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  1. You will need to basically subtract the height of the header, factoring in the change of the smaller header, because that element doesn't exist until you scroll down. Assuming squarespace didn't change any of that in the latest update.
  2. Link is in my signature. Just a heads up, it needs to be modified for a fixed header.
  3. Using just /#anchor-name should work properly. When you are on the home page, it will scroll to the anchor. When you are not on the home page, it will go back to the homepage, at the anchor, but it wont scroll to it. It will just be at the correct location.
  4. @Jeremiahmizell It's a fairly complicated set up if you aren't familiar with coding. @tuanphan has a link to a plugin that is easier to setup, but it is not free.
  5. Link in my signature 🙂 Tested on 7.1, but should work on any markdown block.
  6. .portfolio-overlay { background: linear-gradient(to bottom, #fff0 0 50%, #000) !important; }
  7. You have to add the font family, size, etc to the css for the button. For the white box .gallery-reel-control-btn::before { background: transparent !important; }
  8. Site is private, you need to set it up to be accessed with password.
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