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  1. I have been trying to do this for weeks and for some reason my site does not allow me to create a site password. I keep getting an "error" when I try to do it. Do you know why that could be?
  2. Do you know why my website will not allow me to create a private password?
  3. For some reason it does not allow me to create a site password to share the URL, and my site is not yet published. Are you able to share a code for me to try myself? There is not other coding.
  4. I'm unable to make a site password at this time. Are you able to help without it?
  5. Thank you so much!! That worked amazing!!! Now, do you know how I could do the same with all of the navigation links in my header? They are also white on the home page but I would like them to be black on other pages
  6. I sent a screenshot. Are you able to help without url? I don't have any code on the item and it is squarespace 7.1, I am looking for a code to be able to move the "Shop" button to the right side of the page. In the header settings, it only allows you to choose left alignment.
  7. there is no coding and i am using squarespace 7.1 are you able to help without the url? Every time I try to make site password it does not work.
  8. I absolutely hate the way my product details pages are laid out. There was never an option to choose a layout for these pages? I am very frustrated, and working with squarespace 7.1 I uploaded the products with no option to choose how they will be laid out on the page. I would love to: 1. lower the item on the page so it is not so close to the logo 2. make the 'quantity' and 'size' buttons next to each other I have searched for hours to find a solution to this. I am hoping there is CSS for these problems.
  9. Below you will see my header/logo from my site homepage. I want it to be white on the homepage as shown in the screen shot. However, on my other pages, the background is white and therefore you can't see the header/logo because they are also white. Is it possible to keep the header/logo white on the homepage as shown, but change it to black on other pages?
  10. So I like that the header is in the center and the cart icon is on the right, but you can see how the "Shop" navigation link is on the left side. I would like to move it next to the cart icon while keeping the logo in the center.
  11. I'd like the logo to be as close to the browser window as possible. I used the code to remove padding and it worked, but I still would like to move the logo up higher.
  12. I've been using the 7.1 version of squarespace. For your header, it only allows you to align things a certain way. For example, if you want the logo in the middle then your navigation links will be to the left and buttons to the right. So right now my logo is in the middle, the "shop" link is to the left, and the "cart" button is to the right. I want to move my "shop" link to the right, next to the cart icon and keep the logo centered. What is the css to do this?
  13. i used the code to remove the padding and it worked, but i still think there is too much space between the top of the page and the header. is there a way to make it even less than 0?
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