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  1. Hi All! I'm using portfolio page with Grid: Simple layout for my client's site. Trying to basically create something to replace a product page -as we can't start e-commerce now but I still need products designated pages-. I'd like to increase the column number to 5 or 6 but couldn't find a way to do so as the max number is 4. Is there a way to do so? Thanks a lot! Bike
  2. Site URL: https://www.karenyeomans.com/videography-portfolio I want to order the content on this page so the still image corresponds with the moving piece on both desktop and mobile. Desktop hopscotch style as the first block and on mobile correct moving with still. I've tried the following but want it to look like the screen shots attached. @media screen and (max-width:640px) { div#block-yui_3_17_2_1_1634571177259_237+.row { display: flex; flex-direction: column-reverse; } }
  3. Hi there, I have two text block columns beside another on my site and this is set in Desktop, but in Mobile it stacks and turns into poor alignment and spacing. How can this be altered? Thanks!
  4. Site URL: http://www.skinnypiginteriors.co.uk This is a similar question asked by others but I don't know if i need code specifically for my site or not (i tried using the code provided to others but it didn't work), and if i need to change it depending on the page i want to alter. I would like all my category product pages to show as two columns (for example shop all) rather than one as i have 100's of products people have to scroll through. Could someone advise what I need to do please? Web is www.skinnypiginteriors.co.uk Thank you
  5. Site URL: https://www.buenorodrigo.com Hello! Can I have 3 columns on desktop and just 1 column on mobile version? Appreciate your help! my page https://www.buenorodrigo.com
  6. I would like to have three columns in my form, under "Coffee Shop Supplied", so that users can input information for multiple roasts within one form submission. For example: Roastery Name * Coffee Shop Supplied * Column One. Column Two. Column Three. 1. Roast Name 2. Roast Name 3. Roast Name 1. Origin(s) 2. Origin(s) 3. Origin(s) 1. Process(es) 2. Process(es) 3. Process(es) 1. Notes 2. Notes 3. Notes How do i do this?
  7. Site URL: https://www.lilahbeau.com Hi we are trying to make our mobile site look similar to our desktop version for our home page which has 3 items put next to each other in a 3 column look. We also have a couple of pages that have 2 columns and would like this to show on mobile. I've tried implementing many different codes and using dev tools to try and find the section ids, but can not figure it out. Thank You! Homepage : www.LilahBeau.com would like this to show the 3 sections under the featured slide About: https://lilahbeau.squarespace.com/the-lilah-beau-story Would like this to show 2 columns similar to the desktop version The Collection: https://lilahbeau.squarespace.com/the-collection Would like this to show 2 columns similar to the desktop version
  8. Hi all, I'm using the Paloma template for my website gohoopday.com. If you scroll down to the sixth fold, you'll see tons of logos. On mobile, these stack (1 per row), which isn't very mobile-friendly. I am trying to get 2 or 3 per row for mobile. On a previous site with a different template, I used a formula similar to the ones listed in the link below, but on this template it's not registering. https://forum.squarespace.com/topic/64554-create-more-than-2-columns-in-mobile-for-grid-gallery/ I've tinkered around and tried this, but it only pushes the logos to the left rather than creating 2 columns. @media only screen and (max-width: 640px) { .gallery-grid-item { width: 50% !important; } } I am wondering if it is because this is a gallery page vs an image gallery. Anyways, I cannot figure it out - please let me know if you can help! Max
  9. Site URL: https://www.massatrocityresponses.com Hi, I have a blog page on my website and a events page on my website. For the blog page I used the blog template under collections, which I really like. It has 3 images next to each other and when I make the window smaller it takes a while before it goes down to one in a row. However, in my events page I wasn't able to create a layout that looks similar to the blog page- because the events page under collections has a preset layout that is one event in a row (even in desktop view). Since I did not find a code that could change the layout of the events page I added a blank page in the main navigation and used the summary block to create the desired layout and added content from a linked page with the events template that I will not make visible to page visitors. However, the events page (with the summary block layout) will not act like the blog layout when I make the window smaller. In detail; when minimizing the window it takes longer in the blog section for the image blocks to turn into multiple columns. Basically I want the summary page layout to stay 3 events next to each other in a row as I am making the window of the page smaller. I would need a code for the summary layout that would act the same as the blog section as I make the window smaller so that it goes from 3 events horizontally next to each other to one, instead of 3 - 2 - 1. I attached a screen recording of the blog section as I minimize the window and the events section. Can anyone help me with this? 1463363583_ScreenRecording2021-10-01at12_05_03.mov Screen Recording 2021-10-01 at 12.31.46.mov
  10. Site URL: https://tangerine-iguana-kwg3.squarespace.com/ Hello there, I'm attempting to add vertical lines to certain sections within my site, however it's proving difficult to do so. Anyone can help with custom coding on this one? I found some codes online, however the height of the vertical line doesn't follow the height of the block/ column upon scaling to different screen sizes. Ideally it would meet the horizontal lines above / below it or at the least have a consistent spacing in between them. Would love to see if there is a solution to this. Site URL: https://tangerine-iguana-kwg3.squarespace.com/ Password: MaintainS134! The section I'm hoping to address is in the About section. Thanks!
  11. Site URL: https://marigold-strawberry-skrz.squarespace.com/config/ Hi there, I'm trying to determine how to change the amount of columns on mobile only. We are happy with the layout on the desktop homepage (3 columns), but it looks so small on the mobile version. For mobile, we'd like each image block to be a full sized square in one full-bleed stacked column. Any insights?
  12. Site URL: https://lynx-capybera-y2hc.squarespace.com/ Hello, Could you help me make one colum sticky as you made here: https://www.charliee.com/paintings/2020 I just want text on left side and make sticky just the block text (selected work) on the top of page as I marked in screenshot. Thank you! Pin: katerina001
  13. Site URL: https://www.lynnemeade.com/ I'm having an issue with display of related products in an online shop to be launched soon. The SQSP version is 7.0 and the template is Avenue. The three related products display next to each other horizontally similar to the computer desktop view, rather than stacking vertically in a single column. My understanding is that images stack vertically on mobile in the Avenue template, except in some blocks like summary carousels which stack in two columns. (I'll address an issue with that display in a separate question.) The resulting display of product images and text is too small for a user to see and read well, particularly on mobile phones. On mobile phones, I'd like each related product to stack vertically with the product title and price centered below the product thumbnail. The product title and price may require left justified styling for longer titles. I'll have to test the best overall text styling once the related products display vertically stacked. For now, I've set the "Details Alignment: Center" in site styles. The tablet display is problematic as well, even more so in portrait mode. I'd prefer to keep the three related products in one row horizontally rather than creating two columns. I noticed that the related product images and text don't span the full length of the screen inset. Perhaps changing that would help on tablets in both portrait and landscape mode. To see the display issues, I've attached two screenshoots of the current horizontal mobile phone display and one of the tablet display. The web site is Lynne Meade Ceramics. Code from two related-products questions Displaying 2 columns / Related Products / Mobile and Limit the number of related products didn't correct the display issue. My being new to custom CSS is hampering the effort. I'd appreciate any pointers on how to resolve this display problem. Kindly, K
  14. Site URL: https://legionpaper.com/samples There are 3 column section on this image. these images are showing fuzzy not sharp. Please have a look below screenshot.
  15. Site URL: https://www.imperialcitizenship.com https://imperialcitizenship.squarespace.com PW: imperialcitizenship Hi, I need help regarding the number of columns in mobile view. I want all the flags in the residency and citizenship pages to be displayed as 3 columns in the mobile view. For example: Antigua and Barbuda — Imperial Citizenship. When viewed on mobile, the flags are just displayed in one column which makes scrolling very tedious and long. Thank you very much!
  16. Site URL: https://lynx-capybera-y2hc.squarespace.com/ Hi @bangank36 Could you help me make one colum sticky as you made here: https://www.charliee.com/paintings/2020 I just want text on left side and make sticky just the block text (selected work) on the top of page as I marked in screenshot. Thank you! Pin: katerina001
  17. Site URL: https://cheetah-krill-7gh3.squarespace.com/config/ Hi! I fear I have made this more difficult. But I am wanting to create two columns for mobile for this section (image attached) Is there an easy code solution?? site wide password: donuts
  18. Site URL: https://www.beststreetartstudios.com.au/ Hello, [data-section-id="613300f85ee71865228d8aed"] https://www.beststreetartstudios.com.au/ I'd like to display these product blocks in 2 columns on mobile devices. Sorry - I know this has been asked tonnes of times, but I can't work it out for this section/these blocks. Thanks,
  19. Site URL: https://www.johnliquoriphoto.com/ Hello, I have seen a few other forums looking for similar resolution, but having trouble implementing it for my site. I have two pages on my site that I am happy with in the desktop view, but would like them to appear as two columns in the mobile view rather than one continuous column. Would anyone be able to help me with some custom CSS code for each of these pages? https://www.johnliquoriphoto.com/pricing https://www.johnliquoriphoto.com/home-prep-checklist This would be super helpful. Thanks in advance!
  20. I have a page with 3 columns of text. One is long, two are short, so I have a blank space that needs a photo. I would like to add a photo that spans 2 columns without changing the width of the text columns. Thank you.
  21. Site URL: https://colourintelligence.co.uk/our-team I have used the squarespace design features to create a Team page which shows a picture on the left and some text about the person on the right. There are various options on set up but I chose this two-column format. It works really beautifully. However, the problem I have is how to add a member to the team. So I added two members originally. When I come to add the third member it is more of a manual process. I can insert an image and insert text. But i can't replicate the layout of the original two team members. The only way around this, I have found, is to delete the page and create a new one. But this is not optimal of course. I am somewhat familiar with the design features; so you can add an image and choose whether there it is inline etc. But what would be really helpful would be if I could just copy the previous member's image and text and then edit that so that the layout would be exactly the same. I hope this makes sense. You can see the problem in the web page I linked to. Am I missing something obvious? Or is there a really easy tutorial for this sort of thing? Any help would be appreciated. Steve
  22. Hello! On my website, I have a photography section, and I have the images in 3 column view, but whenever I look at the page on mobile, it makes it a 2 column view. How can I make it a 3 column view on mobile? Thanks!
  23. Site URL: https://sawfish-pineapple-8wwn.squarespace.com/ Hi all, My website; https://sawfish-pineapple-8wwn.squarespace.com After a few hours of configuration I still not manage to change this. How can I change this column amount lower than 2? to 1 for instance. I would like to replicate a build-up like on these squarespace websites; https://www.shortstache.com/professional https://ashrr.com/commercial
  24. Site URL: https://sawfish-pineapple-8wwn.squarespace.com/ Hi all, I want to create a similar layout as to these other 2 Squarespace websites. However I haven't managed to configure my website as such yet (my site https://sawfish-pineapple-8wwn.squarespace.com/private). The examples that I follow are these; https://www.shortstache.com/professional and https://ashrr.com/commercial They both seem to have full-bleed images with hover titles while having these small spacings beneath each image to make a clear seperation. I really like this layout, though I'm not succesful yet to configure it. Can somebody help me? Could be custom CSS or just 'modes' that I haven't figured out
  25. Site URL: https://podread.org/subscribe Hi Everyone, I'm hoping for some help to get these three buttons to sit alongside each other on mobile, so they're in one row / 1/3 each Site: https://podread.org/subscribe Password: READER Thanks in advance for your help!
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