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  1. Site URL: https://www.rustique.uk/ Hi there! My squarespace store is connected to my Instagram as a data source so I can tag products and have a shop on my profile. That's great howeber IG uploads only the first image of the product and not the other ones. Product pages on IG aren't very compelling then because there is that single image and the other you've tagged the product on. I've tried to add images manually on FB commerce manager but it gets overridden each time the data is pulled from squarespace. Any ideas how to work around this? Thanks!
  2. Site URL: https://denizdemir.photos/instagram Hi, I would like to include just the instagram link at the top of my instagram page in a social media block however when I hide the other social links it also hides them in my footer. It seems the social link block is one thing and cannot be separately designed per block? How could I exclude the other social links on my instagram page while retaining all of the social links in my footer?
  3. Site URL: https://thewildones.squarespace.com/?password=pearler I've checked my codes a few times, and I just can't seem to figure out why the Instagram videos aren't appearing square like the rest of the feed. Any ideas? Thanks! Website ☞ https://thewildones.squarespace.com/?password=pearler
  4. When you visit any Tremont family template from within Instagram app's built-in web browser, the view is completely messed up, especially galleries. The issue goes away if you refresh the browser. The issue comes back when you visit the website again (by quitting and relaunching Instagram app). This is the view of the website before refreshing: This is the view of the website after refreshing: You can test it yourself. Follow these steps: 1. Launch Instagram app on your mobile device (I've only tested on iPhone) 2. Go to the Instagram user @why_so_buggy 3. Visit the link in the bio Any fix would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  5. Site URL: http://www.doodliostudio.com Hello, I noticed my IG feed wasn't updating and I went to "Connected accounts" as usual to reset data and reauthenticate. However when I try to re-authenticate, I get the pop-up window asking me to allow access to Instagram, I tap "Allow" and I get this message: {"error":"Could not find the requested ExternalAuthenticationRequest with name: IJGoowwbq3gOgVu5uNw3n4E3yWwlGfJkLShaLWo_","notFound":true} Same happens if I try to connect a new account. I checked my permission on IG and Squarespace is allowed. I tried to do this in two different browsers and I get the same error. Any idea what I'm missing here? Help and thank you!
  6. Hi - Can I use unfold on my 2 year old macbook pro? If not, is there a similar product I can use to create beautiful ig stories?
  7. Site URL: http://alextreadway.co.uk/ So does anyone know how to get the social icon links at the top in the Flatiron template? Next to the navigation?
  8. Site URL: https://www.immyhowardmillinery.com/ Hello there, I am hoping to have some rather urgent help before 30th September, thank you! I received a message on Instagram where I sell my products via Facebook business manager and commerce manager (using catalogues) telling me to ‘take steps to keep selling’ before 30th September. I have tried confirming my catalogue where all products link to the domain www.immyhowardmillinery.com, which is verified on Facebook business manager, but when I get to the section on Instagram to ‘confirm my website’ I cannot click anything. As far as I am aware, my domain is verified using the DNS txt method. I have a the personal plan on square space. if anyone could help me,that would be so appreciated! I have attached screenshots of my Instagram messages. Does anyone else have this problem? thanks x
  9. My website www.emergingmethodism.com has an Instagram block on it, with 9 images in the grid. I need it to look the same on mobile as it does on desktop - with 3 rows of 3 images - but I don't know how to write the custom CSS for it.
  10. Site URL: https://amphibian-hyperboloid-6te8.squarespace.com/ Hi there, Quick question - I've created a full-bleed Instagram feed on my home page, however there is some pesky padding on the top and bottom that I'd like to get rid of, but can't figure out how. (I'd like the feed to fit snugly between the footer and the logo bar above it.) Here's the site: https://amphibian-hyperboloid-6te8.squarespace.com/ | Password: password This is the code I'm using: [data-section-id="610e1c816cc8a51418ff14c3"] .content-wrapper { padding-left: 0 !important; padding-right: 0 !important; max-width: 100%; max-height: 100%; padding-bottom: 0 !important; padding-top: 0 !important; } div#block-yui_3_17_2_1_1628314733713_7728 { padding-bottom: 0; padding-top: 0; } Any help appreciated, Thanks Heidi
  11. Site URL: https://www.marcwilson.co.uk/book-print-sales Hi all, This is an issue with instagram shopping and the help from FB themselves is so slow I thought someone here might be able to help me out. I have set up my squarespace sales page to my instagram page via my facebook page. For about a week it has all worked well and it's really helped my book sales...then this morning I can no longer tag products and it says I am not eligible for shopping as I am not in one of the market areas...which of course I am as I have not moved overnight :) My previously tagged posts still work and you can see my shop from my profile page, but I cant tag new posts as it can not see my catalogue as I am apprarently no longer in an eligible marketplace. In case it helps my instagram page is @marcwilsonphoto I am in the UK. After about 4 hours chatting with FB support they have sent it to an internal team but say it will take 7-10 days to review it. I wonder if anyone here has had a similar issue. Thanks so much in advance. Best wishes, Marc
  12. When importing inventory into Facebook commerce via the data feed "Variant" data is not recognized by Facebook. Thus my Facebook and Instagram shop show no variants such as Size and Color variants. Has anyone found a solution to this? I found a solution to the inventory not being recognized and showing items "Out of Stock". To resolve that you have to create a rule in Facebook in the data feed (coming from Squarespace). Set the rule to "Inventory" and a number 1 or higher. Then your products will be in stock. Trying to resolve the variant issue now.
  13. Site URL: https://www.rafvdlindenphoto.com Hi, Pretty much every time I post something on Instagram the authenticated sync with my squarespace website gets thrown out and my timeline doesnt update, is there some kind of setting on instagram I need to enable to keep the authentication 'live' for longer than 2/3 weeks? kind regards, Raf
  14. Site URL: https://www.tateanddarby.com/collection We are setting up a shop on Instagram and need to import our catalogue. Facebook gives a list of platforms it integrates and it doesn't include SquareSpace (see below). Can anyone tell me how to manage this with SquareSpace? Thanks! "Import items from a partner platform If you host your inventory on a partner platform that has an integration with Facebook, you can import your items from a partner platform. You can then continue to manage your inventory on your partner platform and it will sync automatically with Facebook."
  15. Hi I found a third party plugin in wordpress.com that clrt me auto post to instagram each time I published a blog post. Is there any way I can make my squarespace blog posts post automatically to my Instagram please?
  16. Site URL: https://prism-seal-294l.squarespace.com/ Connecting the right instagram when client has linked instagrams with one sign in Currently my client has two Instagram accounts connected to the same login I can't see, to display the correct account! Is there a code work around for this?
  17. ALL my sites (alot of them) have recently, in the last few days, disconnected from the feed and when I go into 'connected account' it states its unauthorized. This is extremely annoying as you have to be logged into the clients instagram account on another screen to ensure t connects to the right account. Does anyone else have this issue on their sites right now?
  18. Hi, I'm having issues making my instagram feed full bleed. ive use the code below but there is still padding on the left and right and I cant remove it. Any thoughts? //instagram footer// [data-section-id="5f36f92cd2f3677399df26bc"] .content-wrapper { padding-left: 0px !important; padding-right: 0px !important; padding-bottom: 0px !important; margin-bottom: 0px !important; } div#block-yui_3_17_2_1_1597438235439_32573 { padding-bottom: 0 !important; } https://gardenia-cyan-txbg.squarespace.com/ password feel2020
  19. Site URL: https://www.premiumpt.no Hi, So I want all of my team members to have the possible to add their own Instagram account to their profil on my website. Since I don´t have their passwords I can´t use the Squarespace Intagram block. Is there a way to make this work??
  20. Site URL: https://www.rustique.uk Hi, My square space online store is connected to my instagram shop and all goes smoothly except for product descriptions. The formatting I use on squarespace for product descriptions is jammed into one big dense paragraph that isn't user-friendly at all on instagram - I wouldn't read it at all if I was just browsing the shop. Is there a way to either have that formatting is kept intact between squarespace and instagram or to change the formatting on Instagram directly, without it being changed back each time my feed is updated? Let me know if anyone has any ideas! Thanks! Paul
  21. Hello - I've embedded instagram videos in the past on my Squarespace site by simply using a link. Now, for some reason... my site no longer allows me to embed instagram videos. I have tried the following, all failing: - using "video" insert on squarespace and pasting link from instagram video result: nothing - using "video" insert on squarespace and pasting the full embed link from instagram result: messaged telling me video cannot be located - using "embed" insert on squarespace and pasting link from instagram video result: nothing - using "embed" insert on squarespace and pasting the full embed link from instagram result: instagram block appears, and it is linked to the instagram video but it does not display the video on my site. This is not only the case while i am editing my site but also when i visit the site (see attachment for reference) All these methods previously worked for me I even currently have an unpublished page from an old version of my website that has a functioning embedded instagram video in it... It just does not allow me to embed any new ones. Embedding videos from vimeo does work. I want to specifically embed Instagram videos because its A) its easier for me and B) they loop. If someone knows how to get embedded videos from vimeo to loop, please let me know!! This could be a potential workaround for me. Please help!!! Any help is much appreciated <3
  22. Is anyone else currently experiencing glitches with the instagram block and it not connecting to the account at set up?
  23. I'm trying to figure out how to achieve a zoom on hover effect for the built in Instagram feed. I've watched a few tutorials on how to do this with inline images and gallery images but can't seem to figure out how to do it with Instagram. Any help would be appreciated.
  24. Building a social media strategy can be tricky, but once you crack the code, it can be so helpful in building and maintaining a brand. Posting on-brand content for your community can help validate your brand as well as increase recognition and recall. What are ways you have found it useful to integrate social media into your website and brand? Share in the comments below!
  25. I am setting up a site for a photographer, I would like to be able to have her business instagram be attached to the site as a whole, however on the "about" page, she would love it if there was a way to link her personal instagram feed as well. Not just the handle but to actually connect the account so that people visiting the page see her actual personal instagram feed. Not sure if this is even possible but thought I would ask. Thanks!
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