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Found 18 results

  1. Hi there, New to the forum so apologies if it's not so relevant. I really need help in retrieving a product that was accidentally deleted. There were a number of extremely important emails attached to the pre sale list of this product and now they are gone. I would really really appreciate any help here as I am very stressed to lose these contacts considering I've put weeks and months of work into building them. Thanks Colin
  2. Site URL: https://carillon-garlic-2nz8.squarespace.com/ Hi all I subscribed to a trial in mid-2020 and built a site. This project was then set aside until recently. I have activated a subscription but continue to receive an error. Squarespace is unable to find the pages I had previously built. I get a preview screen in 'My Account' which is current, but when i click into the site I get the following: We couldn't find the page you were looking for. This is either because: There is an error in the URL entered into your web browser. Please check the URL and try again. The page you are looking for has been moved or deleted I have a footer block with correct content but nothing else. There is nothing in my Deleted items that resembles the site I had and i am unsure as to how it can be restored. Link to the page is here - https://carillon-garlic-2nz8.squarespace.com/ Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. Site URL: http://lychee-viola-7m4k.squarespace.com Just set up a new website to start building it out (still in trial state) But the entire window is all blurred out. I literally can't even access settings or anything to make any changes. Anybody know why this is happening? Super frustrating as I'm trying to make a start on a site I need to get online ASAP. This is the same regardless of browser. Tried all the usual of logging out and back in. Deleted the site, started again and picked a different template. All blurred out. All of my other websites are totally fine if I enter those from the same menu. Thanks in advance.
  4. A client of mine has an existing site on squarespace including domain. We are going to rebuild the site and I was wondering what the easiest way is of doing that. Should I build the new site on a trial account and then transfer the domain to that when I am done? Is there another way?
  5. Hi, for the life of me I cannot find this option after viewing the video. I can add an image, and I can select an image from this list, however I cannot explore paid or free library of images as per the video. Is anyone able to assist? Thanks
  6. I am working on a client site that need to create French version of the current site. My plan is to duplicate the current site as a trial site, adding French content and restructure English pages. And use it as a preview site for client to review it. My question is - how can we turn off the current site, and point domain to new trial site by end of trial period? (Or if that is doable?) If you have a different approach to adding a different language version of the site, please suggest here. Thanks!
  7. So I started playing around with a template and making a mock website. Then Squarespace had their sale so I decided to take advantage and I bought the one year subscription. I have hired a newbie (favour really) someone to build my website for me. Not knowing I bought a subscription, she started a whole new website and I got a free 14 day trial. I explained that I have a subscription, can she build me the website through that. We can not for the life of us figure out how to delete my mock website and start new. Or even replace the template with a new template. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  8. Site URL: http://http%3Awww.dyoungstudio.com The editor thinks my domain site is my trial site. I cannot delete either of them. I do not know what tags are. Thanks
  9. I want to know if I create my membership site on this platform if it is possible for me to give a 1 week free trial before the new customer gets charged? also, do i have the ability to create a members area with a login for them? Thanks
  10. BRAND NEW to building a blog. SO confused!! Let's start at the VERY BASIC!!!! I bought the year package... I see NO place to register or create a login. I have the "trial"...I'm afraid I'll build my blog and then lose it all in a week! HELP.
  11. How do I transfer a trial between two users/accounts?
  12. Site URL: https://rangerclub.uk Would anyone spare a few minutes so test out our website (we are a UK based, members only truck club). It's been developing for over a year now and has a fair bit of content. Ideally it should be as easy to use as possible but due to my extensive use at this point I'm biased when judging the site's usability. I'm most worried about mobile use as desktop use is only 20-30% percent. To save money we have the basic Personal Plan and I've done everything in my power to avoid the limitations (mainly no JavaScript / iframe). I've made custom 'member's only areas' (before it was a Square Space option) by making password protected pages.
  13. Hi! I started creating a Squarespace template (also known as how-to videos) but shortly realized that after the site expires, all pictures got deleted. For example, this is one of these how-to videos —-> https://lacy-template.squarespace.com/ Is there any way to save such templates in a way they were created? Thanks.
  14. I have created a trial site for a client and would now like to share the preview, via URL on email, however when I test the URL, the link takes me to my own login page, rather than a password page (I have password protected the trial). Therefore the client would have to log in as me, would see all of my work and be able to edit. Please can you explain how to get around this. Thanks.
  15. Hi, not sure how best to explain this but basically I already have an up and running site that i made a while back and now want to have a fresh look but keep the domain and backend stuff the same. I have made a trial site that I am happy with and want to take down the old one a put this new one into action. Im not sure if im missing something obvious and it's really easy but I cant seem to figure it out. If possible i would like to avoid upgrading from the trial to an active site before making this replace my old one as i would prefer to keep costs to a minimum. Thanks for your help!
  16. Site URL: https://aardvark-piano-2pd7.squarespace.com/config/pages Hello, I'm designing a trial portfolio site using 7.1 version and I want to adjust the contents of the header to be more inset than they currently are. I want to adjust the header margin only (the placement of logo and social icons), but right now, it has an effect on the site as a whole. I want to keep the rest of the site margin to be wide as is. How do you edit the padding for just the navigation bar without affecting the entire website? I don't have coding experience so if possible, I want to adjust using the spacing panel. Thank you! E
  17. Another Sqauarespace user has worked on a template for me and now i want to finish it in my account. How do we transfer his trial website to my account/
  18. Putting together a website – still in trial – with a member area. Previewing the site via its Squarespace development URL and clicking the link to the membership area takes my client to to a Join/Sign in page. Clicking either of those pops up a box: MEMBERSHIPS IS CLOSED Memberships for this site is closed. Contact the site owner for access. DISMISS Is there any way for the client to preview the membership pages via the development URL?
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