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  1. No issues here on Safari. If you have added code to your site, try removing it to see if this corrects the issue. Otherwise, best to contact Squarespace Customer Care. You can reach out to them here.
  2. Some other platforms offer this as a service, but this isn't something you can do with Squarespace.
  3. See Adding basic product variants. Product variants are how you add different attributes like size or colour.
  4. I can answer the question you've asked (how to style the Product Block) but this doesn't sounds like the best option? Adding bespoke pages sounds like a lot of work. You'll also lose other Product Page Special Features like product zoom and waitlists. If you simply want to add the additional information and size guide to the product pages, that should be straightforward too with a little code. Or did I miss something?
  5. If it's any consolation @JefSteele we've been asking for this since 2012 when Squarespace 6 was launched. Some sites are still running Squarespace 5 because it had this feature! I really hope this will be a 2020 delivery.
  6. To bold the 'Accessories' link, add this to Design > Custom CSS: a.ProductList-filter-list-item-link[href="/?category=Accessories"] { font-weight: bold; } You can repeat this for the other links, changing 'Accessories' to the required link.
  7. Hi Paul - I hope you're well. I have a number of Squarespace sites and am a Circle member but I've hit the wall with my newest blog, using the Native template. Is there a way to show the blogs in the chronological order they are created/written in, so first to last? I'm writing a story (of sorts) so starting in the middle (where the latest post will always appear) is pointless if you don't know what's happened before? Does that make sense? 



  8. To help us to see the issues - both with the Product Detail Page and the Product Block on your custom layout, please provide working links to examples of these pages. If the site isn't live, we need you to set a password in the visibility settings and tell us what it is.
  9. A screenshot can be helpful, but we really need to see the issue first hand, which means we need you to provide a working link to your website. If the site isn't live, we need you to set a password in the visibility settings and tell us what it is.
  10. @alpinegolf You'll find that @tuanphan has already provided the answer in this post:
  11. Feature requests, improvement suggestions, and bug reports should all submitted by raising a ticket with Customer Care. You cannot track feature requests because Squarespace do not make them public.
  12. This should be very straightforward, but it will depend on 'how' the online booking service is called. You'll need some simple JavaScript to add the button to the page, with an absolute or fixed position. To help you further, we'll need a working link to the site. If your site isn't live yet, please set a site password and tell us what it is, so that we can view it. Also, please post the code that will trigger the booking service - if this is external to your website.
  13. When a site isn't live (as this one isn't) you need to set a password in the visibility settings and tell us what it is. When you say it is for design reasons, you mean that you want the link to show all the items, but you want it to be worded differently?
  14. It depends on why you want to change it. Can you explain if this is for translation purposes or because of functionality? Also, please provide a working link to the page.
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