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  1. Hello, I would like to have a hover effect on each image from the grid gallery on my homepage, approximately like the sketch attached. Every image has a link to the concerned page /project, which need to remain. I tried some codes I found, but none where working for me. You may need a PW: dga2023 Thank you very much in advance. Best regards. D*
  2. I want to edit our homepage gallery slideshow on mobile only so that it shows the max width without cropping the height or stretching the image. This is the code I tried using to show the full images in the gallery, but now it won't show the the navigation arrows on the sides nor the image descriptions (should be centered like how it is on the desktop). <STYLE> @media screen and (max-width:640px) { section#home-gallery img { width: 100% !important; left: 0 !important; height: auto !important; } section#home-gallery { height: 210px; } }</STYLE> *Note: I don't mind if the width of the images is cropped slightly. It just can't be cropped to the point of how it looks without any custom code. As long as you can read "Collin" and "UGP" on the first image in the gallery, that's fine with me.
  3. How can I control the size of images if i want 1 column in masonry or grid. See photo. I would like a single column but have the images smaller - but not affect margins site wide.
  4. Password: eleanor I have used the following code in the image description of each image in these two galleries to create a text overlay on hover. However, I now need to centre the text - please could someone help me alter the code to do this? Code: <a href="https://www.waterperryoperafestival.co.uk/2022.html">MANSFIELD PARK <br> WATERPERRY OPERA FESTIVAL </a> Thank you! Poppy
  5. Site URL: https://www.sarahbergeronartist.com/paintings I am using the masonry gallery on a number of pages on my website https://www.sarahbergeronartist.com/paintings. I would like to find a way to have all image captions show up ONLY in lightbox - centered under the image - and not show the captions in the gallery view. I'm using version 7.1 and I have the most basic squarespace plan, if that is relevant. Can someone help me do this?
  6. Site URL: https://jaycefox.squarespace.com/ Can anyone suggest a code that will allow these captions to only appear on hovers? The site's url is https://jaycefox.squarespace.com and the password is "fox" Here is the code I am currently using... p.gallery-caption-content { font-size: 22px !important; } figcaption.gallery-caption.gallery-caption-grid-masonry { position: absolute; bottom: 0; background: rgba(0,0,0,0.5); color: white; left: 0; text-align: center; img:hover }
  7. So I discovered this website and I love the layout... what would be the best way to do this with SquareSpace, if possible? I'm not sure if I should have the links going to blog posts, or just individual pages, but either way I think I could make it work! Thank you! Dan
  8. Site URL: http://https/bumblebee-pear-rhcn.squarespace.com/ Hi all! I've been working on rebuilding my current site to version 7.1 for the past two weeks now. I have a gallery slideshow on my home page that I want to serve as a product advertisement slideshow. For example, on photoshop, I will create images with text on them about bundles (buy 1 get 1 free) & other types of promotions in my store, but I don't want the gallery to crop out any parts of my image when it's viewed on different computers or mobile/tablet view. I just want it to scale down appropriately without cropping anything to fit the viewer's screen. I don't have my actual images up just yet, it's still the default sample images. But I can still see when it gets cropped in mobile/tablet view. I've searched through this forum and google day & night for a working code, but I can't seem to figure it out. Is there any way to keep the images at a fixed height & width size ratio?? I'd appreciate the help so much! Thanks in advance! Trial site URL: http://https://bumblebee-pear-rhcn.squarespace.com/ PW is 1234.
  9. It looks fine in the mobile view in the squarespace editing page. It also looks fine all in webmobilefirst simulator extension. But the truth is when I open it in my phone and my client's phone, the space between images is huge. How can I fix that? grid-column-gap and grid-row-gap properties are not working, even with !important. When I try to edit the spacing in the section options from the phone app, it freezes as soon as I move the slider. Any ideas? Thank you in advance. My client is waiting for me to solve this and I can't figure it out.
  10. Hey, everyone! I have a Squarespace 7.1 site and I'm having an issue. I have a gallery block which I have set to "slideshow:reel" gallery type. I want the images to autoplay (which was a feature available in previous versions). I've tried the code injection from this thread, but I haven't had any luck getting it to work: https://forum.squarespace.com/topic/26409-summary-block-how-can-i-set-the-carousel-to-autoplay/ How can I get this gallery to autoplay/auto-scroll? Thank you!
  11. Hi everyone! Just moved to 7.1 but realised that there's no "stacked' option in mobile for the images in all product pages. The options available are restricted to carousel and full square size. I was hoping to find some answers for this. I'd very much appreciate it! Thank you in advance.
  12. Site URL: https://www.photojournalism.org/home-1 Hello. The password for the page is "circle." This is a hidden page I'm building on an existing site; the page will go live Saturday. You'll see there are two galleries stacked; the top is the new one that I'm having trouble with, and the bottom is the old one I'll be deleting (I copied an existing page). I just kept the second gallery up so you could see the difference. I'm having some trouble with captions. Image metadata importing is enabled for my site. In my gallery block (simple gallery), I have captions enabled. I have IPTC data embedded in photos, but when I upload them, the captions don't seem to be coming with them. They're not showing up either in the image description or in the caption field of the gallery. If I manually type in the image description field, it will show up (you might see the word "test" under the first image in the gallery), so it's clear it's the import that's the issue. I've successfully done this many times, and just can't figure out what's going on. I searched in the forum and saw a similar questions posed last spring, and a rep responded they were looking into it. Really hoping it's been resolved by now. Any thoughts/help/insight/advice? Thanks very much.
  13. Hi All, I am creating a new personal site, and am wanting to keep it very clean and simplistic. I create videos, and currently on my homepage I have a Slideshow Reel Gallery, displaying frame from my individual projects. I want users to be able to click on these images and a lightbox pop up of the video itself. Seemingly the only option is to turn this image into a link to another page. Is there anyway of being able to achieve this in square space? Upon research it is possible with the use of paid plugins, but surely there is a way to achieve this without having to do say? Any pointers in the right direction are greatly appreciated. Thanks, Patrick
  14. Replace your Squarespace lightbox with gallery that allow pinch-to-zoom and support wheel zoom on desktop - Support Squarespace lightboxes image, gallery section, gallery block, and product page gallery - Can link the images blocks in the same section (useful for the custom image grid feature) - Allow download button to download the image to user machine (on iOS new page will open with the image for non-Safari browser) - Compatible with 7.1, 7.0 (Brine) Lightbox Gallery for Squarespace Created with ❤️ Ngan Le BeyondspaceStudio Squarespace Circle Member
  15. I was wondering if there is a simple way to add a zoom in / slide up on hover effect to a Gallery Grid: Strips section in Squarespace 7.1 (personal plan.) Thanks!
  16. Hello everyone Is there a way to write text next to the Gallery? At the moment I have the gallery underneath, but I find this really annoying...
  17. Hi, I created a slideshow on this page this morning but my images are rectangular and wide... For some reason when adding them as an image Squarespace cuts of on both left and right hand side which means people cannot see the full text. I am not sure how to fix this ? My template is Brine. Can anyone help ??? Thanks so much
  18. Hello there, Having a hard time adding a background image to my website. I attached screenshot for better understanding. I want to add another image underneath the gallery or may be add blue background color to avoid this awkward white space. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  19. Hi there! How can I reduce padding below the "Testimonials" title and above the gallery section. Since I'm not able to add a title to a gallery section I had to add it to the previous section but there is too much space between the two. I'm also not able to add a gallery block to a regular section so this was the best way I could think of. I tried the code from others who had this question here a couple of years ago but it's not working. https://plenitud-7-1.squarespace.com/seniorcare pw: community
  20. Hello! How can I have 2 columns on mobile view instead of just 1 column? Appreciate your help! my site, https://www.manuelrickenbacher.com
  21. Captions are being cut off on laptop-sized browser and smaller. Site: deyvaarthurtest.squarespace.com/photographyprojects/egypt-everyday Pass: Deyva123 I tried adding code to make the full caption visible (see below), but the caption expands behind other elements like the gallery thumbnails and another text block below the gallery. Is there a way to tell the caption area to expand and adjust depending on the length of the caption? .gallery-caption .gallery-caption-wrapper { overflow: visible; }
  22. Is there any way to customize the length of the fade between animated gallery images. Not looking to lengthen the duration for each image. I'm asking to lengthen the actual fade effect - it's so abrupt. I'm like a smooth slow fade between images, please...
  23. Hi there! I am trying to create an after and before image slider to showcase an before and after image of my photography works. Is there anyway that this is possible in Squarespace 7.1? If so, can anyone upload a tutorial on how to do so? Thank you very very much in advance. 🙂
  24. Hi. I'd like to change the arrows and also the x-sign in the lightbox to custom svg symbols and also make them bigger. How do I do that? Thanks in advance, Jens
  25. I need to have an image carousel on the left, with text on the right - multiple times down a page. Like the linked page but the image blocks would be carousels. any help would be greatly appreciated!
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