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  1. I have put together a projects page for my website (https://www.rezaultharim.com/projects). Currently, it's just a list of the project titles with the description and images/gifs right along with them. The issue is that it seriously increases the loading time and makes the page look a bit messy. Is it possible to have the entire page as a list of projects with a dropdown option (on each project) to see the project details and images/gifs only when clicked? The other option can be to have an index at the beginning of a page. Clicking a project title can lead to specific parts of a page where the project is located. I have very basic knowledge of HTML and I haven't been able to implement any of the options above on Squarespace. So, any help or suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi, I'd like to add little banners to the pricing table I've created via a summary-list at on of the places indicated by the pink arrows (for all items). I'm talking about hints like "best for independent learners" or "best for ... " which is common in pricing tables. I haven't found any suitable solution for this so far. page: https://luxlessons.lu/luxembourgish-language-course pw: abc143
  3. Hello Squarespace code pros. I am working on a website for a non-profit organization. They have about 100 members and they want me to create text directory that only members can access. They don't actually have a member area thing setup, and don't really need that. I know that I can password protect a new page, but I'm wondering if there's a code that I can use to organize the members by first name, last name, phone, email, social links (see attached image) and also to allow an option to sort the information by first name, last name, or area of expertise, with a search bar that they can type into. The website url is creworangecounty.org. Thank you so much for your time!
  4. I'm using a list section on my site and for some reason when using Safari, there is a red box around the section (see image below). Anyone know why this is happening and what can be done about it? Site: goebelsafety.training Password: safety Thanks in advance!
  5. I've been trying to follow the tutorial from this site: https://insidethesquare.co/list I'm using 7.1 but the feature 'Lists' doesn't appear in my section options or block options. Am i missing something? If it's not a feature anymore then how can i recreate this?
  6. Hi all, Is there anyway to randomise the 'Simple List' on the section of a page? I want the items to randomise in position after every refresh. See page here: https://www.tradweddingbands.ie/wedding-bands
  7. Can't seem to find code anywhere to change the list-section-title font to my custom font. Please help, thank you!! The font in question is shown in the title "Goings-On"
  8. Hello I want to randomize the first 4 items in my people list section so with every page refresh a different set of items are shown. I'm using carousel with infinite scroll http://unthinkable.squarespace.com/home-final password: unthinkable Thank you!
  9. Password is password I have a carousel list section on my client's website to display testimonials on the home page but my problem is on the mobile device this section just looks ridiculous as there is way too much height space. It seems like the section has sized to accomodate the length of text on the longest review, but doesn't adapt to nicely frame the smaller in word count reviews. This honestly looks ridiculous on the mobile version and I am wondering if I have done something wrong or is there a way that the text in this section could be responsive and smaller on the mobile version and therefor bringing the overall height down on the mobile version? Can the text be responsive to fit the box height vs the box height fit the longest review word count? Hopefully that makes sense. Mobile + desktop screen grabs below
  10. Hello! I was wondering if there is a way to move a list title to the left side of a carousel (7.1) like the photo I've attached. Thank you! https://static1.squarespace.com/static/6360012eff13ec08bbb0a8e1/t/636d53d019646136fcbb49e0/1668109267263/Screen+Shot+2022-11-10+at+11.37.47+AM.png
  11. Hello all, I have been scouring the web for a way to easily create and maintain a list of Business Members on our website for all to see. Currently, I accomplish this with a TON of text blocks that I update manually. However, we are nearing 200 members and the website editor bogs down awfully when I go in to add or remove someone (which happens regularly). Sometimes it takes over a minute for the editor to allow me to make changes to the page. Here's what it looks like today: https://www.oklahomaroute66.com/business-member-map What would you all recommend to make this process less cumberson? I would LOVE to also have a way to filter/sort this list for people searching for something specific but that is a "nice to have". Our non-profit runs on a shoestring budget so anything I can do to make this happen WITHOUT paying a monthly fee is preferred. Looking for ideas! Thank you all for your input.
  12. I have set up a list with advance praise quotes, this is for an author and I need the book title in italics in the quotes. Is there a way of doing this with custom css?
  13. Site URL: https://www.spandovia.de https://imgur.com/hxy5GAY Hello everyone, Is it possible, to change the events portrayal on the homepage to a diashow? On a desktop it looks fine since its listed next to one another. However, on my mobile device its listed downwards and takes up a lot of space/scrolls to reach the end. I'd prefer it to be displayed "smaller" so the events can fit next to each other or make it a diashow (like a gallery) where u can click on an arrow to swap to next event. Thanks for any help. Greetings
  14. Hello! I'd like to go from this: https://lincolnfamilies.org/about/history (which has a vertical timeline of the company history) To this: https://zff.org/about-us/ which has a historical timeline when you click on each year, the images section scroll horizontally. Is there an easy way to achieve this with Squarespace features that will require minimal coding? Thanks so much! Blayne
  15. Site URL: http://www.embodiedjourneyspsychotherapy.com Hi all! I'm wanting to use a button on my homepage that links to a list item. I've seen tutorials in which is is possible to create an anchor link to a specific block, but I'm wanting to jump to a specific list item. Is this possible with CSS? Thanks for your consideration.
  16. https://daytonhillel.squarespace.com/ site password: daytonhillel Hi there! I love using the List Items section but I don't need a button on ALL of them, just some of them. Is there a way to delete the button on just some of the list items but not all? In my About > Classrooms section, I have Faculty listed with a button under each photo for news about each classroom. However, some of the teachers don't require the button because they are support teachers who don't lead their own classrooms. Thank you!
  17. Hi, there's a table/listing in this Website, I want to know how can I create this using HTML and CSS.
  18. Hi there, I'm just wanting to round the corners of the list section background card so it matches the curved corners used throughout the rest of the site - is there some css to do this? Thanks!
  19. Hi! I have a simple list block listing classes offered online and in person. Is there a way to add a second button? Site password: Jacci
  20. Site URL: https://carinaboutiquetesting.squarespace.com I'm trying to change the text size here (highlighted on the first one) The block is a simple list? It's the item title. Password is 12345
  21. I have a website I'm working on for a client where I have a summary block for their calendar on their events page. Right now its set as a "list" in the summary block, and I like the way it looks on the computer, but would like to switch it to "stacked/grid" view on mobile so the thumbnail image is above the info as opposed to being kinda small and on the left taking away space from the text. Is there a way via CSS to switch the summary block mode in a media query? Due to contractual obligations I need to keep the beta site locked and can't share it, but shouldn't matter as its a general question, nothing specific to any "item" on a specific site...
  22. Hi there! I'm trying to change the default button type of a carousel list card. By default it calls a primary button (shown in image as black solid rectangular buttons). I'd like to change them to the tertiary style button, which would look so much lighter visually. Is it possible to do this with css? FYI the button below (“Explore the blog”) is my secondary style button and I can change it easily from the global settings of that carousel section. Thanks!
  23. Hey Guys! I like to use list elements a lot, because they enable swiping through items on mobile. I use them for "buzzword-roulettes" 😉 and "teams". Unfortunately – the "title" of the items is generated as Heading 2/ H2, so I end up with a messed up heading hierarchy with a lot of H2 with buzzwords or names. I know, I could disable titles on items, but this way I can't make a phrase stand out in the description size wise and I am limited to make the phrase bold. Any idea how to disable / prevent / override this?
  24. Site URL: https://danielchristiansz.com Hello, The testimonials section on my home page is not centring the button or title. Would you have any tips on addressing this? Thanks
  25. Site URL: https://www.sf-visuals.de/webdesign I can not change the title tag from H2 to H3 in titles of generated list elements. The titles are automatically declared with Heading 2, altough I need Heading 3. Is there a solution for this issue? It works perfectly with FAQs e. g. Thanks!
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