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Found 22 results

  1. I am a graphic designer (old school) not a web designer or coder. I am trying to fix and add images to the site that I own. The lady I hired to do the site under my direction has gone to Africa on a mission trip and will be gone 6 months. I need help Now. The images are my paintings. I am retired and all I do is paint.
  2. I've found information online that says I can drag and drop items on my store page, but I can't get that to work. I want to organize my store so that some sold items remain at the end, and right now they're scattered throughout the items that remain for sale.
  3. Hello, I'm starting here. I want to create the same display as on this site https://www.swallowsanddamsons.com/weddings/mlab21dty2rfkyc8v5vnjzrssb1n07 and have an info point on each photo, is it possible and if so how, thank you
  4. Site URL: https://www.jedfeuer.com/eating-raoul-album My client prefers a dark background for his website, but on the album pages, the track listing does not display since the track name, artist, time, and progress bar are all black. I tried using this code in code injection, but only got so far. The track progress bar and time come up as white, but the track title and performers are still black. Here is the URL as the page currently stands: <style> .track-title a { color: white !important; } .track-progress-bar .bg.bar { background: white !important; } .track-time { color: white !important; } .sqs-slide-wrapper[data-slide-type="cover-page"] .audio-player-icons-style-border [data-slice-type="album"] .icon-wrapper .use-icon { fill: ff9933 !important; } </style> Any and all help appreciated.
  5. Site URL: http://florencehb.squarespace.com/work/project-three-fylys Hi there! I’m having an issue where on the page, the drawing of the four rats should be much lighter. The background is white when I open it in other programs. If I change the layout of the image block so the text is beneath the image, the image appears correctly again. It is in the RGB colour profile, so that shouldn’t be the issue. Does anyone know what’s going on? Here is the original image for reference.
  6. Is there any way that I can have a slide show of products sliding on my homepage just like below FullSizeRender.MOV
  7. Site URL: https://www.lapaginadeauxi.com/ Hello everyone, I hope you are well. I want to show you, it's a website I made for a friend. I took a template (https://kester-demo-es.squarespace.com/?nochrome=true) and edited it with the resources that works for it. The context: she is a graphic designer, illustrator and documenter. Use the web as a showcase for her work and soon we will enable a whiteboard tab. As she also does lettering, a separate business is the rental of her lettering boards. I used the template and edited a few things. I hope you can give me suggestions on how to visually improve what you can to make it look better. Greetings! D.
  8. Guest

    Album Page

    HI, I am absolutely new to Squarespace and everything is fine so far. As I am running a music company I want a business-like webpage, but also need the album page function of Squarespace 7.0. I chose Nolan template and just recently came across this issue. Is it possible to change to 7.0? I am still within the free trial period. Any suggestions what to do Thanks for your answers.
  9. Site URL: https://www.jedensvetkosice.sk/ Hi, I was wondering whether it's possible to change the font of the title and description in the section about team members? I can't seem to be able to figure it out. Thank you!
  10. Site URL: http://www.mcgowanweddings.co.uk Hi all, I'm looking to hide the title (and maybe the description) of the images in my gallery pages so that I can better use the alt tags. // If you visit my website and view the header banner, you'll probably notice the problem 🙂 // I'm using the Lincoln Theme and I have a gallery page of six images which slides across the screen. I want to SEO the banner images as my homepage is ranking poorly in my local area and I want to improve this. My website is: www.mcgowanweddings.co.uk I don't think anyone wants to read 'photo of bride and groom kissing surrounded by friends and family.' etc. Any advice? I'm assuming I need a code workaround? Many thanks, Stephen
  11. Site URL: https://tulip-ranunculus-xc8d.squarespace.com/destinations For some reason the image gallery I have set as a carousel on the page https://tulip-ranunculus-xc8d.squarespace.com/destinations will not center. I've tried a few CSS edits but none are working. Someone please help! https://tulip-ranunculus-xc8d.squarespace.com/destinations Password: "SuperTrip"
  12. Today I learned that Squarespace no longer supports bands and musicians websites with the 7.1 update. In my head I'm thinking, "what idiot approved that call". Surely they are not musicians and abstractly creative, they have to be one of those uncool analytical-technical thinkers who prefers squares to circles. Not what I was expecting from the "Mac of website builders", the decision was very PC like in its execution. My thinking is not unwarranted. Indie musicians is a billion dollar market and over 30% have websites. It also was one of Squarespace larger stream of website revenue. So why remove the tags "musician and bands" making it harder for a musician to create what should be a seamless experience. Here's my story - I setup a website using the JasonWild template 2 days ago. Figured I'd purchase the business account and I'd be good to go, because Squarespace makes it seem so easy. First thing I noticed was that I didn't see music-band-musicians-album on the type of features I'd like to add. Odd because now I'm trying to mix and match potential tags to see if it would populate music or any of the above tags related to music. Could media_podcast be it or would they somehow put it under entertainment.. ummm from what I know, that doesn't make sense but I ended up checking out both (so far not efficient by any analytical calculation). Media was't it as it just listed a podcast template, which makes sense. Entertainment was next and it seemed to be the one I was looking for. "But why wasn't music listed to make the experience fluid" I thought, no worries, lets keep build this great site because Squarespace is great, its beautiful and everything they do makes perfect sense. The JasonWild template seems perfect with a few adjustments, I can totally make it mine. The next few hours were me figuring out how to add an album. I saw the latest single and album that allowed me to click on a link which opened a page with the album artwork and a soundcloud player but that wasn't what I wanted or expected. No worries, surely the album player is here, but maybe I just dont know how to get it yet. I'll focus on other stuff and come back to it. A few more hours past and now I'm ready for the music player. I'm trying everything but not seeing album or music, so I retire for the evening and send customer service messages. The next day, I log on and noticed in the help section I can chat directly, cool. Speaking with rep he quickly sent me this link https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/206543077-Album-Pages#toc-set-up-your-album . I went straight to the video and text noticing that the directions in the video didn't match up to what I was seeing on my end, WTF. Now I'm wondering why they would suggest a video that in my mind is outdated, thats not professional and comforting as I'm relying on their expertise. Of course I send another message to customer service. In between the wait, my brain is trying to understand what went wrong and I recheck the link they sent to see if I missed something. I did, it was the 7.0 to 7.1 change. That little sentence was there but I knew nothing about the versions to understand why it should be a concern. So I google "album music Squarespace 7.1", finding forums on reddit, Squarespace and others experiencing the issue of not being able to add an album. The issue has been going on since early 2020, gotta be kidding me. Then I check my email and was told that I need to switch to 7.0 and start all over if I want the album player, because 7.1 uses audio blocks... WTF. Now I'm pissed... At no point did Squarespace ask me to choose which version I'd like to use. So coming into it, I was oblivious to the versions and their importance as it was never mentioned or explained. I had to discover on my own that it was an issue that was an important factor. A big fu*k up by the coding team final approver. What could Squarespace do to remedy the situation - Add music + musician + band + album as an added feature Give new website builders the option of using 7.0 or 7.1 based on the features picked (ex. like them picking album and that they are a musician). Understanding that creating an album audio block is vastly different from a dedicated album block. If I have a latest album on the home page, the music page and the shopping page... I would have to change each page hoping that all content was exactly the same. If it was an album block, what I change on page 1 affects all pages which saves time and makes sense. Have the ability to demo templates with your sites information to see if its worth starting over, in the case of a 7.1 site not being useful and having to go back to a 7.0 site. Dont ever disregard musicians and think a non creative mind can understand it. That's all... I had the time today! Brooklyn, New York Network Technician and Musician P.S. Links to others with the same issue which Squarespace ignored. Some links are little different but relate to the same issue.
  13. Site URL: https://www.siontrefor.com Hi, I want to present my music in Album form on my homepage, there are around 15 tracks there currently and so the Album looks quite long. I'd like to be able to resize the rows of the album - shorten the height - in order that the whole thing doesn't take up as much space, and comes across a bit neater. Squarespace tech says it's not possible using the Site Design features, and I can confirm I've had no joy on that front, so I'm here in case anyone can offer up a coding solution. I've never touched code before, so apologies in advance for any dumb questions. Big thanks!
  14. Site URL: http://www.juliemandel.com/recordings I am using the York 7.0 Template. Is there really a maximum number of Album pages you can enable? Is that number really 14? That seems unlikely, and I can't find any reference to a limit online. What's going on? I have a Gallery Page set up that displays Album pages, and presently there are 9 active items that I've added to this page. I have been setting up additional pages that I plan to link to this page shortly. I added another 8 pages in the Not Linked section. As I started to enable them prior to adding them to this Gallery, I was able to enable 5 of them, but when I tried to enable the 6th, it gave me the error message shown below "Couldn't Update Collection, Maximum Number of Enabled Pages Reached". Thanks for any light you can shed.
  15. Site URL: https://www.palazzodelgolfo.com I have vacation rental properties in Sicily. The site has been up for more than a year. I like the design but the feedback has been that it's difficult to navigate and viewing the photos of the different apartments is difficult. I need to be able to share quick links with people of each apartment to view photos on Facebook and whatsapp. I also think that the navigation and home page can be more direct/straightforward. Are there page layouts/tweaks I can do to clean it up? If a whole redesign is warranted what template should I use? What template would you suggest I use?
  16. This community are awesome and here people are helpful so I have a question about writing of the Css code in different font style From Anchor Fonts it's possible please tell me about this and proper guide me about this problem
  17. Site URL: https://www.helenree.com/moodboard Hi! Is there a possibility to adjust in the Jasper template the lightbox photo information area? At the moment it is black and the typo is gray-white. I would like to have a white background and dark gray text. https://www.helenree.com/moodboard And is it possible to add to the same gallery index pictures the title and description similar to this page https://www.helenree.com/reportagen Thank you in advance for the help. Helen
  18. Site URL: https://photographs.williambheller.com Good morning all, I just set up a website for photographs I've taken over the years and I would be grateful for feedback on viewability, organization, and leaving people curious enough about what I might add in future so that they check back from time to time. I am not a professional photographer and I have no plans to try to sell my pictures, but for reasons that I can't explain even to myself (ego? A cry in the pandemic desert?) I want people to see and, hopefully, enjoy them. The earliest images are from 2013. I will be adding more from intervening years as I go through old files and as I take new pictures, so one question is how to highlight new additions---as things stands now (and given how adding images to the Squarespace gallery page seems to work), new additions go at the bottom of the page, which means that return visitors might have to do a lot of scrolling to get past what they've already seen. Would it be a good idea to have a "new additions" page? Thank you very much!
  19. Looking to increase the font size of the tracks titles on the right side of my Album Page and there's no built-in style for this.
  20. Site URL: http://alyssaduet.com So the logo on the home page is white, when I go to my "About" a page you can barley see the logo since the page is white. I do have my logo in black as well. Is there a way to change the logo on the "About" page but keep it linked with my Home page. Thank you.
  21. I am wondering if I can create an album to act as a playlist of music. The music is downloaded, and is not original, am I allowed to create an album named as a playlist and upload the songs to it, even though I didn't create those songs. I would put the artist of each song as the artists name for each track, but I don't know it if will be copyrighting or anything.
  22. I apologize if this is the wrong part of the forum for this but I'm new to Squarespace and still trying to figure it out. I am creating a page for a composer and artist. While putting up the artwork isn't a problem, I'm having issues with the music. According to what I've been able to find there used to be an album page template but that has been phased out for some reason. All I can find now are audioblocks. This is a problem as I have five albums worth of music going up, some forty pieces of music all told. Putting in a LONG list of single blocks would make for a very junky page and one I seriously doubt anyone would bother scrolling through. Are there any other options available?
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