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  1. Totally unrelated to Squarespace, I’ve also noticed recently Facebook’s UI for doing a manually entered post has been going through some changes (mostly on the browser FB interface). It used be that you could enter a url and it would be parsed and the resulting link would display down below. You could then delete the url (which are ugly text) and the link and it’s image (if it had one) would stay down below in your post. That seems to have changed recently. What we’re all seeing could end up being something FB changed recently ... but I can’t explain Pepijn seeing oddities with twitter as well
  2. Well, I came to the circle forum this morning to see if anyone else was seeing any recent odd behaviors with their page’s social images showing up correctly. Sounds like I seeing the same thing as pepino above. My cases are allFacebook related but on two different SpSp websites and fiddling with both mobile and browser Facebook interfaces I seeing black rectangles instead of my page’s social media image. I seen old posts that displayed properly 2 weeks ago (approx) that today have turned to black rectangles. I can also confirm when making new FB link posts yesterday FB was displaying black rec
  3. FWIW ... I removed the "Featured Post" status on 1 of my 6 Featured Posts and for right now anyway it's working the way I like (it scrolls through banner photos of my 5 featured posts). This is a sad hack work around and presumes I'll never write another awesome (i.e., Featured) post. Still interested in hearing from any and all 7.0 Bedford blogging experts. Oh, and I even added an (imperfect FEATURED menu link that just links to /blog.
  4. Site URL: https://overCurious.org I'm relatively new to SqSp blogging but publishing for 3 months now. For this site I'm using 7.0 and bedford template. I discovered a visual effect that I love but can't figure out how to control it the way I want. Check out https://overCurious.org for my working example for this question. You'll see I have a couple of Categories and some Featured posts. My navigation setup never directs the user to: https://overcurious.org/blog itself because I present the user Recent and Featured posts as summary blocks on the Home page. No problems so far. I a
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