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  1. @AndrewFreedman you can workaround using Custom CSS instead of code injection using the steps in the blog post I linked to above. You'll just need to target the collectionID.
  2. <style> .header-nav {display: none!important; } .header-burger {display: none!important; } </style> You’ll paste this code into your Advanced Page Settings for the particular page you want to target to remove the navigation. The first class removes desktop nav, the second removes the mobile hamburger icon.
  3. @AnoukG I’m sorry- I don’t recognize that gallery name. If you inspect the code it may have a different class to swap out. And so glad you found the checklist helpful!
  4. @Del you can change your Default color theme using the Squarespace app so that new sections (and blog posts) have that color instead. You can no longer do this on desktop, but if you have the mobile app, edit any page, click the paintbrush, then choose Colors. Then Site Theme and click on a new Color Theme to make it the default.
  5. I have a post with some code for different templates and different block styles that may help: https://christyprice.com/blog/stack-grid-gallery-squarespace-mobile
  6. Try turning off AJAX loading in site styles. Usually these issues that are resolved by reloading have to with cache and turning off AJAX doesn’t allow the cache.
  7. I often use the Promotional Popup to offer a lead magnet in exchange for someone joining a mailing list. For many clients, we show these when someone visits a blog post, but not on the main services pages of the site (we don't want to interrupt someone if they are looking to book a service).
  8. @Velovelo, you can edit the footer directly. When you are editing any page, scroll to the bottom and you'll see there are three footer sections (top, middle, and bottom). You can click to edit the top footer section, remove the newsletter block, then add a text block with her contact details. When you save it, it will apply site-wide.
  9. @SoSo-Designs, that pagination is created automatically when you use the Portfolio page type. It's kind of like a blog, but has a limit of 40 projects and you can't use Summary Blocks with it. The upside is that each project can have a fully styled page.
  10. @artruvian you actually have a different logo loaded for the mobile version - you're using a .jpg there rather than the transparent .png file you're using for the desktop logo. If you remove the mobile logo altogether, it will default to the .png version and you won't need to add a separate file.
  11. Beatriz Caraballo has a good walkthrough here: https://beatrizcaraballo.com/blog/resizing-banners-on-mobile-in-squarespace
  12. @Howdy2021, you can adjust these in Settings > Site Styles > Colors. Choose the color theme for that particular section and change Image Overlay color by Image Block type.
  13. Hi @Somni, you'd want to target the block and add a margin to the top. Details on how to find Block IDs here, but this code should get you started. Just adjust the number of the margin: #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1619332791654_15130 { margin-top: 20px; }
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