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  1. Hi. Remove above code & let me know. I will check again.
  2. Add to Design > Custom CSS [data-section-id="60770ccb5a0fc05aacc60e86"] .content { width: 70% !Important; } @media screen and (max-width:767px) { div#block-e2bc9aa093a924ac1fa9 h1 { font-size: 35px; } }
  3. Hi. Add to Design > Custom CSS /* text image order */ @media screen and (max-width:767px) { div#block-5e69d0a790774e63665d + .row>.span-4 { display: -webkit-box; display: -ms-flexbox; display: flex; -webkit-box-orient: vertical; -webkit-box-direction: reverse; -ms-flex-direction: column-reverse; flex-direction: column-reverse; } }
  4. Creedon sent above code. If you haven't solve this yet, can you share link to your site? We can help easier
  5. Sorry, missing your comment, add this code .older { -webkit-box-orient: horizontal !important; -webkit-box-direction: reverse !important; -ms-flex-direction: row-reverse !important; flex-direction: row-reverse !important; display: -webkit-box; display: -ms-flexbox; display: flex; -webkit-box-pack: end; -ms-flex-pack: end; justify-content: flex-end; } https://cbwebb.squarespace.com/blanco
  6. Site URL: https://www.hustlewithheart.com.au/ 1. (Smaller Screen) Scrollbar/white bar at bottom of screen & white bar on right of screen 2. (Mobile-Homepage) 3. (Mobile-Homepage) Want center this text? 4. (Mobile-Homepage) Want center this text? 5. (Mobile-Homepage) reduce this space? 6. (Mobile-Homepage) Remove blue space under 4 images? 7. (Tablet-Homepage) Increase text/logo column width? 8. (Tablet-Homepage) Move down newsletter? 9. (Tablet-Homepage) Reduce image width, increase content width?
  7. Also, do you want to fix these problems? Site URL: https://www.xn--ernringsrdgiver-plbk.no/ 1. (Tablet/Mobile-Overlay) Change to another logo? 2. (Overlay Menu) Change button color? 3. (Tablet-Homepage) Change to 2 items/row? 4. (Tablet-Homepage) Change width? 5. (Tablet-Footer) Change left text width? 6. (Tablet-Ernaeringsradgivning) Change text width/size? 7. (Tablet-Oppokrifter) Change to 3 items/row? 8. (Tablet-Blog posts) Change content width? 9. (Tablet-Priser) Change text width, reduce padding?
  8. @johnvu If you need to fix any problems, just comment here, or create questions on Coding and Customization Category. We will help. Site URL: https://www.horecacollective.com/ 1. (All devices-Homepage) Text a bit off center 2. (Tablet-Homepage) Want to make 3 fields same line? 3. (Mobile-Footer) Want to reduce space between Partner – Services links? 4. (Mobile-Footer) Want to center terms link? 5. (Mobile-Homepage) Make order to image-text-image-text? 6. (Mobile-Our Services) List a bit off center. Want to center it? 7. (Tab
  9. Also, you want to fix these? Site URL – https://www.shermanlibrary.org/ 1. (Tablet-Footer) Increase footer width? 2. (Mobile-Overlay) Show logo? 3. (Mobile-Overlay) Add 3 buttons? 4. (Mobile-Overlay) Add a spacing between lines?
  10. Try this code .archive-group-list li:before { visibility: hidden; } Also, do you want to improve these? Site URL – https://www.wellnessdiversitynorthandwest.org.au/ 1. (Mobile-Footer) Make 3 flags same line? 2. (Mobile-Footer) Align center or align left all? 3. (Tablet-Footer) Increase bottom text width? 4. (Tablet-Homepage) Increase text width?
  11. And I also found some problems. You can create new questions, we will help easier Site URL – https://janetesilveira.squarespace.com/ 1. (Desktop-Header) Remove right scroll? 2. (Tablet-Footer) center logo? 3. (Tablet-Homepage) reduce this space? 4. (Mobile-Blog) Add a space between image – read more? 5. (Tablet-Blog posts) Increase post width?
  12. Do you want to improve these? Site URL – https://www.kailynmoore.com/ 1. (Tablet-Footer) Increase column 1 width? 2. (Mobile-Footer) Center all elements in footer? 3. (Mobile-Homepage) The page looks long. Want to add a back to top button? 4. (Mobile-Header) Replace burger icon with pencil menu item? 5. (Tablet-Header) Similar above 6. (Mobile-About) Want to change list to 2 columns?
  13. and do you want to solve these issues? Site URL: https://www.bpbwoodworks.com/ 1. (Mobile-Footer) Reduce space between Portfolio – Commission work? 2. (Mobile-Footer) Move stay in touch, web des… text to bottom of footer? 3. (Mobile-Store) Page looks long. Want to add a back to top button? 4. (Mobile-Products) Show breadcrumb on top of products? 5. (Tablet-Products) Align image – product title? 6. (Photo) You haven’t changed SEO Title so the browser tab name still shows “Services 1”
  14. and some other problems, do you want to fix these? Site URL – https://www.ajollyconsulting.co.uk/ 1. (Tablet-Homepage) Reduce white space under header? 2. (Tablet-Overlay Menu) I see 2 items have orange color. Want to fix this? 3. (Mobile-Footer) Move newsletter to bottom of footer? 4. (Tablet-Partnerships) Increase banner text width?
  15. Also, do you want to improve these? If yes, you can create new question. Site URL – https://www.joeystephensmusic.com/ 1. (Mobile-Products) Show breadcrumb on top? 2. (Mobile-Support Joey) Payment icons look big. Want to reduce size a bit?
  16. Answered your message. Code for other members /* Footer top space */ .blog-basic-grid.collection-content-wrapper { padding-bottom: 0; }
  17. Answered your message.
  18. also, do you want to solve these? Site URL: https://www.thestorksdoula.com/ 1. (Mobile-Header) Resize logo on scroll? 2. (Mobile-Overlay) Reduce space between services – doula? 3. (Mobile-Footer) Reduce this space? 4. (Mobile-Footer) and this 5. (Tablet-Footer) Align center logo? 6. (The doula) Image cut off on top. Want to fix this?
  19. Add to Design > Custom CSS /* Show page description mobile */ @media screen and (max-width:640px) { div#page-description { display: block !important; } div#page-description p { width: 100%; } }
  20. Add to Design > custom CSS .archive-group-list li:before { left: -15px !important; }
  21. Add to Design > Custom CSS /* footer newsletter */ @media screen and (max-width:767px) { footer.Footer input[type="text"] { margin-top: -5px; } }
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