;} but this moves the entire header. I want to just move the site title and navig words. I have attached the problem as an image, as you can see the black header is missing on the left side abit (under the edit). Please help. Thank you in advance 🙂
  14. Site URL: https://www.cityzerofilms.com/ Hi there, Just looking for a way to remove the site title/logo and then the empty space that is left in the middle of the site navigation links. I've used this CSS to remove the site title with success: <style> .site-title, .site-tagline { visibility: hidden; } </style> I just need to remove the space in the middle that is left when there's no logo/site title. Link to site: https://www.cityzerofilms.com/ *Logo is there as a placeholder for the time being because the empty space looked weird.
  15. Hi, Does anyone know how do I change the site title size? Its too big, I want to reduce the size of it (Its not an Logo image, just the text for site title). Is there a custom css code I need to add to reduce the size? Please help. Thank you in advance :)
  16. Site URL: http://www.andreaariasart.com HI have been trying with several different CSS codes to change the site title font with a custom one and nothing happens. font file is not corrupted. for some reason i think the ishimoto template has a different site title code. been trying with several that have been posted on the forum and nothing. PLEASE HELP. thanks 🙂
  17. Site URL: http://www.olleriksson.com/blog Hi! I would like to either remove the site title from when my blog posts end up in search results, or edit the title. Is this possible? If possible to edit, can I edit the title for separate blog posts, or would it be for all posts? My template is Hayden, if that makes any difference. See attached picture for example. It's the (Olle Eriksson) that I'd love to remove or change. Thanks!
  18. Site URL: https://www.jannakcreative.com Hi! So I have had my logo just randomly disappear several times in the past two weeks. I believe I am up to three times of re-uploading my logo. When it disappears it just says "untitled". I found a post from several months ago referencing this, but it doesn't look like it was ever resolved. Has anyone else had this issue?
  19. Site URL: https://www.hoth.is/ Hello, A quick question - my website has the name "contact" in a few places (like on the dashboard, see attached). I have experienced that when I paste a link to the frontpage/ home (just what I call it) - it displays the title "contact" ... especially on social media. Not sure where I can correct this because as I see it in my site navigation/ setup the names are "frontpage", "contact" etc and I have not set the frontpage to have the name/title "contact". It's just weird to me but have no idea where to change this. Is this also in SEO settings?
  20. Site URL: https://carnation-cardioid-yc95.squarespace.com Hello, I would like to reduce padding of site title on mobile view. Also, I would like one line for each word, if anyone can help me out Id highly appreciate it. Many thanks Federica
  21. Site URL: http://www.yen-ng.com Hi, can someone help me with a CSS to float site title to left side and menu to the right site of my page? I'm using Flatiron template. Thanks!
  22. Site URL: https://www.paulineharley.com/blog/without-acceptance-one-cant-have-success Hi there, Can anybody help me to resolve this? Instead of my blog post title showing my site title and navigation shows when sharing a blog post or any page from my website. Many thanks in advance. Happy Tuesday, P
  23. Site URL: https://www.academicworkshop.co.uk My site title keeps showing up as all uppercase in Google search results ("THE ACADEMIC WORKSHOP"), even though it's only capitalized in the site title section ("The Academic Workshop"). I've already tried changing the advanced font settings for the title to all other Text Transform options but it doesn't change the Google search result appearance for the site. Any idea what I'm missing? Thanks!
  24. Hi I'd like our site title to have the first word in bold: SITE TITLE Is this possible? I assume it's going to take some javascript of some sort because I'm pretty sure there's no CSS solution. Unless I can add an extra <span> or <div>? I could use a transparent logo image but like the way it changes color depending on the page. Currently using the fairfield template Thanks Phil
  25. Site URL: https://carnation-cardioid-yc95.squarespace.com Hello, I would like to add a black rectangle image as background to the site title, a little offset from the title itself. Can anyone venture an idea on how to do it? Thank you website pw: mount$%
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