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  1. Hi! Of course. Here is an example: https://www.musaparadisiaca.net/solar-boat-audio-pt Thanks for your help.
  2. Site URL: https://banjo-recorder-36fe.squarespace.com Hi there. I would like to prevent audio blocks from playing on a new window while on mobile, version 7.1. Is there any way to do it across the website on Custom CSS or Code Injection? Kind regards, Miguel
  3. Site URL: https://banjo-recorder-36fe.squarespace.com Hi there! I am trying to fix an odd problem with my website. I am creating a button for language selection that translates every page to a second language, separately. This button is to be included in the navigation (header) and it has to link to specific pages, corresponding to the page you are. I've used the EDIT SITE HEADER>ELEMENTS>BUTTON option to allow buttons on navigation and a script by @creedon to add the button I want. Then I used CUSTOM CSS to hide the first button created by EDIT SITE HEADER>ELEMENTS>BUTTON and kept the one I've created using the script by @creedon visible. I've done this and it is working but as the navigation links are load first and when the button is loaded the navigation moves to fit it in. This is the main problem. The other problem is that some pages overlap the navigation links with the page content on loading. I would also like to correct this. Is there anyone available to help? Website password: musa Thanks a lot! Miguel 1785939272_ScreenRecording2021-04-12at18_43_12.mov
  4. Dear @tuanphan, I have tested your code but, unfortunately, it doesn't solve the "sliding" problem concerning navigation items while loading pages. This is driving me crazy... Can anyone help me understanding this?
  5. I am adding two videos from both website's versions, 7.0 and 7.1, to illustrate the "navigation items sliding issue". I will be really happy with any help! 7.0.mov 7.1.mov
  6. Hi @tuanphan and thank you for your answer. I am hiding navigation items using code injection because those hidden elements vary accordingly to the language of each page. I am building a bilingual website. If I move the code in Code Injection into Design > Custom CSS it will change website as a whole and it will not allow to hide half of the elements in one language and show these same elements in the other language. Let me explain: To accomplish a bilingual 7.1. website using navigation this way and to have a button to change language on each individual page (the button seems the same but it links to the translated page where you are, so it needs to use specific code each time) I had to use the "add a button to navigation" official option and to add a script to allow and addition of multiple buttons to navigation. But, unfortunately, I couldn't find any solution for having this "official" button to link to different pages depending on the page you are, as so, I had to put something on the "button text" label and to hide this button with Custom CSS. Then, with the script, I could add as many buttons as I wanted with as many links and description I wanted. This all fine, the only is that, sometimes, the hidden button appears for a brief moment and changes the set-up of the navigation. Any way, this issue of having the navigation sliding to the left and then to the right, for a second, when loading pages, was already occuring on my 7.0 version of this website (www.musaparadisiaca.net), and I couldn't find any solution to this problem either. Any ideas? Thanks a lot.
  7. Sorry @tuanphan, had to change it to musa. No capitals.
  8. Site URL: https://banjo-recorder-36fe.squarespace.com/knows Dear all, I am experiencing an issue with my 7.1 website concerning the navigation items. When the page loads, the items quickly slide to the left just before returning to their desired position. I suspect that this is related with the amount of CSS custom code it has to read before opening the page. The password for the website is Musa. Any help would be really appreciated! All best, Miguel
  9. Dear @LaurenZA, with pleasure! Please check it out here: https://banjo-recorder-36fe.squarespace.com/homept pass: musa
  10. Hello @creedon. I have done it almost perfectly on 7.1. Here is the URL: https://banjo-recorder-36fe.squarespace.com/homept pass: Musa It would be really nice to replicate this design on 7.0. In fact, the only complaint I already had with 7.0 was the odd behaviour of the navigation menu. Each time you load a page, the menu jumps to the left, for one second, just to return to the right after.
  11. Hi @creedon. The website is public. www.musaparadisiaca.net Thanks for your help!
  12. Hi @creedon, thanks a lot for the code. It is working perfectly. The only problem is that I want to add a specific button for each page of my website, linking to second language page versions of each page. Is there any possibility to use code injection on each page for this purpose?
  13. Hi @creedon, how are you? Would there be a version of this code (to add buttons to header) for the York template on 7.0? Any help would be really incredible. Thanks a lot.
  14. Hi @tuanphan! I couldn't find any solution to 7.0 version, unfortunately.
  15. Hi @tuanphan, thank a lot for answering. Meanwhile I have discovered the way to deal with the problem. I've just deselected the option for a fixed header and added the following code do Custom CSS: .header#header {position: fixed!important;} It solved the problem.
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