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  1. Site URL: https://www.enactus.de/aachen/mitmachen Hi everyone, We have a webpage that displays incorrectly. In the webeditor, the page (in German) looks fine as you can see in the first screen shot. The icons are displayed properly and the text and video are at full size. In reality though this section looks completely different and by far too narrow. I cannot find any issues in the webeditor since the layout looks absolutely fine. Both screen shots were taken in desktop view. Does anyone have an idea? Thanks Tobias
  2. Hi, I'm trying to create a site with page sections that are the full height of the viewport (and that flex with window size). This was quite achievable in 7.0, and also in 7.1 pre-Fluid Engine update. Now it seems there's no options at all for having full viewport height sections that flex, unless I'm missing something. In the classic page section editor in 7.1 setting the section height to 100 would give you a 100vh section that adjusts to viewport size. Doing that in a Fluid Engine section does not yield the same result. Any ideas or help on achieving this would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Site URL: https://www.jadejohnsonillo.com Hi all, Does anyone know how to prevent sections with images from loading with a black bar? On my home page I added a section, filled it with an image, and added text over it. When it loads, it shows a black bar before the image appears a few seconds later. I've made sure the image is small in size/resolution but I'm experiencing this on all of my pages with image sections. It only happens when my website first loads; if I stay on it and click between pages, there isn't a black bar between page loading. Any ideas? Screen Recording 2022-09-30 at 8.49.39 PM.mov
  4. Site URL: https://oceandgtl.com/ Page editor is taking forever to load and when it finally does, the font set is messed up and different than that of my last time editing. It also shows that my page headlines and other areas are set to the correct font (Futura PT) but the page shows differently...
  5. I am trying to find basic data on a page that was created before I was working on this website. I was able to find the rough date that it was created (through Google cache), but I also want to know who created the page. Is there any way to find that out?
  6. Is it possible to create member profile pages with Squarespace/ via a plugin? About: We are a non-profit network of schools, helping schools become more sustainable. Our previous website platform enabled us to host 'profile pages' / 'brag pages' for each member school. We are hoping to integrate this feature into our new Squarespace website somehow. Ideally, there would be a list of our member schools, and when you click on their school name, it would open up to their 'brag page'. (Example here) Squarespace maxes out at 1000 pages, and we have well over 1000 members... so this is also an issue. Does anyone have suggestions/ know of good plugins that could meet out needs?
  7. Site URL: https://www.dcfont.com/ Hello, In order to filter specific sections of my website (e.g. Blogs, Team...), I have added an Archive (as a dropdown). Can the filter be reset without having to reload the page? Currently, it reloads the page with the filtered options.
  8. Site URL: https://www.coorlasarch.com/projects I am looking to simply Hide (Not Disable) a project page from my portfolio page so that I can provide a link elsewhere on my site. I cannot find a "hide" or even a disable option for individual project pages while editing before launching live. Is this for real? Maybe I'm missing something really simple here...
  9. Site URL: https://www.jennwright.net/ I just read here that it is not possible to move portfolio sub-pages which is really unfortunate! I created this portfolio page, and built out my first sub-page. After working on the sub-page, I decided the squarespace options for the portfolio main page weren't what I wanted for my site and created this one on my own...only to learn that I cannot move the sub-page I created. Does anyone know a work around/hack that will help me move my sub-page and/or the content without recreating it from scratch? The links are embedded above, but posting them below for ease and clarity: #1-The portfolio page I created initially (this was from the preset portfolio page options) #2-The portfolio page I would like to use (this was made from scratch, not using the preset portfolio page options) #3-The sub-page I need to move from #1 to #2. Thanks!
  10. Site URL: https://tropicalratchet.com password: g I have a rather "hacky" setup using the on-hover displays that Index pages offer to give an illusion of interactivity. I understand it won't quite work as well on mobile but I'm targeting Desktop users for this site anyway. Regardless, I have hit a wall.. I'm attempting to accomplish two tasks, one being rather easy yet somehow it isn't quite clicking, while another possibly being a bit more difficult: 1: Change the background on the Blank Pages that are listed within the index. I've tried various code inserts in CSS and Code blocks but for some reason they have yet to click.. Right now the backgrounds of the pages when clicked via the homescreen/Index are white. Would like them to be the image I have uploaded into my Custom CSS file directory Currently: This is the ideal end setup: Base Background: With images on top: 2. Accomplish this specific look and be sure it translates between Mobile and Desktop. I used code to force a specific width based off of screen size but that too hasn't worked. What I have currently: What I'm aiming to achieve: On-Hover: I understand this is rather hacky and am entirely open to other suggestions. However I do think it is possible within the current Squarespace framework + without using Fluid Engine. Check out what I have currently: https://tropicalratchet.com password: g Any tips greatly appreciated! Thank you
  11. Site URL: https://www.soulandfineart.com/the-chuck-marshall-collection SS 7.1 fluid https://www.soulandfineart.com/the-chuck-marshall-collection pw: Art-is-Joyful something weird is going on with one of my pages. when I go to the page (or refresh the page ) sometimes all the images are there as expected. sometimes an image is missing as you can see pic1 sometimes the image fills one 1/4 of the space pic2 and the pages they link to (links under image) also show up sometimes no image, sometimes 1/4 image a page refresh seems to cycle though the different variations Anyone have a suggestion on how I might figure this out? I'm not sure if this is important but, I created a template page with dummy images, titles, etc then just duplicate that page for each art collection. EDIT: if you do click on the title link( link under image) the page you see will change the image size if you refresh it a few times. EDIT2: seems to be doing this on all my pages thanks for your time. pic1 PIC2
  12. Ok, so right now, on a specific page, whatever I edit disappears the moment I save and refresh. I've now done the same edit 5 times, cleared my cache, logged out and back in, refreshed the page, etc. Nothing works. The page keeps reverting to the old text as if my changes never happened. What the heck to do I do at this point? I can handle most of the quirks in Squarespace (like not letting me add new content at times unless I refresh), the random page reboot for no reason while I'm in the midst of making changes, etc., but losing my new content 5 times is nearly beyond the line in IMO. Any suggestions?
  13. Hi, I'd like to create a few web pages based on my homepage design and content, just with a few changes. But I can't find a way to duplicate the home page. Thanks!
  14. Site URL: https://www.lead406.com/cart I am helping out with this site and for SEO purposes want to hide, disable, or delete the cart page. The cart symbol has been removed from the site but https://www.lead406.com/cart still comes up as an active page. In my pages overview I can't find the cart page anywhere.
  15. Site URL: http://www.mixtapeth.com Not sure why, but I'm getting limited on the number of pages that show up on my live site. After 100 pages, they are bumped off the live site. Any idea why? These are blank pages, not galleries or whatever.
  16. Site URL: https://www.bspokellc.com/naaap-schedule Can anyone help me change the background color, font color, font size & font width for the access denied page. Squarespace only gives you the ability to change the text not the styling for this page. Thanks.
  17. Hi, I am trying to add an arrow that goes either left or right - not for images, but for write ups on ingredients. Instead of writing and making the page longer, I wanted to be able to just scroll right by pressing the arrow. Does anyone know how to do this?
  18. I need to be able to create articles in a more dynamic format than blog posts allow (full width images, differing column widths etc.). As such, I need to create those articles using normal pages as opposed to blog posts, however then I can't use summary blocks to create an index / menu presentation of those pages (other than manually building an index using image blocks). I will be adding articles very regularly, so adding them manually to a manually created summary page isn't an option. Does anyone have a workaround they have successfully used - to effectively create a summary block using pages as opposed to blog posts? Thanks!
  19. Site URL: https://www.interactionmedia.com/documentaries I'm helping a client update the site so don't have a lot of experience with this... Started working on it yesterday after duplicating the page. Today after finishing, I saved and it lost all the content (except for black boxes) on both the original and duplicate. Am I completely screwed?
  20. Is there a way to turn off the new fluid engine business? There are a number of issues with it: - (biggest issue) cannot drag blogs between sections anymore. This was the only way to duplicate a block previously (duplicate a section, then drag the blog from new copy into the original, because we SILL cannot duplicate a block) - the dragging and resizing is extremely unresponsive, at least in Chrome - the options to change layout between desktop and mobile aren't great, because they don't apply to everything. For example grid spacing is unified between desktop and mobile, which makes it difficult to make things look good on both Overall, this feels like a beta version, and can I please turn it off somehow and not be a guinea pig?
  21. Site URL: https://www.rumahkeduamedia.com/rkm-news Site URL: https://www.rumahkeduamedia.com/rkm-news Please help, my marquee text not running in mobile and desktop view, i use windows and open basically in google chrome/ firefox, and if i opene from mobile phone, i'm open using safari/chrome
  22. Site URL: https://www.rimzee.com/videosv2 Hi team I created a video carousel via page injection and I have an empty section underneath which I am unable to remove. There is no option to delete blocks or remove the space and I am unsure where it has come from. Can someone assist? Thanks
  23. Hi, I was initially creating two websites with Squarespace and now changed my mind and only want to have one website. I already created the second one and now want to copy the pages to the already existing website. I hope to save time and energy by being able to copy them instead of having to create them all over. Could you help me? How can I duplicates sides from a website I created in the free trial time to a website that already exists and I already pay for. I appreciate your time and help 🙂
  24. Hi all, I'm trying to create a Squarespace homepage for my teaching and I already have some courses I wrote in self-contained jupyterbooks. If I understand correctly, starting with 7.1 and the demise of the developer mode, there is no way to upload a folder to Squarespace, so the only way I see it possible to use my Jupyter Books as course pages is to have the courses hosted somewhere else (e.g. GitHub Pages) and just put links in my Squarespace page. Is this correct or there is another way I don't know? It would be extremely tedious to rewrite all my content in Squarespace pages, not to mention that since we're talking about mathematics and computer science materials, there are extra difficulties with formulas etc. So I would really want to keep the courses as I have them, but link them in a more self-contained, professional way to my Squarespace site. Thanks!
  25. Hello, Does anyone know a piece of css / code for 7.1 to add smooth page transitions ? Like these websites for example : https://www.rezo-zero.com/contact/ https://www.laterwolf.com/ Thank you
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