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  1. @kodrury you'll need to add a site password to your site so we can see it. https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/205815528-Site-wide-passwords But also #collection-olemiss seems odd to me considering most of SS other selectors.
  2. First, even with this library I don't think you can target things inside the iframe with JS directly like you're trying to do but secondly, this line here document.querySelector("#content") {padding: 0px !important;} is javascript and won't do anything inside of style tags. I wonder if it's loading the library and trying to attach to your iframe before it's even on the page since it's loading in a lightbox after you click. On the plugin settings page you could try their code injection or maybe try preloading the popups, that one is just a checkbox in the setup page. If none of that works I'm not sure what else to do without really getting into the site. Feel free to dm me if youd like to chat about it!
  3. @vcRBS it looks to me like the js file is loading just fine but it isn't working for some reason. The filename i guess could cause it but I dont think so. Not sure what it isn't working, maybe its the file on the other end that isn't working right. Just out of curiosity see if this helps. Move the whole thing to the footer and change the init code to this. Maybe its taking too long to actually load the frame and the code runs before it even exists in the DOM? If that doesn't work, maybe use some code that waits until the #myIframe element exists. <script> window.addEventListener('load', function() { iFrameResize({ log: true }, '#myIframe') }); </script>
  4. ahh right! Try changing the filename. I feel like the .min thing gets weird with those uploaded files. so no .min.js just .js at the end.
  5. It sort of looks like everything is there. Without getting my hands dirty its hard to tell. In that support message they said to send a ticket or something, i would go with their support first and see if they can help
  6. @TomJuice you could probably tweak this script to target the gallery reel selectors or just write something similar to this.
  7. @vcRBS that's the domain I'm referring to. You need to run code on the page that's inside the frame, i assume at that other domain, that recognizes how long it's own content is and sends something out to the parent site to adjust the height. Without being able to add code in your form you can't adjust this unless someone else here knows a workaround.
  8. @AlfLager I dont see your url, can you post that? Can you make sure your code is live on the site even if it's not working?
  9. @TomJuice try this one from @WillMyers https://www.will-myers.com/articles/auto-scroll-for-carousel-banner-slideshows-for-auto-layout-sections-in-squarespace-71
  10. This isn't something you can adjust without having code level access to the page that's inside the frame. Is this your own page or from a third party service? Sometimes they have a little checkbox hiding in that final screen to copy your code to make it responsive, I know that airtable does that but without something like that you can't adjust the size of the frame based on the content inside it.
  11. @dorothy_gd I did this for another client. It's a ton of code to get it to work. DM me and we can chat about it if you want!
  12. @TomKnowsNoCSS I would do this with some media queries at different breakpoints, most likely just 640px and under. Change your CSS to this and adjust those font sizes below. You can copy and paste the media query and change the size to something else 767px 500px 320px etc. a#site-title { &:after { content: "bespoke wedding stationery"; display: block; font-size: 1.3rem; font-family: 'Garamond'; letter-spacing: 3px; line-height: 1.3rem; } //change these font sizes or add different pixel widths as needed @media only screen and (max-width: 640px) { font-size: 20px !important; &:after { font-size: 1rem; } } }
  13. @mbockmaster There are definitely some code snippets around the internet that can be adjusted to fit SS but I'm not sure there's a 100% finished solution out there to find easily. I did this for another client here https://www.cardtopiabeta.com. Happy to help you get this going as well! DM me if you're interested. Edit to add this one too https://www.slatecommunications.com. This one is a little more generic and based on a codepen i found a long time ago but adjusted to fit the way SS works.
  14. Hmm yea, im not sure this is exactly going to do it. This looks like it'll just keep trying to duplicate content as you scroll. This other site moves you back to the top after you see the duplicated top section it just replaces it with the original one and moves you up to start at 0 again so you're not constantly duplicating, you just need one extra copy of your top section to do it like your example.
  15. @hilary Yea this is a cool setup. It looks like they have the first section on the site duplicated at the bottom. Then when the user gets there and scrolls that into view it moves them back up to the top and slips the original top section into place. Lots of javascript to do this, i dont think there's a simple free solution out there.
  16. @El1z4b3th i would try 3 things possibly to get the spacing right. 1. change the content alignment on the top section to the last one to align to the bottom and then the our core values section aligned to the top. 2. try changing the section height of one or the other section to be smaller than the "small" option by clicking the three dots and using that scroller. 3. Try with some css //trusted by thousands section section[data-section-id="6596bba3c7ad441ead1e0008"] { .content-wrapper { padding-bottom: 0 !important; //original value was 3.3vmax, adjust as needed } } //our core values section section[data-section-id="6580bc4e649f4453b77f4e3f"] { .content-wrapper { padding-top: 0 !important; //original value was 3.3vmax, adjust as needed } }
  17. @El1z4b3th I'm sorry, i dont see that on your site. Is it on a different page? Edit: nevermind i found it
  18. @GregR ah i think i missed one selector and i added a few other things to try to make sure it works. Try this. @media only screen and (max-width: 640px) { .collection-images .image-container img { left: 0 !important; top: 0 !important; right: 0 !important; bottom: 0 !important; width: 100% !important; height: 100% !important; object-fit: contain; object-position: center; } }
  19. Try looking in your site styles for Ajax and turn it off. That sometimes messes things up in these older templates.
  20. There isn't a simple free version of this but one of the best plugins for popups is the Lightbox Anything plugin. This will do exactly what you need. I've installed this on hundreds of websites at this point. Works great! Affiliate link - https://www.bergendesign.co/lightboxanything
  21. Is the code still in there? If not can you put it back?
  22. @Trentwann I think this is totally doable. I would probably do it using code injection and make a button and another container for the spotify popout. Then using some js just like this one above you would just have it toggle open or closed on click. Happy to help figure it out! I'll send you a DM.
  23. @helpmepls This looks like it has to do with how you have the blocks arranged. I think they are set up so that this one highlighted is the whole screen and then the other one is "floating" on top. This is mainly for letting text wrap around an element but in your case I think you want them side by side. Grab the block on the right and pull it all the way over to the right side until you get the vertical blue line. if theres a blue box then it will do exactly what you have here again. See if that helps!
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