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  1. Hi Margmorg - you absolutely can choose right aligned - the option just isn't very intuitive. When you select edit site header, on the right hand side of your screen, you get a popup menu. The initial settings tab is for GLOBAL. Select the monitor icon for Desktop. The options you are looking for are in there.
  2. not without some javascript (business plan). The generally accepted layout for menu items that need/want to have an overview is to create that overview page and just place it first in the list/folder. So in your case https://www.stephanilewis.com/television would be the first item listed under the folder "Television". I believe they removed the functionality for clickable folders as it caused issues for mobile users. (don't quote me on that though)
  3. Try submitted a new post with a link to your site, so that we can help you.
  4. without a link to your site, a guess would be finding the parent div and using #parent-div{ margin-left:auto !important; margin-right:auto !important; }
  5. Can you share you site password for us to take a look?
  6. In order to apply that code only to desktop, place your code inside a media query. @media screen and (min-width:768px) { The above code goes inside here }
  7. Can you share a link to your site so we can take a look?
  8. @tuanphan posts & gets tagged a lot - I'd give them a day or 2 to see the notification. Other wise check any of the top posters eg @paul2009
  9. I'd love to see what you come up with - really digging your layout!
  10. Fiddling with the options for gallery - you could make it 4 items and space the left and right to the sides in order to achieve your offscreen choices - not really an actual slider that is going to show all your posts in a carousel though. Something like this? .sqs-block-summary-v2 .summary-item-list .summary-item:first-child{ margin-left:-150px; margin-right:125px; } .sqs-block-summary-v2 .summary-item-list .summary-item:last-child { margin-left:100px; } .sqs-block-summary-v2 .summary-item-list .summary-item:nth-child(3){ margin-left:50px; }
  11. The gallery block has a slideshow reel option that sounds like what you want. The Gallery block has to have images/links manually added to it however - you will not be able to automagically link it to your blog. It would be good in this case if it's just going to show some featured posts - I don't know that I would use it if you are going to have to constantly update it for new/live posts though. For the Gallery you currently have: The css that changes the way the flex items are spaced out is justify-content. You could try changing that to space-around, or space-between. This will use Flex's magic to do it automatically. If this is not what you are after, you would need to rely on setting margins, with something like: /* this only works if there will only be 2 items displayed */ .sqs-block-summary-v2 .summary-item-list >.summary-item ~.summary-item{ margin-left: 150px } /* or using last child */ .sqs-block-summary-v2 .summary-item-list .summary-item:last-child { margin-left:150px; } I'm sure there is a more eloquent selector to use, but this just gives an example to see if it is what you are looking for.
  12. Without a site link we can't really provide you with a solution. You can privately share your dev site with a password (it only allows us to view it). The problem is likely a margin or padding from the surrounding blocks/sections.
  13. Do you mean you want EVERY section on EVERY page to be exactly the height and width of the screen?
  14. Not well. Text and images need to be able to resize freely for many different screen sizes. Most of that code already exists. Try recreating it with actual Squarespace blocks and they should do this for you.
  15. You will need to share a site password with us so that we can view your site. (This password just lets people see your dev site, not access your Squarespace account)
  16. Sorry about your experience. Can you provide a link to a website that has the Ssquarespace layout/functionality you expected? Maybe we can offer solutions using 7.1?
  17. As an addition to the above, if for some reason you ABSOLUTELY cannot share a site link, play with the header-title margin-left value. a value of around 50% should place the logo somewhere near the middle, but again without seeing your site we cannot see what other elements you have in the header to know. .header-title { margin-left: 50%; }
  18. A simple solution without seeing your site or it's code is to set the logo to be on the left with menu right and then change the flex box to allow the logo to rest up against your menu. Try this to see what you get: .header-title-nav-wrapper{ flex-grow: 1; flex-shrink: 0; margin-left:auto; } .header-layout-nav-right .header-nav { margin-left: unset !important; } .header-nav { flex-grow: unset !important; } .header-title { margin-left: auto; } The only way to get a logo that sits exactly in the middle with your nav items wrapping to the right is to change a lot of the code/styles - which as has been mentioned above, would require a shared link to your site.
  19. Trixy one! intrinsic is the class you need - to solve the sizing add img: Calling the img tag inside intrinsic solves your problem on the home page, but not Our Services. .intrinsic img{ box-shadow: 0px 20px 20px 0px rgba(15,35,98,0.75); } Tuanphan's code is the right selector for Our Services
  20. In order to change the drop down transparency, try the below - just change the colour code's transparency to your desired amount (I used the colour code from your old website): .header .header-layout-nav-right .header-nav .header-nav-item--folder .header-nav-folder-content { background-color: #000000a1 !important; } I am not aware of an "active-page" class for navigation items, perhaps @tuanphan or @paul2009 can help you with that one.
  21. I think the trouble you are having is caused by setting the height. Give this a try instead (in your media query) and let me know how it goes: .homepage section:first-child { /* height: 50vh !important; */ width: 100% !important; min-height: unset !important; margin-top: 150px; } I have just commented out your height declaration for now - if this does what you need it to, you can just remove it!
  22. you have a rule overiding font-size #block-c52eda86fd78a01e48e6 .image-title-wrapper * { font-size: 23px !important; }
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