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  1. Add to Custom CSS body.header--menu-open .header .header-announcement-bar-wrapper:not(.shrink):not(.transparent-header-theme--override) { background-color: #f7efe6 !important; }
  2. Add to Design > Custom CSS /* About right */ div#block-4aa23e0955cf0346b29e figcaption.image-card-wrapper { justify-content: flex-end !important; align-items: flex-end !important; text-align: right; } /* Visuals middel */ div#block-0acfc8ba8cfc66e9db8f figcaption { text-align: center; } /* work with me left */ div#block-6947208b587300bfa671 figcaption * { text-align: left !important; justify-content: flex-start !important; align-items: flex-start !important; }
  3. Hi. Can you take screenshot of images which you want to fix?
  4. Add to Design > Custom CSS /* Visual images */ [data-section-id="60684b9531e2bd009b5b6591"] .content-wrapper { padding-left: 0 !important; } /* work with me image */ [data-section-id="60684683ed66ba3ee892c7dd"] .content-wrapper { padding-right: 0 !important; } /* about image */ [data-section-id="60683253c3cea02b2d4fb112"] .content-wrapper { padding-left: 0 !important; }
  5. Suppose you need to set the phone number: 0123.456.789 at About, Contact, Services Pages page. You can add 3 Code Blocks on 3 page, & paste this code <span class="phone-number"></span> Next, add this to Design > Custom CSS .phone-number:before { content: "0123.456.789"; display: block; font-size: 18px; } In the future, if you want to change phone on both 3 pages, just change number in Custom CSS. Similar if address <span class="address"></span> and CSS .address { content: "123 Wall Street, New York"; display: bl
  6. Use new code /* center home text */ body.homepage article section:nth-child(n+2) .content { width: 100% !important; }
  7. Add to Design > Custom CSS /* align logo nav */ .horizontal-navigation-bar.clear.with-logo { display: -webkit-box !important; display: -ms-flexbox !important; display: flex !important; -webkit-box-pack: justify !important; -ms-flex-pack: justify !important; justify-content: space-between !important; } nav#main-navigation { margin-right: 0; padding-right: 0; }
  8. I answered your email. You can check it again.
  9. Can you share link to your site? WE can help easier
  10. Hi. Try contacting Squarespace Customer Care. They can check your backend to troubleshoot the issue.
  11. Use new code /* Make caption always visible */ .yui3-lightbox2 .sqs-lightbox-meta { opacity: 1 !important; background-color: rgba(0,0,0,0.75) !important; }
  12. You will need to make all element very small.. here screenshot on my screen. If you still want to continue, we will give the code
  13. Try adding this to Design > Custom CSS /* align center gallery thumbnails */ .gallery-slideshow-thumbnails { display: flex !important; justify-content: space-between !important; }
  14. Hi. Have you solved this yet?
  15. If you don't want to share link to page where you have problem, difficult to check this.
  16. Hi, You want When clicking images on gallery >> Lightbox will appear with description in bottom?
  17. You mean Make logo apper above Miami based?
  18. Which element? Input text, title text or? Can you share link to lock page on your site?
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