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  1. Hi, I'm trying to do something I was able to do in Squarespace 7.0. Right now I have Squarespace 7.1 and I can't do it anymore. Essentially it's putting the different pages within the folder in navigation menu inside a page (see attached). Makes it easier for people to navigate and see the different pages instead of going back to the nav bar. Is there any way I can achieve this? I'd highly appreciate the help!
  2. Site URL: https://www.mollycoffin.com Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to reduce the amount of padding along the edges of my site. Does anyone know how to do that, preferably without getting into any HTML? I'm looking to reduce the width to about a third of what's pictured below, so the image and form scale up a little with the responsive theme and fill the page more. Thanks!
  3. Site URL: https://meliormundi.org/team Hello! I have some content on a page called "Team" that I want to move to the bottom of the page called "Om oss". I'm not finding any way to do this, though. The content contains cards with images etc. so it would be relatively tedious to recreate everything on the "Om oss" page and then delete the "Team" page. And what if it needs to be moved again later? Hopefully there's some clever feature I just haven't seen. Best, Lars Ankile
  4. Hello, Is anyone can help me on how to reduce the space between blog title and the paragraph? The website is on 7.0 version. Thank you.
  5. I'm completely new to creating a web site, but I'm not tech-phobic. I started out on Word Press today, spent hours trying to figure it out, finally gave up, and was told by someone on Reddit that SS is easier. SS is easier, but I'm still confused. For some reason, I'm not understanding the underlying logic of the web pages that are supposed to be linked to my home page. My goal: to create a nice looking, fairly basic web site to house two different career portfolios to showcase my work. I want my home page to have just a four menu items: Home, the title for each of my two portfolios, and Contact Info. When someone clicks on one of the menu items from my home page, I don't understand where they go. After watching some of the tutorials, I get that I need to create a Page for each menu item (right?) , & I even recognize that somehow I can choose "portfolio" as a type of page. But how does the site know to link it to that specific menu item from my home page? I don't see anything linking one to the other. And when I choose a "portfolio" Page, I'm confused about how to post my writing. My goal is for someone using my page to navigate to that portfolio page, where they will see titles of each piece of writing; they can then click on whichever title they want to read the article they choose. But for some reason, I can't seem to do that. It's as if my only choice is to make the entire piece visible on the page, somewhat like a blog post (although even with a blog post, the entire article isn't usually visible unless the user clicks on a "continue reading" button or something like that). In short, I feel like I'm missing some underlying logic of web site creation that everybody but me gets. Can someone please help me understand: - How do menu items from the home page know where to go when someone clicks on them (how do I link them to the pages that I want users to see)? - How do I create a writing portfolio that just shows the title of each of my articles (or even just a bit of the piece) and requires users to click on the title to continue reading? Thanks
  6. Site URL: http://www.together-store.com Hi there- I'm trying to add two pages to my mobile navigation dropdown that are unlinked on my desktop website. The pages are: together-store.com/contact together-store.com/about These will continue to be unlinked (hidden) on my main website navigation. But I do want them to be added into my mobile navigation dropdown. Would this be possible? Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!! Website: https://www.together-store.com/clothing Password: welcome
  7. Hi All, Pretty bummed out right now. Just finished a week long migration from cargo collective only to find out the portfolio sub page don't seem to be lockable. My plan is the basic one. My site structure is essentially a home page and 3 sub portfolios: art, design, and writing I see how you can lock an entire portfolio. I do not need or want to do this. I want to lock ONLY 2-3 individual projects. Please tell me I'm missing something or that all this requires is an upgrade. Otherwise why in the heck is this not possible. Seems so basic. thanks! A
  8. Site URL: https://www.marleyshouseofsport.com So my site is built to have members login to TWO separate pages which provide them with information unique to them. Member Areas was completely useless for my purposes and I could see that early on so I had to find another solution that allowed me to have my clients log in to my website and view their account info etc. Enter Sentry Login. A brilliant solution to everything. I've been using them for ages without a hitch. This was fine in the beginning when I never expected more members maybe ever than say 100 max. But now unexpectedly as the business has grown I find myself with 1000 members who want to come aboard and want accounts but I am unable to set up accounts for that many people so I've had to turn away huge amounts of members or at least put them on hold. The squarespace 1000 page limit has hit me at about 300 members (with 2 pages each). Now these two pages have most of my unique data piped in through to them via referenced cells from googlesheets in iframes on the backend. Theres a case where I could do this for ALL data instead of some but it would take some kind of coding sorcery to then use the same shared shell pages when people log in and their iframe google sheet data uniquely switched out to each appropriate individual each time. If there is one that is the only thing I can think of that could ever solve this. I just can't seem to get around the need for more and more pages as I add more and more member accounts. One idea I had (and it's a pretty inelegant, awful and confusing one for members) to add more people is to buy a few seperate sites and domains and duplicate my current site, buy new sentry login subscriptions for each to allow members to join, and then send clients to the slightly differing URL's to log in and explain to them the situation and not to log in to the other sites or the main one... What a nightmare right? But I'll have to do that and look like an idiot if I don't come up with another solution soon. So you see that by way of initial poor design I have stupidly painted myself into somewhat of a tight corner. So much work has gone in and I have such a complicated google sheets backend system going on that a complete redesign is out of the question. You might say the solution is to hire a developer and ordinarily speaking I would agree but the current financial situation makes this impossible and I'm left to try to tackle things on my own with little to zero coding knowledge. Willing to learn I just have no idea which direction to head in doing so. Any ideas at all please let me know. - Marley
  9. Site URL: https://www.boynejewellers.com/store-2-1 Every time I Launch my website Engagement — Boyne Jewellers in different platforms images of our products are not showing up. Issue is reproducing from my account direct in Squarespace and directly on my website(Public) I wonder if there are any update I missed. Thanks Grace
  10. 1. The new 7.1 portfolio feature seems great, but ideally I'd like a main 'work' subpage featuring my full portfolio, and a few of these portfolio items 'featured' on the homepage. Currently the only way to do this seems to be to have two separate portfolios, one for 'work' and one for 'featured homepage'. Obviously for the same portfolio item to be in both of these would result in duplicated pages, which would be bad for SEO/UX. Another workaround might be to have the homepage one as a basic 'gallery' with click throughs to the individual portfolio pages but you lose the functionality of the hover/overlay title of the portfolio item. Is there another workaround or way to set this up that I'm missing? 2. The Portfolio item limit is 40, which isn't great for bigger or busier portfolios. What's the best workaround for bigger portfolios? The only thing I can envisage is a main 'work' portfolio, and as it gets bigger moving case-studies over to an 'work 2015-2020' portfolio, repeating for subsequent years as it overspills and linking to these somewhere on the 'work' portfolio. Apart from the manual/admin headache and bad UX, this would also require setting up 301 redirects from the old '/work' content to the new '/work-2015-2020' content after you move it so seems a bit messy to me. Appreciate any thoughts or advice on these!
  11. Site URL: https://jhuynhdesign.com Dear Squarespace team,On my website, I have set up a "splash screen", which is a GIF that animates off the page. I only want this animation to appear the first time the homepage is initially loaded. My first problem was that this animation would appear anytime I tried to navigate to a new page on the website, but I then realized it was because I applied the code in the site wide code injector. I then removed it from there and injected it to just my "work" page, but it has a portfolio layout on the page. Which then leads to the animation being displayed every time a new project page is clicked on. Is there a way to just have it load on the first "work" page and not the corresponding project pages within it? Is there a better place to put the code and add additional code to have it play only once on the initial homepage load? FYI to set up the splash screen, I currently use the code below injected into the advanced page settings of my "Work" page(which is the portfolio layout) .thanks!Jessica <div class="splash-wrapper"> <img src="https://static1.squarespace.com/static/604960c8e5cc251ac72ff9f5/t/60b741b47e6b260d3ca3fb2b/1622622645566/wordmark-transparent-final.gif" width="500" height="auto"></img> </div> <style> .splash-wrapper{ position: fixed; z-index: 9999; background-color: #ffffff; height: 100vh; width: 100vw; display: flex; flex-flow: column nowrap; justify-content: center; align-items: center; animation-name: slideOut; animation-fill-mode: forwards; animation-duration: 2s; animation-delay: 3.375s; } @keyframes slideOut{ from{margin-left: 0vw;} to{margin-left: -150vw;} } </style>
  12. Hi there, I need to make a smooth transition between pages and make disappear the white page when it's loading. Is there any code CSS for that?
  13. Site URL: http://almostallison.com I'm working on a portfolio page to showcase writing samples. I've used one of the page layouts provided by Squarespace, but I need to add more content then the page provided blocks for. I was wondering if there is any way to copy and paste a set of blocks? I know I can just add the blocks in myself, but I want the images and text boxes to all be uniform in size. Basically, I want another row of three separate samples of writing, like the attached photo. I was hoping I could just copy/paste the top row for sizing/style, then replace with appropriate text/images. TIA!
  14. First time using Squarespace as an experienced web dev. Is there just no way to nest multiple folders within each other? Can one folder only hold pages and that's it? If so, that's really disappointing and limiting. Not to mention more difficult to maintain and visualize. I haven't had any luck searching the internet. Basically I'm looking for something like this.
  15. Hi, I am trying to link this URL https://www.mrjamesnestor.com/breath to the homepage https://www.mrjamesnestor.com . Note: The first URL is directing from a folder and it shows the first page in the folder. So I need that when the user type the URLhttps://www.mrjamesnestor.com/breath goes to https://www.mrjamesnestor.com instead of going to the first page in that folder, is it possible? Thank you so much!!!!
  16. Site URL: https://www.jeancherounyfineart.com/%3Cmeta%20name= Hey everyone! i am having an issue with the display on a clients mobile site. I have attached a link and picture. When I click her about on the mobile version, is displays and error and tells me the URL is incorrect. But on iPads and desktops everything is fine. Please advise?
  17. Site URL: https://spark-pros.squarespace.com/home Hi, , I've run into a weird issue on mobile. The pages scroll side to side. Is there any code that would remove this? The page password is "Swello" screen-20211012-094558.mp4
  18. Is there a way to add pagination or a "load more" function to a summary block?
  19. Site URL: https://www.richardsaltermusic.com/ Hi everyone. Hoping this message finds you all well today. I'm trying to find a way to close the gaps between sections. This is really apparent in all the space between the main image on page one then what happens below it. Same between biography & showreel. There's just lots of space with nothing happening. This maybe because I had to put spacers in to make the anchor links connect to the sections. Any help or feedback gratefully appreciated! Thanks! x
  20. Site URL: https://shadenkassas.com/ Hi guys, after creating just one main navigation page 'User experience design" to showcase a project, I realized I'd like to have a portfolio page as a main navigation and then insert the old main navigation page "User Experience Design" as a sub page as one of the projects in the portfolio. Unfortunately after trying so hard to move the page and figure a way around it, it seems impossible 😞 Is my only solution starting the page again from scratch as sub page in the portfolio page? Please please please help me find a solution. You can see the sequence in the images below: from the original page to adding the portfolio as a main navigation and then I dont know how to insert the old main page in the portfolio as a project page... Thank you guys
  21. Site URL: https://www.dotdot-shop.com/shop Hi, I made a enter page of the website and now it is set as the 'homepage' of the website, meaning I need to make the logo in the header to direct to a specific page, /shop tried to do some search and apply codes, but nothing worked so would love to get helped! Thank you very much!
  22. Site URL: https://www.lead406.com/cart I am helping out with this site and for SEO purposes want to hide, disable, or delete the cart page. The cart symbol has been removed from the site but https://www.lead406.com/cart still comes up as an active page. In my pages overview I can't find the cart page anywhere.
  23. Site URL: https://monmonidesigns.com.au I know this may be simple to some but I can not seem to be able to change the background of a page from a gradient to just a plain colour. The page I am concerned about is the Portfolio page. Can someone please let me know how to do this.
  24. Site URL: https://brandipinettedesign.com/portfolio Is it possible to make subpages off the subpages in a portfolio? I'm trying to organize my portfolio by type of work, so I have my categories set up on my portfolio page and each of those have the work shown in gallery views and I like that there's a tab to go back and forth between one category and the other. Can I make subpages for each of my projects and have it function like that? It's quite disorganized, but the link is https://brandipinettedesign.com/portfolio and the password is 'brandi'. tia 🙂
  25. Looking at this Squarespace article about Code Injection there is a way to edit your "Order Confirmation" page under Setting --> Advanced --> Code Injection https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/205815908#toc-step-2---add-html-code Once at the code injection page, Sqaurespace says you can reference the order id by using the variable {orderId} How do I use this tag in the Code Injection area to suppress the display of the order number on the "Order Confirmation" page?
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