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  1. Hi @CharlotteMA99 - the code varies based on template and version of Squarespace. If you'll share the link to your site, we can take a look!
  2. Thanks @JustinBullseye! You made my day.
  3. @NicoleRothstein The code varies depending on your version/template. If you share your website link here someone can take a look.
  4. @codefordummies it looks like your site is in developer mode, so there may be other forces at work, but I'd suggest making sure AJAX loading is turned OFF. https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000253288-Ajax-loading
  5. I've been on the platform for about 3 years and in my experience search has never worked well or as expected. I hope that it's on the roadmap to fix.
  6. Here's the code to remove it: .search-input:focus {outline: none;}
  7. Squarespace recently added Image Effects to background images. If you edit the section and choose Background, add your image then scroll to the bottom and select Image Effect: Tilt to add parallax.
  8. Hi @sharine, 7.0 doesn't use portfolio pages. Are you perhaps using a blog for your portfolio?
  9. Hi @carolynmackin, Montauk has a different code base. Here's what you'll need to add to Design > Custom CSS to remove the active link underline: #topNav ul>li.active-link>a { border-bottom-width: 0 !important; }
  10. Click to edit the form. Under Storage options, click X next to the address. Enter a different email address. Click Connect. The address box will display Sending to when it's successfully connected. Click Apply or Save to save your changes.
  11. If you've just changed that setting recently, it can take some time to be reflected in search results. You can speed it along by resubmitting your sitemap in Google Search Console. https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/205813918-Verifying-your-site-with-Google-Search-Console
  12. Hi @TKLFlegal, Squarespace support will be better positioned to help you out with this. I'd get in touch with them directly via chat or email: support.squarespace.com
  13. This is a good question @Nics! You definitely want a business email to send out those campaigns, but it's NOT included with Email Campaigns. You'll need to set up the email account separately.
  14. I use Squarestylist's Easy Grids & Pricing Tables plugin for this (that's an affiliate link). I've also used it for detailing services like on this page: https://www.eldertreecare.com/care-management.
  15. It looks like those index sections may be disabled... you'll need to enable them in page settings for them to appear in the index preview.
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