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  1. Can you explain what you mean?
  2. Yes, you could hire a developer to write some custom JavaScript to display individual subscription products as if they were variants of the same product.
  3. Squarespace doesn’t Track requests in the forum. Posts are generally answered by Squarespace customers. The Squarespace platform doesn’t offer the feature that you’re currently asking for.
  4. Sadly, Squarespace doesn't have a very advanced system for managing sales tax yet. You can set it up on a country-by-country basis, for example IVA in Spain, but there isn't a facility to manage different rates for different regions within Spain, such as the Canary Islands.
  5. On your old site, you were using a Squarespace 7.0 template. As there are many different templates on Squarespace 7.0, each with different feature sets, you can switch templates in Design > Templates. You've started your new site using Squarespace 7.1. This version of Squarespace only has one "template" - one feature set. There are many different 'starting points' that demonstrate how the site could look, but they are not templates; they just have different style settings applied. It isn't currently possible to switch between starting points. If you want to try a different one, you'll
  6. For information, I found it really difficult to reach the cart. Clicking the cart icon didn't do anything.
  7. Hi @sarahj I agree with @RasmusM. You can build a site with great SEO on both Squarespace or WordPress. Although the platform can influence the performance of the site, WordPress isn't the miraculous solution that your "experts" have suggested and it won't wave magic wand over a site. The site's content and structure will play a major part in determining SEO. The Squarespace SEO guides here and here are good places to start. The other two things to consider are the code you've added to your site and the template you are using. Some templates are more configurable than othe
  8. It sounds like you have the 'conversation mode' enabled in your email inbox. As the form submissions have the same title and will come from the same (Squarespace) email address, your email client is treating them all as if they are from the same email thread. If you disable the conversation mode, they'll appear individually. The instructions to disable this will depend on your email provider and/or email application. If you're using Gmail in a browser, you can view the setting by following these steps: Click Settings in the top-right corner. Click See all settings. Sc
  9. Video banners don’t always display on mobile devices and it can sometimes feel like hit and miss because there are so many (constantly evolving!) factors that affect whether the video will play. Some are OS based and others are browser based, including connection speed, battery level and video embed attributes. If the fallback image loads in place of the video, it's probably one of these factors. However, if neither the image or the video loads, you may want to reach out to Squarespace Customer Care to help you troubleshoot.
  10. A new cookie opt-out was added last week. See the post on my change log or take a look at the updated support guide: Adding a cookie banner.
  11. To clarify, if the domain was purchased from Squarespace you could set up forwarding, but it seems overly complex without achieving anything new.
  12. You should add it to Design > Custom CSS, without the <style></style> tags, not to code injection.
  13. I recommend that you contact Squarespace Customer Care to report this. They will be able to access the backend of your site and investigate this. The forum community cannot do this. However, I have checked on other sites and I don't currently have this issue.
  14. There's a solution here, available as an add-on: Cart UX extension for Squarespace
  15. There's a solution here, available as a low cost add-on that will add a Continue Shopping button to the Cart: Cart UX extension for Squarespace
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