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  1. Hello, I am trying to remove drop-down options from my product page but there is no « delete » button. I just want to remove the « Border size »and « Paper » drop-downs. Sounds simple enough but there is no option to do so? I just want to keep the « Size » drop-down. Anybody could help? Thank you! Link : https://www.annabellemetayer.com/store/p/test3-1
  2. New here, my site is- heidiwright.co.uk - I have searched everywhere to ask if people can have a choice of styles of images on my site, colours etc that they click then what they choose will then go onto a card template? Mix and match, that then land on to a template, similar to how you pick a Snapchat emoji? Is Squarespace able to do this?
  3. Hi there, the German Squarespace site uses a cookie banner with different options to disable or enable certain cookies. I'm looking for the exact same thing, bummer it's not available within the system. A workaround would be a cookie consent tool, but that means extra costs. Any Ideas on how to fix this?
  4. Hello, I made a useful calculation formula in excel and want to make it available for all my friends so they can use it. Is there any function that I can add such thing to my square space website? The formula I made looks like this: =(C23+D23)*D9/E9 On my website, I would like to make it in such a way that people can fill in numbers in some columns so the tool calculates it automatically.
  5. Site URL: https://www.bohannanphotography.com/ Hello! My website is https://www.bohannanphotography.com/, I was wondering if people had any feedback or suggestions to make my website a little better today than it was yesterday! Thanks!
  6. I have an item in which you can pick different letters and number. The problem is that the item count starts at 1, so when they click on a number or letter they want, it adds it to the existing 1, so now it shows 2 items instead of 1. I'm wondering if there is a way to start the item count at 0 instead of 1.
  7. I have products that have a "Manufacturer" and "Model". For example, the following list: Dodge Charger Dodge Caravan Kia Optoma Kia Sedona Toyota Camry In the above example, if I simply add options "Manufacturer" and "Model," the product will display two drop down boxes. One for each option. So far so good. However, when I choose "Dodge" from the "Manufacturer" drop down, it still lists "Charger, Caravan, Optoma, Sedona, and Camry" as options under Model. How do I make it where if the user selects manufacturer "Kia" they are only presented with Optoma and Sedona as possible "Model" options? Thanks!
  8. Good Day All, I am looking for a way to set up the product options on my customers store so multiple options can be selected at a time. It needs to have the product price update when the different options are selected. Is there a way to do this natively or do I need to find a plug-in to make this work? If so does anyone have any ideas? Look at the picture for a reverence. Looking forward to your response.
  9. On Squarespace 7.1, the dropdown menu in a form has a really small font. In the HTML, I can see the option tags reside inside select tags with an ID, but it doesn't seem like adding the ID to Custom CSS does anything. #select- [A LOT OF NUMBERS] -field { font-size: 12pt; } Does anyone know what might do the trick? Thanks in advance, Prescott
  10. I am very interesting to know more about general look of features choosing Squarespace. Last days I was almost convinced that I will choose Nicepage. But I have just check the overall very first looking of Sqarespace features and highlight underlining creator's needs. I am in need of tool which I will be able, by myself (not familiar with coding at all, some experience in simple Wordpress blog sites building etc., some basic Dreamweaver building skills, pure visually). I am needing tools with many options and conections. I will build some simple, but with high design and esthetic value landing site. I will build some e-commerce websites, due to startup of my ebooks small publising house (international and domestic sites - in Poland, and in English, for Amazon and as independent publisher site, to seeling trough it ebooks, paperbooks (phisical goods), but some ditigal contant, access to archive, subscriptions of actualisations with archive of valuable content connected with main topic and books etc.etc. I want to build a strict memebership site, too (maybe to or 3), each one connected with other branch of my activity. I need sites and smooth copperation with such services like: Amazon, other internationals Print od Demand Services, Apple selling ebooks, Ingram Spark, Nobo (?). I want, even more important, smooth connection and use of digital payment servies: PayPal, Stripe, others, best most popular, easy and safe for customers I want to be able to do almost everything with simple visual and text manual - interfece without any coding or any "developers" knowdledge and experience - to esbtablish some more complexed, and often more useful, safe and popular funtctions. Of course, always exceptions could arise in special situations, but I am writing about geneal feelings and expectations. Because I have to find and decide which soulton or tools I will try in very short term, I have to build some of the sites and establish membership and subscription possibility in next weeks; to the end of the 2022 all main sites and features should work, I was hurry to choose right solutions and tools. I read about NicePage as a very novative tool, very high customizable and user and creator/desinger/artist friendly. I read about NicePage system futures, and I was impressed, that in such easy and intuitive, design-style, visual mode, so much options and different possibilities are real. I am thinkinig mostly about: designing, seting and administrating e-commerce site, digital subcriotion, membership site with many kind of featuers, and I was unde impression, that Nicepage solutions offers most comprehensive possibilities booth in static webside design and functioning, but as well as in dynamic many users login site - service etc.etc. I will be very thankful if You could provide some data, arguments pro and contra, taking under account what I've just written above. Kind regrds, Matt
  11. Site URL: https://www.samuelrauschenberger.com/ Hi there, so I have a product made on printify in my squarespace shop which has 3 sizes to choose from and only one paper. therefore, obviously, I only need a option for size and not a second one for paper. I tried reaching out to the costumer service on printful and squarespace and either of them redirected me to the other back and forth because it has nothing to do with their service. The only thing they said could fix this was CCS coding and I don't know anything about it, so I thought I'll ask in the forum if anyone who knows a bit more about it could decide wether this could be fixed with code or not. thanks for any help, samuel
  12. How can I make it so that when you specify Digital Instruction in Inventory Variants, during Checkout it would be perceived as a Digital product and you would not need to specify a shipping address? Thank you in advance!
  13. Site URL: https://www.usmexicofoundation.org Hi! I'm an amateur web designer/developer and a one-person team, which is why any feedback from fellow designers and developers is helpful! Thanks!
  14. Hi everyone! I'm finishing my new website with a store to launch this Sunday, and I found some things I feel I should be able to do with the Squarespace editor and I can't find how to, with a fear that it can't be done, and honestly as a software engineer, I find it very basic to give this ability, which is why I'm inclined to think I'm the problem haha. Both things have to do with variant options in physical products (I'm using v7.1 and the beta editor): How can one reorder options within a variant? I found how to reorder variants no problem, but on that screen you can only delete an option, or add an option within a variant. Drag/drop does not work, and if you go to the edit all section of the options, it doesn't seem to be drag and droppable either. How can one rename/edit an option within a variant? I found that a product which I have 2 versions with a similar name, I did "product name-1" and "product name (2)", finding the second one better. I wanted to edit the first one and couldn't find out how, without deleting all that comes after it, and creating it again correctly (this is related to the inability to reorder options I mentioned before). Thanks a lot for the help in advance. Have a great week!
  15. Site URL: https://www.revitalizingretreat.com/store Hello! I am trying to create an add-on of limited quantity to sell across multiple items, and I'm not sure how to go about it. We are a retreat business, and we have a limited number of room upgrades (qty = 4). There are two ways clients can purchase a spot in the retreat: paying full price paying an initial deposit (and paying the balance at a later date) These options are both listed as items in the store. Is there a way to create a room upgrade add-on with a quantity of 4 that is listed as an option on both of these items in the store? I don't believe adding it as a variant would work because a sale on one of the above items would not update the quantity available on another item. Thoughts or ideas about how to make this work? Thanks!
  16. Site URL: https://www.annameerson.com/ My website currently looks like this picture: and I wish for it to look something like this with the side menu on the left: I also wish to be able to change easily the typography of this new menu (the mobile version has very thick font in capitals and I wish for it to be less so) Thanks in advance
  17. Site URL: http://thelandservice.net Hey everyone. I am trying to remove the “from $100” on each of my product pages. Would love some help! I removed from the store page already also if anyone knows why my “purchase button” and “options button” moved to the top on mobile please let me know. I would like it on the bottom of each page. Thank you sooo much!
  18. Hi. I am curious if any of you using square space came from WebFlow? I have a couple sites on squarespace but am increasingly being frustrated by some of the limitations and speed of development (especially with regards to video imbedding and galleries) and am considering getting up to speed on WebFlow to compare it. Before I spend my time ramping up I thought I would ask friends here what you all think of it before I (possibly) waste time (or not) ramping up on Webflow. Thanks! Lawrence
  19. We sell mostly one of a kind products like cutting boards & charcuterie boards on our website: https://libertyboardworks.com/ We also offer laser engraving to personalize these products and I'm trying to figure out how to add this as an option on some of our product pages. I need to be able to do the following: Select personalization (yes/no) If yes: Add to the price Require a form to describe the personalization/text If no, add the product to the cart without displaying or requiring the personalization form. In both cases deduct from the inventory of the same product. So far, I've tried adding an option/variant and it works for incrementing the price, but then the inventory thinks we have 2 products available (1 personalized and 1 not). I've also tried adding a custom form, but it pops up even if you do not choose the personalized option which would be very confusing to a customer. Has anyone figured out a way to do this? Thanks! - Craig
  20. Site URL: https://www.ramonzelada.com/ Hi, It's been a few days since I realized that an automatic chatbot is installed in all pages of my Squarespace website (www.ramonzelada.com). Please see the attached picture. It's a screenshot from my phone but it happens on the desktop version too. The chatbot is on the bottom right corner of the page and it messes with the navigation, because it also adds up to the cookies banner that emerges at the same spot. Anyway, How do I disable this chat completely from my entire website? Thank you,
  21. I create custom balloon decor. Customers choose from many options; it's not like the color of a shirt. For instance pick 2 colors from chart A, pick 1 color from chart B, chose a foil number, choose a pattern, choose a topper from the chart. Attached is an example. - What's the best way to approach this? Isn't there something other than variants, like custom product options?
  22. Hi all I'm helping to add a store for a client that sells in person skateboarding workshops that run for a semester. After a person selects the workshop they want, they then must select the number of times a week they want to come: 1 day a week, 2 days a week, or 3 days a week (all are different prices) for the semester, and then they must select the day(s) of the week they want i.e Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.... (the class runs the same day every week for the semester), but there is a max capacity for each day's workshop of 10 people (as opposed to a max of 10 spots of the workshop itself) so the client is actually selling/keeping inventory of weekdays and not workshops. Now obviously, I could make every combination of purchase possibilities and make each one a unique item (ex: a mondays only "item", a mondays and tuesdays only "item", a tuesdays only "item") which will be a lot, hard to sift through, and ugly. So... I'm wondering if there is way to allow a user to select various options which calculate the cost accordingly and track inventory of the days and not workshops. I think a similar example would be selling one t shirt and you have to pick the color and size but there are only 10 XL irrespective of the color chosen (if that makes sense even though that's impossible in this scenario) I think I could just sell all the mondays for x class as an item and all the tuesdays for x class as another item, but then someone could buy 4 or more days a week rather than the max limit of 3 days a week. Thanks in advance for all your thoughts.
  23. Site URL: https://www.melissadinino.com/originals/quick-release Hey everyone, I have a question for y'all. Has anyone figured out a way to add an option to a product (not necessarily a variant) that displays a different price for that product without increasing the inventory? My example, to clarify, is with artwork. I want to give people the option to add framing to a specific painting or buy it without. So say I have a small painting that is $500. I want to have on the page - almost like a variant - the option to buy that painting with or without framing - the option with framing being more expensive (say $600). If I do it through variants, it forces me to say there's one unit available of each. In this scenario, I would have to hope two people don't go to buy the different options at the same time, which is very possible, and if they didn't I would need to watch my store like a hawk to quickly remove the other variant before it also sells. I've thought of doing a separate "add framing" product that people can add to their carts as well, however, framing costs can vary a lot and it would get really complicated if even possible. Any ideas on how to neatly contain this under a single product? I have an example of this with variants at the link above. I appreciate any and all thoughts!
  24. Site URL: https://www.englishgem.es Hi, i have a problem with the post's setting. I have indicated that each post open in a new window. Now this option is not available and each post opens in the same tab. I don't understand what happened to this change! Can anybody help me?
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