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  1. Site URL: https://www.thetoolsbook.com/membership Hello, I could use some advice on sizing for images in a gallery on an index page. A graphic designer is creating these great illustrations, but the words are getting cut off, especially in mobile. Are there dimensions I can provide her with so the words are legible everywhere? I've used the focal button, but that still doesn't do it. The link shows 3 different sizes we've tried. Template: Mercer SS version 7.0 Thanks, Jenn
  2. Hi, I am using the brine template... I want to target and control the size of a specific image when changing between desktop, tablet and mobile. The image is the logo 'tbk' and sits within a banner at the bottom of a page. The size of the logo is perfect when in desktop mode, too small in tablet mode and too large on mobile. Is there some custom CSS i can add that will allow me to control the sizes for each. See images attached. website: tbktest.squarespace.com Thanks in advance. Dan.
  3. Site URL: https://www.hswaldorf.org/schoolnews-report I'd like to make adjustment of my blog titles. Please help me to smaller the sizes of title (shown in red circle below) in desktop view only. Thank you so much!
  4. Site URL: https://www.consyl.fr/ Hi there ! I'm having hard time to try to change the size on a my blocks titles so it fits and a letter does not go on the next text line (mobile). The full word is "Accompagnement" Sorry that's in french 😃 I would also love to know how to justify the text within the blocks. Thanks everyone for your help !! Regards
  5. Site URL: https://www.mymanagr.com/ Hello, I am working on a website in Squarespace 7.1 (www.mymanagr.com) (PW: mike123) and am looking for help regarding section two on the homepage with the gallery slideshow. The slideshow image on mobile and tablet has tons of extra space above and below it. I need the section height and width to remain large on web so the image is big, but need to change the height and width to small on mobile and tablet so there isn't so much space. Is this possible to do with custom code? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi, I'm having difficulty sizing the text for mobile version. I'm not sure of the CSS needed. I've used images with poster design as my buttons. thank you!
  7. Site URL: http://www.james-starkey.com Hi, I'm really in need of some help with gallery block sizing and also in need of help with responsive design for desktop, Macbook pro and Iphone/tablet. I'm going through all of my projects on my site and changing the layout to a slideshow gallery block instead of an image scroll, which you will see if you take a look at projects further down my site. Im happy with the sizing of the gallery blocks in these projects. (See examples below) I've uploaded this project, (see example below) The sizing of the gallery block is way off and I can't for the life of me figure out how get the gallery block the same and the examples above. And also how do I get my site to be responsive to all screens, Is there anyway to get my site to view the same on I mac/macbook/pro and Iphone etc. Is there anyone that could shine some knowledge on this problems i'm having? Thankyou! Best, James
  8. Site URL: https://www.lualinteriors.com/ Hello, im building a website and im having trouble with the image format of one particular image (top one) on the website. The picture is indeed a bit large but when i set the format as a size "L" on the desktop version, it displays as it should but the mobile version crops it alot while all the other images get resized. Then if i edit the format size of that image on the mobile version for an "S", it fixes the issue but messes up the desktop version because that setup size applies to both versions (desktop and mobile). Is there a way to set up the format size of the image independently for desktop and mobile? Like having that top image with a size "L" on the desktop version and "S" on the mobile one? Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi there, I’m wondering there is a code that i can use to change the font size of the word “preview” which is next to send on blog comments. Have searched but found no answer and can’t seem to be able to edit using site styles Thanks
  10. Site URL: https://kale-wedge.squarespace.com/ Hello squarespace community! i was wondering if anyone out there could help me with this one, been stumbling along on code but managed to make most things work but this one remains out of my skillset by quite a bit. i have a section on my home page that i can't seem to get to image blocks to the right to stay the same height or flex with the text description section to the right. honestly not sure if its even a flex issue but my coding skills are highly novice at best. Right now i have it set up with image on the left, text section and then a spacer block between rows but when the screen size shrinks, the text stays the same but the image size shrinks dramatically in relation, curious if there is a work around to this at all? attaching a screenshot of what i was hoping to accomplish as well. site url: https://kale-wedge.squarespace.com/ password: sauce section id in question: section[data-section-id="614e4f3444b2e57370c71097"]
  11. Hi there I’m having an issue with a website I’m working on. In edit mode the homepage/landing page fits perfectly to the screen and is exactly how I want it. But if I go directly to the website url, the page is too large and therefore the image is slightly zoomed in and there is a scroll bar. This is not adjusted by changing the image size as it’s the actual page itself if that makes sense. I’m not sure what could be causing this issue but I do not want that to happen, I want it to fit to screen. I’ve tried to search on this issue but haven’t found any sufficient answers. I am using the 7.1 Crosby template and the landing page is just a full bleed image with a button for entry. I’m viewing it on an iPad Pro 12.9 if that matters. thanks
  12. Site URL: https://www.thezimaconfession.com/ I uploaded a panorama image here - https://www.thezimaconfession.com/other-photos (Paris from Montmartre). This image is 1378x800 - which is big. I wanted people to be able to right-click and see the image in a new tab - full size. After I uploaded it I tried right-clicking and the photo was much smaller and crappier than I expected. I downloaded it to find out what had happened and it was 750x345 - so it has been physically altered. Why is this? It's especially strange because I recently uploaded some huge images by accident that were not resized (but they were not panoramas). Those photos were approx. 3Mb - whereas this one would be a mere 900Kb. I've attached the image I want to upload to my site.
  13. Site URL: https://mosaic-1056.squarespace.com/config/%20or%20www.rebeccaboltonbydesign.com I have created a custom cursor of 10px size (originally exported in 300 dpi / high resolution) however when on screen it is coming up pixelated and poor resolution. Does anyone know how to fix this without making the cursor a larger size?
  14. Site URL: https://mosaic-1056.squarespace.com/config/%20or%20www.rebeccaboltonbydesign.com I am trying to make my animation bleed across the whole site but it is aligned right / not spreading across a full screen. Does anyone know how to fix this? Please see screenshot attached! Additionally, it is not the correct size when viewed in mobile version. Is there a way to ensure that it resizes when viewed on all different devices?
  15. Site URL: https://mosaic-1056.squarespace.com/config/%20or%20www.rebeccaboltonbydesign.com I have coded my animation slide into the squarespace however it is only the right size for a small desktop view. It doesn't re-size itself so it presents correctly when on a larger desktop size or mobile view. Does anyone know how to correct this? The last screenshot in the upload images is correct. The first image is on large desktop view. The second is on mobile view
  16. Site URL: https://mosaic-1056.squarespace.com/config/%20or%20www.rebeccaboltonbydesign.com I have coded in to autoplay a few animations into my site. However, it appears with a play bar etc when hovering over. Is there a way to hide this?
  17. Site URL: https://www.dthmedia.com.au/ I have a sizing issue on mobile that I would like to try and fix. The image blocks on desktop look great but when these resize for mobile, they are far too large. Is there a way at keeping these at a particular pixel width/height for both desktop and mobile? See attached screenshots to see whats happening. The icons in question appear on the following pages: https://www.dthmedia.com.au/printing and https://www.dthmedia.com.au/design Cheers, James
  18. Site URL: https://thetre.es Hi there, I'm sure this has been answered before, but can't find it. I have lots of background images on my site, as one does in Squarespace URL: https://thetre.es Password: sassafras I'm fine with some of these background images being modified when I'm the site is being viewed on mobile (typically they are made to be in portrait orientation with the sides cut off). But there are certain background images, when viewed on mobile, that I'd like to be displayed in landscape format with no sides cut off, as they are displayed when viewed on a desktop browser. Is there CSS code I can use on an arbitrary background image to make this happen? Thank you in advance! Ted PS: Screen grab example of an image that's getting the unfortunate portrait treatment.
  19. Site URL: https://www.worqflowsolutions.com/about Hi everyone, So I am having a particularly hard time figuring out how to fix this issue. The columns for photos and text will reallign themselves when I change the size of my screen. So it will look off. I want to ensure the photos all stay the same height like in the photo examples below. Any help would be most appreciated! Best, M
  20. Site URL: http://www.spadesroom.com/welcome Used a code block to make the welcome screen for my site, the desktop sizing is fine but how do I make the sizing of the block on the mobile site smaller ?
  21. Site URL: https://www.goostreylanevets.co.uk/dog-care Hi, Can anyone shed any light, I have the above page and in mobile view the image is blown up and pixelates. I want to basically control the image only element of the image card. All of the solutions I have seen so far affect the card as a whole, narrowing the image on mobile, but also the text, which again looks just as bad as the ridiculously large image. So i'm basically looking for a solution for Mobile that looks like the attached image.... Can anyone help... CSS is not my strong point lol Thanks Scott.
  22. Site URL: https://www.signolesclement.com I'd like to do the same ! Thanks.
  23. Site URL: https://www.emmasoulsbyflowers.com/ Hello, I am trying to resize the background image on the each page of a website I have created. The images are set to full bleed, which looks great on desktop but not on mobile as either side of the image gets cut off. Can anyone help with any coding as to fix this for mobile version. I want to be able to see the images as you see them on desktop but just on mobile, especially on the profile page where the whole idea is to be able to showcase the work. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Nadine
  24. Site URL: https://seanjsprague.com Hello, I'm look for some help and suggestions to help with an issue that's come up recently. I did a slight redesign of my site and checked it on a few devices to see how it would look on a phone, tablet, desktop. Everything was fine except on my 3rd gen iPad air. It appeared that my site did not recognize that it was an iPad and thus the responsive design was in "desktop" mode" on an iPad. After contacting tech support and going back and forth it's basically landed that in the Wells template the iPad design does not get trigged until certain pixels width dimension occur. From tech support: "I have been doing some tests on my end based on what you reported and i believe that, the issue that you reported is connected to a specific rule present within the Wells template. By default, this template will condense navigation links into the mobile display mode, if the screen size is less than 800px. Since your iPad is able to render 834px wide, it will load the desktop version. To give you further insight on this, allow me to share a video on my end where you can see the template mobile breaking point taking effect: Video. " Since the new iPad pixel dimension width is 834px, my site using the Wells template will look as though it's a desktop on new iPads. It was suggested by Squarspace it that I come here and seek some suggestions (as I'm not a coder) for some custom code that I might be able to inject that alters my sites behavior so the responsive design kicks into mobile/table mode at say 900 pixels wide (or some other amount of my choosing.) Any suggestions/examples of custom code that address this are welcome. Attached are some screen shots of how the site currently looks on an iPad vs what it should look like on a tablet. Thanks so much! ps - Here is the video link from Squarespace IT that shows the pixel dimension of when "tablet mode" kicks in - https://share.squarespace.com/Jru1my4y
  25. Hey guys :) I made my portfolio on a 4k display with a scaling factor of 175% in the windows 10 display settings* - no browser zoom. On that display, it looks like I want it to look (look at image 1). When I look at it on a 1920px display with a zoom of 100% it looks quite similar, though a little bit bigger. But when I saw it on a 1920px laptop screen that was on 125% scaling during a portfolio review, the proportions of the text and images were way too large while the white space was too small (look at image 2 - imagine this being full screen 🙈). *If it is unclear what I mean by the scaling factor, I mean this: https://youtu.be/t9xIbkD6XjQ?t=30 What do I do in such a case? I cannot decide the screen size of the HR person I send the portfolio to, so it should look good on every screen size, no matter if 4k or 1920px, and no matter the windows scaling factor (at least it is quite normal to have a scaling of 125% on a 1920 laptop screen and 150-175% on a 4k display). Is it possible & smart to set a zoom level of the browser depending on the screen size and windows zoom level? Or can I add additional breakpoints? Thank you so much for your support in advance! :D Image 1 (on 4k full screen): Image 2 (looks terrible on a laptop in full screen):
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