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  1. Hi all, How do i go about removing this margin that exsits in the hompage between a section and the footer. Thanks E
  2. I am trying to remove this very small amount of background showing between my sections on my site which is empathized when scaled smaller. (see attached screen shot) I am trying to find a way to remove this gap. CSS to make the image full bleed height? OR second option just to remove the gap at the bottom so the two sections can fit directly against one another? Just for understanding I have code to move the header navigation below the 2nd section and have the gallery in the header section URL- https://www.barestudio.co.uk/ password - testsite
  3. Hi! I'm currently stuggling with trying to delete the white space below my gallery with some CSS coding (yes it's a gallery even though it's just one picture), the reason for why I use a gallery instead of just a simple photo frame is a long story but I just need help with deleting the white space 🙂 The site isn't published yet. Hope to get some answers! Thanks!
  4. Hi! I have been customizing my logo and I used custom CSS to centre it. Now I have a problem with the fact that the bottom of my logo is longer than my header. Cropping the white part of the logo beneath the written text does not help. I also tried changing the code but I didn't manage to fix it. Does someone have an idea how to fix this? The password to my website is Illusterre2022 . Thank you!
  5. Hello, I'm building my first site and am currently trying to set a clean and even visual spacing on a page. I specifically want a smaller spacing in an image gallery section that increases the top and bottom spacing around it (not sure if margin or padding) when I modify the overall site margin. I want a large site margin but not such a big margin around the gallery itself which is currently creating a huge gap to my text. I've tried to visit other forum posts and apply posted CSS codes for similar problems but I could not see any improvement, probably because the site margin is what I need to override in the section? not sure. Any help on this issue and an explanation for how to set spacing independently from the site margin would be appreciated. Cheers 🙂
  6. Hi there, My website: www.eyzhn.co In my footer section (on all pages): (1) I would like to make the footer newsletter form button the same height as the form field elements. When "inspecting" my page I am able to do that by adjusting the padding from 1.2rem to 1rem. However when I add this code to CSS nothing happens. .newsletter-form-button { width: 100% !important; padding: 1rem !important; margin: 0px !important; } (2) I would like to fix the margin above and below the "subscribe" and descriptive text so that it aligns with the lists next to it on the left. Here is my custom footer code for reference. /* Hover and active link colour */ footer a {text-decoration: none !important;} section[data-section-id="63384be20590b6496ef20a8a"] a:hover * {color: #6c988d !important;}#block-yui_3_17_2_1_1668132221218_478394 * {padding: 10;} /* Center lists on mobile */ @media screen and (max-width: 640px) {footer p { text-align: center;}} /* Center newsletter title on mobile */ @media screen and (max-width: 640px) {#block-yui_3_17_2_1_1668132221218_478394 * {text-align: center;}} /* Newsletter form input fields */ .newsletter-form-body {input.newsletter-form-field-element {padding: .8rem !important; border-radius: 200px; text-align: center;}} /* Newsletter field & button width */ .newsletter-form-fields-wrapper.form-fields {width: 100% !important; display: block !important;} .newsletter-form-fields-wrapper.form-fields>* {max-width: 100% !important;} .newsletter-form-field-wrapper {width: 100% !important; max-width: 100% !important;} .newsletter-form-button {width: 100% !important; padding: 1rem !important; margin: 0px !important;} /* Newsletter margins */ .newsletter-form-body>div {margin-top: 0 !important;} .newsletter-form-footnote {display: none;} Thanks!
  7. Hey there, I created a custom background colour for some text on my services page after not being able to change it through Site Styles. It almost worked, except that the text box is now shifted outside the grid lines of fluid engine. You'll notice how it doesn't line up with the right side of the image above, but protrudes out to the right. I tried fixing this with padding and it didn't work. (Left side padding worked to shift everything over to the right, but right side padding did not work to shift it back over to the left.) If anyone provide a solution to this little bug that would be great! PS, here is the code I used: {background-color: hsl(30,25%,97%); padding-top: 15px; padding-left:15px; padding-right: 5px}
  8. There is a huge amount of extra white space underneath my footer in only certain contexts - so far, I've only seen it on mobile iphones. I can't replicate it on Android or desktop. Totally stumped! Any help is greatly appreciated!
  9. Hello, So when I first enter the landing page on mobile view, the page looks as expected. But when you zoom out on your phone, weirdly there is a huge margin on the right hand side. How can I remove this? Thanks in advanced.
  10. Site URL: https://www.at17c.com/playground/concrete-floor-vol-1 Hi. I am currently creating a blog post in which I am embedding a spotify code to display a playlist. I want this placed on top of an image. Since Fluid Engine is not yet implemented for Blog Posts I have had to use CSS to do this. I have managed to (on desktop) to place the embedding on top of the image, but now I have way too much dead space underneath the image (because the embedding is still technically placed there, so that doesn't work. How do I get the Playlist on top without creating dead space? I have attached a screenshot of how I would like it to be (here the embedding also has some padding). Currently I have just placed the playlist above the image. Password is "basement". TIA.
  11. Site URL: https://tiger-caper-4bp8.squarespace.com/wir Dear Circle Community, How can I reduce the spacing on top and bottom of the Gallery Slideshow. Here it is the text that should move closer to the header picture. The preset height of the Gallery section is 30. I would need it to be 10. I've used Squarespace Version 7.1. Password: Test Thank you so much for your support! Best, Amelie
  12. Site URL: https://www.daringdirtbag.com/shop PW - DDaccess I was hoping to add some padding on the left and right of my shop page to the item name and price. I like the way the image goes all the way to the edge, but not the rest. I attached an example of what I mean. Can this be possible? Thank you! Laura
  13. Hi how do I change the margins on the product page so that it doesn't go too close to the edge of the screen? I found the site level setting but that only changes the header, not the product details page.
  14. Site URL: http://daringdirtbag.com PW: DDaccess How do I put space on either side of my shop page? I want about 30px on either side so that everything comes inward towards the center. I have the setting in my design set up for the rest of my site but it doesn't look nice on this page and I can't figure out how to edit it. Thank you! Laura
  15. Site URL: https://chartreuse-lemon-44ak.squarespace.com/work/doukhobor How do I align this section of text to match with the header (as seen in the picture)? Website: https://chartreuse-lemon-44ak.squarespace.com/work/doukhobor Password: HELP Thank you!
  16. Site URL: https://omnia-health.squarespace.com/physio-oberwil Hi there I was wondering if I can reduce the hight of the footer any further? https://omnia-health.squarespace.com/physio-oberwil pw Omnia Thank you for your time and help 😃
  17. Site URL: https://www.carriagegrandtour.com/ Hi everyone, I was hoping for some help resolving an issue with excessive padding/margins space above the start of the design grid in my mobile sections. I have tried: Moving the section height slider all the way down Choosing vertical alignment top, middle and bottom - strangely, align to bottom actually reduces the top of section padding the most, but not nearly enough Using the following code: And also this one: But alas, the top margin remains. You can see that the issue does not exist with the lower margin - the grid goes all the way to the end of the section. Any help would be greatly appreciated. URL: carriagegrandtour.com Cheers Ruth
  18. Site URL: https://www.immortalradio.ca/trusc I'm editing my website in the full screen edit panel, and the padding looks good and as expected around the titles. However, in the same resolution and aspect ratio after saving the website, the padding is totally different. Does anyone know why this may be the case and how to stop it?
  19. Site URL: http://www.mikeywhyte.com/testii trying to get this page content box to extend to the edge of the page so that the images are bigger.
  20. Can anyone help with the margins on my mobile site without making changes to my desktop? I would like to be able to expand the width so that my logo fits.
  21. Site URL: https://flower-fish-2n8f.squarespace.com/ Trying to make header look like image "LV-Nav" below, but not having any luck with setting the CTA button to margin-top and margin-right 0, nor with setting the border to margin-left 0. I am fairly sure the class I want is .header-display-desktop, as that's giving me the line where I want it in relation to the CTA button, but nothing else I've tried works. Here's what I have working on the header right now: @LVblack: #231F20; .header-display-desktop { border-bottom: 1px solid @LVblack; } Site PW: headerhelp Thanks in advance for any insight!
  22. Site URL: http://laurelguido.com All the sudden, my website now is having issues with the logo on mobile. on all pages, there is no space above the logo. on my homepage, the logo/hamburger needs to move down towards the slideshow: on my other pages, also needs to be more space between the logo and the page title: (store, blog, example page) Let me know if there are any fixes!
  23. Site URL: https://dolphin-chiton-f23k.squarespace.com/ Hi there, I need wide margins on my website so that large photos can be seen on desktop without scrolling. However, in increasing the site margins, the site title and menu navigation links are also affected. I need the site title and navigation links to have a smaller margin than the rest of my site. Specifically, I want my name/logo (Jack Trolove) to be further left aligned, and for the menu items to be further right aligned. I haven't been able to find any code to do this - looking forward to any code and advice. Here is the site: https://dolphin-chiton-f23k.squarespace.com/, password: jacklove Thank you! Abby
  24. Site URL: https://purposecon.squarespace.com/?password=pearler On mobile, we're having some margin issues on mobile for the footer. Code I've tried: section[data-section-id="62ba928dc2316b45f5f05826"] .sqs-layout>.sqs-row { margin-left: 17px !important; padding-left: 17px !important; } It works, then I refresh the page and it's back to the same issue. When I duplicated the footer and deleted the original one, this also fixed it, then it reverted back. Very strange!
  25. Hello all, how can I change the parameter of the global margin of the website. Site Styles-->Spacing-->Site Margin Thanks and greetings Uwe ( CSS Beginner )
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