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  1. I would like to know if there is a custom code way to make the button in my navigation bar to always link to the latest blog post? https://www.effinghamvillagewine.com The link above shows what I'm talking about. What I do now is just make the button for Wine of the Week into a link and manually change it every week. What I would like the button to do is to pick the latest blog post (we post the "Wine of the Week" via blog collection) and make the button link to the post automatically. We schedule our posts in advance and would like to change the button automatically as
  2. This is an example of what I would like it to look like. At the moment, all links are uniformly aligned left-justified. Is there a way to code this to where 'Invesors' 'Agent' 'Wholesalers' end up on the right side (as shown on the picture) while logo and the remaining two nav links remain where they are.
  3. Hello! I'm creating a shop, and having a difficult time adjusting to 7.1. My site: https://madhype.squarespace.com/ Password: Taste I would like to copy the top portion (logo and nav) of the Revolve site as close as possible: https://www.revolve.com/ I'm trying to extend the navigation bar the full width of the page, and make a black background underneath. Would anyone be able to help me with a code? I found one in my search, but afraid it caused issues with running on top of the shop logo when the browser window narrows. Any other changes to help get the header clo
  4. Site URL: https://www.parkbrewing.company/products-attack-the-block I have four store pages, I call them "Collections:" Collection: Attack-the-Block Collection: Park Brewing Collection: Sask Rec. Collection: Dub-Dub! The issue I am having is when you are on one store page for example "Collection: Attack-the-Block". There is no navigation ability to switch between store pages. I would like to access the other three store pages "Collection: Park Brewing" etc. for example. I have done a number of edits to the {products.collection-content-wrapper .nes
  5. Site URL: https://credhub.com Hello. Is it possible to change the main navigation links on one page? We're in the 7.0 – Brine family Sonora template. (see attached screenshots - live page with multiple links...layout of one page in site with two links) Thank you. - S.
  6. I'm trying to create a bilingual site and would like to have the language links as buttons on the header navigation, but it seems Squarespace 7.1 interface only allows for one custom button, social links and cart in the header navigation. I created a PT button for the Portuguese site and would like to create another button, EN for the English site. It there any way to add another button via code to the site header?
  7. I want these elements to be in yellow in one page. But on the other pages to stay pink. How can I do it using code? Version 7.0 Thanks
  8. Site URL: https://www.chateaudefarcheville.com/en/home Hello! I'm not super good with coding but I have an idea of what I want to do with a component that I want to add on to my clients website (only on mobile so with media query). It's basically just hiding the component on scroll down, reveal when on top of the page (or when scrolling up) Thanks in advance! Screenshots coming here
  9. Site URL: https://ambiancesimone.com/accueil Hi all, I'm building a site for a client with integration to Ecwid. I usually don't play with integration & only do design, but I had to on this one (so she can use Square Up for her inventory & payments). That said, it brings many small challenges to showcase the shop from Ecwid. I'm almost done, yay! But when I click on "maison" in the main menu, it brings me to the first subcategory "vases & jardinières", I would like to avoid this & that when we click on "maison" it will bring to the "maison-1 page" where I will showcase
  10. I want to create a sign up form on my website, with a link to our terms and conditions and privacy policy so people can agree to this before typing their e-mail in accordance with GDPR. Is there a way to do this within the form? Thanks
  11. Site URL: https://www.uniquelydolledwigs.com Hello, I would like to fade the main site content when my mobile navigation is open. Is there a code that could create an overlay color when the mobile navigation menu is active? I've attached an example. Any help would be appreciated!!
  12. Site URL: http://www.stevegallagher.com/ Hi Guys, I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me with the following problem: So when you visit my website you're directed to a landing page. Once clicked through it then goes straight to the still life section , but I would like to go directly to the accessories page. And I can't work out how do it, I'm sure it's simple and I'm missing something obvious. (I'm not a pro at coding! if code needs to be inserted somewhere, please could it be with clear instructions ) Many Thanks you wonderful people!
  13. The font size on f.eks the navigation links, the text, and other fonts is not adjusted on a bigger or smaller screen. So i made the site on a "big" screen looking pretty well. but when accessing the site from f.eks a laptop with an smaller screen, the text gets really big and the navigation link bunch up insted of staying side by side. Any code or something to fix this?
  14. Could I have help with coding an underline to show up when you hover over a link in the main navigation at the top? Similar to the way this does at the top: https://kaye.hu/ett/personal.php?utmmedium=social&utmsource=pinterest&utmcampaign=tailwindtribes&utm_content=tribes Using Brine Template.
  15. Site URL: https://www.suekemnitz.com In my main navigation, under Buy Now -> Originals I would like the "originals" to link to a page with just the "abstract" category, yet still show the other categories in the sidebar. In other words, I don't want everything to show when you click "Originals", just the abstracts. Is that possible. I still want customers to be able to see the other categories in the sidebar. Suggestions?
  16. Site URL: http://hellololo.net So I know what the problem is but let me explain how I got there first~ http://hellololo.net I wanted my active page to be underlined in then navigation and I found this amazing code on this forum: /* Nav active link underline */ .main-nav ul li.active-link a { border-bottom: 1px solid black; padding-bottom: 0px; } It worked just fine when the navigation and logo were centered, but when I moved the header to what it is currently, the underline got pulled down to whatever size the logo is. If I reduce the size of the logo, the underline
  17. Site URL: https://www.alanvidali.com/ Hey everyone! I am looking for a work around the following issue. The HENSON template does not allow the use of links for the home page menu. There is a way to add a link to the main navigation of the site, but I want the link to be placed with the rest of the pages listed below the site title Alan Vidali. There is a link on the right top corner of the site - THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK IT IS, I want this link to be added below the list of other pages. Any way to make this happen? Any help is really appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  18. Site URL: https://minnow-koi-y72b.squarespace.com/ Hi there, In my header nav, I'd like the links to have the color #fe5e2d when hovered over and active. In the nav, I have a folder "Services" with 3 menu items within it. When I'm on one of those pages, it appears that they have the color but also the old spotlight effect on hover, making them appear faded. How do I remove the spotlight and just have them in the color I want? I'm using Squarespace 7.1. My site can be viewed at this link with password wholeyou. This is the code I'm currently using: /* Nav item hover color */
  19. Site URL: https://www.thomasperceval.co.uk/ Hi, would greatly appreciate any help with this. On my website, on the browser for desktop, the website looks fine and correct (image attached: 'desktop') There is my black writing (signature) logo on white background at the top, and above that, the menu tags for the different web pages of the website. But on the mobile site (image attached: 'mobile'), the header menu looks wrong. Because the logo in black writing is surrounded by a rectangle, which is then surrounded by a black area. I worked out that the only way to change this black a
  20. Site URL: https://annabelreese.com Hello, I'm using the Bryant template for my site (https://annabelreese.com). When I enable customer accounts the corresponding "Sign In" link gets displayed in the navigation, which is fine; however, I'm unable to move that link to a different position. Is it possible to move? Or am I stuck with it being fixed in the first spot? Thank you in advance.
  21. Site URL: https://beersupply.ca/membership-info Hi all, Does anyone have code they can share with me to a folder and it's links on all pages with the exception of one page. I have a members area and would like to use the nav bar but don't want this folder shown unless people are signed in via their memberspace account Cheers
  22. I tried to configure the overlay and header from editing the header options, but cannot get to something like this. my squarespace is v7.1 and I wonder how can I achieve this view. When pressed on the gray part, it exits the navigation.
  23. Once I have navigated to these pages from my home page, the header Icons are disabled and I do not know how to redirect to these tabs locations as they don't work. I should mention that my website is a one page scroll style so the majority is all on one page (home page) and the header icons are simply links down to the location on my one page scroll style home page, I just don't know how to redirect back to these from the pages which are "not linked" /not on the home page. I have attached pictures so you can get an understanding of my layout. The stem mix and master page is a "not linked"
  24. Site URL: https://www.rainbowbridge.love/ Hi I am hoping to have a custom navigation for my shop. Right now I have it set up as one folder and many links to different categories, what I would like it to look like is 4-5 main categories and then each of those drops down to a subcategory. Or even the main category is bold and the subcategory is smaller. Is there a way to make the drop down text smaller than the main nav and make subcategory folders smaller than the category names? What I want is Shop -Rapeh All Rapeh Blends Rapeh Kits
  25. Site URL: https://duck-buffalo-k3d3.squarespace.com Hello! I am trying to change the two of the links on my navigation menu to red while keeping the others the same color. Here is the code I am using for the navigation menu: //Dropdown Folder Style .header-nav-folder-content { background: #d5d6da !important; color: #091e3e !important; font-size: 15pt; font-family: 'Courier'; letter-spacing: .5px; } //Dropdown Folder Label .header-nav-wrapper a { background-image: none !important; font-family: Arial; color: #091e3e !important; }
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