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  1. You can display a HD video without these issues if you host it on a paid video plan, such as Vimeo's Plus or PRO membership plan and use the embed code rather than the video’s URL.
  2. There's nothing you can do about this within Squarespace or with internal code. See my previous post here:
  3. I don't want to be the bearer of bad news, but that solution will appear to work when logged on, and when the page is refreshed, but it won't work for visitors who navigate to the page from another page on your site. This is because the document.ready function will not fire when this template loads a new page (see Ajax). For example, this is what I see: Replacing it with the onInitialize function will fix this.
  4. It depends what you mean by a "designated email address of my choosing". When configuring Squarespace Commerce for a small business, you would typically add your own email address - the one where you want to receive these emails - as the Reply-To Email in Commerce > Customer Notifications. Then, if a customer replies to their Order Confirmation email, it will arrive in your inbox. That should satisfy step 4. Is this not what you are doing?
  5. They are investigating why the label isn't there when the cart is initially empty. I've updated the solution, so it will cope with or without the "0" label.
  6. @yeshidesigns This has stopped working because the ARIA labels are not appearing on the Squarespace 7.1 cart icon when it is empty. Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) labels are important attributes that make a website accessible to people with disabilities so I've asked Squarespace whether this is an intentional rollback, or a bug.
  7. I checked and your DNS records are correctly configured for Gmail, and the email address is valid. What symptoms are you seeing, other than no emails?
  8. Lange is a Squarespace 7.0 template from the York-family, but Novo is built using Squarespace 7.1. Squarespace 7.1 is a newer version of the platform, with more streamlined options for styling. There isn't currently a way to 'upgrade' or 'migrate' to this version, so you'll want to start a new trial using the same account. When you've built your site using the new template/platform, you can swap the domain name over. You'll find more information about this here: About Squarespace version 7.1
  9. @Ewa This isn't possible due to restrictions in place. See my post here about translating the checkout page:
  10. Yes, you'll need to configure the MX record for the email provider. The Squarespace nameservers should be used.
  11. The email address is no longer valid. From the screenshots, it appears that the domain name (judithwestcott.co.uk) was recently moved from Namesco to Squarespace. The domain name has been moved, but nameserver and email settings haven't been changed to any new services - they still rely on Namesco services. You'll need to check if the client is still paying Namesco for the email service or if they are expecting another email provider to be running this service now, such as GSuite.
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