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  1. I am looking for any widget which can help me to add all my twitter feed specially with twitter hashtags feed automatically on website.
  2. I'm planning on changing the social share image on a client's homepage every month (it's a publication with monthly issues) and was wondering how that will affect the social share images that appear on social media. Will previously shared links update to the new image or will they still have the social share image used at the time of the post? Hoping for the latter so that, for instance, when you go to their Twitter feed in the future, it's not just the same graphic over and over again. Any insight would be appreciated, thanks!
  3. Site URL: https://computerclub.online/afleveringen/107-applegaming-flash When I share a blogpost URL to Twitter, it shows a small image in the Twitter card, rather than a big visual. Please see the attached files for the current vs. desired look. I have a thumbnail image set (900 x 600, width x height), and an alternate social image (1200 x 628). I also have an Excerpt text set, and a SEO Description. When I share to LinkedIn or Facebook, it does work (i.e. it shows the bigger preview). Already tried the Twitter Card Validator, see attach. Thanks in advance, Freddy
  4. I noticed recently that my site is displaying two Instagram icons. Each links to the same (and proper) account. In the page editor, there is only one icon showing on each page. However, when I save any of my changes, two Instagram icons appear.
  5. Hello, I am designing a pretty simple photo portfolio site. I am pretty deep in, and just realizing now on Wells that I can't seem to insert my Instagram logo. Also, no footer. My main page is a gallery page as well. Can anyone direct me to custom coding for this? I've been scouring the internet and surprised to have so much trouble. Thank you so much!!
  6. Hi! Im making a website for my wife's salon. We have the salon's social media in the header, footer and contact us page, however in our "meet our team" page, I would like to put each stylist's professional instagrams next to their bio. The issue I have is that if I use the social link, it will put all social links. If I attempt to hide a particular link, It hides it from all social links across the site. any and all help/advise would be appreciated, Thanks!
  7. Hi there, I have linked my socials in the settings on my website, clicked save, refreshed, removed and tried again, but despite my efforts there are no icons showing up anywhere on my site, either in the developer mode or on the live site. Any ideas why this might be happening?
  8. Hello Everyone So I wanted to link my social media in the header of my website. Unfortunately, they are always displayed too low, does not speak at the same height as the navigation. Furthermore, when I want to insert a frame, it is displayed above. Does anyone know how I can solve this?
  9. Good day, When i share my website anywhere on facebook or instagram, my uploaded social sharing logo never appears no matter how many times I change it or reupload. It works fine on twitter and discord. Any fixes to this, or is this just a Meta problem?
  10. Site URL: https://www.cellerantconsulting.com/ Hello, Our company has two separate Instagram accounts that we want to add to one section of our home page. I have one added (at the bottom of the home page) however when I go to add the other account (both have separate logins) it logs the other one out. How can we have both showing on one page? Thank you, Stephanie
  11. Hello all, After spending some time browsing around, I found a simple way to add WhatsApp integration to the entire SquareSpace site, that doesn't require any third party or a server dependency and it is free! However, it does require an upgrade to Business plan for SquareSquare. SquareSpace should allow code injection on lesser plans. Go to your site -> Settings -> Advanced -> Code Injection In the footer section paste this: <!-- Floating button style --> <style> .floating{ position:fixed; width:60px; height:60px; bottom:40px; right:20px; z-index:100; } .float-button{ margin-top:16px; } </style> <!-- Link to WhatsApp --> <a href="https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=%2B12125551212&text=Hello%2C%20from%20your%20site" class="floating" target="_blank"> <!-- WhatsApp image --> <svg xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" viewBox="0 0 48 48" width="58px" height="58px"><path fill="#fff" d="M4.868,43.303l2.694-9.835C5.9,30.59,5.026,27.324,5.027,23.979C5.032,13.514,13.548,5,24.014,5c5.079,0.002,9.845,1.979,13.43,5.566c3.584,3.588,5.558,8.356,5.556,13.428c-0.004,10.465-8.522,18.98-18.986,18.98c-0.001,0,0,0,0,0h-0.008c-3.177-0.001-6.3-0.798-9.073-2.311L4.868,43.303z"/><path fill="#fff" d="M4.868,43.803c-0.132,0-0.26-0.052-0.355-0.148c-0.125-0.127-0.174-0.312-0.127-0.483l2.639-9.636c-1.636-2.906-2.499-6.206-2.497-9.556C4.532,13.238,13.273,4.5,24.014,4.5c5.21,0.002,10.105,2.031,13.784,5.713c3.679,3.683,5.704,8.577,5.702,13.781c-0.004,10.741-8.746,19.48-19.486,19.48c-3.189-0.001-6.344-0.788-9.144-2.277l-9.875,2.589C4.953,43.798,4.911,43.803,4.868,43.803z"/><path fill="#cfd8dc" d="M24.014,5c5.079,0.002,9.845,1.979,13.43,5.566c3.584,3.588,5.558,8.356,5.556,13.428c-0.004,10.465-8.522,18.98-18.986,18.98h-0.008c-3.177-0.001-6.3-0.798-9.073-2.311L4.868,43.303l2.694-9.835C5.9,30.59,5.026,27.324,5.027,23.979C5.032,13.514,13.548,5,24.014,5 M24.014,42.974C24.014,42.974,24.014,42.974,24.014,42.974C24.014,42.974,24.014,42.974,24.014,42.974 M24.014,42.974C24.014,42.974,24.014,42.974,24.014,42.974C24.014,42.974,24.014,42.974,24.014,42.974 M24.014,4C24.014,4,24.014,4,24.014,4C12.998,4,4.032,12.962,4.027,23.979c-0.001,3.367,0.849,6.685,2.461,9.622l-2.585,9.439c-0.094,0.345,0.002,0.713,0.254,0.967c0.19,0.192,0.447,0.297,0.711,0.297c0.085,0,0.17-0.011,0.254-0.033l9.687-2.54c2.828,1.468,5.998,2.243,9.197,2.244c11.024,0,19.99-8.963,19.995-19.98c0.002-5.339-2.075-10.359-5.848-14.135C34.378,6.083,29.357,4.002,24.014,4L24.014,4z"/><path fill="#40c351" d="M35.176,12.832c-2.98-2.982-6.941-4.625-11.157-4.626c-8.704,0-15.783,7.076-15.787,15.774c-0.001,2.981,0.833,5.883,2.413,8.396l0.376,0.597l-1.595,5.821l5.973-1.566l0.577,0.342c2.422,1.438,5.2,2.198,8.032,2.199h0.006c8.698,0,15.777-7.077,15.78-15.776C39.795,19.778,38.156,15.814,35.176,12.832z"/><path fill="#fff" fill-rule="evenodd" d="M19.268,16.045c-0.355-0.79-0.729-0.806-1.068-0.82c-0.277-0.012-0.593-0.011-0.909-0.011c-0.316,0-0.83,0.119-1.265,0.594c-0.435,0.475-1.661,1.622-1.661,3.956c0,2.334,1.7,4.59,1.937,4.906c0.237,0.316,3.282,5.259,8.104,7.161c4.007,1.58,4.823,1.266,5.693,1.187c0.87-0.079,2.807-1.147,3.202-2.255c0.395-1.108,0.395-2.057,0.277-2.255c-0.119-0.198-0.435-0.316-0.909-0.554s-2.807-1.385-3.242-1.543c-0.435-0.158-0.751-0.237-1.068,0.238c-0.316,0.474-1.225,1.543-1.502,1.859c-0.277,0.317-0.554,0.357-1.028,0.119c-0.474-0.238-2.002-0.738-3.815-2.354c-1.41-1.257-2.362-2.81-2.639-3.285c-0.277-0.474-0.03-0.731,0.208-0.968c0.213-0.213,0.474-0.554,0.712-0.831c0.237-0.277,0.316-0.475,0.474-0.791c0.158-0.317,0.079-0.594-0.04-0.831C20.612,19.329,19.69,16.983,19.268,16.045z" clip-rule="evenodd"/></svg> </a> Data set in the a tag parameters should be encoded. Simple encoder https://meyerweb.com/eric/tools/dencoder/ Set phone number in the phone parameter, and message in the text field. You can also use the a tag throughout your site as a link to open WhatsApp, just remove the class attribute. If you find this useful and add to your site, comment +1 in the thread. Thanks!
  12. Site URL: https://www.jod.com.sg/ Hi, has anyone tried to integrate TikTok pixels on a squarespace website? I tried googling and searching in the knowledgebase but nothing came up. Any assistance would be great! Thank you!
  13. Hello, I'm completely new at building a website. I'm trying to add the tags to get a Twitter card with a large image (see below), but I can't get it to work. When I paste the link into a tweet, I get the small card and no image. Could you help, please? Thank you. <meta name="twitter:card" content="summary_large_image"> <meta name="twitter:site" content="@theantonioreza"> <meta name="twitter:creator" content="@theantonioreza"> <meta name="twitter:title" content="Accounting Essentials"> <meta name="twitter:description" content="Understand how to read financial statements to become a better business leader and investor."> <meta name="twitter:image" content="https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipPbFUCZs8kQijWB73IN0Q0gSdZkpwrzHXXGxfv_gfD4SDPuotoCjCWPlBHlE3ysIQ?key=QldfS1JGeHREMHNGMjcyMTRVOC1BNFhVcjdVRGFn"> <style>.header, #footer-sections {display:none!important;}</style>
  14. Hi, How do I add additional icons to the social links section so I don't just get the paperclip for substack and many other social sites?
  15. Help! I am only being given the option to link OLD products that I have deleted long ago to my instagram. I don't have a way to link existing products to a store or collection. I am at a loss and can't figure it out. Please help! Thank you so much in advance! Cat
  16. Is Squarespace going to update the Medium social icon to the current logo soon? If not, does anyone have a workaround?
  17. Building a social media strategy can be tricky, but once you crack the code, it can be so helpful in building and maintaining a brand. Posting on-brand content for your community can help validate your brand as well as increase recognition and recall. What are ways you have found it useful to integrate social media into your website and brand? Share in the comments below!
  18. Hi! I'm looking to show the follower count for talent that my agency represents. We want it to look something like this: Total Followers [ICON] Instagram Followers [ICON] Facebook Followers [ICON] Twitter Followers [ICON] TikTok Followers [ICON] Twitch Followers [ICON] YouTube Followers [ICON] Spotify Followers Is there a way to pull these information from the talent's public social media profiles? Thanks!
  19. Site URL: https://mdptestsite2022.squarespace.com Hi there, hoping someone with a lot more skills than me can help!! - I saw a thread adding a WhatsApp chat icon to the footer and the code etc. Is is possible to change the appearance of a social icon in the header? I have got the icon up (the one that looks like a chain) that links to WhatsApp chat but can I change the appearance to look like the WhatsApp logo? Thank you!
  20. Is there any easy method of use to add my Instagram feed on my website free?
  21. Site URL: https://www.lmtecdigitalsolutions.com/blog/the-digital-twin-visualizing-its-potential Hi there, When I go to share a blog post on LinkedIn from our company website, the image that continues to pop up as the thumbnail is not the social share image that I chose. Instead, it uses a video cover image that I used inside of the blog post. I just tried it on Facebook, and it has no issues with sharing the correct social image that I chose. Any ideas to debug this? Thanks!
  22. Does anyone know a way to add social links blocks under an accordion? Or if it's easier a code to convert links to icons? Image kind of shows what I'm going for. Thanks!
  23. Site URL: http://thesprouthouse.net Hello, I am looking for help making my Instagram feed block photos look larger on mobile. They are on the home page. When I look at my site on my phone, the photos are very small and there is a huge gap of white space between the photos and the text that says "follow us on Instagram." Is there a way to fix this? My site password is $prout, and I am in the trial stage. Thank you!
  24. Pinterest issued me a string of code to add to my index file to link the two accounts for product listings but I can't access index.html in edit mode. What am I missing...?
  25. Site URL: http://www.nordskovarkitektur.dk Hi! at some point editing My site Instagram icons dissapered. the link is still there (mouse over works) but the icon is gone. tried enable/disable , remove/add , different browsers/computers/phones… etc. I tried getting help in an Old Squarespace thread, but figured i needed to expand the cry for help a bit 🙂 Thanks
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