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  1. Site URL: https://www.maomiyakoshi.com/ Hi, I am creating the styling portfolio website. Is there any way I can use a different aspect ratio for each page? I would like to keep 3:4 (vertical) for fashion page, and 16:9 Widescreen for Moving image. If anyway could help me, it's much appreciated x Thank you so much! Website: https://www.maomiyakoshi.com/ Password: maomiyakoshi Fashion page ( 3:4 (vertical) ) https://www.maomiyakoshi.com/fashion Moving images ( 16:9 Widescreen ) https://www.maomiyakoshi.com/moving-images
  2. Site URL: https://www.ssense.com/en-nl/men?gclid=Cj0KCQjwlqLdBRCKARIsAPxTGaVjdcIHrRuKU3PMthCK2HxW-uP9C4kvk6-2EvLX56cm4xhIYn8KiooaAtdjEALw_wcB Does anyone know how to make the gallery have static pictures in the sides but have the scroll down in the middle section. example here https://cobaltostudio.com/
  3. Site URL: https://the-bridge-hampton.squarespace.com Does anyone know why my gallery on the Partners page seems to be adding two blank spaces either side of the AIRBUS logo, I'm guessing it's to do with some other bits of code I have added in? Login: 2123ives
  4. Hello! SOS! I have an Image gallery carousel set up in a blog post and I am trying to figure out how to show the caption on hover as well add a teal overlay and if possible also make the image bigger when hovered over. This is what I have: This is what I would like it to look like:
  5. Site URL: https://www.andrealepori.com Hey guys, Hope you're all doing well, I am having some trouble using a CSS custom code in order to make nicer captions on my new website. The idea would be to have my credits for each album showing up on hover while being linkable to an external url (spotify) Anyone could help me with this? I am currently using this bit of CSS, but can't make the links working?being clickable again. Hope it makes some sense figure.gallery-masonry-item { position: relative; } .gallery-caption { position: static; } .gall
  6. Site URL: https://translegal-llc.squarespace.com/ Hi, Am having no luck writing CSS to target a section in 7.1 to reduce the space above and below this image in a gallery section (screenshot). Would love some help! Thanks, Barbara
  7. Site URL: https://www.benhughesphotography.com/ Hi, I'm trying to find a way to set the "Initial gallery view" for individual pages/galleries. For most of my work I like the overview look and so I have the Gallery Options set to "Initial Gallery view: Thumbnails" and my Home page set to slide show to display a single image. But I have a photo project that I would like to display in a slide show format when you click on the page and not show all of the thumbnails first. I can't come up with a way to do so as using the Gallery options changes every gallery on the site.
  8. Site URL: https://www.davidmarphotography.com/headshots Hello, I have added a carousel to my gallery page, and now want to remove the grid that was there before - I can't find a delete button or a bin or anything. Is there a way to do this? At the moment, when you land on the page you see the same image twice which is clunky.
  9. Is there a way to connect or link Lightroom albums in Squarespace yet? It wasn't possible when I was using Squarespace a couple years ago, but I'm considering moving back to Squarespace and was wondering if this feature had been added yet. Thanks!
  10. As a disclaimer: I don't have a site ready yet, but I have a general question for a layout I do want to build. In 7.1 I can edit a normal section and adjust the Content Width (S, M, L). Is there anyway to code a Gallery section (Grid: Masonry) in 7.1 to match the Content Width of a normal section? Thanks.
  11. Site URL: https://www.helenree.com/moodboard Hi! I can't find a way how to add title and description to the gallery pictures (index page) in Jasper Template. I only found that one can add title information on the overview pages like this one https://www.helenree.com/reportagen. but I would like to use the gallery and not overview page. Thank you in advance for your help. Best wishes Helen
  12. Site URL: https://www.thelivinghouse.co.uk/ We have added a reviews gallery section onto our home page however when on mobile it cuts off the image slightly and how do you change the content width for desktop side so you do not have a large bored around the images? We have already used code to make a space between the images > .gallery-reel-item img { left: 10px; } Please see images attached for examples Can anyone please help?
  13. Site URL: https://www.oxbowphoto.com/new-page Hi, I would like to show image captions only when I click an image and view it in the Lightbox. Right now, if I enable captions in the gallery settings it only shows descriptions below the image in gallery/grid view which isn't ideal. Does anyone know how to fix this with CSS? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  14. I'm adding photos into a gallery block and for some reason a few random images get stretched width wise. Ive looked at the original file sizes and nothing seems to be off for them to to do this. I've just recently started switching to 7.1 and the issue is with that version. My 7.0 site doesn't have that problem. Any help would be appreciated
  15. Site URL: https://www.thoughtdata.com/share-your-vision-1 Hi I am trying to add a gallery with pictures, but somehow it keeps adjusting itself to its own height irrespective of my image sizes, I have tried images with various heights, but not sure why there is no simple control to adjust the height please suggest what should i do
  16. Site URL: https://www.kailynmoore.com/ Hi! I used a gallery to create my homepage grid of projects because I wanted to customize the size of each block. However, it won't let me customize a hoverstate for these to display the name of the project. Ideally, I'd like there to be an opacity and the name of the client in the center of the image. Any idea how to approach this? Thanks so much in advance!
  17. Hi, I am looking at making a website that scrolls horizontally. A very simple site with title and menu in the top left hand corner. There would be a few galleries which I would like to scroll horizontally containing different sizes of images. I have already started something but the galleries only allow you to click through. Any help would be much appreciated .
  18. Site URL: https://beyondspace-showcase.squarespace.com/gallery-hovers/?password=1234&utm_source=squarespace_forum&utm_medium=topic&utm_campaign=promo Hi my friends, Today I gonna share a solution I used to customize the hover effect on Gallery Section (on 7.1 template). There are several steps to follow and finally you got a custom hover effect on caption enabled grid gallery section. Access to this page for the step-by-step instruction to copy and paste the final code into your code injection, it will work site-wide, page specific or section specific https://beyondspace-showc
  19. Site URL: https://www.bethlehemsynagogue.org/photos-archived Hi there everyone! Who's excited!? Squarespace made it possible to display captions on gallery pages! Woohoo! Wondering if anyone knows how to change the styling of gallery captions. Specifically the font and font size, but would also love to know how to change positioning, etc. Thank you in advance!
  20. Site URL: http://https/bumblebee-pear-rhcn.squarespace.com/ Hi all! I've been working on rebuilding my current site to version 7.1 for the past two weeks now. I have a gallery slideshow on my home page that I want to serve as a product advertisement slideshow. For example, on photoshop, I will create images with text on them about bundles (buy 1 get 1 free) & other types of promotions in my store, but I don't want the gallery to crop out any parts of my image when it's viewed on different computers or mobile/tablet view. I just want it to scale down appropriately without c
  21. Site URL: https://alpaca-trumpet-xlbh.squarespace.com/ In gallery, how do I make 3 images look like 1 image on left and 2 others on right below each other? Please see screenshots of what I have and what I want. Attaching images.
  22. Site URL: https://raymortenson.squarespace.com/ Is there a way to center the grid of images on the main page? So there would be 4 image centered and then 3 centered below. https://raymortenson.squarespace.com I'm in production to the p is Portfolio Maybe this isn't possible because the columns are coded into the template? Is there another way? thanks
  23. Site URL: https://www.nicolakatyrusted.com Can anyone help advise how I might be able to disable Lightbox on my homepage gallery so that the clickthrough links work? I can figure out how to do this on a gallery block within a page, but not a gallery page thanks!
  24. Site URL: https://willrothfuss.com Is there any way to make the height of gallery section grip strips consistent in 7.1? The size of each row seems to change randomly with the width of the browser window. I also for the life of me can't figure what the "row height" slider actually does. I'm a little leery of inserting code, but if this is recommended, should I make a copy of the site for safety? I am frustrated with the limited gallery options in Squarespace. Website is willrothfuss.com and password is willweb
  25. Site URL: https://www.zacharyadesign.com/zacharya I am trying to create another page that is similar to this: https://www.zacharyadesign.com/zacharya, but with different photos. How can I add the white font on top of the photos in the left upper corner on photos of another page?
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