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  1. I have a team page on my website, where I would like to add individual social media icons to each of my team members, but whenever I go to add a social links block, it defaults to the same set I have in Settings > Social Links. My coder has informed me that it's possible to reassign the links via javascript, though it's not the nicest solution. I was wondering if anyone might have a solution for this problem?
  2. Site URL: https://www.zeroissue.gg/zero-issue-esports/0i-overwatch I am trying to have different social media linked for different people but if I put a socials panel on a page it shows the default socials for the site. If I change said socials it changes it globally, for all panels. How do I do it so it's unique?
  3. Site URL: https://www.thekingkid.com/ I was wondering if it were possible to maintain the XL size of social icons for my desktop browser, but change it to Large just for the mobile version within my banner/header and footer sections so that they fit the screen correctly? Keep in mind I have another icon in the shows/tour section of the site that I would like to remain untouched if at all possible. The size of that icon is perfectly okay. Any solutions to this would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Can I have two different social links blocks in different places on my site? So far if I change one, it changes all of them across the site. I want it so that the footer always has facebook, twitter, and instagram, while my 'music' page has spotify, apple music, youtube, and soundcloud. Here's how it looks now:https://www.airshipcaravan.com/music
  5. Is there any way to add social links to external profiles, while keeping the social icons the same as the ones used for my personal profile? I currently have my personal social links within the footer of each page, but would like to include links (with social icons) to other social profiles within the content. Thanks in advance! Bob
  6. Site URL: https://denizdemir.photos/instagram Hi, I would like to include just the instagram link at the top of my instagram page in a social media block however when I hide the other social links it also hides them in my footer. It seems the social link block is one thing and cannot be separately designed per block? How could I exclude the other social links on my instagram page while retaining all of the social links in my footer?
  7. Site URL: https://rafida.org Hey, I've added the below code as Code Inject for some pages to control the colour of certain icons in the social icons section. How do I add the case code injection for the cart page? Site access: https://rafida.org pass: lastphasetesting3 Code injection used: <style> .SocialLinks-inner a:nth-child(5){ colour: #000000;} .SocialLinks-inner a:nth-child(6){ colour: #000000;} .SocialLinks-inner a:nth-child(7){ colour: #000000;} </style> <style> .SocialLinks-inner a:nth-child(5){filter: brightness(50%);} .So
  8. Hello Everyone, Looking to find the CSS to enlarge the size of the social media icons in the footer area. I've tried multiple CSS but have not quite gotten the right one. I'm hoping to enlarge the icons while keeping them centered. I'm using the Marquee template. Link is below and I'm grateful for any help. Thank you much! someguysgetit.com Cheers!
  9. Hey SQS, I just published a free tutorial showing how you can add a script to get this cool drawing animation for social icons in Squarespace 7.1. If you have any questions about the script feel free to leave comment here https://ryandejaegher.com/how-to-animate-social-icons-in-squarespace-7.1/ Animation Draw In.mp4
  10. Site URL: https://rafida.org Hey, On our BRINE website, we added 4 additional custom social icons to the social links. The colour of the social links is set to white I added the below code in order to change the colour of the social links to grey on certain pages (e.g. product item pages) After adding this code, the social icons did change to grey, but for some reasons 2 of the social icons are blurry. The 2 that are blurry are 2 of the custom social icons that were added manually. For some reason one of the other custom social icons did not turn blurry? Also, it's i
  11. Site URL: https://rafida.org Hey, We've added 3 custom social link icons on our BRINE website. The icons are fine when there is an overlay behind the icons. They appear white with no issue. But when there is no overlay (and just a plain white background), the regular social link icons change to gray, but the 3 new custom icons remain white. Two bits of code I'm using have been supplied below, and I've added screenshots showing the issue. Website access: rafida.org pass: lastphasetesting3 Any ideas? ----------------------------------------------------------- I
  12. Dear Community, I have a dual language setup and added the following code to each of second language pages via PAGE HEADER CODE INJECTION: <div dir="rtl"</div> But now the spacing between the Facebook and the Instagram Icon in the header is too wide (see screenshot). I tried to fix it via Custom CSS but was not successful so far. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you! Sho2000
  13. Squarespace supports limited platform logos. These logos automatically display when you add a URL from that platform in Social Links. All other links are show as generic link icons. I want to change the generic link icon into a social icon of the platform XING. I did not find any custom code and would be more than happy to find a solution for this.
  14. Site URL: https://www.genzwearethefuture.org/ On the contact page, there is a place where i put social links and i want to find out if there is a way i can change the link icon into the tiktok icon.
  15. Hello, I am having issues with my blog post social media thumbnail images showing as a black screen when I try to share it on other social sites.. The thumbnail preview on Facebook for my blog post is currently an all black image. Does anybody have any advice on how to fix this issue? Ideally, I want to be able to display the blog post thumbnail preview image I have attached bellow.
  16. Site URL: https://www.zemnics.com My template grove, does not allow placement of social media buttons it just appears at the left side, is there any way to add them to the last section of my nav bar? NO code injection Thank you
  17. I have a client that needs to add Tik Tok as a social media link, but would like to have the Tik Tok social media icon instead of the generic link that appears when I add the handle in connected accounts. Any suggestions on how I might grant this wish? Leslie
  18. Site URL: https://www.pri-1.com/ Hi all, I'm trying to center how the social links block displays in the footer while only in mobile. I've been able to center everything else using CSS, but can't seem to figure out the code for this. Any help would be appreciated! Website: https://www.pri-1.com/ Password: Priority-1 Thanks! -Scott
  19. Site URL: https://www.kwinmosby.com/blog/coronavirus-effect-impact-on-travelers-of-color I have a blog on my personal website and would like to add a social share bar to each blog post. Has anyone used customized code that has worked really well with Squarespace? I would like to allow readers/users the ability to share a blog post on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've added an example of one of my blog posts that I would like to add a social share bar.
  20. Hey! How can I customize the color of the social icon block using CSS in a Brine family 7.0 template? Also, wondering if there's a way to do this with a single icon block on a particular page using the block/collection ID? Thanks so much!
  21. I'm desperately trying to get my social icons to be a custom color in the Harris theme (part of the York Template family). I've used a few different codes including @tuanphan's code: #sqs-svg-icon--social #sqs-use--icon { #fill: 4a91b5 !important; } Figured out # works over . in this template. However, no matter what I do, I cannot get the social icon (LinkedIn) to be a custom color. TIA
  22. Site URL: https://www.eatdoshi.com/ Hello! I chose to have a social icon appear on the top navigation in my Brine site. However, it does not appear on mobile. Squarespace support has informed me that there is no official way to get it to appear on the mobile nav. If that is the case, I would like one of the following options: 1. For the social link icon to appear in the mobile menu also 2. For the social link to appear in the footer on mobile only. (Right now it is in the header and footer on desktop, which is not ideal.) Is there a way to create content that appears on the mobile
  23. Site URL: https://www.pokesports.org Hi there! I'm trying to figure out how I can reposition my social links to sit in the center of the page, underneath the page selection screen in my header. Currently they are left-aligned and above. Is this possible with custom HTML? Thanks! Mike
  24. Site URL: https://avocado-tangerine-n2wl.squarespace.com/ Hi there. I'm having trouble adjusting the mobile header on my site. I'm using Archer in 7.1. In my header on the desktop view and I can see my social links in the top right corner but on the mobile view the social link disappear. I know they are moved to the drop down menu but wanted to know if there was away to keep them in that top right corner in the mobile view. Is there also a way to make the X in the dropdown visible and instead of the white border, is it possible to keep the green image I am using as the site background?
  25. Site URL: https://mushroom-carrot-zt4h.squarespace.com/ Wondering if it's possible to adjust the position of the social icons in 7.1. My site has no borders, which is great for the video blocks, but the mail icon gets a little lost: https://mushroom-carrot-zt4h.squarespace.com pass: SiteTest I'd love to nudge it in from the edge a little bit, or even put it on the left... Thanks!
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