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  1. Site URL: https://www.oxbowphoto.com/new-page Hi, I would like to show image captions only when I click an image and view it in the Lightbox. Right now, if I enable captions in the gallery settings it only shows descriptions below the image in gallery/grid view which isn't ideal. Does anyone know how to fix this with CSS? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. Site URL: https://www.janpospisilart.com/ https://www.janpospisilart.com/ My website is a simple portfolio. It's ok if very large images get scaled down to fit, but the lightbox also scales smaller images up and they're displayed all blurry and ugly. It's especially visible on the wide and short images, they get scaled way up. How can I make images display at the maximum of their original size?
  3. Site URL: https://bamboo-megalodon-ntbm.squarespace.com/config/pages I want to display the image title & description to the right of an image when an image is in Lightbox mode, and I'm also using MagicZoom to allow enlargement of the photo upon hover in Lightbox. I've seen the other posts on this topic (without the MagicZoom component), but also don't understand how to add suggested code and/or whether MagicZoom changes anything.
  4. Hello everyone, Can anyone please help me with the code to fix the size of my images. I have set the aspect ratio to 1:1 to make the thumbnails square on preview but upon pop-out, I want to see the full size of my images (landscape, panorama) instead of square. My site: (deleted) Thank you and stay safe,
  5. I have created several grid gallery's on my page with lightbox enabled. The dealt is a full screen image when clicked. I would prefer the enlarged image to be about 50% smaller. Does anyone have a custom CCS for this? https://www.jasonrobertjones.com/
  6. Site URL: http://jcbouden.com Hey there, I am on 7.0 with hayden template. Password : helpme I am working on my gallery and would like to get the lightbox for the videos that are on Youtube, vimeo etc. But I also have two videos which need to be accessed via hyperlinks. But the links doesn't work with lightbox... How can I make it work ? If I disable lightbox it works, but it is a way less pleasant experience for the viewer. Thanks for your help
  7. Is there a way to enable a scroll function when a lightbox is open. If someone is using a smaller monitor the lightbox is cut in half & they cannot submit. Thank you
  8. Site URL: https://triangle-turtle-52ba.squarespace.com/artists/joel-morrison Hello! I have a question about a gallery website I'm working on right now. In the gallery section, the client asked to write the caption in the left corner of the screen, instead of on the picture with dark background. Is there anyway to customize the caption in Lightbox mode? And another question, is there an option if the viewer clicks on a picture in a gallery, a Lightbox is opening, but when he clicks on the edges of the website, instead of moving to the next or previous picture it's closing Light
  9. Question for Squarespace 7.1 template ( I'm using the Elliott template ) I'm building a Site ( can't show the example site yet ). But I have a general question. is there a general code i can add to CSS to limit the height of ALL images in a lightbox when you magnify them? I understand squarespace adapts image sizes to the screen/ window size but I feel like all my images are tooo big on 4k montiors... For example. I like how the website looks on a 1920x1080 screen resolution. However on a 4k monitor with the browser window maximized the magnified lightbox ima
  10. Site URL: https://www.protekintl.com/the-institute On my Brine template, Version 7.0, I have a form that I want to add as a lightbox display to this URL INDEX of Sections: https://www.protekintl.com/the-institute THIS IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION, so it is ragged and ugly. If you click on a button for the form, labeled "MEMBERSHIP FEES AND SCHEDULE", you will see the Open Form button. I want to build that form on the inital page (the above URL) now as a lightbox display -- but I want to repeat the instance of that form button across multiple sections of the index. How do I duplicate the Open F
  11. Is it possible to use CSS or other coding to turn on the ability for users to pinch-to-zoom on images in Lightbox view on mobile devices? (It would have to be the usual zoom in/out gestures, in Lightbox mode, on a Gallery Page.) I don't understand why Squarespace still doesn't allow this. Every other website and gallery maker I know of does it, as it's a hugely useful feature for photography and art given how small mobile screens are. Thank you!
  12. Hi, On my site I design each page using individual image blocks so that I can create the layout that best presents my work. I really don't like the way that the gallery pages or other options work, they just throw everything in with equal prominence. The problem is that there's no built-in navigation between image blocks once you've clicked on an image to bring up the lightbox. I'd like to know if there is a way to connect all of the image boxes on a page so that you can navigate from image to image without leaving the lightbox, by using the arrow keys. I'm not terribly fussed
  13. How can I open all images in a gallery in a lightbox when clicking on an individual image block? I want to include an individual image in my layout since that allows me most control in terms of alignment and display ratio of the image. I would, however, like the image to open up into a gallery of images in a lightbox. Thank you.
  14. Site URL: http://www.anthonyleophotography.com The lightbox feature shows currently shows my full images when the images are clicked, but doesn't allow the user to zoom in any further - especially on mobile. When you click on my pictures I'd like for people to be able to view the full picture while being able to zoom in and really look at the image. I see this on other websites, the cursor usually shows as a magnifying glass. Does coding for this exist, is this possible or am I even making sense? www.anthonyleophotography.com
  15. Hey Everyone, Maybe you can help me figure this out. I'm working on this site: www.vancouver2017.com I've utilized a lot of code that I have found through this forum - and I'm super happy with how the site has turned out - so thank you! Keep posting your answers and questions because it's incredibly useful. Anyway... I have a question that I haven't found any answers for yet. On the Speakers page (http://vancouver2017.com/speakers/) about halfway down, I have a gallery of 20 photos of people who will be doing a PechaKucha-style talk at our conference. It was suggested to me that I create a
  16. Site URL: https://www.millienyc.com/ I've been working on a simple landing page for a client and was able to customize the entire contact form block to be more on brand. All the new styles were placed into Custom CSS within the Squarespace 7.1 platform. Sometimes, the changes will appear perfectly (at least on Google Chrome browser). Other times, they won't load and I'll even completely lose content, particularly in the lightbox form block: the "Submit" button and the post-submit thank you message. However, BOTH elements are still there! You can click the space where the Submit button wou
  17. Hello, I'm using lightbox plugin to use pop up modals on clicking buttons. However, the background images on banner section seem to dissapear when the lightbox enabled button is clicked. There should be some conflict arising from the lightbox plugin. Could anyone have a solution? My Squarespace site is on version 7.1 Thanks!
  18. Site URL: https://www.lucasmasch.com/ I'm looking for a way to add the image title/description *below* the image in the lightbox view on my homepage. This is my site: https://www.lucasmasch.com/ Thanks!
  19. Site URL: https://www.tealcanvas.com Hi! So we are prelaunch, so still password protected. We are showcasing artists for unique, personal commissions. Each artist has their own "product" page. In each product page, we are showing 10 plus examples of their prior work to show their individual style. We would like to lightbox each work in the page so it pops out. Here is the issue, each of the different art pieces in the product page is represented in a 2:3 vertical ration. However, when you click to lightbox each work, it shows in a stretched horizontal representation so all you can
  20. Site URL: https://www.devilsbotany.com/absinthe We have a summary block on our website that features a summary of an image gallery. The summary block automatically allows your to click the images to view them larger in a lightbox view. Is it possible to prevent the lightbox feature on the gallery summary block? I want to keep the carousel view of the summary.
  21. Site URL: https://eagle-parakeet-mxae.squarespace.com/case-study-campfire-story Hey Squarespace folks, Happy New Year!! I'm currently updating my website and have encountered an issue with the lightbox functionality. I was wondering if anyone could help me. I've set up a strip gallery section to be 'lightbox enabled', however the images will not display using the lightbox functionality when clicked. I can see that the magnifying glass cursor is enabled, and sometimes the lightbox glitches when viewed in the page loading section of squarespace (please see the first image attach
  22. Hello, I've been hoping that one day Squarespace would offer a template with lightbox that's not a boring square gallery grid system for video. Most clients don't want to click into another page, and it's not very visually appealing to only have the option to have the title/description written underneath and not on rollover. Is this still true? Or am I missing a template?
  23. Is there a way to run the lightbox in a fullscreen mode? - without the url line etc... thanks in advance
  24. Site URL: https://sheep-sparrow-jj63.squarespace.com/ Hi everyone, Looking for a solution to showing the captions of the images only when they are in a lightbox - I want the caption to show beneath the image. I've tried a number of similar solutions asked by others previously but to no avail. https://sheep-sparrow-jj63.squarespace.com/ Password - annabubba Many thanks, Yva
  25. Site URL: https://callpamfirst.com I really like the Lightbox form feature but they are unusable on a phone because as soon as the keyboard comes up the rest of the form is blocked and scrolling scrolls the background not the form. Please help! Thank you!
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