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  1. Change your Custom CSS so the border is #999 instead of white so that you have a darker border on all the other pages. Then repeat the code, with the border set to white, prepending the selectors with '.homepage'. This will ensure the homepage is white instead. Let me know if you need more specific advice. Your site using using a Brine-family template btw, which includes what Squarespace refer to as the 'Custom Template' (sites made by answering questions instead of picking a design).
  2. Even if you centred the logo, the layout won't look so great if there is no symmetry either side of it. The best solution is to arrange your nav items equally on either side of the logo and try to keep the length of each one consistent.
  3. You won't find a CSS solution for this because Squarespace use JavaScript to determine the way that the images appear. If the lack of an 'auto' ratio is an issue for you, please submit a feature request to Squarespace by raising a ticket through Customer Care. They'll document your feedback and share it with the appropriate team. They do not monitor this forum for product feature requests
  4. Hi Michele There are a few issues that you need to correct. It's not working on desktop either, but if you have the fonts installed on YOUR desktop, it may appear to be working for you 🙂. Firstly, a rule of thumb is to not add '!important' unless absolutely necessary. You should remove it from line 4 (font-face) as it cannot be added here. Secondly, whatever you name the font in line 4 ('Playlist-Script') you MUST use the same name throughout, with the quotes. Take a look through the rest of your CSS and replace Playlist Script with 'Playlist-Script'. It should then work. Let me know how you get on. -Paul
  5. This usually works for two text boxes, but it will become more complex if you try to add further text boxes or checkbox fields. As an example, adding form { display: flex; } places the submit button on the same line but it then looks like this on a large screen. As you will see, this isn't perfect and as the screen width is reduced, the layout will compress and become even less clear. You could change the layout and checkbox so that it looks better, but this is much more complex and will require CSS and JavaScript to make it responsive on desktop and mobile.
  6. Can you provide a working link to the page where you are attempting this?
  7. Can you be more specific and provide a link to the form?
  8. @jsdavey and @carbureted please report technical issues like this directly to Squarespace Customer Care. They do not monitor this forum for error reports. You can reach out to them here.
  9. It's usually a case of adding something like this to Settings > Code Injection > Footer: window.Squarespace.onInitialize(Y, function(){ document.querySelector('.Header-branding').setAttribute('href', '/about-us-sonora'); }); Change '/about-us-sonora' to be the URL of the page you want visitors to reach when they click the logo. Let me know how you get on. As you didn't include a working link to your site in the question I wasn't able to test it.
  10. It's this tool: https://www.squarewebsites.org/blog/squarespace-websites-uploader
  11. Squarespace doesn't allow file uploads by visitors so you must be using a third-party service. You'll need to contact them to ask about their limits. It isn't possible for us to determine which service you are using without a working link to the page on your site.
  12. It should be possible to remove the pagination by adding this to Custom CSS: section.item-pagination.item-pagination--prev-next { display: none; } If you find that it doesn't, please provide a working link to the page on your site.
  13. @TerrySilver @bekaRoo @imichaud @myrto I agree that there should be a built-in file manager that allows us to access all our files. However, until Squarespace provide one, there is a third party tool now that gives you this functionality. I used it today to delete files that couldn't otherwise be reached. ✅ Anyone who builds Squarespace websites should consider a version of this. I've used the PRO version of SquarespaceWebsites Tools Extension since the beginning. It was great then, but it just keeps improving.
  14. If you are talking about URL redirects, this isn't a valid format within Squarespace. You must specify each one, page by page.
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