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  1. Hello! Is it possible for our art studio business that offers one-time and ongoing classes to have all of these features? 1) a way to charge people monthly at the full price for an ongoing class subscription (Because our ongoing class subscription is allotted for 4 classes every 4 weeks, the full price is split in 4 payments, but we would like an upfront full price payment instead- havent figured this out yet) 2) allow a set class schedule for the customers (so they can automatically be signed up for that time & day of week slot every week & month until they reschedule/cancel? // haven't figured this out yet) 3) ongoing monthly payment subscription (we currently have this enabled under Scheduling -> Subscriptions - as mentioned in feature 1) 4) allow signup/login for customers for rescheduling/canceling etc. (I realize this happens for Subscriptions only through the Acuity app after purchase - would like it to be on the site instead - similar to how one-time classes provide a way to register after payment - or if there is a way for customers to sign up prior to paying or registering for a class?) We currently use Scheduling for our classes, but haven't found a way to configure all of these features. I've contacted the SquareSpace support team but they said they said they don't have a way to create a product with everything I described. Do you have any suggestions or recommendations about these 4 features? Doesn't have to be within Scheduling, could be an external integration or another way within SquareSpace. Thank you!
  2. Hi, Does Squarespace have the functionality to let you 1. create different subscription membership groups 2. email individual passwords 3. password protect the content Can anyone help thanks M
  3. Site URL: http://www.the-still-refinery.squarespace.com/?password=refinery On the SHOP page, is there a way to change the label on the subscription products for a yearly subscription? I can set it to subscribe for 12 months, but I want the label to appear as "yearly" not "12 months"
  4. I need to make it so my customers are NOT able to cancel their subscriptions on their own. They must call me to cancel or change their subscriptions. Right now, I am seeing this verbiage (below) right before a customer checks out with a subscription in their cart. I need to take this off. I also need to make it so their accounts are charged on the 1st of every month, not on the day of the month in which they signed up for the subcription. "By clicking subscribe, you agree that: your subscription will be set to continuous auto-renewal payments of $100.00 every month with your next payment due on June 17, 2022. You authorize us to take this amount from your card every month. You can cancel your subscription at any time on your account." Any help would be great!
  5. Hi all, I am starting a tutoring company and will be using the subscription model to bill parents weekly through a recurring payment (Stripe). On the school holidays, parents shouldn't be charged....Can I pause a client's subscription and how do I do that? Thank you! Zoe
  6. Site URL: https://www.frontiersupplements.co.uk Hi, I'm looking for a way of changing the wording on a subscription based product, currently the post-fix is 'every month' but we just want it to simply say 'Monthly' – is there any way around this, I can't find anything in the platform itself?
  7. Site URL: https://www.matchbookbookclub.com/ Does anyone know how to adjust the dates for a customer's subscription renewal so that the first month is charged on the date they purchased the subscription and then following month's it renews on a specific date? Ex. Someone purchases a subscription on May 23rd. They get charged on May 23rd, but for June (and every month following), the subscription will renew on the 8th of the month. For more context, I sell a product that customers would benefit from receiving at the beginning of the month, rather than when they randomly ordered the subscription. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  8. Hello, My client already own a website and a subscription plan into Squarespace. I'm designing a new website from scratch on Squarespace for her, and we would like to connect it to her current domaine name and subscription is this something possible ? Or does she need to repay a plan? Thanks a lot
  9. I am creating two member areas for a new business. One is free, the other will be accessed through a monthly subscription. The free member area will include some of the same content as the monthly subscription area. Is there a way to use the same page/files and only allow access to some of the content on that page (much of it is presented in summary blocks from a blog page). For example, gray it out or put a lock icon on it. I'd love to not have to duplicate content and also to allow people a peak at what they would get as part of the subscription.
  10. Is there any particular reason abandoned cart emails aren’t triggered for subscription products?! As they’re available for other commerce products in your store I’m not too sure why this wouldn’t be available for subscription products as well. Anyone able to shed some light on this and maybe an indication as to whether this will be available in the future. Also if you’ll ever be able to have multiple abandoned cart emails or move this to Squarespace email campaigns as a specific automation 🙂
  11. I have to say I am deeply regretting switching to Acuity? Squarespace? for scheduling. On one hand, basic and easy. On the other hand, the amount that is missing and lack of proper tagging and indexing for ANY help or to get you question subject found in search is infuriating. So curious how long this question will sit here: Can people who are subscribers in scheduling be allowed to book into the future beyond their current month paid? Super simple. Massagebook had a check box for overriding the prepay rule. DOES SCHEDULING?? Already got ripped off $1000 for an approved expert who basically gave me 40 min of talking as fast as possible and became my professional director of sending me to the useless unsearchable unless you get the exact wording forums.
  12. Site URL: https://www.feedmomandme.com/ Hi, Is it possible to have a monthly subscription product and one time purchase on the same page? Something similar to the attachment. I was told duplicating a product page for a subscription hurts your seo. Please Help! Thanks
  13. Hi, I have an enquiry from a possible client who have a wine shop and would like to more their website to Squarespace, however they require the following functionality: their clients can buy a weekly or monthly subscription for a wine box bundle which will be shipped to them the client should be able to access his client account and choose different wine every week or month, depending on their subscription, to enable him to try different wine. Is this functionality at all possible? Is it possible to link the online shop or specific products, like new products or products on sale to the members area, so that the client can choose from there? Unfortunately, I can not send an example for now as the project has not yet started and is depending on whether Squarespace can do this or not. Any advice how this can be resolved would be highly appreciated 😅 Onika
  14. Hello! Is there a way to sell a product that turns into a subscription? For example, if I offer a fitness course that will last for certain time period for an upfront purchase but then turn it into a subscription after that period has ended - is that possible?
  15. Site URL: https://gamestogosocal.com Hi Everyone! I am really really struggling with my site. My business is rental based, I rent out games for events, but in addition to giant games, I rent out tabletop games as well. I am expanding my business to allow rentals of board games across the US via shipping and returning. These are my issues, and I can't seem to find a solution that can cover everything. I even tried going to Shopify because they have the apps I need, but their site customization is so limited, it doesn't seem worth it. Here are the features I am looking for, I currently use Booqable for rentals, but honestly, I'm not super impressed considering I've had lots of issues and it's expensive for only handling the rental aspect. Need a booking option connected to a calendar for rentals for events Backend software that captures customer data, creates invoices, handles payments (including security deposits) Once an item is rented, I need it to show as unavailable in my store for the dates selected Subscription options that allow customers to login and change the items in their subscription every month (these are rentals, not purchases, so the customer gets to choose which games they want each month from our library) Delivery and shipping costs calculated via zip code Ability to have one product on a page and have buttons to either do a one time rental, or start a subscription (I want to have the board games available to rent a la carte in addition to having a subscription) I am willing to use more than one integration (one for rentals, one for subscriptions), I just can't seem to find what I need. Thank you in advance.
  16. Hi. I own a mobile car valeting and detailing service. I am hoping to offer a subscription option to my customers, whereby they pay a monthly rolling fee and for that, they can choose what services they get from me on a regular basis i.e. maintenance washes, ceramic coating top ups etc. Using my Squarespace site, what is the best way to mange all this? Member areas? Stripe payment integration?... Many thanks indeed, Ben.
  17. Hi, I set up my Members Area with subscription (paid) blocks. I've had 3 people successfully sign up as paying members. However, now 3 other people have signed up (unknown to me) but are not paying for it. I'm very confused. They should not be able to sign up for an account without being a paid subscriber. Please help!!!! I have no idea if they're able to access the members area without paying...this is very bad! Website: https://www.creativecoworking.club
  18. Site URL: https://eatingplants.squarespace.com/ I have a client who has made a terrific TV series on Vegan cooking. It is being shown on TV but they are aware of how few people now watch TV and would like it to be available online - for a fee. They are unwilling to use YouTube or Vimeo because they want a bigger cut, and the viewers' email contact. I rashly suggested a Member Area, thinking they could subscribe and pay weekly for as long as they like to watch the series. Then they have to cancel. Ideally, I suppose, they would have a MA subscription that was a fixed price and expired after a week. A little like renting a YouTube video - it is no longer available 48 hours after starting it. Anyone got any thoughts? I'm thinking of telling them to use Vimeo or YouTube and hope it goes viral. I know people make a fortune on YouTube. Thank you in advance. It is a vague sort of post illustrative of my confusion.
  19. Site URL: http://chcfresno.org Hello all you beautiful developers! I have a client that sells annual memberships. They are asking if it’s possible to setup an automatic renewal for these memberships. I see that the subscription product feature has options for weekly and monthly billing. Is there anyway to set this up as an annually billed subscription? If not, can anyone suggest any alternatives, e.g. how to set this up best with Square, Stripe, PayPal, other solutions, etc. Thanks for the advice!
  20. I need an expert to help me implement this as I'm having trouble doing this on my own: https://support.chargebee.com/support/solutions/articles/223507-setting-up-your-own-
  21. I'm setting up a store that has both services (offered on a subscription basis) and products. Some of the products need to be purchased in conjunction with other products and some services are required for some products. Some examples: If you add a tablet to your cart, you need to purchase a monthly subscription in addition to the price of the tablet Certain accessories can only purchased with a tablet. So if you don't already have a tablet in your cart one would need to be added with the accessory. Is there any way to do this?
  22. Site URL: https://www.northcotebakeshop.com.au PRODUCT SUBSCRIPTIONS Hi there ... I have a clients bakery site where they sell bread, milk, eggs etc on weekly subscription, however people aren't able to add multiple items to a cart for subscription (like you do when standard shopping) Has anyone done a work around for being able to add multiple subscription products to a cart then subscribing/checking out? ie. adding 1 baguette, 1 seed loaf, 1 liter of milk per week.. ..otherwise as separate subscriptions they pay 3x shipping per week
  23. I am setting up an online store for my site. I am a small, subscription-based service. When I add a product and change it to a subscription product the ability to change inventory goes away. I want to limit the number of subscriptions coming in so I do not get overwhelmed. How do I set the number of subscriptions I am able to fulfill?
  24. Hey there! We recently brought on a batting cage facility (baseball) as a client, and we're trying to figure out how to limit the number of appointments someone can make – using Acuity Scheduling if possible. For instance, the daily rental option is pretty straightforward. Someone can schedule a 4-hour block and pay for it. However, we're having issues navigating the weekly (8 hours) and monthly (48 hours) options. Is it possible for a user to pay for a larger block of hours (e.g. 8 hours) and schedule appointments (e.g. 2) up to that capped amount? Thanks in advance for your help! Here's the client website for reference: https://www.bluecollarbattingcage.com Password: baseball
  25. Site URL: https://tangerine-icosahedron-hmrm.squarespace.com/config/commerce/inventory Ok, question??? Is it not possible to set up a subscription for a one time payment once a year? Thanks 🙂
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