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Found 219 results

  1. My site: www.isissakomadajohn.com I would like there to be space around each item in my index like in the Wexly template, instead of each item touching on all sides as is default in Flatiron. I have been using the code below, but it is cutting off part of each image, it seems cropping from the right side and the bottom. Any suggestions? /* Flatiron: Add 8px white space between index items */ /* set the white space on each side of page */ #container-content { padding-left: 8px!important; padding-right: 8px!important; } #grid .item { margin-left:-8px; a { border: 16px solid #fff; } /* Overlay size on hover */ .wrapper { margin: 16px; } }
  2. I want to add a small white outline to all of my gallery images that is offset so it appears on top of all of the images. With the code below I have been able to get it to work somewhat - the issue I am having with the gallery is that some of the outlines are getting cropped off with the images instead of aligning to the cropped square box. (see image). Any ideas on how I could get the outline to match up with the cropped box would be appreciated! .sqs-gallery-block-grid .slide .margin-wrapper a.image-slide-anchor[href] img { cursor: pointer; outline: #fff solid 3px; outline-offset: -20px; }
  3. How can I display a videos description and title in the lightbox viewer for a grid gallery? Can't seem to find the right CSS to target it.
  4. I'm working on having a gallery to show images of work under construction. In just the gallery mode, the images sit nicely on the page. But when the image is clicked on to enlarge, the image and the exit button are overlapped behind my navigation bar, and it looks messy. There are a few solutions I have but I have no idea how to execute them. 1. Disable enlarging the images entirely 2. When images are enlarged and opaque white background covers the everything except the image and the image navigation 3. When image is enlarged, have it not as big and have the exit button lower. Thoughts anyone?
  5. Regarding the Momentum Template: Is there a way to add the nav arrows back into the gallery slides after the 1st one and have it a click only on the mobile sites? Apparently they are purposely "left off" to provide for a swiping motion... yet the swiping motion creates a gallery that jumps all over the place and isn't stationary any longer. The knowledge base states this: "Gallery navigation arrows disappear after the first slide on mobile devices This is an intentional part of Momentum's mobile design. Momentum's gallery is designed for swipe navigation. The first arrow in a Gallery slideshow is there to encourage visitors to swipe to the next image. After that, they can swipe to continue through the gallery."
  6. Hello! Is it possible to add categories / filters to my portfolio page - through a summary block or gallery. I would like it to be similar to the examples below where it lists 'All' and the categories... https://metwork.co.uk/work/ https://www.chothompson.com/ https://www.cgd-landscape-design.com/projects/ I can create separate pages for each category and link them but isn't as effective / smooth as the above. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  7. I always upload my photos on my gallery and add the URL to my actual blog post. After the update in December I've had the issue that after adding the URL it would show a white square in the middle of my photos. (shown in added photo) I did not find out how to get rid of it.
  8. Hey there, I am using the Flatiron Template and I´m having problems with the gallery site. I tried a few Templates but Flatiron is the only one, one which I can link Galleries on the Startsite-Grid, but when clicking the Gallery Pictures in Landscape Format are nice but Portrait are too large for normal 1080p screen. When lowering the Size of the Width the Portraits are ok but the Landscape is too tiny. Is there a Way to fix this or scale the Gallery responsivly to the screen resolution (my 1440p Monitor has no problems displaying any kind of format) or change the Gallery Layout as a whole?
  9. Posting again because my original post is missing. I'm doing my first 7.1 site for an artist client who has a large portfolio of work. Since captions are not yet supported in the gallery or portfolio layouts, has anyone figured out a workaround? Or any way to mimic thumbnail image navigation? It's a requirement to caption the artist's images with the gallery, otherwise I may as well go back to a Brine layout. Thanks.
  10. Application: Fine Art Photography Image Collections. I am looking to add both Lightbox and Clickthrough URL (Open Links In New Window) functionality to my Gallery Blocks, Grid Layout in my Avenue Template. Squarespace default is one or the other. How it would work is that once in Lightbox view specific images (indicated in the Image Description "Write here" text area) can open to a new window where a series of related images to the image clicked on will be displayed. Why? … so I can simplify my Gallery Grid Blocks/Lightboxes with less images by moving similar images to separate viewing pages. How to Clickthrough? 1) Make the Image Description "Write here" text a button? (I like this best), 2) Add a small Clickthrough button at the bottom corner of applicable images? … you tell me I'm a designer, photographer not a code guy. I would be looking for code to copy/paste somewhere and someone to walk me through it. My Site: www.KeithMeehanCreative.com, select "Fine Art Photography", select the "In The Mountains” collection. This Gallery Grid Block could be greatly simplified by moving "like images" to several Clickthrough pages leaving one image behind in the main gallery collection to "sell" the look and feel of the shoot. Has anyone done this already? If not is it feasible … easily? Let me know. Thanks. Keith
  11. I'm adding a gallery of images to my site. When using a gallery, the background for transparent images is different than when I just insert an image block. I want them the same for images and the gallery. Can I change the gallery background color? The gallery is the image on the right in the attached screenshot.
  12. Hi I am using the Adirondack template. I have a picture gallery that I am using as a list of recipes. I have text that shows up on top of the picture. However the text does not show up on mobile only iPad and Desktop. I found a link that makes this clear in the support section after weeks of trying to fix this. I tried another template (Bedford) but same issue.l exists. See link below to our site: https://www.blackcloudbitters.com/cocktails Is there a template that can incorporate photo galleries and twxt that is viewable in mobile or can someone recommend a way to incorporate picture with text that is viewable on mobile phone. Thanks!
  13. Hi I have gallery blocks featured on my website. How can I display the categories or tags above the block and let users filter the gallery by category, as is straightforward on Wix and every other website builder I have used? Kind regards
  14. I have been customizing my lightbox gallery with CCS injections and I have finally gotten the light box to look the way I want it to but when I check it on my iphone 7 the images that should be in the lightbox do not appear. All that comes up is a white box with the close x. Any ideas?
  15. Hi. I'm trying to create multiple gallery blocks on one page that each display differently sized images (see an example from my Behance account below). Squarespace crops the images all to be the same aspect ratio, therefore some images get cropped severely. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  16. Screen Capture2020-01-18 15_22_56.mov Hello I need some help with the CSS. Please see the attached video. Here you can see that when you hover over each image, the image falls back very fast. This css code works for squarespace 7.1 (masonry gallery image grow on hover) The zoom scaling needs a tweak or two. I need help in the css to make the image hover more smoothly when hovering over each image. /* masonry-gallery-image-grow-on-hover sqs.7.1 */ .gallery-masonry-wrapper :hover img { display: inline-block; vertical-align: middle; -webkit-transform: translateZ(0); transform: translateZ(0); box-shadow: 0 0 1px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0); -webkit-backface-visibility: hidden; backface-visibility: hidden; -moz-osx-font-smoothing: grayscale; -webkit-transition-duration: 0.3s ; transition-duration: 0.3s ; -webkit-transition-property: transform; transition-property: transform; } .gallery-masonry-wrapper :hover img, .gallery-masonry-wrapper:active img { -webkit-transform: scale(1.1) ; transform: scale(1.5) ; } // end
  17. I'm trying to remove the little gradient behind the image descriptions in my Ishimoto gallery but am having no luck. I want to keep the actual image description itself, I just don't want the grey gradient behind it to cover my images. Thanks in advance.
  18. Hi, looking for some suggestions on how to display clients photos in private gallery. I know I can set up a non linked site with password etc. What I would like to do is have a button on the private page that links to slide show of photos that fill the width of the browser both desktop and mobile. I know how to create all of it with the exception of the full browser width. Any thoughts and suggestions greatly appreciated.
  19. Help, this is driving me nuts. The descriptions i am entering for my photos in the gallery are not displaying. It works for my product page but not for the gallery page. Thanks in advance Sean
  20. Hello! I am looking for a solution to a problem we dealt with last year and are looking to avoid this year. We are a production company that tours artists across the country and on a given tour, we may have 30-40 stops on which each city has a meet & greet, photos we upload for access to the customer. There are usually about 200 images on average and this process is pretty continuous, in the 24-48 hour window of a show the upload has to be completed. By the time one is uploaded, we've usually completed the next, and so on. Last year we simply uploaded everything to a gallery but the following problems presented themselves almost every single time: * It was incredibly slow. Even with scaled down images. We have to provide hi res images so ideally we don't scale them down a whole lot. But that said, uploading them to Google Drive or Facebook was always super fast. Squarespace, no matter what internet we were on or the file size or anything, was horridly slow at this process. * The uploader would just randomly fail in the middle of an upload and go to an error screen. You couldn't refresh or back out, you had to close the browser and open it again (on different browsers and devices consistently). Then, you had to go back and determine where the upload cut off, which is difficult when every photo is the same except the person standing next to the artist. * Sometimes everything would seem to work fine, but then we'd get emails saying their photos aren't there. The uploader would just skip random ones. So then we started uploading 20 at a time each night, which was tedious and even slower. So I don't even think using Squarespace's albums is an option for this type of situation (which is very odd considering they market themselves to photographers). Anyway, * I'm into a third-party service if it makes sense and isn't costly. * Whatever the solution, we need multiple contributors to be able to upload to it * I saw options to embed Facebook albums but I don't want to be beholden to FB's random site changes and would rather keep it "branded" so to speak * Sites like Flickr and linking people out to Pixie Set or whatever aren't great, we don't want to link out, we want it embedded on the site Any advice? Or is there a way to make the Squarespace albums behave better? Thanks a bunch!
  21. Hi everyone. I am trying out the wexley template. I would like set up the home page images as click through images to another gallery. This will be for my weddings. I cannot seem to find the settings for this.So essentially I will load one image per client on the home page. viewers can then click an image to go through to see the whole wedding shoot.Hope someone can help.
  22. I'm using 7.1 and would like to add a section to one of my pages that lists logos of my clients in a carousel format. None of the sections or blocks allows me to do this as far as I can tell. I managed to get the logos pasted in but they are showing up in tile/masonry format. How can I get them in a row and with clickable arrows or automatic scroll through? Thanks!
  23. I have standard tags I use for certain kinds of images, so I usually just copy and paste them all at once. For example: tag,tags,tagging With the most recent change Squarespace has made to index galleries, copying and pasting that into an image's tags will now add it as one single tag, rather than three separate tags. Is this just a temporary bug? Or if not, is there a way around it? I've tried adding spaces after the commas, replacing the commas with tabs, and replacing them with line breaks, all to no avail. Adding the tags one by one seems to be the only option right now and it's really slowing me down, so any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  24. Hello, i'm using a old ATELIER template that i still love. i did a mistake and did the reinitilization of the design of my page : the arrows of the gallery navigaton are on top of the picture now. i want to put back under the picture. I can't find this feature anywehre !! Can someone help me ? thanks a lot cheers
  25. Hello, I have a Forte website and I would like to have my galleries scroll horizontally, not as a carousel, but simply one next to the other. I've been looking at this for years. Here's my website https://www.arnaldoabba.com/overview-1 Any help would be very much appreciated, thanks
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