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  1. @Ziggy This is great! Can you give an example of how to implement a min-width?
  2. Hi everyone, I am taking a poll to see how people feel about suggestion for Squarespace to add another Contributor level: Developer I am finding that there isn't specific access for a Contributor to only provide access to allow for page editing, CSS editing, Advanced Code, style editing, etc, etc. I am wary of giving access to outsourced developers to have Admin access. Thoughts?
  3. G'day from Sydney — We've recently set up Old Lady Studio, a boutique design studio working across all sort of industries from commercial and residential property marketing to educational design. I love working with small business owners and anyone with marketing materials that need some revamping. Our most recent project was creating the corporate website for family-run property development company in Sydney Australia - addenbrooke.com.au This project couldn't have been done without these amazing resources:
  4. 🙏Thanks for the update! Great to hear they are working to resolve the issue. Keep us posted! What I’ve done in the meantime is hide the video section on mobile and replace it with a static image.
  5. Same issue here — Hope this is resolved ASAP
  6. Same - the background video doesn’t work in mobile. Very embarrassing to have this happen to a client website.
  7. Is this section a Fluid Engine section? Have you tried to create the section using "Add Blank (Classic Editor)" (Last option in the "Add Section" options panel)? Then set the image as the background. The main navigation style should be "Dynamic".
  8. @creedon I have a similar issue where all of the blog entries in this one collection all lead to external URLs and I would like to link the image as well as the titles to those external pages. (The blog page format was just not flexible enough for me design wise, so I've had to make individual pages). Any suggestions? website: https://addenbrooke.squarespace.com/collection-list Pw: HelpMe!
  9. @tuanphan I'd like all the blog posts that have external links to be linked not just the Title but ALSO the image. Is this possible? site: https://addenbrooke.squarespace.com/collection-list pw: HelpMe!
  10. Is there a way to have the Blog Home page a different colour to all the blog posts in it? I want the Blog Home to be a Dark background and the actual posts in it to be a Light background. *Note: I use blog-style page for a few other collections so I don't want this to affect those other blogs. Just the one collection. https://addenbrooke.squarespace.com/news pw: HelpMe!
  11. Hey @tuanphan I adapted this code so I can try to get a full vh gallery slideshow block that bleeds to the above the nav. Inititally, I put a gallery slideshow block on the first index but the nav was a solid bar. So I've added this code: section[data-section-id="6304df38e2df4f3fe362be8b"] { height: 80vh!important; top: 0 !important; } Issues: I wanted to do 100vh but the captions were getting cut off; The entire block doesn't seem to be 100vh responsively; The section seems to jitter the proportions of the block (sometimes looking panoramic, then jumping to 100vh in the next image. Site: https://eightmonroe.squarespace.com/stylesheet (Sqsp 7.1) Pw: HelpMe! Is there a better way to do this?
  12. Did this get resolved? I'd like to see the code for this one! 👍
  13. Site URL: https://eightmonroe.squarespace.com/example/squeeze/modern-look%C2%A0 Hey everyone, Looking into getting this awesome image movement effect: https://101collins.com.au/ for a gallery sections and/or gallery blocks slideshow. Any idea on how to achieve this look? Hoping results to look like this section: Outcome: Would like the slow horizontal movement of all the images Would like the images to dark fade/ease in and out site: https://eightmonroe.squarespace.com/example/squeeze/modern-look pw: HelpMe! Any assistance would be appreciated!
  14. I'd like to know how to change it to another custom font from the custom files!
  15. Chris, you are a legend. This worked perfectly on the site I tested it on.👍
  16. Hello! There's this amazing website (https://101collins.com.au/) I'd like to emulate for the landing page section with the image gallery block and moving images. I'd like the images to slowly move to the left, fade out, then the next image appears. Is this possible? I haven't built this section yet so I don't have the staging link to provide. If anyone has suggestions, I'll create the draft! Many thanks
  17. Hi @creedon, Please check out the "Our Products" section which I've set up like a blog. The item that links out in this example is "Preform Thermoplastic" entry. (I need to do this on another website but that's currently under construction). I'd like to remove this arrow that automatically shows up when you select the option for the Title of the Blog to link externally. W: https://crystalite.squarespace.com/ P: HelpMe! Thanks in advanced.
  18. Hi, I've gone and linked a blog post title to an external URL like so (I've changed it for the example) But now, I see this undesirable arrow. Question: Is there a way to remove this arrow and/or change it?
  19. Same, I'd love to know how to do this for Sqs 7.1 and on all sections not just the first index.
  20. Site URL: https://www.eightmonroe.squarespace.com Hi Community! I need some assistance and any help would be great. I'm currently building a website for prospective clients to illustrate different layouts "templates" for websites to choose from (ie Lead Capture Pages in x4 different layouts such as split layout, large hero image, one with a big form, etc.). These Lead Capture pages shouldn't have the main navigation menu. There will be only one page as a "single-scrolling website" example that will require the full navigation menu. So, in order to better illustrate how the websites will actually look I thought it would just be easier to link all of the pages into the Announcement Bar and hide the main navigation menu on the pages I need to. I've tried the code, which works great to hide both the Nav and Announcement Bar... //*Hide Navigation on Split Layout Page*// #collection-628f2844d267862301ebbf62 #header { display: none } But I'd only like to hide the Nav. Any code out there that will make this happen? Or any other suggestions? Website: https://eightmonroe.squarespace.com/ P*ssword: HelpMe!
  21. Hi! The first part of this thread is exactly what I needed *awesome*. I tried this second part of the code but it hasn't worked on my end. The border around the active text boxes is still black (see below). I'd like them to be transparent. Any help would be appreciated!
  22. Hey everyone! Two things: 1) Is there a way to change the colour of the text of the Checkbox and Radio options? 2) Is there a way to change the colour of the active text input in the field? See below: I've made this red just as an example (so I can see what I'm testing easily). I eventually want to be able to put the form on a dark background. Thank you, thank you!
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