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  1. yes you can share with password . url like :- text.squarespace.com
  2. past this code in custom css box .blog-basic-grid .blog-title { display: none; }
  3. .site-title .logo { margin: 0; font-family: 'Univers'; font-weight: 300; font-style: normal; font-size: 27px; text-transform: none; text-decoration: none; display: inline-block; line-height: 1.2em; } use this one
  4. Hi, I saw your response on this post: 

    Is there a way to do the same thing in a blog, not in a summary block? I am trying to either make the blog thumbnail the same as the Source URL or disable the thumbnail link completely. Right now the title links to the Source URL but the thumbnail links to the empty blog page

    https://orange-gazelle-7waj.squarespace.com/technology password:1234567



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