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Found 8 results

  1. I am currently working on a site using the Forte portfolio format and while text format works on a computer screen it fails to do so on mobile. I have my text organized in a column format and the issue I am experiencing is that on the computer you can read column 1 and column 1 where as on mobile it reads column 2 and column 1. Could anyone please help with this issue? It would be most appreciated.
  2. Hi, please see attached screenshot. I would like my SHOP menu folder to be in two columns with work for sale on the left (Sand Dunes through Books) and information about the work and additional items on the right (About Our Prints through Give the Gift of Art). Right now it is one long menu. At one point I searched this forum and someone posted custom CSS that broke folders into two columns. You could select which drop-down folder to turn into columns and how many columns. This was a great start but you could not determine WHERE the break occurred, it simply broke it up evenly so if I had more than 3-4 pages the product pages would spill over into the information column and be included on the right instead of the rest of the works on the left. Regardless, the link is now dead for this post and so I can not find the CSS script. Basically: I would like a custom CSS that allows me to always have my work for sale separated from the information about the work and make it manageable to sort related works/locations into columns in the future. Ideally, I would have a mega menu with ways to view collections by popularity, theme, etc. but that seems beyond SquareSpace's capabilities at this point (like so many things...). See second attached.
  3. I would like to have three columns in my form, under "Coffee Shop Supplied", so that users can input information for multiple roasts within one form submission. For example: Roastery Name * Coffee Shop Supplied * Column One. Column Two. Column Three. 1. Roast Name 2. Roast Name 3. Roast Name 1. Origin(s) 2. Origin(s) 3. Origin(s) 1. Process(es) 2. Process(es) 3. Process(es) 1. Notes 2. Notes 3. Notes How do i do this?
  4. Hello, I'm trying to add more columns in the Footer section of Avenue template but even though I've tried some workarounds, it doesn't seem to work. Is it at all possible? My goal is to offload the main navigation to the Footer - any other ideas would be very much appreciated. The URL is: www.onebreath.eu Thank you!Myrto
  5. Hi there! I would like to create columns within a text box so that whenever I need to add or remove text I can just do it within one block instead of having to rearranging several of them. I have a code right now but it makes the text style be one of my heading styles and I'm unable to change it. I would like the text to use the page's normal text style. Is anyone able to provide help or some code? Thank you very much, it is much appreciated!
  6. Does anyone know how to display the Instagram block as 3 columns in mobile view? Our Instagram feed is reliant on 3 images being showed side by side, so when SS automatically converts it to 2 columns - it breaks the flow of it entirely. Using the Brine Template - have attempted CSS code but it appears the block natively converts to 2 columns regardless.
  7. I have two blocks side by side acting as two columns side by side filled with text in each one. I use a site background that is not white (#323232), the columns/blocks in this case are set to white (#ffffff). At various sizes of browser scaling, one of the columns gets shorter/longer than the other due to the text scaling in the blocks and then the dark site background shows through. You can see it below right when the browser size is scaled smaller. If I keep making the browser smaller the dark space may then flip to the other column.
  8. My website is lexy.co.nz My homepage images are placed in a grid style gallery with 6 rows. When I view them on a mobile, it only shows 2 rows. I was wondering if there was a way to [in mobile] view more than 3 rows? The image files are 500 x 500px already and I've tried to see what would happen if the files were 100 x 100px but it didn't work. I'm not sure how big the mobile screen is and maybe I could make the image size the [mobile width] divided by [how many columns I want]? Much help appreciated!
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