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  1. I only have a paypal account and a debit card. How can I pay for a subscription?
  2. All, I'm considering using scheduling to accomplish some functionality I need around selling bookings in my photography studio. Subscriptions seem like they would be a really good fit but I have a couple of questions that I can't seem to find answers to: I can set a subscription that has a dollar value and let's the user pay for services. Can I also allow them to pay for add ons associated with that service? Can I give a subscription to a member? We have some student organizations that get free memberships and trying to figure out the best way to achieve this. Thanks in advance for any insight you can give me.
  3. OK so I'm pretty up to speed with how SP scheduling works but I've hit a snag with subscriptions. Run a yoga business that allows people to book group or 121 sessions which all works great. What I want to do is allow people to buy a subscription to help spread the cost of their 121 sessions (so for example, buy 2 hours of 121 sessions to be taken / paid for over 3 months). I've set this up in SP. No issues there... but the issue is, for it to work with appointments I have to tick the below And then choose the appointments its applicable to. All good. However, the confirmation email then becomes a Package / Gift Certificate order, which is a template that I use for gift vouchers and not for subscriptions. I want to be able to use the "Subscription Paid" client email so I can customise it towards subscriptions. Any ideas how to fix? Thanks
  4. Hello! Can some tell why the sign up button is like this when I added two different price option to my subscription. The are no design features to disconnect them and move them apart Any thoughts to fix this?
  5. Site URL: https://www.jabberdesigns.com Hi there, I was just wondering if it's possible to automatically cancel lower-tier subscriptions to member areas automatically once a higher payment tier is selected. For example, I have a free basic account, then 3 monthly subscription member areas at different price points that give more advantages, discounts, content etc. However, currently, it seems that whenever a member upgrades their account to one of the higher tier options, they maintain their subscription to the lower tier member area unless they cancel it themselves. Ideally, the way members areas works on squarespace, i'd like to have everyone retain their free basic account priveleges, whilst having the bonus content from the tiered subscriptions, so for example, someone would upgrade from a basic account to a tier 2 account and retain both, however if they had both a basic account & a tier 1 account already, upgrading to a tier 2 account would cancel their tier 1 subscription automatically. Hopefully this makes sense? If you'd like me to elaborate further I can, or try to show you an example? Thanks for any help or discussion you can provide!
  6. Site URL: https://teal-oboe-kfw9.squarespace.com Hi guys Hope that all is well. Is there a way to add a subtitle to a product page? I have attached a screenshot. I would like the first line in my product description to be above the price and under my title. Password for website is: tyst1234 Thanks in advance! Alastair
  7. Site URL: https://lereveestate.com/ Has anyone used Member Areas to create a Wine Club? I'm getting stuck on how to set it up because members aren't charged until the selected wine is shipped out.
  8. I'm having an issue where my clients subscriptions are being cancelled immediately if there are insufficient funds in their nominated account. Squarespace does not retry any number of times to acquire the funds, but simply cancels the subscription. This has occurred a number of times now, and since a new subscription has to be made every time this happens I am hoping there is a way to override this? I'm using Stripe as the payment processor. Apologies if this is an easy fix or a common problem, I have searched high and low for an answer to this but can't find anything about it.
  9. I'm in a bit of a weird spot. We have a product in the members area that is a 9 week group study course. Because we want the user to purchase the course for each group that goes through it, we don't want to charge a single access fee with full access forever. I was going to go with the subscription plan and charge for 6 months, which will give plenty of time for the group to go through the study. However, I don't want it to automatically renew their subscription after 6 months (because they don't necessarily need it. Is there a way to turn off auto-renewal or let me charge a one-time fee with a time limit for access?
  10. hi folks - total newbie here, looking for a bit of advice from more experienced users if you have the time. I'm looking into setting up an online site selling books and gift items both as one-off items and as monthly subscriptions. I've signed up to a squarespace trial and really like the intuitiveness of what I'm seeing so far, but having looked through the help guides and searched through this forum, I'm beginning to suspect it can't quite offer what I'm looking for. 1. I've seen some comments that squarespace hasn't adapted well for selling to the EU in a post-brexit world - is that still the case? (I'm Northern Ireland based and would want to sell to both UK and Ireland with ease). 2. it seems to be the case that a single VAT rate is set for the store, rather than being set for each individual product according to the VAT rate applicable for that product - have I understood that correctly? 3. There seem to be limitations on the degree to which customers can update their subscription details - update address, change billing date etc.. - are there any workarounds for that or is it just something you'd have to live with? thanks for taking the time to read this far - would be great to hear what your thoughts are.
  11. I'm trying to offer my clients the option to pay for a service upfront or in monthly instalments. Is it possible to only apply a subscription to a variant rather than the product as a whole?
  12. Site URL: http://cocolimefitness.com Hi everyone, is there a way for Member Areas to have a 1 week free trial before the payment goes through? That's pretty standard from most subscription type products out there. If Squarespace doesn't have it yet, has anyone found a workaround for something similar? Thx! Harin
  13. Hi there, Just a general question, in Squarespace commerce there isn't any capacity to limit the number of products someone can subscribe to...e.g. there are 8 bundles and once they are exhausted ideally it will just say "sold out". Does anyone know if the client was to manually manage and they pull a product from the store will it disrupt current subscribers to that product? Thanks!
  14. hi there, I'm looking for some help. I created a website during the free trial period. I then purchased the subscription for it. but I have just realised the subscription is attached to an older trial site I made. Does anyone know how I can switch the subscription to the website I want to use and active it. thanks 🙂
  15. Hi, I am trying to set up a Squarespace website for a UK-based charity. We do not have a credit card/debit card and would wish to pay for the monthly/annual Squarespace subscription using account number and sort code (BACS). I see there is an option for paying using SEPA direct debit using an IBAN - is this the option I should choose or would this mean I am paying using Euros and would therefore incur bank charges (we would to bay in GBP)?! I hope my question makes sense. Thanks for any help you can give us!
  16. Site URL: https://www.feedmomandme.com/ Hi, Is it possible to have a monthly subscription product and one time purchase on the same page? Something similar to the attachment. I was told duplicating a product page for a subscription hurts your seo. Please Help! Thanks
  17. Hello, I'm trying to figure out a clean solution to enabling a pay-per-view + subscription option for online video content. We're looking to include webinars and teaching videos on our website, and I'm wondering if anyone has found a clean way of enabling visitors to either a) pay-per-view or b) create a subscription to access video content. I've found a few outside platforms, but they appear to be quite costly, and we'd like a clean integration into the Squarespace site. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
  18. I am setting up an online store for my site. I am a small, subscription-based service. When I add a product and change it to a subscription product the ability to change inventory goes away. I want to limit the number of subscriptions coming in so I do not get overwhelmed. How do I set the number of subscriptions I am able to fulfill?
  19. Hello, On my website, our members pay a quarterly subscription fee. Some customers were offered a free trial. After one member's free trial, he canceled his paid membership and maintained his free membership (which includes less features than the paid). He now wants to rejoin the full paid membership. How do I instruct him about doing this so that he does not have to start from scratch? We have all of his information saved from when he initially signed up. Thanks in advance!
  20. Hello, I have created 2 different subscription products in Paypal, with 2 codes, but when I add the 2 codes on sqaurespace on the same page, only one will show up. Both work, and both will show up separately, but if I try put 2 blocks with the different codes, only one will show up. Can anyone tell me how to rectify it? Thanks so much Paula
  21. Hello! Is it possible for our art studio business that offers one-time and ongoing classes to have all of these features? 1) a way to charge people monthly at the full price for an ongoing class subscription (Because our ongoing class subscription is allotted for 4 classes every 4 weeks, the full price is split in 4 payments, but we would like an upfront full price payment instead- havent figured this out yet) 2) allow a set class schedule for the customers (so they can automatically be signed up for that time & day of week slot every week & month until they reschedule/cancel? // haven't figured this out yet) 3) ongoing monthly payment subscription (we currently have this enabled under Scheduling -> Subscriptions - as mentioned in feature 1) 4) allow signup/login for customers for rescheduling/canceling etc. (I realize this happens for Subscriptions only through the Acuity app after purchase - would like it to be on the site instead - similar to how one-time classes provide a way to register after payment - or if there is a way for customers to sign up prior to paying or registering for a class?) We currently use Scheduling for our classes, but haven't found a way to configure all of these features. I've contacted the SquareSpace support team but they said they said they don't have a way to create a product with everything I described. Do you have any suggestions or recommendations about these 4 features? Doesn't have to be within Scheduling, could be an external integration or another way within SquareSpace. Thank you!
  22. Hi, Does Squarespace have the functionality to let you 1. create different subscription membership groups 2. email individual passwords 3. password protect the content Can anyone help thanks M
  23. Site URL: http://www.the-still-refinery.squarespace.com/?password=refinery On the SHOP page, is there a way to change the label on the subscription products for a yearly subscription? I can set it to subscribe for 12 months, but I want the label to appear as "yearly" not "12 months"
  24. I need to make it so my customers are NOT able to cancel their subscriptions on their own. They must call me to cancel or change their subscriptions. Right now, I am seeing this verbiage (below) right before a customer checks out with a subscription in their cart. I need to take this off. I also need to make it so their accounts are charged on the 1st of every month, not on the day of the month in which they signed up for the subcription. "By clicking subscribe, you agree that: your subscription will be set to continuous auto-renewal payments of $100.00 every month with your next payment due on June 17, 2022. You authorize us to take this amount from your card every month. You can cancel your subscription at any time on your account." Any help would be great!
  25. Hi all, I am starting a tutoring company and will be using the subscription model to bill parents weekly through a recurring payment (Stripe). On the school holidays, parents shouldn't be charged....Can I pause a client's subscription and how do I do that? Thank you! Zoe
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