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  1. Hi @tuanphan, I turned the captions off since this is a website for my client and she wants to go ahead and publish it to begin applying for jobs. I will turn them on again until tomorrow if you have the opportunity to check it out again! The page that has captions is: https://www.stephanilewis.com/television Password: newyork11
  2. Hi @tuanphan, just curious if you've had a chance to look at this? Not to rush you at all, I'm going to take this site live as is if not 🙂
  3. @tuanphan never mind, I figured it out 🙂 thank you very very much, I appreciate your help a ton!
  4. Amazing, that worked perfectly! Thank you times a million. I want to do the same thing with the additional navigation folder items (Film, Commercial, and Press), so I changed the code to this and dropped it in the same markdown block: <script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.5.1/jquery.min.js"></script> <script> $(document).ready(function() { $('a.header-nav-folder-title[href="/folder-film"]').click(function() { var link = $(this).text(), href = “/film"; window.location.href=href; }); }); </script> It doesn't seem to be working. Do I need to change the https link as well? Put it in its own markdown box? Thanks so much.
  5. Sure thing, the captions are now enabled. URL for this page is: https://www.stephanilewis.com/television
  6. Hello! Yes, the link to that specific page that I referenced is: https://www.stephanilewis.com/television I would like to add this effect to multiple pages but I can start with that one and figure out the others!
  7. Site URL: https://www.stephanilewis.com/ozark Hello, I am working on a webpage and have gotten the web view how I would like however I can't find CSS to adjust the height of the gallery slideshow on mobile only. See screenshot below of what it looks like. I would like to increase the height of the slideshow so the bottom of the dark colored bar reaches the bottom of the mobile screen. URL: stephanilewis.com PW: newyork11 Thanks in advance.
  8. Dang, ok. Not what I wanted to hear but I guess there isn't another way. Thanks for the info, I really wish Squarespace would build this is as an option! Seems silly that it can't be done.
  9. I realized I included the wrong URL information. URL: https://www.stephanilewis.com/ Password: newyork11
  10. Site URL: https://www.stephanilewis.com/ Hello, I am building a portfolio webpage and I have run into an issue. I am working in 7.1 with a personal plan and I can't seem to find the code to solve this. I have some landing pages that each have a gallery slideshow with images that link to their individual project pages. I have found code to add a color overlay of the images on hover but I cannot seem to figure out code for hover text. I believe what I want is an option for gallery blocks but those are only available on blog pages. I've attached some screenshots of what I have now and what I am aiming for. This is a site for someone else so I cannot upgrade to a Business Plan. URL: https://www.stephanilewis.com/ Password: newyork11
  11. Site URL: https://flounder-leopard-83wn.squarespace.com/config/ Hello, I am building a portfolio website and I have run into an issue now that I'm out of the trial phase. I would like to make the button (built as folders to contain the individual pages within each category) in the navigation bar (Television, Film, Commercial, and Press) link to the landing page for each of those categories. URL: https://flounder-leopard-83wn.squarespace.com/config/ Password: newyork11 I'm working in 7.1 and it's a Personal Plan (this is a site for someone else so there is no option for a Business Plan).
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