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  1. Site URL: https://waterlilywellness.com/intake-form-test Hello! I'm trying to fix the checkbox alignment on the form here. I used code to get the boxes to align horizontally but it's not responsive, so they get wonky on a tablet and phone screen. Here's the code I have now: } .form-wrapper .field-list .field .option {width: 15%;float: left;text-align: left;margin-bottom: 10px;} Appreciate any help on this!
  2. Site URL: http://redbow.org.nz/our-programmes Hi, I'm using Zapier as storage option for my Newsletter and Form blocks. It seems like Squarespace integration with Zapier is quite immature. Zapier makes a request to Squarespace to pull the data of the forms available as follows when creating a trigger: POST Request: https://zapier.com/api/v4/implementations/choices/ Body: { "selected_api": "SquarespaceConvertedCLIAPI@1.8.0", "authentication_id": 33781047, "params": {"formId": ""}, "page": 0, "prefill": "form.id.name", "system_context": {"gulliver": {"zap_id": "159360612"}} } Content-Type: application/json Other headers: Not provided for security reasons, but they are not relevant to investigate this matter. Response: { "success": true, "choices": [ { "key": "613ae6bf6bbdea61fd41c5b1", "label": "Newsletter Form", "sample": "613ae6bf6bbdea61fd41c5b1" }, { "key": "61898128dbf09e656ab1039f", "label": "Newsletter Form", "sample": "61898128dbf09e656ab1039f" }, { "key": "61ad7d1f5bbad1528304a4a3", "label": "Sign up form", "sample": "61ad7d1f5bbad1528304a4a3" }, { "key": "62b6801d6bc8b546cafb9434", "label": "Sign up - Join TRB Journey", "sample": "62b6801d6bc8b546cafb9434" }, { "key": "62b69d8a88dc6309c35ba9b0", "label": "Contact Us - Question or Feedback", "sample": "62b69d8a88dc6309c35ba9b0" }, { "key": "62b6a534fd8b381bc8241701", "label": "Contact Us - Support", "sample": "62b6a534fd8b381bc8241701" } ], "next_page": null } There are 6 forms in that list, I have a total of 9 forms in my site. I can't locate one of the forms in that list at all. That's a mystery, although it bothers me, that's not the problem. The problem is that the forms that should display in Zapier are not displaying, and the reason is that Squarespace is returning that as response, so Zapier just shows what Squarespace sends. There is a form at the bottom of the page www.redbow.org.nz/our-programmes. The form's data-form-id, that's how Squarespace refers to the form Id is: 62b6bdf62563205d918d6f1e does not display in the response above but it's an active form using Zapier as storage option. Back in Zapier: - When creating a new Zap the form with id 62b6bdf62563205d918d6f1e doesn't display. - If the Zap where the form 62b6bdf62563205d918d6f1e is used as part of the trigger is turned off and on, an error happens. These wrong behaviors are due to the response of the POST request above. To me this is a critical bug in the Squarespace API. I have tried to find the API related to forms but I have only been able to find apis related to Ecommerce stuff. I would appreciate if a Squarespace Expert could have a look into this matter. It's my understanding that Zapier logged a support ticket called "Published form missing from New Form Submission dynamic dropdown #4" for Squarespace to look into this. There are more people affected. If someone has more information about this issue, please share the love. The reason why I'm putting this information here is because this bug has given me huge headaches and still does. So I wanted to share it with other customers that might be facing the same problem. I have had also very bad experiences dealing with Squarespace support until the took my matters seriously, so I hope I get better results with the community. Last but not the least, from my deep testing I think this issue might be related with disabling and enabling pages with forms. Thank you for your time, Natalia
  3. Site URL: https://sparrowstartup.com/home-1 When you go to my test page (https://sparrowstartup.com/home-1) you'll notice that the "LEARN MORE" button is under the box where I accept emails. Ideally, I want it on the right side for better viewing. And so it'll look like: I've tried the CSS that goes like "Form flex" or something but then the field + button just merges together. I'm hoping there's a cleaner CSS fix. I've also tried this solution (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/56623577/change-width-of-html-form-using-css) but it doesn't work. Would love to know your thoughts please! 🙂 Also, massive shoutout to @creedon who (in my humble opinion) has always been extremely helpful whenever I've made posts in the past. Is there a way to let the Squarespace admins know he's awesome? Please tell me and I'll send an email or something. Cheers guys!
  4. I am trying to make use of the form block button to have a button that opens a popup form when clicked. Is there a way to paste the sqs form button code into my own custom code such that it can be contained within the cards I made myself? In the image, the 3 cards currently have regular buttons that I hardcoded in myself, and I want to convert them to be squarespace form buttons like the one currently below them. I'm pretty good with injecting my own HTML/CSS/JS when needed. Any help would be appreciated!
  5. Hi there. Does anyone know the code on how to change the background color on a form light box? Instead of white I'd like the background to be #F4F0E7. I'd also like to change the button color too. Thanks in advance!
  6. Site URL: https://lifelab.world/de/spaces Hello Squarespace team, May I please ask for help in checking the code below? I am trying to translate a form field using this code, which I have been using since last year which was also provided here on the forum as well. I am unsure why it is not working on this specific button. (lower part of the page) Everything seems to be working on other types of German forms that I edited with the exact details below. I usually duplicate a page then just change some texts, but the forms are usually the same, the only differences are the block IDs for the codes. I added this on the Settings > Advanced > Code Injection > Footer <script> if (document.querySelector("#block-2cd3c3f72a1a11967dd0")) { document.querySelector('.field.first-name .caption .caption-text').innerText = 'Vorname'; document.querySelector('.field.last-name .caption .caption-text').innerText = 'Nachname'; document.querySelector('.field.address1 .caption .caption-text').innerText = 'Company name'; document.querySelector('.field.address2 .caption .caption-text').innerText = 'Anschrift'; document.querySelector('.field.city .caption .caption-text').innerText = 'Stadt'; document.querySelector('.field.state-province .caption .caption-text').innerText = 'Bundeslandz'; document.querySelector('.field.zip .caption .caption-text').innerText = 'Postleitzahl'; document.querySelector('.field.country .caption .caption-text').innerText = 'Land'; } </script> Am I doing something wrong? Thank you in advance!
  7. Site URL: https://www.tastenweise.de/zeitfenster Hello, I edited via CSS "line"-options in a form block. Unfortunately the white text inside of yellow frames is hard to read. Is there a way to change the white text (of yellow framed headings) only – without changing the white color of other text? Black or red text in a yellow frame might be a better solution for legibility. Thank you.
  8. Hi I want to change the phone field from 3+3+4 to 11 character one field. any advice ?
  9. Site URL: https://papaya-armadillo-7acs.squarespace.com/ Site password: design101 Hello, my newsletter form fields are not aligned, instead staggered. Can you please help? (Both on bottom of home page and also 'Journal' page)
  10. Site URL: https://waivr.co/incubate Hi, I'm looking to change my form fields background color to transparent and make the form fields themselves have more of a pill shape. Website: https://waivr.co/incubate Thank in advance!
  11. Site URL: https://chloe-chow.squarespace.com/contact?noredirect Hello, I have a question related to my contact form. I have customised the radio and check box along with my select / drop down field. Here is my website: https://chloe-chow.squarespace.com/contact?noredirect pw: creativegrind I am trying to add back an arrow at the end of my select field however it's not working. Do you have an idea on how to do it ? I think I am using the wrong selector to add my arrow :after . Here is the code below : // *** CUSTOMIZED OPTION DROP MENU /* Resetting the Option menu */ .form-wrapper select { -webkit-appearance: none; -moz-appearance: none; appearance: none; border: @line solid;//*// border-radius: 5px; padding: 1rem; width: 100%; } /*Add an arrow*/ .sqs-block-form .field-list .option select:after { content:'⇲'; color: red !important; position: absolute; display: block; top: 55%; transform: translateY(-50%); right: 8%; pointer-events: none; } // Option Menu when Focused .form-wrapper select:focus, a:focus { outline-width: 0px; outline-style: solid; } What do you think ? Thanks !!
  12. Site URL: https://www.realfoodkitchen365.com/valentines-order-form It's another date formatting issue in my form section. I have amended the layout to show DD/MM/YY but when tab between it misses out MM entirely. Also when the form is submitted to the linked email address it changes the format back to American. Any way to sort this? Also because i'm a total newbie, i'm attempting to add numeric value to the food options given, can this be done in the form I am using? Option to select a a number of items not just tick box. Thanks to anyone that can help me. Also if a Date Picker resource pops up I cannot pay for a date picking plug-in as it is a work website.
  13. I'm trying to change my form setting on a few pages. I can open the edit window and change setting like where to store and email forms etc.. But after that I cannot work on any other aspact on my page or have the edit window go away. When I try to save the whole page it gives me an error: Error Saving (and I can press 'okay'). Any advice?
  14. Site URL: https://www.nickwaldinger.com/ Hello, I'm trying to change the color of text entered in a contact form field. Screenshot 1 shows how it looks when I highlight the box and enter text. Screenshot 2 shows how it looks when I click off the box. I'd like the text entered to be white, and I'd like the box not to become white when highlighted. So it would be a black background with white text at all times. My website is www.nickwaldinger.com, and the password is "create". Could anyone help me with this?
  15. Site URL: https://www.mmclassy.com/contact-us Hello wonderful people! I am currently trying to apply conditional logic to the "Event Type" select field on my form. I'd like the "Other, please specify" text field to be shown only if the "Other" option is selected. I assume this is possible because I've seen it done with the checkbox field in a video from 2019. Unfortunately I was not able to adapt this code to the select field. Does anyone know how to implement this feature?
  16. Site URL: https://www.mmclassy.com/contact-us Hey everyone! I was wondering if there was a way to move the form section descriptions. Right now they are under the section titles but I'd like to move them next to the titles (on the right side). Does anyone have any suggestions?
  17. Site URL: https://mmsaudio.squarespace.com/styles Hello all. I love the flex buttons in 7.1 (new convert to 7.1 here after holding out as long as I could). Unfortunately, the same old thing is happening: buttons on forms and newsletter blocks are basically not customizable. I would love the Submit buttons on the form and newsletter block to have the same behavior as the standard buttons and navigation button. Help? pass: mmsrox
  18. I would like to sell tickets to a charity event, however, I require the names of all who purchase tickets. If I create a ticket to purchase in my shop, and attach a form that asks for the attendee's name when that product is purchased, but then someone buys more than one ticket at a time, how do I get multiple name inquiries in there for each ticket purchased? i.e. one ticket is purchase = one name form field = we're good. but one person has 10 tickets purchase - squarespace still only has one name entry (one standard form field) that displays please halp.
  19. Site URL: https://www.telemetrix-tech.com/homepage Page URL: https://www.telemetrix-tech.com/homepage Page Password: RestrictedForNow Issue: At the bottom of this page is a form as well as a newsletter form in the footer. I'm on windows and everything's looking great in Chrome for those forms but our UI reviewer uses Mac/Chrome combo and the form placeholders are not showing. I tried debugging with another team member who has a Mac but all we could really determine is that the inputs are getting a height of 0, instead of leaving room for content. When we inspect the code and compare to another of our sites on Squarespace, using all the same stylings, the placeholder text is showing and everything is the same as on my windows machine. I'm really not sure what's causing the issue and I'd appreciate help if someone knows something that could cause this on this specific site. I've also attached what I'm seeing and the screenshot they had sent. (There was an update since the Mac screenshot where I've changed the Message input from textarea to just text.) Thanks in advance for help.
  20. Site URL: https://www.schmidtresources.com/marketing-project-request We have a few form blocks on our site that we'd love to have email automations triggered from after submission. We've done that with products on our store using Squarespace's campaigns add on, but that only works for store products or newsletter sign-ups. Does anyone know of a way/product to trigger automatic emails after a form is submitted? We have the pop-up that says "thanks for your submission" and all that, but our clients routinely miss that and sending an email follow up would be awesome. https://www.schmidtresources.com/marketing-project-request
  21. Site URL: https://www.meadowweddingfilms.com/ Hi All iOS creating its own styling by rounding the corner of my lightbox form submit button. I've looked at a couple other forum posts but no luck with their solutions, or the replies are unclear on where the coding should go. Please can anyone help on the code to stop this re-styling. I just want the button to have 0 radius like the desktop site. Thanks
  22. I have several contact forms in my squarespace site, the repsons of the forms goes(storage) to my Gmail inbox. In all of my forms there is from yesterday a error with scandinavian letters Å Ä and Ö. It worked before but now word that contains this letters are tranmitted wrongly to Gmail. For example, the word omgående in my contactform is "omg&aring;ende" in the Gmail inbox where the form is stored. Anyone else got this problem? Very grateful for hints about solutions.
  23. Site URL: https://squarepaste.com/conditional-logic Hello there! Please take a look at our Conditional Logic Form plugin and give us feedback. It currently supports the select, radio, and checkbox fields. It also only utilizes the Form Block and we’re hoping to add new features as time goes on. Super excited about this one - thank you for your time!
  24. I have set up a Custom Form for a product in Inventory in Commerce. I want to duplicate that form for another product and change one field that is specific to the new product and then rename the new form . Is this possible and if so, how?
  25. Hello - please can you help!! I would like a form that firstly, has the titles hidden. I'm using this code for that: .form-wrapper .field-list .field { margin: 0px 0px 11px 0%; } .form-wrapper .field-list .field .option { /* Show radio buttons side-by-side */ display: inline; margin-right: 5px; } .sqs-block-form .field-list .title { display: none; } which works perfectly. What I'd then like is: Left Column: Text Field (for name, but I dont want the First Name, Last name, so just a text box is fine) Text Field (for phone number, but the SS phone number doesn't validate UK numbers) Email Right Column: Text Area Captcha Submit button Help is greatfully received!!! Thanks in advance, I've been pulling my spanners out about this!!!!
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