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  1. Site URL: https://testing-changes.squarespace.com/shop/cashmere-wrap Trying to optimize a site for mobile but the changes I make in Site Styles are pretty awful on the desktop version. I know I can fix this with some CSS and a media query for mobile but some of it is beyond my (very limited) coding capabilities. Can someone help me? Specifically I'd like to be able to set the Thumbnail Size and Spacing to be one thing on mobile and another thing for larger screens (40 px/2 px and 90px/11px respectively) and also change the Title Font size for mobile as well. The other tweaks I think I can swing by finding a middle ground that looks decent on all devices but I'd love to be able to fix these elements at least. Thanks so much!
  2. Site URL: http://www.outmontclair.org/events On our site's Events page (/events), the thumbnail images consistently give us problems. Most often the automatic sizing cuts off the edges of the image, either top and bottom or left and right. Is there a standard size that will always preserve the entire image? Or a piece of code that will ensure the entire image is preserved but will size it up or down appropriately to fit in the allowed box? Second, the square showing the date of the event is not wanted -- we would prefer that the date just be displayed in text on the right side of the page, with the other information about the event. We have found a piece of code that fixes this on our site's homepage but not yet on the /events page. Thank you for your help!
  3. Site URL: https://www.lordgrimley.com/ Hi There, Has anyone ever had issues with the products uploaded to commerce 'losing' their thumbnails. So, I don't know when it happened but about 60% (?) of all of the products on the website (600 + products) lost their thumbnails. The thumbnails are missing from the upload UI. I only noticed it recently however, it shows up in the searches on the website. Where before you would get a thumbnail with the description, now it's only text. It's a frustrating problem, and the only thing that 'may' have triggered it was an update to the CSV perhaps ? I was only editing the sale/no sale cell of the CSV. I don't use the CSV to add or remove products. I do all of that manually through the commerce UI. That honestly is the only lead I have. I did switch to the new GUI editor for about 30 minutes and back again. But I can't see that being a problem either. Cheers, Brett PS. I have suggested to the CSR that I spoke to that the item should always have a thumbnail designation weather we set one or not. Rather, this would never be allowed to happen should the software have an image designated as a thumbnail from the stack. Etsy and Ebay have switched to this model and it works like a charm, bug or no bug. User error or no user error etc ...
  4. Site URL: https://michelle-gonzalez-photography.squarespace.com/test-magazine Hello, I am currently trying to change the position of the thumbnail images in a Gallery Slideshow block on the Brine template (7.0) from the standard placement (below the main/active image) to the right of the main/active image. I am trying to achieve a layout similar to the website below - section titled "Love in Ink Magazines": https://laurkenkendall.com/ I've also attached images of what I currently have vs what I would like. Is this possible to do? Would appreciate any help as I've been wrecking my brain for hours on how to achieve this. Thanks so much!!!
  5. Site URL: https://www.thecarolamoon.com/brand-reviews Hello awesome people in the know! I've got two summary blocks from the same source on two different pages. On the homepage the thumbnail images show perfectly round: https://www.thecarolamoon.com However, on my Brand Reviews services page, they show oval. Can you help me find out what I need to do to fix the oval to show round? Many thanks, Carola
  6. Hi! I just started exploring moving from WP/woocommerce to Squarespace. Feels promising so far πŸ™‚ But I have a question! We have a couple of product that has multiple color variants. Adding them was easy, but I noticed that all variant Images also show up as thumbnails at the item page. Is there a way to hide variant Images from the item gΓ€llery? Example below all the Images except the last one is variants and I would like them hidden. (they should only appear as full size when you choose the color combo from the drop down.) Is this possible to do? Br Johan
  7. Hey, anyone know how I can increase the padding around my thumbnails on the product page when i have the thumbnails displayed on the side of the main image? I'm on 7.1, not sure of the template i started with. Many thanks
  8. Does anyone know how to get a thumbnail to appear on the calendar on a day with 2 or more events. It seems that a thumbnail will only appear if there is only the one event on that day. For example I may have event A from 1 June- 29 June and Event B 15 June only. Well on 15 June there will be a copy box listing the event info, with no thumbnail (as Event A also is on that day).
  9. Site URL: https://shannonfinnegan.com/ Hi! I use an index page on my site to feature my projects. Each project has its own page. Recently a project has grown and now has it's own site. So I want the thumbnail on my home page to link to alt-text-as-poetry.net instead of /alt-text-as-poetry. Is there a way have the thumbnail as an external link with custom code?
  10. QUESTION: How do you create a thin frame around gallery thumbnails for the Beaumont and Nevins template? Having trouble. The techniques described in this forum are not working. Help will be greatly appreciated. See visual reference attached. Thanks for reading.
  11. Site URL: https://sdbrosconsulting.com Hey, I was looking to add a border to the thumbnail of the active picture of a gallery for a client. I did not found much online so I came up with this code but it only adds a border to the top of the active thumbnail. When trying to add the border to the entire thumbnail (using border: instead of border-top:, the bottom border was not visible, neither when using border-bottom:). I'm think it actually looks better with the border on top only but if anyone knows how to have the border all-over please share! . sqs-block .sqs-gallery-thumbnails .sqs-gallery-design-strip-slide { opacity:0.5; } //Changes opacity of thumbnails not selected .sqs-block .sqs-gallery-thumbnails .sqs-gallery-design-strip-slide.sqs-active-slide { opacity:1; border-top: 1px solid #000; ; } //Changes opacity of selected/active thumbnail and sets a border on top of it
  12. Site URL: https://mandolin-elephant-k8st.squarespace.com/ Hi! Can anyone direct me in disabling the blog post thumbnail URL? I do not want to utilize the blog hyperlinks at all. Please advise. Thank you!
  13. Site URL: https://thedetoureffect.com/ I saw someone post here about how to make thumbnails appear on a product carousel gallery. How would I do the same thing on an image carousel gallery? I only want this on some pages, not all, so I will probably inject it in a code block on a particular blog post and NOT in Design > Custom CSS
  14. Hello, how can I change the size of the thumbnails for each product on the main store page? Thank-you
  15. Site URL: https://www.next25.org.au/blogmain/three-forces-stifling-action-on-climate-change-jeopardise-australias-future-more-broadly The thumbnail image that displays as the banner of the blog (also on blog homepage) looks good on desktop but then is far too large on mobile. Is there a way to fix this so that the thumbnail image resizes for display on mobile devices? See screenshot of how it looks on mobile and link to desktop display in site URL. Thanks!
  16. Site URL: https://ivyroom.squarespace.com Hi, site is password protected at moment, but you shouldn't need access... I have a summary block of blog posts and would like to hide the thumbnails on mobile as they shrink too much to be useful and it just looks bad. Is there a way to to just hide them on mobile via media query?
  17. I don't see it as an option for the Foster template and I'm hoping someone can help me achieve that with code. Thanks!
  18. Site URL: http://isaacmcnicolphotography.com.au I recently created my photography website on squarespace and I want to send the link to all my facebook friends. When I do though it comes up with all this irrelevant and unprofessional looking text as the caption about "slide 1 (current slide)..." etc. How can I get rid of this and be sure that no other links are showing up. Also I'd like to change the thumbnail photo too so it's not just a big photo of my face but of a nice example of a wedding photo. How do I do that too? Anyone able to help?! Thanks in advance!
  19. I am working on two sites, using Marquee and Dovetail. I would like to create a rotating banner image on the home page for both. Currently, I am just using the thumbnails for the banner image, but would like it to be more captivating. Can anyone point me in a coded and detailed direction on how I could do this? My coding skills are minimal, but I can follow directions. Thank you!
  20. Site URL: https://cowbell-star-rc9y.squarespace.com/ Hi - I am building a simple site with two blogs (one about books and the other about recipes) on the blog summary page I want the books to be a 2:3 vertical image size and the recipes to have 1:1 size images. The styling seems to copy over from the other blog and I don't want this. I know I can use a summary block as a work around but I would rather be able to style each page separately. I've tried to target the section using .data-section-id="608aac8d53f5b35b10544d95" then .blog-basic-grid .image-wrapper img and then I get stuck!! Any help most welcome. I am still quite a newby. site password: katherine Thank you!!
  21. Site URL: https://imicrobes.com/press I'm looking to figure out how to disable the links on the thumbnails. When its clicked it goes to the blog post within the squarespace website. Ideally I would like it to go to the link that is the same as the source url however that seems more difficult.
  22. Site URL: https://www.alternatorcentre.com/archive-1 Does anyone know how I can remove these date squares from the thumbnail images on this page? Everything else is fine on the page but the images are really important, so these little cubes taking over the corners is driving me nuts!
  23. Site URL: https://armyoflove.co/new-projects I'm looking to use the Events summary to highlight new music albums. Ideally, I'd like to be able to edit the link in which clicking the thumbnail photo takes the user. I do not believe this is possible, however I do think it's possible to disable the links on TITLE and PHOTO. I used the following code and it seems to work half the time, and half the time the photos and titles are still clickable - which leads my users to an empty page. here's the code: <style> .summary-item-list .sqs-gallery-image-container { pointer-events: none; } </style> <style> .summary-title-link { pointer-events: none; } </style> Can you assist? Thank you.
  24. Site URL: https://oddthing.co.nz/ Hi there, I'm looking for some help with the number of product thumbnails displayed per row on my store. I have created a product page which has three thumbnails per row. Currently the three thumbnails reduce to two thumbnails per row when viewed on mobile. When viewing on mobile, I would like this to change to one thumbnail per row & ideally two thumbnails per row for tablet. Is this achievable with custom css? Thanks for your help in advance! πŸ™‚
  25. Hi, I am using the OM template with an events page where I create events with a thumbnail image for each of them. Just found some of them in the search engine results. I am looking for a way to prevent the thumbnail images for each event on my site from showing up in search engine results. Any ideas or tips on how I can prevent that? Thank you in advance.
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