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  1. Site URL: https://contino.squarespace.com/ At this moment they are white, but I would like to change color via CSS, I cannot find the right element. https://contino.squarespace.com/ I have tried this .social-links.sqs-svg-icon--list {color: #0A97A9;} But it doesn't work Can you please help me? Thanks
  2. I want to have one set of Social Links Blocks for my music sites (e.g., Spotify, Amazon Music) and one set for my social media sites (e.g., Instagram, Facebook). Is this possible?
  3. Is it possible to create 5 pages and use one unique facebook link per page?
  4. Site URL: https://thetarrantino.co.uk/ Hi all, I'm having trouble with the social links. I've changed my logo and set it to be my social sharing image as below: However, it's been a few days and it still shows the old image whenever I type it or post it somewhere. And in some cases it does not even show at all... Can someone please help? It's making me look shoddy! Thanks!
  5. Site URL: https://geeknproud.com Hi everyone, I'm having a bit of an issue with my site. I'm looking to share my links in social media, on my FB page to be more specific, from news I'll post in my site. While testing it I noticed that it doesn't show the preview as this: Instead I'm getting this in FB: At the time of testing my site was set to public so FB should have access to it without issues. Any ideas why this is happening?
  6. I use a social link within my navigation with a custom icon to link to a page within my site. Currently, since it's a social link, it automatically opens a new tab/window every time it's clicked. Is there a way to disable this feature so the page just opens in the same tab? I know there's a simple switch option to do so with normal links, so I'm wondering if I'm just missing something obvious or this requires code to be accomplished. I'm hoping to find a way for this to work across both desktop and mobile site versions. It would also be ideal if I could identify specific social links
  7. Site URL: https://acornmc.co.uk I'm trying to change the social media links from the default location to the shown location in the picture. I know this can be done with simple coding, but I know very little about it. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance
  8. I am creating a site, where I need to have social links for two different partner organizations in my "Contact" page, preferably underneath their two logos, which I have added. For the first one I need LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram and for the other I need Linkedin and Twitter. If I use the regular social links block from squarespace, I cannot create two blocks with different social links in it. If you need link for the website in order to help, let me know. I will have to ask my employer first πŸ™‚ Can anyone help me out?
  9. When building my site, i came across a problem I couldn't solve. I have my social media icons on the navigation on top of the page. When viewed in mobile, I lose them. I was looking to put them in the mobile menu (inside the hamburger icon) but was never able to find a solution. Was wondering if anyone had a solution to that. What I did was I placed them in the contact page on the bottom when seen on mobile. That is a temporary solution until i find a permanent solution. Is there a way to do this using CSS? I am using brine template. A solution to this would be appreciated. http:
  10. Site URL: https://www.anqi-wu.com/ Hello, The hover on my social links doesn't seem to be working properly. When I hover over a social link, the other icons get greyed out versus the one which has the active hover. Is there some way to fix this issue using custom css? I'd like for the social icon button to turn grey when there is a cursor hovering over it, similar to how my other buttons are done. Right now it seems like it is doing the opposite. Thanks, -Anqi
  11. Hi there! It doesn't seem that Fulton has built in social media icons, it says they are "visible" under settings > social links, but I'm not seeing them. In a previous template they simply appeared at the bottom which was awesome. Please help! Many thanks!
  12. Site URL: https://www.serendaya.co.uk I am in the process of rebuilding a website (our own actually) and as such it is a simply landing page at present whilst the rest is fleshed out. However I thought I'd do a lighthouse report on it anyway (in part to check the difference between a 'normal' and 'incognito' window to see what my Macbook is impacting). Anyway despite a very simple page the 'Accessibility' score, whilst good, flags in improvements that the social links don't have any discernible names: Failing Elements a.sqs-svg-icon--wrapper.linkedin-
  13. Hello, I have an Instagram account which has three separate profiles. So I can manage all three profiles via the same account. Now I would like to connect my website to only one of these three profiles, not being the main one. When I try to connect to Instagram on my website it takes me to the main profile only. Does anyone know how to tackle this? Thanks!
  14. Site URL: https://www.anqi-wu.com/ Hello! For some reason I am having issues with figuring out how to fix this layout problem on my webpage. The newsletter block and my social links are overlapping on top of each other. Is there some sort of custom CSS code I can input to fix it? As well, an additional small minor issues if anyone knows how to fix, the spacing within my newsletter block is a bit off. I'd like for there to be less space between the text and the email input box if that is something that can be adjusted? The current template I am using for my webpage is Wells. I also
  15. Site URL: http://callummcallister.com/ Hey! In short I want the social blocks to be able to link to personal social media on the whole site, except the page www.callummcallister.com/toodles where I want them to link to my band's social media. I also want the personal social media blocks to only have email, twitter and instagram, whereas I want the band social media to link to a variety of different social media accounts. Is there a way to do this?
  16. Site URL: https://www.laaf.org Hello! On the site laaf.org (version 7.1), if you take a url like https://www.laaf.org/joyce-song and paste that url Into a Twitter or LinkedIn post, the weblink preview is incorrect. It shows up fine on Facebook. Has anyone found issues/resolved them when entering urls into those two social platforms? As far as I can tell, they are "connected" in settings. I am attaching how it previews on Facebook (correctly, showing Joyce Song info) and how it previews on LinkedIn (showing a different person's name, no image, etc). Thank you! Veronica
  17. Hi! I've been trying for a while to place the Instagram icon more towards the button of my homepage in the mobile version, since now it's too close to the language buttons, but non of the changes I've made seem to have any effect 😞 In the desktop version is in the correct position though. Could you please give me some code recommendations to help me do this?? I don’t know what to try anymore. I'll attach a picture of the homepage in mobile version and the location where I'd like to have the icon. Thank you so much in advance !! πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™
  18. Hi i have added a social link to my Alamy site on my website but it comes up with the generic squarespace link icon. I have found some mentions on the forum about being able to change the icon image with css and linking it to a flaticon but i can't see the actual css or process to follow, so would be grateful for some suggestions.
  19. Hello. I want to add individual social links to my team page but I am having trouble finding the correct code. Can anyone help on this issue?
  20. Site URL: https://owner2owners.nyc Hi! I am having trouble figuring out how to set up conversion tracking for form submissions on our site. Because the form is embedded on the homepage, I cannot target by UTM/URL parameters. I have to do this on the backend and this is beyond my area of expertise. Can anyone help clarify what I need to do? The channels we have running are facebook, twitter, linkedIn, Google Ads, and organic emails.
  21. Hi! I am trying to locate the instagram icon in my home page towards the bottom of the screen (in the mobile version) but I can't change it's position (see picture attached). Does anyone have a code recommendation that would help me with that? Thank you so much in advance!!
  22. Site URL: https://polygon-eagle-lpf8.squarespace.com/config/design/styles I'm switching my blog from Wix to Squarespace, but I'm having a hard time customizing the homepage so that it replicates the current site. My main question is if it's possible to add a sticky social media bar like the one here: coze.online ?
  23. I am trying to move the social icons either to the bottom left of the banner or to the bottom centre under the logo. I am assuming there will be a code to do this but relatively new to it and could do with some help. TYIA
  24. Site URL: https://chrysalis-goose-4pdd.squarespace.com/ See the attached image. I would like to add a box like this with Follow on ... for each social icon. Thanks.
  25. I have a team page on my website, where I would like to add individual social media icons to each of my team members, but whenever I go to add a social links block, it defaults to the same set I have in Settings > Social Links. My coder has informed me that it's possible to reassign the links via javascript, though it's not the nicest solution. I was wondering if anyone might have a solution for this problem?
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